Mom Meets Kat Do To Her DaughterJoyce Thorn lives withy her 19yrs daughter and 16yrs son after her break up with hubby finding his in bed with her sister. Joyce works as a appraiser for a big firm. Rick her son is into high school sports so not home much and Anne her daughter works at a dress shop in town. Not just any dress shop but the one Kat uses as her hunting grounds. The shop is ran by Kim a 38yrs big chested dark haired knock out that Kat set up to run the shop after Kim’s hubby found out Kat was fucking her. The shop is a normal dress shop other then the fact that Kim has bedded each of the woman working for her and Kat has too. Also the shop is a place for married women to go to when they need some lesbo sex. As far as the workers go Kim finds them on the street or where ever and invites them in then does her best to bed them (few get away) then she offers them a job. They work as a well women walk in and are sized up wedding rings, looks, sexiness, then if ok they are ushered to the back dressing room and helped to undress then are helped to learn the ways that a young girls tongue can ease them. Those that don’t make the cut are helped to find what they want on the racks. After six years the shop is the talk of the town and almost have a waiting line to get in.Anne was at a coffee shop about six months ago Kim laid eyes on her and asked to sit with her. Anne shocked but said ok they talked about an hour then Kim made the offer to come to the shop. The next day Anne walked in looking at the shop and all the pretty dresses Kim came to her and gave her a hug at that moment a flash shot through Anne that made her puss quiver she had never acted on it but other girls sometimes turned her on. The look in her eyes told Kim she had her so to her office they went. As they walked in Kim grab Anne and kissed her Anne’s head spinning she just went with it and soon she was naked and Kim’s well used tongue was busy bring Anne to a mind bending orgasm after two hours of them trading tongues to pussy they laid in each others arms panting for breath. The offer was made and Anne jumped on it her eager enthusiasm soon had women asking for her services and that’s when Kim brought Kat in on it. bursa escort Mrs. Jones came in asking for Anne and a smile from ear to ear came over when Anne came to take her to the back. Unknown to either of them Kim and Kat was watching in the office on a mic-cam feed even with all the time that both women spend between other women legs the things Anne was doing to Mrs. Jones and the way she was moaning had they both fingering themselves working there fingers with a fever. It was so impressive to Kat that after Mrs. Jones left she ran into the room and attacked Anne the assault was fast and scorching hot so much so that the fragile and worn out Anne laid there shuddering her pussy still feeling the intense fucking that Kat had given her never had she felt a strap-on but, the 11″ wonder that Kat has and the way she uses it told Anne that she wanted no NEEDED it more and more. After recovering Kat took the young mink home and over the weekend fucked her brains out mouth, pussy, ass no holes missed all filled to the max then driving her home and kissing her bye. Anne on cloud 9 walks in to find her mom crying her eyes out. MOM what’s the matter? My life sucks your father cheated on me then a guy from work ask me to go out a couple of times and I findly say yes just to get there and he’s between two naked k**s younger then you. Then to make matter worst he ask me to join them. Holding her mom trying to ease her but still feeling the joy that Kat gave her she came up with a plan.Call Kat and Kim Anne laid out her plan to them and they accepted it. Coming home anne hands her mom a card. What’s this? Well you need a break so go there get a new dress and take in the place where your daughter works I have taken of all cost so just go and ask for Kat. Well ok Joyce goes in asking for Kat who greets her with a cocktail saying today we are going to take good care of you follow me please. going to the back Kat tell Joyce to choice a dress after she does Kat takes her to a dressing room but does not leave instead she starts to undress Joyce saying it’s a full service place Joyce is uncomfortable but lets it happen removing her dress then Kat cups her right as she removes her bra Joyce jumps but bursa escort bayan Kat moves on bending down Kat hooks her thumbs in and pulls down Joyce’s panties this is