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Model onthe showroom floor part1Just six months after I married Melanie, I lost my job as an accounting manager with the Denver company that I had assumed would never lay off anyone. It took a lot out of me, and it definitely affected her. She had been staying at home and was planning on motherhood. We had to make big adjustments in our lives and she started to look for work herself. The situation did little to help our so-so sex life. I could not keep her satisfied. At the same time, I became obsessed with watching her, asking her to pose and tease me before we had intercourse. She wasn’t interested in that, at least not yet. We were at cross purposes: she wanted me to last longer, stay hard longer, get bigger. I felt that if I could somehow gain phallic stature in thickness and length she would love sex. She was real easy on the eyes. Indeed, she was an absolute knock-out, and I had been so proud to marry her as we both turned 25. She had very dark, almost jet black thick hair which she liked to wear long, big brown eyes, a kind of smoky little girl bed room voice and my kind of curves. A big, round sexy ass I loved to watch sway and swing when she walked, and extra large, E cup breasts – they stuck out so much when she wore show-off bras, which was often, and I just loved to stare at them and play with them. They were the more prominent because she was not that tall. When she was in the mood to do it, it was so wonderful to lie in bed and have her kneel over me and lower them onto my head. Each of them practically covered my face. That was the only request she went along with. I wanted her to strip tease for me, or slowly take off her pants, shaking her butt in my face, but she declined. She quickly beat me in the job search and took a sales position at a Ford dealership in town. Central Ford was a relatively new operation, out on the highway, and its showroom seemed to be dominated by young, confident macho men, based on what Melanie told me. “They have such dirty minds!” she laughed. When I asked her what that meant she said: “In their he-man way, they definitely appreciate me. It’s exciting to be the center of attention,” she said. I feared that she was asking for it. When she had gone for the interview, with two guys named Donny and Brad, she wore a surprising outfit. She chose a conservative jacket – usually she did not dress to bring attention to her big chest – but under it she wore a tight, black bustier with straps. She also picked out a red skirt, dark hose, and red heels. Apparently she had on a push-up bra, and since her breasts were quite perky anyway, the net effect of some daring cleavage, the low cut bustier and the bra was to focus anyone’s eyes intensely on her body, beginning with her chest. We even had a small squabble about it as she left. I told her she was dressing much too provocatively, and sending the wrong message – especially for a car dealership – at a job interview. She insisted that it was fine. This was the beginning of eerie feelings I had about my wife’s behavior.With her new job came some other changes. She departed from conservative dress in public and went out and bought other suits, in hot colors – reds and bright blues and greens. She put on a lot more make-up and spent a lot of time on getting ready for work, looking absolutely sexy. She seemed to be a big hit with her co-workers. One reflection of this: several phone calls from guys she worked with, in the evenings. They began to bother me. If we were out voices on the machine left flirtatious messages like: “Hey sweetheart it’s me – Donny – you didn’t say good-bye to me today. Call me any time – I want to hear you say good night to me.” Or no name and merely: “I just called to hear your voice. Melanie, change the outgoing message so your voice is the one, not your husband’s.” She seemed to study my reaction when I played them back. I didn’t make a big deal out of it, only telling her that it annoyed me. When I answered the phone male voices asking for her made no pret of introducing themselves to me – it got to the point that I just handed her the cordless phone and went to the computer. After two minutes of car-related chatter during these calls Melanie’s voice got real quiet and very friendly. She drifted out of my earshot and carried on with these people for sometimes twenty to thirty minutes a call. “Are you trying to seduce me over the phone?” I heard her say to one of them.Once I commented: “Well, you sounded pretty chummy with that person.” She said nothing. I said: “Real chummy..” Without looking at me she said: “These guys at work are sex maniacs.” “You were on the phone with him for almost half an hour,” I said. “Was I?” she smiled, and walked into the kitchen. I got the feeling that she was waiting for me to explode or something over the phone calls and the answering machine messages, but I never did. It was almost as if my failure to have a hissy fit about this attention was a signal to increase it, because as time went by she got more calls from guys from work at night. Listening to her talk and giggle in a low voice over the phone didn’t do much for my self-esteem, and I just sat