John followed Jessica into Mary Beth’s bedroom. He was tired, but the way her bubble butt moved as she walked had him more than awake enough for whatever she had in mind.

Jessica walked slowly. Her round ass cheeks flexed with each step along with the thick muscles in her short legs. She had the legs of a cheerleader and John knew she was flexible after watching her and Mary Beth at the pep rally. His mind began to race as he imagined what it was she wanted.

Jessica closed the door as soon as they entered Mary Beth’s bedroom and turned to face John. She smiled nervously as she slowly walked toward him. John instinctively wrapped his arms around her petite 5-foot-3 frame and hugged her tightly against his chest.

Jessica exhaled into his bare chest. Her warm breath tickled his chest hair and nipples as her perky small breasts pressed into him. She craned her neck back and looked up at him. Her dark hair framed her round face perfectly and her light brown eyes glimmered in the dim light of the bedroom.

Jessica hugged him back, holding him tightly as if she never wanted to let go. She dotted his manly chest with tiny kisses and then moved her lips to his mouth and kissed him softly. It was just a peck on the lips, but it was magical.

John let his hands slowly fall down her back. His fingers lightly caressed her skin as his hands moved down toward her juicy ass. He dug his fingernails into the flesh of her bubble butt and pulled her even tighter against him.

Jessica loved the way John’s hard body felt against her soft skin. She took a deep breath so she could smell his musky scent of manliness and sex from the activities of the night.

She tossed her head back, causing her short dark hair to shake lightly as she stared into his eyes.

“John,” Jessica said breaking the silence. “This has been a special night for me. I lost my virginity to you and I am glad I did. I am also glad I let Josh have me. He has been the subject of so many of my fantasies.

“But, now I just want this night to be perfect,” she continued.

Jessica paused and bit her lower lip as her shyness began to take control of her.

John loved it when she bit her lip. It made her look so cute and innocent.

“John,” Jessica added. “I always wanted my first time to be special and not just a one-night stand. Will you go to bed with me? Hold me? Can we fall asleep in each other’s arms and wake up to each other?”

John smiled. Why hadn’t he thought of that? What was wrong with him?

“Jessica, I’d love to,” he said as he released her from his hug and turned down the sheets on Mary Beth’s bed. “Let’s go to sleep and see what happens tomorrow.”

Jessica flashed a huge smile and excitedly pulled a pair of fuzzy cotton shorts and a T-shirt out of her overnight bag. She dressed in her “PJ’s” and asked John what he slept in.

John realized he was still naked and said he usually slept in his boxers, but they were in Mary’s bedroom and probably weren’t very clean. Jessica giggled and said she would get him some boxers. She stood and left. John couldn’t help but watch her cute bubble butt as her tight, fuzzy shorts gripped her ass cheeks when she exited the room.

Jessica returned in a few seconds with a pair of boxers and said she got them out of Josh’s room. John pulled them on. They were a little tight, but they would do. Jessica jumped into Mary Beth’s big bed and pushed herself across it to make room for John. He got in and lay down on his back beside her. Jessica snuggled up against him with her shoulder dipping into his arm pit. She placed her head on his shoulder and looked up at John with a dreamy expression on her face as she draped an arm over his chest.

“Good night and sweet dreams,” Jessica whispered as she closed her eyes.

John lay there quietly. He stared at the ceiling fan in the dark room as it swished overhead and thought about everything that had happened that night before drifting off to sleep with a sexy, petite teenage girl holding him as she slept. He slowly drifted off to sleep himself.

John woke up several hours later and glanced at the clock radio beside Mary Beth’s bed. It was nine in the morning. He had slept well and felt good. Jessica’s arm was still laying across his torso and she gave him a one-armed hug.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she purred with her cute giggle following right behind her words. “I slept so good. I hope you did too. You made my ‘first time’ wonderful. It was perfect. Thank you.”

John couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, what do we do now? Where is everybody?” John asked softly.

Jessica explained that Mary Beth had come into the room early in the morning to get clothes for church and explained that the Tillermans had gone to church and lunch. They would be home after lunch around 1 p.m. Mary Beth had said Jessica and John should make themselves at home.

“I could make you breakfast,” Jessica offered.

