mistaken for my sonA chance overnight stay in my son’s flat leads to me being mistaken for himby his drunk boyfriend***************It had been a great Festive period. Though my son Ricky hadn’t made it forChristmas due to some wild party with friends, he had come home for NewYear and, as always it was good to see him. Ricky was at university in Yorkand with us living just outside London he had moved up there and with ourhelp. Susie and I had bought a little flat for him which would hopefully bea good investment for us in the future. It had two bedrooms so Ricky letone out to a friend of his, Brian and that also helped with our mortgage onit.Ricky was a bright c***d, attractive, athletic, blonde and well liked. Itbroke our hearts to lose him to university but in the first few months hehad taken to it like a duck to water and seemed to spend a lot of timepartying. He met Brian almost instantly on arriving at York and he was aslightly taller, dark haired guy with strong. Almost Mediterranean looksand rather piercing green eyes. Women, including Susie, melted when hespoke to them.Ricky headed North again straight after New Year with yet another partybeckoning. I pointed out that I would actually be in his neck of the woodstwo days later at a meeting in Leeds, around 20 miles away.”You can stay over if you like Dad,” he said. “Brian and I can bunk uptogether.””No need son, it’s a one day meeting, up by train in the morning and backat night,” I clarified.He seemed relieved.I slightly envied my son’s freedom as I had stayed at home until I was 22and only left to marry Susie. He was an attractive lad and I had no doubtshe was sowing his oats. His friend Brian seemed very loyal, almost to thepoint of always being around. He was even at ours for New Year sharingRicky’s bedroom. They seemed to have lots to talk about as I heard a lot ofwhispering and giggling during the night.Any way, first day back at work and I was on my way to the meeting. Thetrain pulled into Leeds Station as a text blipped on my phone. It was frommy office telling me the buyer I was to meet at the Queens Hotel, right bythe station had had a family bereavement and had left a message on theoffice answering machine cancelling the meeting. With late opening afterNew Year, they had just picked it up.”Shit, shit shit,” I thought. “I suppose it’s straight back to London.”I popped into a MacDonalds to have a late breakfast and to gather mythoughts when I little thought crept into my head. I hadn’t been away on myown for years. In my late teens I had played the field a little but hadmost of my excitement from “instant gratification sex.” By that I meancottaging. Yes, I used to wank men off and vice versa just for thethrill. It was anonymous, gave me a quick fix, let me get my rocks off anddidn’t compromise my heterosexuality.I had a quick look on the internet and found a steam room/sauna in town. Anafternoon there would be a bit of fun. Usually these places weren’t bahis firmaları toobusy during the day but I only needed one man, or maybe two. It was stillonly 11.00am so I had a look around town. I wasn’t in a suit so didn’t looktoo formal for visiting a sauna. With a bit of luck I would be naked soonenough anyway. I spent the whole afternoon in the sauna. It wasn’t toobusy, sadly so most contact was fumbling in the actual cabin and a guy shothis load on my face. This was something I loved as it’s one of the things awoman can’t do!. I chatted to an older guy who was very complimentary aboutthe way I looked. I agreed with him. At 44 I was slim and still lookingpretty good. One c***d hadn’t spoiled MY body shape!!It was almost 6.00 pm when I left and I popped into the bar for a beer. Asudden thought hit me. I would take Ricky up on his offer ofaccommodation. Sampling the Uni life would be just like old times. I calledhim but for some reason his mobile was dead. I had a key for the flat in mywallet anyway so thought I would go regardless. At worst I could have ashower, open a beer and wait for him to come home. It was a silly idea butI was in silly mood.I phoned Susie, told her the meeting was running late and I was poppingover to stay at Ricky’s and would take the express back in the morning.I arrived at Ricky’s flat around 8.30pm and it was in darkness. That ruledout my “partying with the lads.” I had bought a few beers and a pack ofsandwiches just in case I found myself alone. I let myself in and the smellof teen boy wafted back at me, reminding me of my own Uni days. I put onthe light and immediately found a note on the table.”Staying over at Tristan’s you’ll have to make do without me, Ricky.”I assumed the note was for Brian. That meant I at least had a bed. Ithought I would watch some television and wait for Brian to come in the wecould hopefully go for a beer somewhere local. By 11.00pm I realised thatwasn’t going to happen as I was still alone with a re-run of “Mamma Mia” ontelevision. This idea suddenly didn’t seem to be so great.Eventually I went into Ricky’s room and stripped off. I noted the usedcondom on the floor and picked I up, absent-mindedly sniffing it andrecollecting the strong ammonia smell from it’s content. My cock sprungup. I hadn’t cum during the day for some reason. I discarded it in the binand opened the side drawer which looked like a sex parlour supplycupboard. There were condoms, lubricant, even a small dildo. Rickyobviously liked to keep his lady’s happy. I smiled and looked at the bottleof Paul Smith Men which we had bought him as part of his Christmas. Isprayed a little and smelt of Ricky!I climbed into bed and dozed for a little while before dropping off into asound sleep. It must have been around 1.00am when I heard the outside dooropen noisily and the unmistakable sound of someone drunk entering the flat,bumping into things and cursing. I assumed it was Brian but decided, in hisstate, perabet güvenilir mi to stay put. He went to the toilet and I heard some splashing asthough he was trying to