and played with the computer, pretending not to notice. As to her motivation for carrying on like this, I chalked it up to her efforts to make a good impression, and her drive to succeed in her job.She worked long hours, 9 to 9 and beyond, and started to bring home some decent income. The more she worked there, buying very sharp clothes, some of it quite daring, the harder I tried to find a job. She was really doing well. I sent in my resume in response to each ad and even went to interviews – and made follow-up phone calls – and got nowhere. I was still spending a lot of time on the computer while she was slaving away at this dealership. I did notice that she was a lot happier – though not necessarily with me – after she went to work. One thing kind of exploded out of nowhere in our sex life: she practically demanded that I go down on her when she came home from work. She literally would walk into our apartment, no kiss, no conversation, and push my face into her crotch. Once I was on the couch when she walked in, and she forced me to lie down and eat her – her pussy already soaked – after she pulled her skirt up. She came twice, not letting me up for air for at l half an hour. Because they were missing I asked her if she had forgotten to wear underpants that day and said that she had taken them off before she left work. When I asked why she said nothing.One day Melanie called me at the apartment from a car phone, which we didn’t have. “Guess where I’m calling you from!” I heard her yell, “I’m in a new Taurus that I’m going to pick up a potential buyer in. I’m downstairs in the parking lot right now. This is my first sale of the week. Want to come?” I looked out the window and saw a brand new Ford and her arm waving from the window. I ran downstairs and talked to her through her window. “If you’re picking up someone who may buy this car, you don’t need me.” She looked at me with a grin and said: “Hop in the back. You’re another salesman. He won’t know you’re really my husband.” She told me as we went to meet the person that in a few months she was going to get a car like this if she sold in impressive numbers. We stopped and pulled over at a light and Melanie got out. She was wearing a red suit, buttoned, and a short black skirt with a slit on the left side, tasty gold earrings and gold bracelets – and while I admired them I wondered where they came from. A handsome middle aged man came over and they shook hands, slowly, and she put her left hand over his. “So you’re Melanie,” this man said chuckling, “This IS a pleasure.” I noticed how her voice had gone into a soft, affectionate, almost suggestive tone the instant he showed up. “Why don’t you drive and we’ll see how you like it?” she smiled. “I like already,” he said eagerly. He got in behind the wheel and I introduced myself as a trainee. As she walked around and opened the door to the passenger side he muttered mischievously to me, craning his neck to gaze at her: “They told me she was hot. Too bad that jacket covers up her big tits. Christ, you’re a lucky trainee!” I was very taken aback by his comments, and wondered who have talked to him about my spouse like that.Melanie got in and crossed her legs so that her skirt rode up to show him a lot of leg. She grinned at him: “Shall we?” As he drove she filled him in on the car, which was loaded with extras. “So Melanie, how did you get so sexy?” he asked her during a break in the cartalk. She turned in the seat so that she was facing him. “Is that a compliment or are you hitting on me?” she laughed. He smiled: “Both.” Then he said sweetly: “You’ve told me all about the car’s stats, what are yours?” “Which one in particular were you interested in?” she said, moving her left hand slowly up and down some exposed thigh. “Why don’t you unbutton that jacket?” he said, “he told me you’re quite a big girl.” Her voice was maddeningly suggestive now, and I was getting very upset. “Are you interested in this car?” she said. “I need more convincing,” he said. Her hands moved to her jacket and, smiling at him intently, she slowly unbuttoned it, her nails looking perfectly manicured with a dark pi lish. I was filled with fear about what would happen next. “Do you mind if I relax a little? Long day,” she said as she looked down at her hands and then up at his beaming, excited face.I had assumed she was wearing a blouse underneath. But she was wearing nothing. The jacket separated and some of the wonderful, naked flesh of her big fat tits tumbled out into view, her left melon almost completely exposed and pushing magnificently free of the fabric. She stuck her chest out in his direction and then pulled the jacket completely open from the sides. “Convinced?” she cooed at him, and she grabbed the sides of her tits, pushing them up and out at him. He shuddered, said “Yeah baby,” hoarsely, and, a man she met eight minutes ago, started playing with her breasts with his right hand. She pushed them toward him even more, her teats protruding with arousal. “What about your trainee?” he said, perplexed at my presence while overwhelmed with Melanie’s pulchritude. “He’s a tit man too,” she said, then turning to me: “Isn’t that right?”