Chapter 12 – Mom becomes sexy Barbie, permanently

It was not until she looked up that she saw Jay leaning against the wall in the hallway of her apartment, he had been there the entire time watching as she read the card; using the key his mom had given him when she first moved into the apartment he had let himself in. Jay had been waiting for her to return home from work, when he saw her car pull into the space he discreetly stood in the shadows watching as she came in and discovered the card he had left for her on the table.

When she saw Jay she jumped to her feet running to him; she threw her arms around his shoulders hugging him tight never wanting to let him go. It was only hug though, no kiss, no intimate form of affection until they talked. After what seemed an eternity to Jay she finally released him, he took her by the hand and led her to the couch. They sat facing each other, the only source of light continuing to be from the candles in the kitchen.

“Jay, before I give you my decision I want you to know how much it means to me that you’re here; that you took the time to write the message in the card.”

She had already selected who she would be in the future. She felt when he responded she would most likely be expected to make her decision immediately.

“Jay, I have no desire to be Barbara to you. Barbara would be like a stranger to you, you have no reason to have any type of a relationship with her.

You’re correct, you need a friend you can trust more than you need a mom; while many adult children do not have the luxury of having a choice, but if they did they could survive without a mom. What they need is a loyal trusted friend. At this point in your life for me to attempt to be your mom would not be beneficial to either you or me; for all practical purposes my role as your mom is over. Whether I was a good mom is debatable, but I feel we can both agree my time as your mom has passed.

In my opinion Barbie is what you need most, I know Barbie is what I need; you’re not the only one that needs a new beginning, I do too. There are mistakes I have made that are better left in the past and as Barbie those mistakes can be laid to rest permanently. As Barbie I would also no longer feel I was living a double life, I would be able to combine both sides of my personality, a lady as well as an uninhibited sexual woman without guilt or shame.

You have already made your decision about Barbara, and I agree; I no longer need Barbara either, she will be part of my past no matter what decision I make. Both of us have established that you no longer need a mom, so I have little choice in that role. Barbie serves us both better than the two previously mentioned personalities.

But Barbie’s only purpose is to be with you, without you there is no reason for Barbie to exist. I cannot be Barbie without you; that would be impossible, she was created exclusively for you and only you. I am not trying to place my decision back on you, I promise I’m not; what I am saying is, without you I am not sure what my role in life would be. What I am trying to say is, my decision is to be Barbie, but that is only possible with you.”

She conveniently omitted mentioning any reference to her whereabouts the previous night, and thankfully Jay did not ask; even though it should have been obvious by the way she was dressed she had not been at work. Friday was ‘casual day’, Mondays she was required to dress neat and professional. What should have also been obvious was she no longer had long hair, yet Jay had not mentioned the difference in her appearance either; but his negligence was understandable considering there were more important issues between them than the length of her hair.

“I need someone like Barbie, she is a trusted friend whom can also be a companion, and no one knows me as well as Barbie does. I want her to be part of my life; starting out as friends then we will see where the relationship goes from there. That does not mean I wish for Barbie to be any different than she is now; it simply means for now, our commitment to each other is as friends.”

“I would like that very much, being your friend will be my pleasure; and I am ok with our commitment being just friends for now. Thank you for leaving the option open for our relationship to possibly become more in the future. When you said you do wish for Barbie not ‘to be any different than she is now’, for clarification purposes will you explain that in more detail so I am not confused about your expectations of her?

Are you saying you want Barbie to continue to dress provocative and sexy, to be flirtatious and daring; what about Barbie’s newfound interest in being somewhat of an exhibitionist, is that something you are also interested in? Then there is the issue of Barbie’s attitude toward sex, is that included when you say you do not want her to be any different? And then there is the obvious question of us being involved with each other sexually; as friends will we also have illegal bahis a sexual relationship or not?”