waken himself. Then I heard the rustle of clothesbeing removed in the lounge and the door to his room then opened and asmall bedside light send a tiny trickle of borrowed illumination into myroom.”I’m fucking horny,” I heard Brian say. “You know what that means Ricky?”That woke me up!The door opened and the vague silhouette of Brian appeared in the doorway,the outline of his cock dangling between his legs.”Just give me a little bit, eh Ricky? I’m fucking horned up somethingawful.”I lay still not sure what to do but my cock had started to rise and thatwas going to be a problem if I invoked the stern father routine. I thoughthe would possibly climb on the bed and pass out. He certainly stood aroundin silence for a few moments but I could hear the sound of masturbation.”Perhaps he’ll wank off and go,” I thought, so continued to breathesteadily.Quickly and swiftly he stepped forward and slid into bed behind me. I felthis brick hard cock against my naked buttocks. He slid it up and down andnuzzled my neck, kissing it. His hand snaked around me and gripped myerection. I couldn’t do anything now except try my best to go with thesubterfuge. Thankfully my build wasn’t that different to Ricky’s and in hisdrunken state I assumed he would notice the extra pound or two betweenus. He rolled me over and pulled back the covers, crawling down and takingmy hard cock in his mouth. Both Ricky and I were not circumcised and thoughI had no idea how big Ricky’s cock was erect, Brian certainly didn’t seemto notice the difference as he slurped and panted. His mouth licked myballs.He flipped around and his cock was placed against my own mouth. I took iteagerly. His cock was big. I would guess, around 8 inches at least, and hetoo had foreskin. I sucked it hungrily hoping I wouldn’t cum too soon. Hisgrunts were the urgent grunts of a horny drunk who knows his staying powermay be limited due to his condition. He hammered his cock home making mebaulk.”C’mon you bastard you managed all of it last night. Let’s hope your arseis more willing.”That raised my eyebrows! Being fucked was something I had never thoughtof. The trouble is, I was in too deep (so to speak).Brian was getting very hot now, his hands rubbing my thighs. He quicklyclimbed off and for a moment I thought he had cum until I heard the drawerat the bedside table open. I had the immediate feeling he had done thisroutine many times in the dark before and I realised he was fucking my sonregularly. Whether by luck or practice he deftly opened the condom wrapperand seemed to get it on his cock, I heard more fumbling, a couple of cursesand then cold liquid being spread on my hole. His fingers slid into me. Itried to relax. Soon there seemed to be two fingers inside me and he wasbreathing heavily tipobet on my neck. He pulled out. I felt something else coldagainst my arse. I assumed it was the dildo.”God you’re tighter than usual tonight Ricky. I need to open you up,” hesaid.Being only around 5 inches in length and quite slim the dildo slidmoderately easily into me and became actually quite erotic. As the timepassed, I began to relax and my cock stood up to attention onceagain. Brian’s left hand found it and squeezed.”That’s more like it. Got rid of your brewer’s droop at last!” he said.The dildo seemed to be fully inside me as he worked it in and out. “Nowfor your favourite little friend. At least I’m bigger than that little poofTristan. You know you prefer a good fucking!”I felt the head of his b**st against my hole and braced myself hoping Iwouldn’t squeal and give the game away. I secretly wanted this cock inme. I wanted penetrated by the same guy who was fucking my son. Perverseit may be but at that moment I needed his cock and would do all I could totake it.Unlike the porn movies, it didn’t slide in without any effort. It took timeand effort as I pushed back against him and he kept muttering how tight Iwas tonight. He was desperate to get his rocks off I I was desperate tofeel his cock shoot it’s load inside me. It was at least ten minutes ofpushing and withdrawing before he was holding my hips and fucking me quiteroyally. All I could think about was this tall dark teenager with a massivecock who serviced my son, also servicing me. I was scared to say anything,or even groan other than the odd grunt when he pushed too hard.I could feel him build and his stabbing became more urgent until he pushedonce more and stopped. His cock stood fully erect on it’s own and I couldfeel it pulse as wave after wave of cum filled the rubber inside me.”Jeesus that was amazing you tight little cunt,” he said as he pulled out.He flopped back in the double bed and lay quietly. I said nothing. Hemumbled a few words about how great it was and fell asleep, condom still onhis cock. I quietly slipped the condom off, lay back in the bed andtrickled the content on my face as I wanked myself. I have no idea wherethe cum ended up but the bulk went over the headboard somewhere.I slid out of bed and went to freshen myself up. I then partly dressed andwent to the lounge to sleep in a chair. If Brian woke I could always say Icame in later and had no idea where Ricky had gone. Feeble excuse I know,but better than being discovered in bed with him.I slipped out of the apartment at 6.00am and caught the early train back toLondon telling my wife I had changed my mind and stayed in a hotel inLeeds. I have no idea what Brian said to Ricky or whether he even discussedthe fuck. Being drunk and being students they probably thought it wasanother pick-up.I had a memory which flashed back each time I met the handsome Brian andthe session rekindled a part of me, long asleep and I returned to my extracurricular fun from time to time in the London saunas.Ricky came out a year later and though it shocked my wife, I was ready andable to offer him support. He and Brian are still good friends and I amstill envious of the pole my son enjoys on demand.



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