. I said nothing, stunned by this surrealistic scene in front canlı bahis of my eyes. “Have we sold you a new Taurus?” she said, respondin this stranger’s squeezes. “You know how to sell, Melanie,” he said as they pulled into the dealership lot. She pulled his face toward her chest and asked him if he wanted to suck on her nipples. I got out, beside myself, as soon as the car was parked. They stayed in it for another ten, fifteen minutes.After she went through paperwork with him in her office and I had been cooling my heels in the waiting area she came out, acting like nothing was amiss. “I can’t believe I saw what you did,” I said to her. “Oh that?” she smiled, frowning at the same time. “One of us has to bring home the bacon, babe, and selling cars takes some compromises.” I was surprised at her words. “You can’t let other men touch you like that, Melanie,” I said. “I’ll try,” she said, turning to go back to her office, “but I just made us a nice commission. Talk to me about my methods when we see paychecks with your name on them.” She looked back at me: “Want to meet Brad and Donny? They interviewed me and one of them can give you a ride home. I have to work late.” I did meet Donny, a beefy young guy, cocky as hell, always carrying on like a salesman, very smooth. Winking at my wife, he shouted: “Hop in, Melanie’s lucky husband!” and jumped in his car, a new Explorer, he drove like a maniac and dropped f at home in half the usual time for the distance. He raved about Melanie non-stop. “She’s incredible. Just incredible,” he said as I got out. “You must be chasing her around your apartment all night.” “Something like that,” I smiled. He laughed: “Since she’s started no one – including me – can get any work done. She walks by and we all just want to, oh – hey, gotta go. Good luck with your job hunting, you VERY lucky stud!” He raced out of my parking lot. After talking to him I felt like I needed a hot bath.On the following Saturday afternoon Melanie and I were at the apartment, she going over training manuals, I doodling around on the Internet. My preoccupation with the computer was a matter of some smart comments from my wife. She needled me about spending more time on that than looking for a new job or paying attention to her. She handed me specs sheets and had me quiz her about the Windstar Wagon, its various features and the amounts of the various rebates, and the Central Ford discount it was advertising. Then I quizzed her about the escort, then the Ranger Pick-up, the Explorer, the Expedition XLT, and so on. She was really into it, and never missed a point of information. Around 2 she took a long break from her work and I was surprised to see her dolling herself up, putting on makeup and changing her clothes. The transformation was something: She had gone into the bedroom with a baggy shirt (of mine) and old khakis that she had worn all day but came out, after about twe inutes, sporting a very tight gray, sleeveless blouse and equally snug white shorts and heels. The way she had tucked in the blouse left no doubt how to die for stacked she was, and the daring cut of the neckline showed quite a lot of inviting cleavage. The fact that she had changed into this outfit took me aback. I had not seen her dress to show off her curves like this in weeks, if ever.”Going somewhere?” I asked, unable to take my eyes off her huge-looking chest. “No,” she said, burying her nose in her manuals. “Why the sexy clothes?” I asked. She looked at me. “They want me to look my best at all times, even at home,” she smiled, kicking off her red shoes, “and I feel good dressing up like this. Do I look hot?” I looked her over, as she knelt on the couch sideways with car-related stuff all over the coffee table, papers in her hand. “You look incredible,” I said. Nothing more was said, and I was still bemused by the effort she had put in the effort to dress up this way just to pore over paperwork. As the time ticked by I was also noticing a restiveness with her, as if something was about to be happening.Around 3 the lobby buzzed. I went to answer it and noticed again how nervous, in a subtle way, Melanie seemed. “I wonder who this is,” I muttered. I buzzed back: “Hello?” “Sorry to bother you, is Melanie there?” a deep masculine voice hollered. “Who’s this?” I asked. Melanie bounced over to the intercom, pushing my hand away. “Hello?” she yelled. “Mel honey, it’s Vince!” “Well hi Vince!” she laughed. He said, “I’m just boppin’ around and I have a buddy with me, actually a customer. Can we come up and say hi?” She was blushing, for some reason, and started to give an enthusiastic “yes” when I said to her: “Can I vote on this?” Her smile disappeared. “Do you mind? Is there a problem?” “Well, who’s Vince?” I asked. “He’s from work. You’ll like him,” she said, then she pressed the ‘talk’ button: “Come on up!” Her studious manner quickly changed to giddiness. She raced to the kitchen and got out wine glasses. “Open that large bottle of white wine,” she said, which I did. sses and the wine were set on the end table next to the couch. Then the knock on our door.She opened the door. In walked a tall, fit looking man, about 35, in shorts and a polo. At this point I should mention that Melanie and I are