John laughed and said he never ate breakfast. He usually just had a coke and a illegal bahis smile to start each day. Jessica said she wasn’t hungry either, but she did have something in mind for them. She said this as a cute smile spread across her face and then she bit her lower lip nervously.

She was so cute, John thought to himself, and asked what she had in mind.

Jessica’s smile lingered as she quit biting her lower lip. “I’ve heard people at school, especially the guys, talk about websites were girls post pictures of themselves,” Jessica said. “I was curious. So, I went to some of the sites and the girls had free photos of themselves in sexy outfits. None of the photos were nude, but if you bought a membership you could see nude pics of them.

“I want you to take pictures of me so I can start my own website,” Jessica concluded.

John did not know what to say. He didn’t even know if Jessica was 18 and old enough to pose naked, but he liked the idea. He smiled and said, “OK, I can do that for you.”

Then, John told Jessica she needed to take a shower and make sure she was clean before he took pictures of her. He said he would go get his camera out of the car while she showered.

John left and returned quickly with the high-tech digital camera owned by the newspaper. He kept it in his car after Friday night’s football game and was now very glad that he did.

The water was running in the bathroom as John put the camera bag down in Mary Beth’s room and then went to the bathroom to check on Jessica. She was shampooing her hair and he marveled at her dark skin, petite frame, perky breasts and perfectly-shaped bubble butt as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. He watched the suds glide over her body. The soapy bubbles were pushed down her breasts by the hot water on one side while another foaming collection of shampoo clung to her firm bubble butt before falling to the shower floor. It took all the willpower he had not to jump in the shower and take her right there.

Jessica looked at John and began to perform for him as she showered. She rubbed herself more to tease him than to clean her taunt petite body. She rinsed herself off completely and started to get out of the shower.

“Wait,” John said. “I think you forgot something.”

Jessica looked confused as she looked back and forth trying to figure out what John was talking about. She did not have to wait long to find out.

“Jessica, Jessica, Jessica,” John said like a disapproving mother. “You can’t have your picture taken like that. Don’t you know you have to shave that sweet young pussy? Didn’t all the websites you went to have girls with shaved pussies?”

Jessica smiled a sinister grin.

“I’ve never done that,” she said. “Will you help me?”

John smiled as he nodded yes. It took all he had to shave her young, tight, fat pussy without diving in face first and tonguing her clit.

Jessica was nervous about having him shave her most delicate area, but once he started she begin to enjoy it. Jessica kept moving and John had to tell her several times to be still so he did not cut her with the razor. He finished shaving her young pussy bald and watched as she rinsed off with hot water. John held her hand as she stood and stepped out of the tub.

She dried off and then rubbed some lotion into her crotch after John told her to do so to prevent any irritation. She rubbed her pussy lightly at first and then began to really push down with her fingers enjoying how sensitive her pussy was as the cold lotion melted into her hot pink skin.

John had to stop her from rubbing herself when he saw her enjoying too much. He was afraid she would make herself cum. Her light brown eyes were squinting as she rubbed the lotion into her pussy with one hand while the other squeezed her young, perky breasts.

“OK, that’s enough,” John said. “You need to get dressed in a sexy outfit for the photos. I know you are turned on, but you don’t want to cum. You want to be horny as I take your picture for the website.”

Jessica nodded her head slowly in agreement as she rubbed her slippery pussy one last time letting her middle finger slip into her tight folds before removing her hand and then licking her wet finger.

“What should I wear for the pictures?” she asked. “I know, I’ll put on a mini skirt and white shirt like a naughty school girl.”

John liked the idea, but said it wasn’t original. He suggested she wear a pair of her tight cheer shorts from camp and a tight-fitting T-shirt without any bra or panties.

Jessica smiled instantly and got dressed. She pulled on a pair of faded red cheer shorts that looked to be two or three sizes too small. The cotton material of the sweat shorts hugged her juicy bubble butt and crept between her thighs framing her swollen pussy creating a camel toe. Jessica then pulled a T-shirt on over her head tossing her dark hair back as she pulled the bottom of the shirt down towards her waist. It wasn’t long enough to reach her shorts and left her tanned, muscular abs illegal bahis siteleri exposed showing off her belly button.