“I am saying I don’t want anything to change about Barbie; I am mature enough to know that when you expect someone to change it will most likely end in disappointment. I love the way Barbie dresses, I love how she is fun and playful; I definitely do not want that to change. I think a little flashing, at the appropriate time of course, would be very exciting. I know Barbie is also a classy woman and I know I can trust her to conduct herself properly depending on the environment she is in.

As for her attitude about sex, that is who she is; I could not and I would not ask her to change who she is, I love Barbie’s uninhibited attitude toward sex. Why would I want to change that about her when most men can only fantasize about having a woman so sexually liberated; no, I do not want to change anything about Barbie’s attitude toward sex, I only want to know I can trust her to be loyal.

As for sex between us, right now I don’t know, I am not saying it won’t happen nor am I saying it will; I am not saying it isn’t a possibility as friends. What I am saying is I do not want to decide if or when we will have sex again in this conversation, if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t; let’s start with us being the trusted friend we both need.”

From what Jay said she felt they were in agreement she would be Barbie from now on, Barbara no longer existed, and his mom would only occur when Jay needed motherly advice drawing from her life experiences; not because she is his mother but simply because she was older than him. For all practical purposes she was no longer his mom, in the future she would only be Barbie to Jay; a ‘girl’ and a ‘friend’ but right now not necessarily his ‘girlfriend’.

Society would think this a sick, twisted, perverted relationship for a mom to have with her son, but it was what she and Jay both needed in their lives. Who better to be there for each other than the person that knows them best, the person each of them knows they can trust unconditionally, being mother and son is only a small inconvenience neither of them will allow to hinder their relationship as Jay and Barbie. However, a huge obstacle would be how they relate to each other in public; everyone in their small town knows them as mother and son.

Barbie wanted to ask could she move back home, but she felt the wounds from the argument and what upset Jay Christmas Day were still too tender to bring it up. One day at a time; she felt Jay would ask her when he was ready.

Almost instantly any tension that remained between them dissipated, they had come to a mutual understanding what was expected from her in the future. The conversation became much less serious as soon as they knew the boundaries of their relationship.

“Barbie, when did you cut your hair?”

“I had it cut Christmas Eve, there was no way I would be able to hide my long hair underneath the wig. Why? You don’t like it do you?” still not being able to escape her anxiety and insecurities.

“No, quite the opposite, I think you look great. You should have done this a long time ago. You look much younger; you should keep it that way. It looks… sassy and flirty, perfect for Barbie’s unveiling. I also loved your idea of the wig, it made you look like a totally different person; but now you don’t have to buy a wig if you don’t want too, all you need do is change the color of your hair to accomplish the same results. I can see you easily being a blonde, brunette, a redhead, or even jet black; the possibilities are endless.”

“Well, I will just have to keep that in mind” as she laughed. “I think you like there being an air of mystery about Barbie; with her you are never sure what you’re going to get!”

“I have to admit, Barbie keeps things interesting, very interesting. I never know when she is going to change personas; I think things will never get boring with Barbie.”

“If I have anything to do with it you will never think Barbie is boring.” They both laughed contemplating the potential scenarios considering Barbie’s very active imagination.

“Jay, have you had dinner?”

“No, I was going to pick something up on the way home.”

“Do you want to eat here? The leftovers from Christmas are still in the fridge, they need to be eaten or I will have to throw them out.”

“Sounds good.”

“I am going to take a quick shower, watch TV or something, I will be back in a few minutes; don’t leave, ok?”

They both knew she was referring to Jay leaving Christmas Day when Barbie had gone to the bathroom to hide her tears; and while she was serious about not wanting him to leave, she had said it in a joking manner.

“Don’t worry; I’m not going anywhere this time”

Barbie left for the bathroom and Jay clicked on the TV turning up the sound making sure it was loud enough for her to hear in the shower. When he heard the water running he went to the kitchen taking the illegal bahis siteleri leftovers out of the refrigerator arranging them on two plates preparing them for the microwave. Just like he did Christmas Day, he heated the already prepared food. Quickly heating leftovers were one of the many things he had learned to do very well while living alone.