white. Behind him was a very muscular guy, shorter, with deep Black skin. “Hello!” the first guy smiled at Melanie, and no sooner had they entered and I closed the door then I turned to see my wife plant a very wet kiss on the first guy’s mouth. “Hello yourself,” she said very softly to him. She kept her arm around him as he half turned to me and smiled, “Vince. How ya doin'” He turned to Melanie and said, “I want introduce you to Ozzie.” I noticed Ozzie had smiled at me when he first came in but then feasted his eyes on my Melanie in a bold way that annoyed me. Ozzie stepped toward her, “Vince told me you were something, and you are something!” he said. “What did I tell ya?” Vince smiled. Melanie rubbed her hand along his meaty arm, giggled and muttered: “Damn!”, and then kissed him on the lips. Then Vince turned to me and said: “We so happy to have your sexy wife on board. She’s built to sell cars.” Ozzie looked at me halfway, still facing her: “I never would have bought that Taurus from you Vince if this lady had been employed there.” Melanie pointed at the manuals and other paperwork all over the coffee table and said: “I’ve been reading this stuff all day! I needed a break!” I noticed that Vince’s and Ozzie’s eyes were just glued to my wife’s body, I and wondered how long they would be hanging around.I poured wine and we chatted. Melanie was more thirsty than usual and dived into a second glass after practically chugging the first one. She sat down at the couch and put a big pricing manual for vans, Expeditions and Excursions on her lap. “There’s so much here,” she laughed, resting her arms far behind her on the couch. They half dangled over the back. It seemed to me she was deliberately sticking her chest out. Vince responded to her: “You got that right.” She laughed and looked at him with narrowed eyes: “I was referring to the manual.” “Oh, OK, yeah there is a lot and most of it doesn’t mean shit when you actually get on the floor and sell.” He walked around to the back of the couch, and got directly behind her, looking down at her and the papers. “Which section are you studying now?” he said, leaning closer toward her head. Then she did something that gave me the creeps. She pointed to the bottom of the page with her index finger, but there was no way she (or he) could see what she was pointing at, since it was situated in her lap under her ample chest, and her breasts were blocking the view. “This part,” she said, looking back at him and smiling. “I can’t see your hand, babe,” he said, squinting. Vince said to Ozzie: “Hey Oz, come over here and learn something. Can you see what she’s pointing to?” Ozzie joined him, Vince to the left of her head, Ozzie to the right. I noticed her one hand was still dangling behind the couch, exactly between Vince’s and Ozzie’s legs. They laughed suggestively about this obstruction problem and I must say it irritated me. “I love this view, b*o’,” Vince laughed. “Incredible,” Ozzie said. “I know where I want to go for an ‘Expedition'”, he snickered. I had to break up this conversation. “More wine?” I suggested, sitting on the couch next to her, bottle in “Thanks man,” Ozzie said.The subject changed to cars and the dealership – which allayed my anxiety – but after a while my blood pressure jumped again. “While you’re back there, Vince,” Melanie said, getting up on the couch in a kneeling position, facing away from me, “how about a back rub? I am so tense from this studying.” I put my hand on her shoulder, “let me do it.” “No, it’s got to be Vince. He gives these at work and they’re the best.” I decided to assert myself: “I am uncomfortable with that. Vince, I would like to do the honors.” Melanie looked up at Vince and said: “Vince has got stronger hands, darling. And the Central Ford sales team sticks together, right Vince?” Vince put his hand on her back and said softly: “You want me to do you?” “Since you walked in,” she said, pulling her hair up over her neck, her hands dug into those thick curls, her breasts jutting out so alluringly. I persisted: “Melanie, this isn’t right.” She looked back halfway in my direction, “Get me some more wine and go play on the computer.” There was a tense silence as Vince’s right hand began working its way over her shoulders and then down to the small of her back. As he leaned into it she stared at him, grinning, closing her eyes. Now he had both hands on her and I was quite disturbed to see how warmly she responded to his massage. I stood up and went to the kitchen to get wine and heard whispers and when I returned he was sitting behind her on the couch, rubbing her vigorously all over her back. Ozzie sat with one leg d****d over the back of the couch. “Looks like that feels good,” he said quietly. She was leaning forward, her hands bracing her on the arm of the couch, her body rocking with the waves of Vince’s hands. She moaned, and I stood staring, not knowing what to do. “This blouse has got to go!” she then laughed. She began unbuttoning it. “Oh now Melanie,” I protested, “I think we’re getting a little wild here.” She ignored me and stood up and faced Vince and Ozzie. Her eyes shifted from one of them to the bahis siteleri other, and their stares brimmed with