John watched as his cock grew in his boxers. He did not bother to get dressed and grabbed the camera wearing just his boxers.

Jessica looked hot and horny, but she wasn’t finished. She grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it up. She tucked it into her neckline and pulled it through creating a bra-like T-shirt that clung to her perky breasts. Her dark, hard nipples were visible through the thin white cotton shirt.

John smiled and thought “This is going to be fun!”

Jessica saw him smile and she was turned on and ready to begin. John explained that he liked the shirt how she was wearing it, but he thought it would be best to start by wearing it like a regular T-shirt.

“I want you to start by looking sexy and sweet. You want the guys and girls who view the pictures to buy a membership so they can see all of you. We’ll start with you looking innocent like the girl next door and then go from there,” John said. “I know, you can start by sitting in the chair beside the bed and try to seduce me. If you succeed then the pictures will be good enough for your website.”

Jessica moved to the chair and sat down. She crossed her short, muscular legs as she unfolded her shirt and once again stretched it out so the bottom reached just above her belly button.

“OK,”John said. “Here we go.”

John picked up the camera and begin to take pictures of Jessica while making suggestions for poses. Her light brown eyes twinkled in the light as she crossed and uncrossed her legs while John took several pictures. Jessica the put both feet flat on the floor in front of the chair and turned to her side as she arched her back. Her small perky tits jutted out against the soft, thin cotton T-shirt as her dark brown hair flowed back off the back of her head. She tossed her head from side to side causing the tips of her short hair to tickle her neck as she ran her hands slowly down the side of her body.

Jessica’s hands began just under her arm pits with her fingers stretching out over her breasts. She pushed her titties together with her hands and squeezed them with her back still arched.

John clicked off several shots and then more as her hands slowly glided down her sides to the bottom of the T-shirt. When Jessica’s hands reached the waistband of her tight red shorts she let her fingertips dance over her belly as she pushed them together until they were on her belly button.

“Wow,” John said. “You are getting me hot. I want you to stand and show me that sexy ass of yours so bad right now.”

Jessica smiled shyly and then bite her lower lip. John held down the shutter button on the camera taking several pictures and capturing her sexy facial expression. She slowly stood and turned until her bubble butt was pointed directly at the camera. She flexed her calf muscles as she stood on her tippy toes and bent over at the waist reaching down to her toes. Her stretching caused her juicy ass to point back and up revealing a nice camel toe with a small wet spot in the gooey center created by her moist pussy.

John zoomed in with the camera filling the viewfinder with her round rump and clicked off several more shots as her hands squeezed her ass cheeks and then she spread them with her hands. Jessica let one finger trace a small line through her spread ass cheeks down and directly to her wet pussy. She rubbed it slowly making the wet spot grow larger.

Jessica was moaning as she did this and John felt his cock grow stiffer. He reached down with one hand and pressed his palm against his hardness while holding the camera with one hand and taking more pictures.

Jessica turned to face John and the camera. She placed her right hand on her shorts and pressed it against her wet spot as John took even more pictures. She then slowly slid her hands up her body being careful to take the bottom of her T-shirt in her finger tips. She slowly lifted her shirt revealing her dark, tanned abs until the bottom of the shirt was barely covering her from her hard nipples up.

John dropped to his knees and aimed the camera up at Jessica. Her face was framed perfectly between her tits from this angle and her modest cleavage could be seen from below. Jessica slowly let her tongue escape her mouth and licked her lips several times to make sure John got a good picture of her tongue sliding across her lips.

Rather than fold the T-shirt through the neckline as before, Jessica pulled her shirt up and off. She covered her perky nipples with the palms of her hands and squeezed her breasts together creating a hand bra as she sat down in the chair and lay her head back.

John zoomed out just in time to get several hot pictures of Jessica as she spread her legs. He pushed his face and the camera closer to the wet spot on her shorts and continued to take pictures.

John then stood up and leaned over Jessica’s hot petite body taking pictures as he looked down canlı bahis siteleri at her. The image in the viewfinder made it look like he was hovering over her as she hooked her thumbs in her shorts and began to slide them down her legs. She lifted her legs into the air with her ankles together as she tugged the tight shorts over her juicy ass and down her tanned legs. She paused when she got the shorts to her ankles.

