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So this is the story of how I sort of accidentally banged my girlfriend’s mom. Which sounds crazy but I guess is really par for the course lately if you’ve been following along.

Stephania Colabro, a.k.a. “Stephanie” got out of the uber car and steadied herself on her high heels before taking a step towards her driveway and up the steps to her house. Even with the cautious approach she lurched and staggered a bit, more than the heels accounted for, yet exactly what the buzz Stephanie was feeling could explain.

Buzzed and frustrated was her state of mind as she made her way laboriously towards her front door. She had gone out this evening with the intention of ending her personal sex hiatus with dopey Brad from accounting. but even with the high heels and tight top she was wearing. Brad was too timid to close the deal. Loser. It wasn’t as if, at 44, she wasn’t still hot as fuck. Her tits were still nice and firm and her ass still looked good judging by the looks she still got. She was often mistaken for a sister to her daughters Michelle and Laura, sharing their raven hair and dark eyes.

She fumbled with her key and got inside, so intent was she that she missed the fact that her daughter’s boyfriend’s truck was parked out front,. so she can be excused for taking off her tight top and skirt literally the second she was inside the house. Standing for a moment in the foyer in her matching white satin bra and panties gave her a bit of a chill. She shivered as she unclipped her push up bra and freed her breasts, aching a bit from the bra and her frustration, then grabbed an oversized flannel shirt from the clean laundry pile that her youngest and flightiest daughter had forgotten to take upstairs and put it on, only buttoning one button in the process. Her thinking still a little or maybe a lot slow, it only slowly dawned on her that the tv was on in the downstairs den.

She made her way over to the doorway but misjudged the size and banged into it coming in, making a bit of a racket and causing a stir inside the den. When she took the final steps she was astonished to see her daughter Laura and her boyfriend John on the couch huddled under a blanket, but even more surprised to see her usually aloof daughter Michelle watching a movie with them, lying on the floor wearing only silky short pajamas and her butt cheek sticking out. Everyone was looking a little too innocent and even in her befuddled state, Stephanie was picking it up.

she barged forward, then she realized she was wearing only panties under the flannel and hesitated just for a second before her mom instincts won out and she entered the room, a little unsteadily still, even though the heels had been replaced by (very cute little) bare feet.

“What’s up you three?” she asked

The mumbled returns and slightly too innocent faces that served as a response made her sure there had been something going on, but also sure she would never get the truth out of any of them. With a sigh, she consoled herself with the fact that she didn’t smell weed at least.

She gave them all one last mom look and was surprised to see John looking at her somewhat appraisingly and admiringly perhaps?

She met his gaze for a beat too long, she realized it with a start, then compounding it by once again remembering she was wearing only panties under the barely buttoned flannel. She could feel herself reddening, and why was she still staring at John, dammit?

Luckily Stephanie missed the look that passed between her daughters during this interplay, as she would have certainly recognized it.

She said goodnight and had turned to go upstairs where she badly wanted to crash hard in bed, possibly with her vibrator. Probably. An image of John by the pool from weeks earlier popped into her head and she reddened further. Before she reached the short three step landing and safety though, both her daughters started pleading with her to stay, saying they wanted to hear all about her date.

Laura pulled John closer to her to make room on the small couch, but slyly didn’t move over herself, forcing her to sit smushed up against john’s body, his arm over the back of the couch and therefore around her shoulders. To make things worse, the flannel had ridden up in the back. exposing her her lower back and panty clad hip which was pressed against John’s side.

Laura rearranged the blanket again across all three of them, making it all the more cozy, sensual, and inappropriate, all at the same time. At normal times, inappropriate may have won out, but in her current buzzed and hazy state, cozy kicked ass. She was very relaxed and john smelled very very good.

At that point, after another exchanged glance between her daughters, Michelle excused herself and went to bed.

Stephanie engaged in a little bit of back and forth with Laura over John’s chest about her date, and unconsciously wriggled a bit closer as she made herself even more comfy, yawning a little bit as the post buzz exhaustion kicked in.

So ankara ucuz escortlar contented was she feeling after her long ass day that, perhaps inevitably, she dozed off, her head on john’s chest and her hand resting on his thigh.