expectation. “I have something I think you’ll appreciate,” she said in a melodic way. My wife was about to show these men what she looked like in a bra, something only I was entitled to do. She pulled open her unbuttoned blouse and there was no bra, but a blue and green string bikini top, a very flimsy deal with triangles barely covering her full nipples. I had never seen this item of clothing before. Her breasts were so big and delicious looking, and I was perversely fascinated by her posing this way in front of a business colleague and a man she had met thirty minutes ago. “What is that?” I asked, more than curious. “It’s a bikini,” she grinned, still looking at them. They chuckled. “When did y y that?” I asked. “I didn’t.” She handed me the blouse. “Well where did it come from, Melanie?” “Vince bought it for me,” she smiled. She finally looked at me, “how do you like it?” “It’s great,” I said. “I love the way it shows off so much of my big tits,” she said, smiling at me. This coarse reference to her breasts sounded so dirty. Vince looked at me with a lot of sincerity: “Hope you don’t mind. I just wanted to express our appreciation for the assets your wife brings to the dealership.” “I appreciate that,” I said, noticing the eye games she was playing with Ozzie. Vince went on: “I hope you don’t object if I tell you how incredibly attractive your wife is. Really.” “I appreciate that too,” I said.”Hey,” he said, grinning at her. “That bikini has two pieces.” She said, “well yeah but my husband probably wouldn’t appreciate my taking my shorts off.” I felt some slight relief from the anxiety this was causing me. “The shorts stay on, folks,” I said, my arms folded on my chest. She climbed back on the couch, knelt and faced Vince, sticking her chest out for the ninth time. “More rubbing, Vince. I don’t want to offend him,” she smiled, then turned around, her almost bare back swiftly feeling the thorough exploration of his big hands. “OK, guess what I’m spelling,” he said to her softly. He began “writing” invisible letters on her back with his index finger. “V…..E………R………Y……….B…….U…….S……T……Y” she said as his finger made big strokes on her back. “Very busty!” she said. “You guys!” she muttered. “They’re hard to miss,” Ozzie said, looking at me with a grin. I watched, disgusted, as Vince’s hands came back to rub her back and sho s, then the length of her back, and then toward her buttocks. She moved forward as his hands stayed down there, pushing under the waist of her shorts and into the top of her plump ass. Then they made a point of rubbing against the string across her back and the string around her neck. “You know Melanie I could do a better job if these dumb strings weren’t in the way.” “I bet you could do a hell of a job,” she giggled. She was now sitting on her folded legs, her head leaning back toward him. Ozzie moved so that he was sitting further down on the back of the couch in a position to stare at her chest – which he did openly and brazenly. I half thought of these two people as home invaders. “Well, the top stays on,” I said. “Don’t even think about it.” Vince got off the couch and stood in front of me – I was now sitting in the chair next to the couch – and he spoke authoritatively. “Look my friend. Nothing is more important to a good sales associate then top physical condition. Your wife has been slaving over her training materials all day. There is more to selling than sitting on a couch and reading….” I noticed Ozzie and my wife exchanging quiet banter while Vince stood in front of me. I also noticed that Vince had one hell of an erection, clearly visible as if he had nothing on under his shorts. He continued: “Furthermore, I am a registered massage ther****t – worked at it before I went to Central Ford. I know what I’m doing. So does Ozzie – he’s a physical trainer and also a registered massage ther****t. It took us years to learn that discipline. And -” he leaned toward my face with a slight frown, “she and I have to work together so I would app te a little less of the possessive husband routine.”He walked over to the couch and smiled at my wife, whom I heard say to Ozzie as Vince was through with me, “You and I just HAD to meet, if you like big girls.” Ozzie laughed: “Definitely. Big where it counts.” “I think your husband and I understand each other,” Vince said, looking back at me. “Right?” he smiled at me, the profile of his tightened shorts defying my sovereignty in my own home. She looked at me and said: “Why not look in the classifieds for a new job?” Then she grinned at Vince. “Where were we?” He knelt behind her and undid her bikini top, throwing it behind him rudely. His hands slowly traveled to her shoulders and I saw her eyelids get heavy. Her hands reached behind for him and he leaned forward so that she was caressing his face. I felt completely shamed, watching this man look over her shoulder and laugh softly as his eyes took in the sight of her tits. “Jesus,” I heard him say. Then he cupped them with his big hands – or rather cupped some of massive titmeat, then jiggled her tits in his hands. He looked over at me, “This is non-erotic. People think you only get rubbed on the back. That’s a misconception. Your chest is