I accepted Mom’s offer and let her hold both my hands with interlocked fingers as the head of my erection was pointed right between her eyes. Her face went down to the bottom of my shaft and she kissed me. Her smooches got wetter and more frequent as she moved up to my head. My boner was flexing throughout her lip work on my cock. She pressed her lips onto the head and looked into my eyes; which watched her with enamor as our relationship went to the next level. Mom kept eye contact with me as her tongue circled along the inside of her lips, adding moisture to her mouth. It was so erotic. My boner kept flexing towards her face. Her mouth slowly opened to accommodate my member, which cause me to inhale loudly. She smiled and laughed to herself before allowing her mouth to enclose the head of my cock. She sucked softly and I moaned immediately. She kept her hands on mine and held them pressed against my side so that her mouth was in control of the situation.

She lightly bobbed back and forth just over the head of my dick before allowing my dick to travel gradually further inside her mouth. I could feel her tongue cupping the underside of my shaft and licking right below the head. My beathing got heavier as Mom welcomed my dick to be further immersed inside her. I lightly leaned forward in an attempt to fuck her face and Mom let out a moan, which was muted due to being filled with my dick. I took that as consent to continue fucking her face. Her bobbing and my thrusting were perfectly in sync as both of us made increasingly loud expressions of approval. I looked down as mom’s face and pumped faster into her. She welcomed the increase in speed and responded accordingly. I leaned my head back as I was now fully intent on fucking my mom’s face. I was deeply in ecstasy, but I remembered that I didn’t wanna finish here.

“Mom! This is amazing! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I need you to stop.” Mom slowly slid her mouth off my cock and looked up at me quizzically.

“You want me to stop? Why?” She was clearly confused. It was a no-brainer that I was enjoying the experience. I told her that I didn’t wanna risk using up my free orgasm from mom without being able to enter her ass. She laughed and looked back at my throbbing boner.

“That’s cute honey but I don’t wanna stop sucking your cock.” She was kissing my shaft and looking at me with puppy dog eyes. I told her how good she was at the art of blowing but reiterated my reluctance to miss out on the opportunity to engage in anal. She took no notice of my words and just focused on my cock, licking up and down and taking on of my balls in her mouth. She kissed the head a few times before speaking to me again with intermitted smooches on my cock.

“Your birthday is in two days. Why don’t I give you another free orgasm for your birthday, huh?” Her eyes locked to mine and her lips locked to the head of my dick. “Would you like that, baby? Fuck mommy’s butt for your birthday?” She smiled at me, knowing full well what my answer would be. I leaned my head back and groaned with arousal at what I’d just heard. Mom let the rest of my erect cock slip into her mouth and we quickly returned to our previous pumping rhythm. I was openly fucking mom’s face as she gluttoned on my cock; both of us moaning from excitement. I gradually thrusted harder and faster as I felt my climax approaching.

“Mom, I’m gonna cum!” I cried. Looking down to her face to see she kept sucking on my cock. I was stunned that she didn’t stop blowing me or make me cum on the floor. I took this as permission to blow my load in her mouth, which I did with pleasure. I moaned loudly with euphoria as I blasted streams of semen into mom’s mouth. She gagged slightly from the apparent quantity, but didn’t show any signs of reluctance to accept my ejaculation in her mouth. On the contrary, when I finished, she took my cock out her mouth and playfully showed me her tongue, which was covered in my load. I looked down in amazement at the sight that was better than I’d ever imagined.

“That was amazing, Mom. You are literally incredible. Goddam I love you so much!” I exhaled, while helping mom to her feet. My hands were on her hips as she cupped my arms.

“You wanna give me a kiss?” She joking asked with muffled speech.

“Right now? You’ve got my cum bahis firmaları in your mouth?” I asked puzzled. She looked me deep in the eye and winked before noticeably gulping what was in her mouth. My eyes widened in astonishment. “Fuck” I thought. “Mom’s just swallowed my cum.”

“How bout now?” She asked, smiling at me and giggling. I just started at her in shock. “Don’t be so surprised, sweetie. I wasn’t doing that just for you. I had my own reasons too. Ever since our moment in the shower, I’ve wanted to taste your cock. I’ve always loved to give head and your giant dick is such a treat after all these years of settling for your underwhelming father.” I patted her butt and told her she was free to blow me anytime she’d like. She slapped my arm in response to my cheekiness. “You DO taste good.” She confessed as tongue moved around her mouth to taste the leftovers in her mouth. “You don’t wanna taste? Come on, give your mom a kiss.”

“I’d rather taste your ass. I responded.”

“Well you’ll just have to contain your excitement until your special day.” I told her that every day with her is a special day. She smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

“I have to get up early tomorrow so I’ll see you when I get back from work. She turned and made her way out of the room. I turned to watch her ass with glee from knowing that I was finally gonna get to fuck her ass. She noticed me staring and smacked her booty.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer!” She laughed. I sat down on the couch, reflecting on the wonderful series of events that had just taken place. I heard mom’s footsteps on the stairs and grabbed the remote and put on an episode of South Park.