********************John’s point of view*******

I had just settled in to an enjoyable evening of fun with my girlfriend and her crazy sister on the couch when we heard Laura’s mom stumble in the hallway. I yanked my lounge pants up over my dick as Laura composed herself and Michelle untangled herself and dived onto the floor pretending to be watching tv.

I was just about to be super annoyed at the interruption and the sudden absence of Laura’s mouth on my dick when I saw what Mom was wearing.

I had seen her in a bikini a few times but had been confined to sly peeks from beneath my sunglasses to avoid discovery. Like the sun, a quick glance and look away fast, with only the imprint of her body tattooed on my retinas. Now, though, my shock was so thorough and complete I stared unabashedly for several long moments. I had always though Mrs C was cute, but a little severe and bitchy, a defense mechanism perhaps from having to ride herd solo on two willful daughters. Now, though, seeing her sway in just a flannel shirt barely buttoned, lean legs peeking out from under the shirt, far more than appropriate amount of cleavage showing and a slightly smoky expression on her face and Holy Fuck is she staring at me too?

I stared helplessly into her gaze as is stretched out, knowing I should stop but unable to. A big dumb horny Deer in headlights. When Laura asked her to stay and didn’t move over, I looked at her questioningly, but she was exchanging a glance with Michelle. THAT glance.

I’m no genius, but I’ve recently learned when things started to go my way, just roll with it. Mrs C, or I guess Stephanie now maybe, hopefully? was pressed against my side and wherever her skin was touching mine, the fire was burning. I tried not to sweat and realized there’s no actual mechanism for that, tried to relax, failed, and then felt Laura’s hand pinch me from the other side as she dismissed her sister with another exchange of glances. I looked at her and got a half an eyebrow in return. Oh boy.

Laura and her mom discussed the date as Mrs. Stephanie snuggled in tighter, her head on my chest and her right hand suddenly on my thigh, apparently without her conscious knowledge.

As she tilted her body, my arm fell off the back of the couch and was now around her, my hand coming to rest on that bare hip and satin panty. I used my peripheral vision to the point where my eyeball almost fell out to get a beautiful view of her cleavage as the flannel fell open a bit.

She smelled delightful, and combined with her proximity plus the feel of satin and skin, my pal dickie johnson started to respond, which panicked me a little bit. I literally bit my tongue to clear my head and was starting to get a handle when

Stephanie actually feel asleep on my chest, softly snoring adorably right into that crook between my neck and ear. At that point I could have bit my tongue clean off and it wouldn’t have stopped ol’ dickie.

“I think she’s asleep.” Laura said, which startled me as I had just about forgotten she was there.

“Yep.” I said, a little too flatly. I turned to look at my girlfriend who was staring at me intently and with just a hint of danger.

“Asleep.” I confirmed with a complete lack of expression on my face. Laura’s eyes have that rare quality of changing shade with her moods and they darkened now as they narrowed slightly. Never one to dance around an issue, she asked me point bank:

“You think my mom is hot?”

Now I am a man of very sketchy moral fiber to be sure, but one thing I’ve never done is lie to Laura. Luckily I had the perfect answer ready.

“She looks like you.”

I answered with a slight shrug. At this point I noticed that the fingers on my left hand were very slowly moving back and forth between Stephanie’s panties and thigh in a small circle and had been doing so apparently for some time.

Thank god, that was a correct answer because Laura smiled, made some internal decision and pressed forward.

“Is she making you hot right now?” she asked

This one, I had no good answer for, but Laura didn’t need one, deciding to verify for herself as she slid her hand under the blanket and onto my rapidly hardening cock. Her mouth made a little O of faux surprise as she said

“What’s this??”

I responded with only my patented stupid slack jawed look as my crazy ass girlfriend began stroking my cock slowly and deliberately. She pulled my chin towards her and kissed me deeply and softly


Stephanie was dreaming a very sexy dream then suddenly woke in a moment of complete disorientation, only slowly realizing where she was.

As she opened her eyes she saw that john and her elvankent üniversiteli escortlar daughter were kissing deeply, which reddened her again but she couldn’t look away or move at all. Very slowly she came to the realization that her hand was on john’s thigh and his hand was cupping her hip very intimately, and that she was very very turned on, her panties moist and her nipples feeling a little puffy.