tight from the stress of work,” he said with what I thought was kind of an exaggerated clinical tone. He lifted her tits and let them fall, then squeezed them. His two hands would squeeze one tit and then the other, then do both. “Melanie, is this relaxing? I want to get the knots out of your chest – it badly needs working,” he said softly. “Oh yes Vince. And it’s so non-erotic. We don’t want him to get the wrong idea.” They went on like this for about ten minutes, and Melanie was breathing hard. I was fuming, but was reluctant to confront him and Ozzie.Vince then said: “Ozzie is an absolute pro at this. Would you like him to take over?” I was at the point where I felt powerless and sat at the computer, struck dumb. “How about a little sample of all of those well-trained hands?” she said, smiling with her eyes closed. “Do you mean he and I give you a rubdown at the same time?” Vince said, highly excited from the thorough massaging of her tits. To answer she pulled on the ebony bicep within reach. “Come here Ozzie,” Melanie grinned. Ozzie knelt facing her on the couch and began squeezing her tits. My wife was moaning, and smiling at him as he played with her ample chest. Their hands rubbed her all over from the waist up. “How do you like Ozzie’s hands?” Vince asked, rubbing her neck and shoulders and watching my wife respond to the strong hands pushing her breasts together, than spreading them apart, then working them in ways that seemed so dirty. “I object to this,” I said. I was now looking as my wife’s body, half n was getting felt up by two total strangers. Melanie glanced over at me: “Don’t worry, honey, it’s all non-erotic.” But her nipples were sticking out like I had never seen. Although what was happening right in front of me was humiliating, I was struck by the intense atmosphere of lust that was so thick you could cut it with a knife.Vince’s pager went off. “Oh oh – gotta get home.” He rose slowly, and said: “Melanie, we have to go. Why don’t you walk us to the car we brought? It’s a brand new Explorer.” She put on her bikini top, her face in a deep flush. Vince extended his hand, implying that I wasn’t invited to see them out: “Nice meeting you. Good luck with your job-hunting.” Ozzie was very warm with his farewell. “I really enjoyed making your acquaintance. It was a pleasure. Keep plugging away at those ads.” I said good-bye and watched the three of them walk to the elevator. I heard her whisper: “What did I tell you?” and then heard her giggle as the elevator was closing: “Registered what? You aren’t a fucking massage ther****t!”. Then I heard faint laughter. I decided to race down the stairs and beat them to the guest parking slot in the remote corner of the garage, then hide in a maintenance office next to it that was never locked. I had to find out what they were going to do with my dear wife.I had thought I made it just in time, but the elevator they were in did not open for almost ten minutes. People waiting for it had lined up and were fuming. I was afraid that there was a problem – or that my wife was necking in there with these two gorillas. My hiding place was at a window in the maintenance office that was open and offered a view of the guest parking. I saw a brand new Ford Explorer parked just feet from me. Eventually they walked briskly out of the elevator, still laughing, Melanie’s large tits bouncing provocatively under the skimpy bikini. Her face was red and I heard her yell: “Yummy!” Then Vince’s arm was around her and they were kissing. Then Ozzie’s arm was around her also and they were kissing. They all stopped at the driver’s side door, which Vince unlocked and opened. Where I sat I had a clear view of the three of them. Melanie stood real close to Ozzie and was rubbing his very muscular arms. She was red and sweaty and her lipstick was a mess. as also caressing Vince’s chest, and said: “So you’re as hot for big tits as Vince is?” Ozzie chuckled and put his hands on her chest, and Vince got behind her, his hands roaming over her back. “You like showing off your body, even when your husband is there….” Ozzie said. “I told you he’d just whine,” she said. I felt a knife in my chest with that, then stared as Ozzie and my wife kissed passionately. Vince was rubbing her ass. “I was dying to fuck you up there,” he said, chuckling. “Too bad I could only swallow you in the elevator and you guys can’t fuck me right here,” she said, smiling at Ozzie as she pushed the bikini top free and offered Ozzie’s mouth a hard nipple.This outrageous behavior was thankfully cut short when a car pulled in two spaces away. The three separated, to my relief, and Melanie hastily straightened herself up. Two guys got out and looked over at the Explorer, or should I say the Explorer with Melanie posing as she stood against it, her back arched, her smiling face directed at the two strangers. What had happened to my wife, I thought, in shock? She was staring at them real hard, smiling, and they were staring back as they headed toward the elevator lobby. “Quite güvenilir bahis a car!” one of them smiled, and then he stopped and said: “That the new Explorer?” “Sure is!” Melanie replied. Both of the men walked over, acting interested in the