I had seen this one before but I didn’t care as I wasn’t really paying attention. My mind replayed the memory of my mom sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. I was so thrilled that she wanted to blow me and enjoyed having my dick in her mouth as well as the interaction that led up to the blowjob. As my mind continued to wander, my dick got hard again. I resisted the temptation to jerk off right there and then. I turned off the TV and made my way out the living room, enthusiastically preparing in my mind to blow another fat load under the covers, with, once again, my big ass mom on my mind.

As I began to climb the stairs, I could hear noises that increased in volume as I approached the top. It sounded like mom was moaning. “Could it be?” I thought. I had to investigate; at least a little bit. My suspicions were right in at least the sounds were coming from Mom’s bedroom. I curiously nearer the door to see it wasn’t even closed. I peered through the gap in the door and the following sight made my jaw drop. My mom was naked on her bed masturbating. She was on all fours with her big delicious booty facing me. She was pleasuring herself and not making any apparent effort to be quiet about it. I couldn’t see but It was cleat that she was using one hand to play with her pussy. What she was doing with her other hand was in plain sight to me and it was incredibly delightful. She was using her left hand to penetrate her asshole with a dildo. “What I give to be that dildo right now” I thought to myself as I rubbed my dick while I watched my mom. It was hot as fuck to watch her masturbate. However, the specifics of her vocalizations took things to a whole new level.

“Oh yes! Yes Yessssss!!” She cried, still unaware of my presence. “Aw god, hhmmmmmmmm!” She was pumping herself harder and faster with the dildo while her clit rubbing increased in ferocity. “Fuck my ass, baby! Come on Kyle! Fill my fat with your huge fucking dick!!” My eyes widened like a cartoon character and my heart stood still. Mom was pleasuring herself to the thought of me fucking her ass. At this point I decided I didn’t care. I dropped my shorts and boxers and walked into the room with my cock at full mast. I just stared at my mom’s big round booty, which was bent over only inches away from me. I was openly jerking off in the direction of her meaty cheeks. Mom’s pace increased as she approached her climax.

“Yes, baby! Cum in momma’s fat ass!!” Mom cried, pushing the dildo as deep as she could into her asshole and then used that hand to grab a pillow. She buried her face into it; screaming in ecstasy as she came. Her little workout had wiped kaçak iddaa her out. She collapsed onto the bed and beathed heavily, her face still entrenched in the pillow. I was still stroking my cock with my eyes fixated on her large round globes. Mom removed the dildo from her ass and snivelled into the pillow.

“Oh god, what the hell is wrong with me?” She whimpered “I want my son to fuck me!”

“Well then bring your big bum over here!” I blurted out. I couldn’t help myself. I was so turned on by what I’d witnessed. Mom jumped from the bed in complete shock and looked at me in absolute horror.

“Kyle!! What the fuck are you doing here!” She shouted with incense.

“I could hear you from downstairs, mom. I’m just here to give you what you want.” I winked at her and was now deliberately stroking my cock in front of her. She remained to appear perturbed.

“What makes you think that you can just sneak into my room while I’m… busy!!?” She was not as angry as she was embarrassed at this point. I told her the door was open and that I heard her calling my name. I even cited specific things she said so that there was no way she could deny the fact she wanted me to fuck her. She was sheepishly trying to cover herself up but I told her there was no need to do that. I even joked about her inability to contain her excitement after telling me I had to wait until my birthday. She threw the pillow at me and told me to get out.

“That’s not the type cushion that I want thrown at me.” I chuckled, still rubbing my hard cock. She remained upset and told me again to get out. “C’mon, Mom.” I protested “It’s glaringly obvious that we both want this. You were literally begging for it just a minute ago.” Mom remained silent, her eyes not leaving my cock. I saw her bite her lip for a second and her hand reach towards her shaven pussy. She caught herself in the moment and sighed.

“Fine.” She replied, turning round and getting on her hands and knees, pointing her juicy booty in my direction, head facing the wall. “But go slow, okay Mister! I’ve never done this before, remember?”

“I suppose we’re not counting the dildo, huh?” I responded rhetorically.” She told me that her dildo didn’t compare in size to my huge dick. I agreed to take it slow and not to ruin the experience. After all, I know I was going to enjoy this, but I wanted to make sure we both enjoyed it; so that we would do it again!

I approached the holy grail that was mom’s asshole and told her to edge backwards so that her heavy booty hung over the edge of the bed. I got on my knees and pressed my face into her crack, running my tongue from the top to the bottom and then gleefully rimming mom’s asshole. She was shocked at first but admitted it felt good. As y tongue worked on licking her asshole, I used my hand to push her heavy cheeks onto my face. Another one of my dreams had come true. My face was buried in mom’s booty. As I continued to eat her ass, mom moaned and pushed her butt further into my face, egging me on and twerking her cheeks. My tongue edged further into her asshole, which only provoked reactions to indicate pleasure from my mom. As I motorboated her butt, mom grabbed my head and pushed my face further into her ass. I did not deny her request.