She stayed very still for another moment and suddenly became aware that her daughter was stroking her boyfriends dick under the blanket! She stiffened in surprise which made john and then Laura aware she was awake in quick succession. Her daughter met her gaze evenly without a hint of shame or apology and continued to stroke john’s dick under the blanket. What the hell was happening here?? She thought briefly

But her daughter, like she herself, had a way of just dragging people along in her wake, so she said nothing as Laura very slowly let the blanket fall onto the floor exposing a very large and beautiful penis, proudly glistening with pre cum. Her shock was now complete but she still couldn’t move or speak.

If there had been any hint of mockery or any lascivious look on her daughter’s face she would have freaked probably, but Laura’s gaze never wavered and in her eyes was only pure love and tenderness for her mother…their mutual gift for non verbal communication allowed her daughter to somehow convey the message that this was a gift she meant to share. No one on earth knew the deep loneliness that Stephanie desperately hid with overactivity and a relentless drive to succeed. the slightest hint of a smile sealed the deal.

She almost giggled with the sheer insanity of it, but made no protest as she allowed Laura to very slowly reach across and take her hand in hers, then move it onto John’s rigid shaft…a very low moan from somewhere deep inside her escaped as she hesitantly grasped the warm cock and slowly let Laura guide her, hand over hand as they simultaneously stroked it. She could feel the pulsing cock respond and relished in the feeling of it in her hand. an involuntary slight “ohh-oh” from john made her remember there was a person attached to this gorgeous cock and she looked up at him. He stared back, and the complete lack of expression on his face aside from his widened unblinking eyes was so pronounced that she did actually giggle this time, her smile making the corner of his mouth turn up in a slightly crooked wry grin and an even slighter shoulder shrug, as if to say

“Hey your daughter is nuts what can I say.”

Laura broke the deafening silence by saying

“So I guess you DO think my mom is hot.”

Without breaking eye contact with Stephanie, john responded

“Yes, I really do.”

He said, without a hint of flirtatiousness or teasing. Just a simple declarative statement of fact, the one fact that Stephanie so desperately needed to hear. She felt a sudden wave of emotion and melted a bit, hugging him tighter and giving his dick the slightest squeeze as Laura slid her hand down to his balls, giving her mom free reign to work it solo.

Laura kissed his neck and brought his face around for another deep kiss as Stephanie worked her hand a little more urgently…squirming a bit to allow John’s hand better access to her silky panty clad ass, his hand cupping a cheek and his fingers tantalizingly close to her now steaming box.

Then her daughter very slowly but purposefully turned John’s chin towards her mom, who looked at her questioningly. the slightest of nods was all the permission she needed and she raised her lips to meet his.

The kiss, her first in years, was so tender and sweet she literally saw stars like some lovestruck high schooler. She stopped stroking his cock and just held it tight as their tongues and soft moans of pleasure intertwined. Completely lost in the moment, she kissed him and kissed him over and over.

She removed her hand from his cock and held his cheek, then his hair, grabbing it roughly and kissing him ever more urgently as she sought to drink him in completely.

The moment was broken by a sudden WHOAH-OH=OH from john and she broke the kiss reluctantly and realized her daring young daughter had taken the opportunity to deep throat her boyfriends dick, slowly taking it in and out to it’s full length as he stroked her hair tenderly. After a long moment she raised her head, looked at her mother and pointed John’s dick ever slow slightly towards Stephanie,

her eyebrows arched with a Well Go Ahead sort of look on her face.

Stephanie hesitated a long moment, at a crossroads. A kiss was one thing, something to be attributed to one crazy drunken night, but now were were talking about actual sex with her daughter’s boyfriend. Many times she had felt unease at the age difference between them, but now, it made things possible that wouldn’t have been if it were a very young kid and not a grown man closer to her age than Laura’s. Still etimesgut vip escortlar she hesitated on the razor’s edge for one long moment longer until Laura spoke

“Mom.” she said, very softy. “it’s ok.”