When Barbie finished in the shower she heard the sound from the TV, she assumed Jay was still in the den. Leaving her hair wet and throwing on a thin satin robe she hurried into the kitchen to heat leftovers for dinner; she was surprised to find two plates of warm food already on the table. There were still no lights on other than the two candles in the center of the table. He had also mixed her a drink which was sitting by her plate. She could not help but feel pride; Jay’s mother had raised him well.

Jay held the chair for her to sit just as he had done before; with all she had put him through she honestly felt she did not deserve his kindness. She silently vowed to herself that somehow she would show Jay her appreciation for his thoughtfulness and allowing her back in his life.

Also same as before when he pushed her chair in Jay took the liberty of looking down at Barbie’s tits. Every time he saw them he was amazed at how magnificent they were, especially for a 39 year old woman. Her breast stood prominent on her chest holding the loosely tied robe away from her body. Looking father down the robe ended at the tops of her thighs barely covering her pussy; Barbie was definitely a beautiful woman.

He took the seat opposite Barbie and they casually chatted as they ate; they did not discuss their new relationship over dinner, both felt nothing else needed to be said. She noticed Jay’s eyes wandering from her face down to her tits as they exchanged conversation.

When they finished he again helped with the dishes allowing the two of them to go into the den together. With Jay having said they would be friends for now she was hesitant to do anything suggesting she wanted to have sex; of course she wanted too, it was in her nature, she could not deny her desire to fuck her friend. But even though he had said they were just friends he had said he did not want Barbie to change, wanting her to continue to be sexy, fun and playful; so she was not about to pass up the opportunity to flirt with Jay by flashing some flesh his way.

Barbie crossed her legs pulling the bottom of the robe up exposing the back of her thigh to the point the curvature of her ass could also be seen. And when she reached for her drink on the small low table in front of her she made sure to lean in a way that provided Jay a good view of her bare breasts hanging from her chest.

Their banter continued to be light, not discussing anything specific; but Barbie became curious when Jay asked if she had any obligations for New Year’s Eve. He did not say why and when she asked he simply responded…

“Oh, no reason.”

Of course Barbie had no plans; she had not gone anywhere or done anything since Sam died, except with Jay and when she got drunk at the tavern. She wondered what Jay had in mind that he would ask, but he moved on to another subject as if he had not mentioned New Year’s Eve at all.

Knowing she was working the next day Jay soon excused himself to go home. Of course she invited him to stay saying it was a ‘no strings attached’, simply making the offer if he did not want to drive home he could stay there. He expressed appreciation for her kindness and generosity, but respectfully declined saying perhaps another time; he just was not ready to spend the night with her… not yet.

The next day either Jay called her, or Barbie called him several times simply to talk or check on how the other was doing. At the office her coworkers noticed a change in Barbara, of course they complimented her on the new hairstyle; but it was not only her hair that was different. She had a bounce in her step they had not seen since Sam’s tragic death and she was obviously back to paying attention to how she looked and how her clothes fit, although there was a difference.

There was an extra button unfastened on her blouse; nothing obscene, just different than before. And her makeup was different; she was now putting on her cosmetics to look attractive rather than to just give her face color. She was smiling more and seemed happy the way she used to be.

If it had been only one thing it may not have raised suspicions with her coworkers, but the combination of changes indicated something happened with Barbara over Christmas. Their curiosity grew even more when a new nameplate from the office supply store arrived; they were bewildered when they read the name engraved on it, ‘Barbie’. Rumors began to circulate as they speculated what could be the reason for her transformation; the girls agreed the change had to be due to a new man in Barbara’s life.

On Wednesday, the day before New Year’s Eve when Barbie and Jay talked he asked canlı bahis siteleri if he could come over after she got off work, offering to bring dinner with him. She eagerly accepted excited about the opportunity to see him and not have to dine alone; she requested Jay give her time to change before he came over.

