Mistress VampireIt was a Friday afternoon and I was having a quiet night drinking with my friends and having a little fun. After we’ve said goodbye to one-another I left the pub and was walking through the dark and quiet streets. There were narrow streets between buildings which were full of homeless and drunk people puking and shouting sometimes. And one of this narrow streets was taking me home. Everytime I walked this street I felt something horrible could happen to me, but nothing happened yet to me. But today was that day I’ve been feeling all the time something could happen. As I walked the street I felt someone stalking me. But when I turned around I could see no one. Then in the middle of the street I saw a woman standing a few steps from me. I just thought of walking by her peacefully, but when I came close to her I felt that something is really strange with her she had something that attracted me. And she had some power in her eyes that I couldn’t resist, I just stood there and couldn’t walk past her. When I stopped she slowly came close to me, raised her hand and started to caress my face. I tried to speak something, to ask what she wanted, but I couldn’t speak I was scared of something she seemed to have something inhuman in her. bakırköy escort She was wearing a black coat and high heeled boots, she had a perfect body and dark straight hair, her lips were bloody red and she had a very sharp look. She looked at me upside down and finally spoke t me: “I like you” she said. I forced myself to say a few words: “Thanks, but who are you?”, “Shhh!” she answered, “You will go with me, I’m gonna make you my slave!”. I just couldn’t believe my ears. “What the fuck? I am gonna be what?! You must be k**ding me!” I said and tried to walk on, but that time I felt her strong hand on my neck, she just holded my neck firmly and I couldn’t breathe, after a few seconds I my eyes darkened I lost my consciousness. When I opened my eyes again, I was in a room, where I never have been to. I tried to move my hands but felt that my hands were tied to the bed firmly and my legs too. Only after that I remembered what happened to me last night. I didn’t know what to do, only the thoughts of how strong she was, was terrifying me. And then the door opened and she came in. She had only her black pants on her, she had firm big breasts which were already aroused, and a great body. Only with the beşiktaş escort sight of her my cock began to throb. She walked towards me, took out her pants which immediately showed off her hairy pussy, and then she got on top of me. I started asking her why she brought me here and what she is going to do to me, but she didn’t utter a word. She just continued kissing on my neck and licking my chest. Then it was the worst part when she looked at me she had bloody eyes and long teeth, she was a vampire. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was a fucking vampire, which I believed was only a myth, a fairy-tale. But she was in front of me, and she enslaved me. She whispered in my ear “ You are gonna be my slave, and I’m gonna make you eat all my pussy juice!” with that she sat on my face, and started grinding my face. I was so scared, she ordered me to lick her pussy, and I did it with no hesitation. I was licking her hairy pussy and she was dripping into my mouth, I entered my tongue into her pussy and then started to suck on her clit, after some time her legs started shivering and with a moan she cummed into my mouth and made me lick all her juices. Then she opened my hands. She was so confident that I will beylikdüzü escort not be able to run away she just untied me, and ordered me to kneel in front of her. I kneeled down and she ordered to kiss and lick her feet. I licked her beautiful feet and started sucking on her sweet toes one by one. Then she turned around and ordered me to lick her asshole. I was feeling so humiliated, I was doing the things that I never did. I never thought I could be so humiliated in front of a woman, but all of this just was turning me on, and I couldn’t resist myself but to do her orders. I started to kiss on her asscheeks when she grabbed my hair and brought my face in between her asscheeks and ordered to lick her asshole. I dived with my face in between her asscheeks and started licking and eating her asshole, and she was moaning and shouting to fuck her asshole with my tongue, then she turned around, grabbed me head with her legs and made me eat her pussy. I was licking and sucking on her pussy while she was fucking my face with her pussy, then she orgasmed again and made me lick all her juices. And this continued all the night she orgasmed many times, let me fuck her pussy a couple of times and all the she was making me eat her pussy juices. I was there as her boy-toy, I was doing all the things she was ordering me, I never felt so humiliated, but I liked it. In the end before she went to sleep, she told me that from now on I am gonna be her slave forever, and this is not the only thing I was going to do, there were more humiliations coming for me…



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