Stephanie took one deep breath and leaped, lowering her head onto john’s cock and taking it deep with one movement. Gratified by John’s instant response, his hips rising involuntarily to meet her, she was thrilled to hear him mumble

“fuck oh fuck.” as she worked his shaft with abandon. It had been so long! Too long!

She worked it hard, reveling in the sheer power she felt to have a man so completely under her control after so many years. She sucked and sucked from tip to base, her free hand cupping his balls and his hips squirming underneath. She felt john’s free hand on the back of her head, softly at first, then grasping a hand full of her hair, hard, producing a fresh moan of pleasure from her.

She shifted position to get a better angle on this beautiful penis and john took immediate advantage, his fingers finally reaching her pussy, first through the panties, the satin feeling delicious as it pressed against her wet box, then, after nimbly sliding her underwear aside, his finger reached the promised land, drilling deeply inside her and then, finally, brushing her g spot ever so slightly.

Her orgasm came so suddenly, without any warning that it startled them both, her head popping off his rod as she shuddered uncontrollably for a long moment as she came over his fingers and an involuntary “oh my fucking god” was forced through her lips. she collapsed onto his lap and laid there a long moment.

When she raised her head, she realized Laura was nowhere to be seen. She sat upright, looked around in half fright, panicky at being alone in the room with john, but his eyes were kind and gentle when she looked at him.

“Mrs C.”

He said, very softly and oddly reassuringly

“It’s ok.”

His hand was at the back of her head and he kissed her again, gently, pulling her onto his lap, her leg swung over, she straddled him, his still hard cock feeling so powerful between her legs as it pressed against her panties. She felt herself grinding against him involuntarily, then willingly as he kissed her ears, then her neck, then, unbuttoning that one stupid button and exposing her aching breasts to him, he worked each nipple, slowly and with great skill, both his hands now on her ass, grinding her more firmly onto his cock.

“Mrs C you’re so fucking amazing. So amazing.”

He murmured, his words thrilling her nearly as much as his body was. She kissed him again and smiled and whispered in his ear

“You really need to call me Stephanie.”

She said, forcing a giggle out of him despite the situation.

“Ok, yes I guess so, Mrs Stephanie.” He grabbed her ass even harder and looked deeply into her eyes and asked

“Are you ready?”


My brain had been basically fried since Laura’s mom’s hand had touched my dick, even with everything that had gone on the last few weeks, this all seemed like a whole new level of crazy. I just couldn’t believe that Laura wanted this, or even more insanely, that Mrs C would ever go along. At any given moment, I was expecting someone to storm out, with perhaps a double punch to my face to boot.

When Laura turned my head towards her mom though, the way Stephanie looked at me when she raised her lips, the mix of lust and fear and pure need on her face, it moved me in a way nothing had these past crazy weeks and I realized I wanted her badly….and moreover, I wanted to make her happy.

And when she kissed me, wow. Fireworks like I hadn’t felt since I was a kid. I got lost in the moment and my senses were reeling. When my psychotic girlfriend deep throated me without warning I almost blew his load right then and there.

When Laura offered my dick to her mom, I still couldn’t believe she would go through with it. It just seemed so far beyond anything possible, I just couldn’t believe it. When she actually took me in her mouth, the feeling was so incredible and her skill so far beyond anything I had ever experienced that I almost cried. My entire body responded, the urge to participate so strong my hips raised on their own accord in an attempt to fuck her face. Suddenly remembering Laura I looked at her helplessly but she just smiled, leaned over, kissed me on my cheek very gently, and got up and left the room! she blew me a kiss as she reached the doorway and was gone.

What the ever loving fuck?

Then Stephanie shifted position and the blow job somehow got better and my brain exploded again into a million tiny shards, my right hand now free to hold her hair, so soft and silky. I grabbed it hard, barely resisting the urge to force her deeper onto him. When she shifted position, her perfect ass came into full view, adorable white satin panties previously hidden by flannel, an ass so like both her daughters but different enough to be wildly exciting. He knew he could reach her pussy but dare he? He was well past any rulebook for this sort of thing, in uncharted waters. He dared despite himself, finally managing to get a finger into her and then she came, unexpectedly and with utter abandon.



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