SUV but evidently lusting after my wife, the way they raised their eyebrows to each other, and the one mouthed the word “Whoa” when she was looking away from them. It was a treacherous new world for me, watching my wife attract men like this – and knowing that she had changed to make this attr n possible.Then his pager went off again and Vince said: “Babe, I gotta go. See you Monday.” He kissed her on the lips, and then, to my shock, grabbed her ass lovingly. Ozzie did likewise. They drove off in the Explorer, leaving Melanie to chatter with the strangers. “So you’re at Central Ford,” the one said, looking at the business card she gave him. “Come see me,” she said. “Both of you good lookers.” “Do those guys who just left work there too?” the one asked. “One does. Don’t know much about the other, except that he’s well built.” “You dating either of them?” he wondered. “Why? Maybe I’m dating both. I date a lot of gusy” she smiled. “Just wondered what it takes to get that kind of good-bye,” he stammered. She stared at one of them, then the other, and caressed the first one’s face, giggling: “Come see me. We’ve got all the new models on the floor.” They walked away, and he said: “I’d say you’re the best model on the floor.” I snuck back upstairs, just beating her. Who was I now married to? Would there be more revelations? I was on a late afternoon job interview five minutes away from Central Ford and decided to get a little more assertive about the situation and stop in there unannounced, to check on what my wife was doing. I pulled into the lot in our old beater around 6, on a night Central closed early. Yet Melanie had told me that morning she was going to be tied up until 9 or 10 so I decided to disbelieve her and investigate. I entered through the service department. When a mechanic told me they were closing in two minutes I told him I was married to one of the employees. I worked my way to the perimeter of the showroom and avoided Vince and Donny, who were both there, and the only ones who knew me. I patted myself on the back when I figured out a way to get into a van that was parked right next to Melanie’s office. My heart beating crazily, I was sitting in the back, with the door slid open, when I heard her voice and that of Donny. “You know who’s here, don’t you?” he asked her quietly. “The sheriff and those two deputies?” she said, sounding so sultry, in a way I rarely ever heard at home anymore. “They’re in my office and they’re shopping the Taurus for their whole department. County-wide. That’s 100 cars.” “Well good luck, big guy” she said. There was a pause, then: “You like my hand here don’t you?” he said. “Oh yeah. All the time,” she said, laughing, “but I thought more than a handful was too much, lover.” “God I love these huge tits of yours,” he said. “And I know everyone else does too. And you know it. Open that jacket all the way, Mrs. Top-heavy.” “Yes, sir,” I heard her say. More of a pause. She was sighing now: “I just can’t get enough of all the – uh – personal attention. All the guys like to play with my tits, especially in the morning.” I was flabbergasted to hear this. “I knew you were a wild c***d when you walked in to interview here and leaned over about twenty times for us,” huckled, “I have interviewed dozens of women to sell here and no one has ever flirted with us, and gone out of her way to tease us. All the others, bar none, have dressed conservatively and avoided the double meanings we threw out there. But you, you fucking cockteaser, you dressed like a hooker and acted like it…….I’ll never forget your comment right at the start of the interview: ‘I like to dress at least this flashy and hope you guys don’t mind a little tit in the workplace.’ When Brad said ‘Well Melanie we just love big tits’, you slowly took off your jacket, while saying ‘How about this then?'”More of a pause. “It feels like something is growing near my thigh,” I heard her say. “You want me to suck your cock?” she said softly. “Oh yeah, and you can take care of that later. Right now I need you to close this deal with the sheriff. Let me introduce you to them and then you can do whatever it takes to make the deal. OK, babe?” “Are they cute?” she asked. “You judge,” he said, and I heard them walk away. I felt like I had to rescue her from this evil place. I lost any desire to hide and instead stepped out of the van, into the open, intent on stopping this exploitation of my Melanie. I was now on the showroom floor and Vince spotted me. “Hey, how ya doin’?” he said, with a big smile concealing his surprise at seeing me there. “Got a job yet?” he went on, in a way that was more mocking than concerned. “Where’s Melanie?” I asked, frowning. “She’s tied up in a big meeting,” he said. “Yeah, and I want to talk to her before it starts,” I said, looking around for Donny’s office. “Which way is Donny’s office?” I asked. “Well, my friend, I can show you the office, but they’ve got a very important meeting going in there. Maybe you’d like to watch the meeting from my office. I’m right next to Donny.” I was confused: “Watch the meeting?” He grinned at my befuddlement. “It’s time you saw Melons-ie do her stuff,” he said, grabbing my arm. “What did you call my