She rushed home and showered making sure her legs and pussy were freshly shaved, then makeup and what to wear; she went to her closet to find something. After she and Jay had talked Monday she wanted to go shopping and get some clothes, something other than the nice but conservative suits she wore to work. She was glad she had not gotten rid of the outfits in the ‘whore room’ at her apartment; now that she was Barbie and Jay enjoyed her dressing sexy, perhaps they could serve a purpose again.

The skirt, jacket and blouse she wore for Jay’s birthday was the only outfit from the work collection that was suitable to wear for Jay; and he had already seen it. There were only a few ways to make it look sexy, and she had tried them all the night of their date. With nothing new to choose from she resorted to the risqué clothing in the other room.

She found a gray wrap long-sleeved t-shirt smock top that was open below her cleavage; she paired it with a very short black pencil skirt with a narrow brown belt, for shoes a pair of five-inch wedge heels, just as she had vowed, no bra or panties. Thankful for the olive complexion of her skin her legs were acceptable without hosiery since Jay was already knocking on her door; with the shoes hanging by the straps from her fingers she went to let him in.

Barbie rushed him into the kitchen as she put her shoes on wanting to finish dressing before he had an opportunity to get a good look at her. Jay was arranging two large salads he had brought with him on the table when she joined him in the dining area. This time it was Jay making the first move, giving her a hug and a light kiss on the lips, she resisted her sexual desires only returning his kiss in a similar fashion. His initiating the intimate gestures instantly had Barbie wanting him to make love to her; but she had sworn she would let Jay decide when and if they had sex again, only when he was ready.

He stepped back looking at Barbie, she turned for him providing Jay the opportunity to see her outfit from all sides.

“Damn Barbie, you look great! How can a woman be so fortunate they look sexy as hell no matter what they wear? Barbie, you’re gorgeous.”

Barbie blushed, even though she had been attractive all her life she had never gotten comfortable with compliments on what came natural for her. She attempted to hide her embarrassment with a humorous response.

“Don’t stop now, flattery will get you everywhere.”

Jay laughed at her witty reply.

“Down girl, down. I have got to remember how easy it is to get you going!”

They both laughed because they both knew it was true, but Barbie was thinking Jay was only beginning to discover how easy she could be.

Jay pulled out her chair continuing to treat her like the classy lady she is, of course only a classy lady when not in bed with her feet in the air. He did not miss the opportunity to look down her blouse at her magnificent tits as he pushed her chair in. The candles in the center of the table were also lit just like the other times.

When Barbie asked Jay what he had been doing over the holidays with no classes at college he replied he had been working on a project at home; but when she asked what kind of project he was intentionally vague with his answer. Her insecurities caused her to wonder what was actually going on with Jay. He had said she was the only person he felt he could trust and she felt the same way about him, she wondered why he was so reluctant to share the details of his project with her. She struggled to control her curiosity wanting to respect his privacy and not press him for more details of his activities until he was ready to share them with her.

He inquired about her work, asking if there was anything different happening there; she responded things were the same as always; Barbie had not noticed girls recognized the difference in Barbara after Christmas and were scheming to find out who the new man was in Barbara’s life.

Up until now Jay’s conversation had only been verbal ‘foreplay’ for what he had been waiting to say.

“Barbie, you said you have no plans for New Year’s Eve, I was wondering if you would like to go out to a club for a New Year’s Eve party?”

“Sure Jay, whatever you want; I assume you mean with you, right?”

“Yes, of course with me.”

“Well then yes, I would be honored.”

“A guy at school mentioned a club that has a great New Year’s Eve party. He said it is a private party by invitation only; his parents were going but they had to cancel, so he had his parents’ tickets. He said it wasn’t the normal boring party old people go to, he said it can get pretty wild; he also said the women usually dress scandalous and provocative. He said his parents are staying at a hotel beside the club and they would not be coming home until the next day. He invited me over to his parent’s house for a New Year’s Eve party there of just college kids.



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