“Oh god baby, you are really good at this.” Mom exhaled. Her breathing got heavier. I continued to moan as both of us became more aroused. “You like eating my ass, baby? You like being mom’s little ass eater?” I made muffled affirmative replies and kept chowing down on mom’s bootyhole. “You can eat my ass whenever you want, baby. I’m enjoying this too much for it to be a one-time thing.”

“Jackpot!” I thought. Now knowing I was in the clear to eat her ass I again, I took out a finger and slowly jammed it into mom’s ass. I made beckoning motions with my finger inside her ass, which cause mom to moan louder and tell me not to stop. I licked from the top of her asshole to her crack as I anally finger fucked my mom. I brought my middle finger to the party and maneuvered it to fit in so now I was fucking mom’s ass with two fingers. Mom encouraged me to fuck her ass and moaned with increasing pleasure.

“You like it when I finger fuck your ass, Mom” I asked.

“Oh fuck, yes honey. It feels so good.”

“You ready for my cock?” kaçak bahis I asked.

“Yes, baby! Stick your big dick into my ass!” She pleaded. I didn’t need telling twice. I removed my fingers from mom’s butthole and guided my cock to her orifice while she held her cheeks apart. Mom was so wet and turned on, it took less effort than I thought to jam the head in. We both moaned simultaneously as mom’s ass had just ingested the living buttplug. Mom held her cheeks open and I grabbed her hips, lightly pulling her back into me so that her asshole gradually welcomed more of my cock inside. Mom had occasional expressions of pain from the size of my cock inside her but show no signs of wanting to stop. On the contrary, mom was expressing her disbelief at allowing herself to wait so long before trying anal sex for the first time.

“I’m glad you like it mom.” I replied. “Your ass feels amazing!”

“You can go deeper, baby. I’m ready for your big dick.” I welcomed the offer and grabbed mom’s shoulders. I started to gently thrust my member deeper into her booty. She exclaimed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I felt only the latter. Mom’s booty bounced back in time with my pushes; her cheeks jiggling with increasing frequency. With the consent of mom’s insides, I guided almost the full length of my 10-inch dick thick dick into her ass. Mom howled and begged me to keep going.

“Owwwww. Fuck, Kyle! You’re so big!” She cried. “You feel so good in my ass.” I began to thrust into her more furtively as she threw her ass back at me. Our fucking rhythm increased in tempo and ferocity. We were now grunting like animals as the anal pumping approached a climax.

“Oh fuck, mom! I’m gonna cum!”

“Go on baby! Cum in your momma’s fat ass!”

“Arrrrrrgh!” I cried. “That’s so hot!” I rammed my dick all the way into her ass, pulled mom’s heavy backside into me so that her ass was pressed into my pelvis and eyed her heavy cheeks with delight. The combination of movement, sight and feeling lead me to moan with the loudest volume I’d ever projected as a river of cum exploded out of my dick, flooding the inside of mom’s ass. Mom moaned with pleasure as she felt my ejaculation inside her. I continued to pump as I came. The rush of euphoria that I felt had to be more intense than from the strongest drugs on the planet. After the time it took for me to drain what was left from my balls into my mom’s ass, we both collapsed onto the bed. I was laid on top of her with my dick still in her butt, my erection slowing coming down.

“Oh, wow!” Mom exhaled. “That was incredible. I mean…my god!”

“I know Mom.” I concurred. “I knew it would be but that was even better than I imagined. Can we please do that again?” I pleaded.

“Of course, honey. I don’t need a dildo anymore when the real thing is bigger and so much better.” She smiled at me and we kissed.

“How’s your ass taste?” I joked.

“I hope yours tastes better.” She giggled. My jaw dropped in response but she laughed and she told me to get over it. “Now take your fucking python out of mommy’s butt before it gets hard again. I need to take a shower and get some sleep.” I asked if I could join her.

“I don’t think so, honey. I’m only gonna get 4 hours at this point and if you join me, I’ll get tempted to fool around again. I don’t think my booty can take another pounding right now.”

“What if I fucked your cheeks?” I suggested cheekily

“Just bush your teeth and go to bed mister.” She retorted slapping chest. “I think you’ve gotten enough out of me today. I’ll sit on your face when I get back.” I agreed and bushed my teeth while mom showered. As I admired her naked body, she noticed my erection, but, unfortunately, she told me to go to bed and deal with it myself. I went to bed and blew another fat load in my hand before sleeping like a baby.

I woke up the next morning, disappointed at the knowledge that mom wasn’t gonna be in the kitchen. However, those feelings were quickly replaced by excitement at the likelihood of being able to fuck mom’s ass again. She already said she’d sit on my face when she returned. I went to the fridge to see a note.

“Heya handsome. I’m sorry I won’t be back tonight. I’ve had to go out of town to arrange your birthday present.” Clipped to the bottom of the note was a picture. I noticed it was a printout of a selfie my mom had taken. In the image, mom was naked and, on all fours, facing the camera. Behind her was a younger woman eating her ass from behind. It was my sister!



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