“I feel so horny, John,” Jessica said with a naughty smile. “I am so turned on. Are you?”

John just looked down at his boxers where his hard cock was pressing against them. Jessica followed his eyes and winked at him.

“Ummm, am I going to get to suck that hard cock?” she asked in her naughty school girl voice.

Without missing a beat, Jessica kicked her shorts off and stretched out her taunt young body in the chair. She held her ankles high in the air as she spread her legs and began to play with her wet pussy with one hand while fondling her breasts with the other.

“Oh my, I am so wet and my pussy is so sensitive now that it is shaved. I should have shaved my little wet pussy a long time ago,” she whispered in a breathy voice.

John zoomed in on her face with the camera and captured her facial expressions of lust and passion as she rubbed and fingered her tight pussy. He then scanned the camera over her body and paused to take several close-ups of her hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. He then scanned lower and began to take pictures of her slick fingers as they spread her shaved pussy open. He zoomed in and got close-ups of her wet digit as it rubbed her clit. She slowly pulled her finger away and John got a sexy photo of her pussy juice suspended in air between her finger and pussy before it popped free when the slimy substance broke in half.

Jessica moved her hand back to her pussy and began to finger herself again. John zoomed out with the camera and filled the viewfinder with a full body shot of her sexy petite body as she masturbated in front of him for millions of horny men and women to see on the Internet.

“You are very good at this,” John said as he pulled his boxers off with one hand while he continued to snap pictures with the other.

John began to stroke his hard cock in front of Jessica while she played with her pussy.

“Oh, John I think I’m going to cum soon,” she purred. “Please take me now!”

“Fuck me, John,” she begged. “Please fuck my tight, shaved pussy!”

John out the camera down and moved closer to Jessica.

“I thought you wanted to suck my cock first,” he said as he pushed his hips forward so his hard, throbbing cock was inches from her lips.

Jessica did not hesitate. She took her hand from her pussy and wrapped her slick, sticky fingers around his cock and began to stroke it. She leaned back gently while tugging on his cock bringing him closer and then parted her lips slightly and slid his cock over them and into her warm mouth. Her tongue swirled over his shaft and he pushed his cock deeper inside her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Jessica moaned. “My pussy juices taste so good on your cock. Why don’t you stick it in my wet pussy and get some from fresh pussy juice for me to lick up?”

John stepped back and slid his hands under her juicy bubble butt. He lifted her ass up off the chair slightly and then pressed the tip of his slippery cock against her clit. He held it there and rubbed it on Jessica’s clit driving her crazy with lust.

“Fuck me, John,” she begged. “Please! I am so hot and ready!”

Before the last word could escape her lips John rammed all of his cock deep inside Jessica’s tight, soaking wet pussy causing her body to jolt up off the chair as she threw her head back and screamed in passion. John dove his cock into her with long, fast strokes. His balls slapped her trampoline-like ass cheeks with each penetrating stroke.

Jessica was on fire with lust and began to yell at him to go faster. She was talking dirty and John loved it.

“Yes! Fuck my little shaved pussy!” she screamed. “Your cock feels so good! Fuck me! Make me your little school girl slut!”

John had never heard Jessica talk like this, but he loved it. It drove him mad with lust and he began to fuck her hard and rough. He reached up and yanked her hair, pulling her head back. He slapped her ass with his free hand as he continued to pound her tight pussy.

“You like my cock you little tease,” John found himself saying. “You are a tease at school, aren’t you? I know you tease all the boys with your sexy little body. You little cock tease! This is what happens when you tease a man!”

Jessica was loving it.

“Yeah, I’m your little whore. Fuck me you stud! Show me how a real man fucks!” Jessica demanded. “I’ve been a naughty girl. What are you going to do about it? You gonna fuck me, Daddy?

“Fuck me til you cum and then make me eat your cum,” Jessica continued. “Is that what you want? I want to eat your hot thick cum! I want to suck it off your hard dick with my naughty little mouth and swallow it.”

John felt his balls tighten and pulled his cock out of Jessica’s creamy pussy. He held it in front of her face and gave it two quick jerks causing cum to explode out of the tip and onto her mouth and face.



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