more then Joyce can handle and reaches to stop her but Kat feels it coming and leans in and kisses Joyce pussy through her panties causing Joyce to lose control and Kat pulls the panties down and her tongue finds Joyce’s cunt lips causing Joyce to lunge her hips forward Kat being a master at eating pussy has Joyce close to coming in no time. Saving that for later Kat rises and engulfs Joyce’s nipple going from left to right then back again. Kat lets her fingers replace her tongue in Joyce’s puss pumping it hard and fast but just keep her on the edge whispering in Joyce’s ear do you like to only get moans and groans in reply again Kat whispers did you give blow jobs to your man omg yes yyyyeessss I dddddiiddddddd oh god pushing Joyce down to her knees Kat picks up her strap-on turning and Joyce sees the huge fake cock coming to her lips opening her mouth it is fill and Kat fucks her mouth Joyce does her best to breath and suck but can’t help chocking witch only drives Kat on more with her eyes watering and her make-up running down her face a puddle of spit on her tits from her chocking her mouth so sore from the assault but she kept herself going then pulled out pushing Joyce back telling her to roll over smacking her ass GET THIS ASS UP now on her hands and knees Kat pushes the huge cock into Joyce’s tight pussy slow but steady she takes the whole thing balls deep. Kat just leaves it there a while then she moves a little at first then gains speed pounding Joyce’s cunt with jack hammer thrust making Joyce cum more and harder then ever before 45min. later Joyce is fucked out panting for breath thinking nothing else could feel so good when Kat puts the fake cock at her anal opening. NO PLEASE I DON’T DO THAT yea before today a woman never fucked you so shut up and lift that ass bitch cause I’m fucking it NOW. Lifting up Joyce feels the cock enter the pain both bad and good before long Kat fucks Joyce’s ass just as hard as she did her cunt. Later 7 hours after leaving home Joyce comes home her son in the kitchen getting escort bursa munches Joyce tries to act clam and cool but her cunt is still on fire from the frenzy fucking she got Anne comes home asking her mom how it went? Joyce says ok I’m tired I’m going to bed, ok mom see you in the morning. At 7 in the morning her brother leaving Anne opens the door to Joyce’s room there on the bed the cover pulled back her night shirt pulled up showing that she is naked under it Anne removers her clothes and eases on the bed crawling between Joyce’s legs she shows her mother why she is so asked for at work. Diving in and tongue fucking Joyce’s cunt waking Joyce who knows this is so wrong but could stop even if she wanted to. Anne is so good that Joyce comes hard soon and her morals take over kicking Anne out of her room. All through the day Joyce fights with her morals then goes to the dress shop. Walking in Joyce starts to ask for Anne when Kim sees her tell the sales girl I’ve got this one. Joyce says hi I’m Anne’s and before she can finish Kim says I know who you are I had a talk with Anne earlier so I know why your here I think you need to see something come with me. Taking Joyce to her office Kim ask her to sit behind the desk. After I leave please press play then 3 and leaves. Joyce does ask told and there on the screen in fount of her is Anne and a red headed woman maybe 40yrs Anne helps the woman undress then uses her proven moves on her and soon has the woman moaning for more Anne over the next hour fucks that woman every way you can and Joyce’s cunt comes without being touched. After the show was over Joyce pressed the other numbers finding all the rooms women fucking women when Kim sees Anne come out she goes to her office to be attacked by Joyce bending her over her own desk and tongue fucking Kim good.Joyce went to that guys home and again he was in bed with two young girls without be invited to join them Joyce dives between one girls legs and tears up her cunt then the other girl get the same treatment. Driving around till late at night Joyce comes home and hits her bed as her son leaves for school Joyce goes in Anne’s room there her 19yrs daughter laid naked no covers spread out wide Joyce returns the treatment that Anne gave her two days ago but this time Anne get up saying Kat gave me something she says you may like pulling out a strap-on Joyce turns on hands and knees begging OMG PLEASE FUCK PLEASE.



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