wife?” I asked. “She s it when we call her Melons-ie. In fact,” he put his face near my ear, “that kind of nickname turns her on.” I was shocked. He led me into his office. I felt my head spinning.Unlike the other sales offices, that were relatively small and had windows, Vince’s – and Donny’s – were larger and private. He closed his door. “Donny is introducing our best salesperson – your hot wife – to one of our biggest customers – the county. You can watch if you want. Step up on that coffee table.” He gestured to a small table against the wall in common with the next office, then closed his door and turned out the lights. A shiver went through me as I stood on the table and found myself peering through a narrow opening that gave me a full view of a large, very well appointed office. Vince looked at me hard: “I don’t think you’re going to get too antsy about this, since my friend and I walked into your apartment out of the blue and played with your wife’s tits right in front of you.” He had a point; I felt quite small. Busting into this meeting was beginning to lose its appeal. I had no recourse but to watch my wife act like a whore. I hoped against hope that wha as going to see was going to be nothing more than some flirting and grabbing, no sex. Vince left the office, boasting that he would “watch the tape later with the guys.”Three very tall, imposing men were chatting in Donny’s fancy office. Two, in law enforcement uniform, and both Black, were sitting down at a couch to my left and facing the door to the office at my far right. I assumed they were the two deputies. A third, silver-haired man, White and dressed in a suit, was standing to their left, facing me, and in the center of the office. He was talking to them and nervously was jingling change in his pocket. If he weren’t a sheriff he should have been one. To me these men were intimidating by their sheer presence. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” he said. “Donny sent me a demo tape of her sales method,” he chuckled, “Fifteen minutes of her posing in Frederick’s of Hollywood negligee, outside and inside a new Ford van. In the final shot she shows her big bare ass, and she fingers her asshole – it fills the whole screen in a close-up. I watched it five times. Christ is she nasty.” “And she’s ‘so stacked it’s scary’ – isn’t that what you said on the way over?” one of the deputies said, eyes wide. “Let me put it this way, Les,” he said, “do you like really large tits and a big round ass?” Les laughed: “Well yeah, boss.” “And does it drive you mad when you see someone well endowed who likes to tease and you know you can’t fuck her?” “It’s torture,” Les said. “And when the right girl comes along and you CAN have those large mammaries, after all that teasing, it’s indescribable, right?” “The best,” Les smiled. “You just want to fuck her in two, right?” “Until she passes ” Reggie put in. The sheriff grinned: “I think the right girl is about to walk in that door.”Then the door to Donny’s office opened, and in walked Melanie and Donny. I was in a strange awe at how lucious she looked. Her hair was up and she had on a bright red jacket over a brown, tight skirt that went as far as mid-thigh. She was wearing some kind of French hose and high heels. Her jacket was buttoned at the waist, but with an obvious tightness on top, her ample chest pressing up and out, practically bursting through a white top she was wearing under the jacket. She wore sparkling gold on her ears and wrists, again new to me. And around her neck was a mysterious, very eye-catching necklace that seemed, from where I stood, to be punctuated with a diamond in her cleavage. Her vivid crimson lips were outlined with an almost purple, fluorescent gloss, and her eyes were made up so beautifully it took my breath away. “I wanted to bring our best associate in here to meet you gentlemen,” Donny grinned. “Melanie, meet Sheriff Stark, and two of his biggest deputies, Les Jenkins and Reggie Forrest.” The sheriff walked over to them, and extended his hand, “It is such a pleasure. We have heard so much about you. Call me Ed,” he said. He leaned toward her face and kissed her on the lips, and she smiled, petting his face and looking for a few long seconds up at him. “Hi, Ed.” She walked slowly toward the couch as Les and Reggie stood up, and said, laughing: “And I am so glad to meet THESE hunks.” She took Les’s hand and kissed him on the lips, and he held her. “Which hunk are you?” she said in a little kitten voice. “It’s Les, and this is Reggie,” he smiled as she turned to Reggie and kissed him on the lips, then eyed his broad shoulders. “My, my. Well any time you guys want to arrest me, let me know, OK?” she chuckled, stepping back toward Donny. Sheriff Stark spoke: “Donny sent me your sales tape, and I really enjoyed it. I practically fucked the TV screen.” My wife laughed. He went on: “Sometime you’re going to dress that way for us and to show us a new Ford van.” “That can definitely be arranged,” she chuckled. Reggie exclaimed: “Hey sheriff you brought us to this meeting but how come we didn’t see that tape ahead of time? Unfair!” “Damn right!” Les laughed.



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