He was angry with her, not uncommon. Two like minds often disagreed. What was common was her instinctual nature to want him to want her despite his anger. To win him over, but more importantly simply to win. How to get him to soften one head, and harden the other. At the end of the day no one wants an asshole one hundred percent of the time. You need a gesture of tenderness to encourage you to keep coming back. To keep playing.

This was a fun little game she played by herself; how long until he gave into her so she could give into him.

It didn’t take long at all. It never did, they both liked the thin line between passion and whatever was on the other side of it.

She confidently walked up to him. He respected confidence; it made dominating her even more meaningful. She put her arms around him, he didn’t reciprocate. She went to kiss him and he turned his head, leaving his neck exposed. It was a little vampireish, but she bit him. Not too hard, but hard enough to remind him this could go either way. She kissed him on his collarbone and moved up his neck, nibbled a moment on his ear lobe. Whatever she whispered made him lift her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist while being carried to the bed. Her words were perceived as either a taunt, daring him to drill her, or at least a request to drill her. Regardless the theme was clear. Pressed against each other she knew simultaneously he’d softened and hardened for her.

He sucked her nipples one at a time, and held her full breasts before sliding his hand in between her cleavage, spreading his hand across her chest. They made their way down over her rib cage, past her naval, then lowered meeting in the centre to part her barely resistant warm inner thighs.

Then he looked up at her, in her eyes and slowly began fethiye escort wagging his finger in her face, shaking his head with a slightly sheepish grin, the lightbulb just went on and he clued in that he’d been played. Round one lost. Again. She smiled slyly and instinctively took his middle finger in her mouth sucking it as if practicing with a smaller version of what was going to be in her mouth very soon. He liked the preview. With that he took his wet finger and slowly started teasing her clit. She shivered from the coolness against her from his four fingers resting on her while the middle finger continued to methodically rub and part her flesh and ease itself in her. Looking at her still, she stared back at him, with defiance. Game on.

Accepting the challenge written on her face and the physical queue that she was getting wetter by the moment he increased to two fingers now moving a little faster in and out while his thumb made circular motions toying with her.

Reacting to his gestures she was wriggling against his hands, her legs relaxing and spreading further apart inviting him to go deeper. And he did.

Fully lying down now, his free hand moved back up her body to find her hardened nipple buds, but he had competition. She was already squeezing them and playing with her nipples too.

He stopped and retreated suddenly. In utter annoyance she sat up quickly scowling. She barely got the “Wh” sound out of her easily predicted WTF sentence of outrage before he shoved her back down on the bed with a forceful hand to the shoulder. No sooner did her head hit the bed he grabbed her with two hands by the waist pulling her to his face. As much as she wanted to object to the unexpected shove, the touch of rage quickly melted down her body all the way to her pussy making it even escort fethiye wetter.

A smile grew across her face as each leg slowly came to rest on top of his broad shoulders.

His head lowered, but not his eyes. He liked to watch and listen to her reactions to his tongue expertly flicking in between her lips before plunging inside her.

His tongue was longer than it seemed than when it was in her mouth. The quick darting, hot swirls of soft lips on soft lips and gentle sucking was almost too much to bear. But she did her best by digging her nails into whatever could absorb her energy. Relaxing into him so much she didn’t even realize she was practically riding his face. It was clear they were both familiar with “Sitting 101”.

He had her wriggling and writhing, goddamned near breathless. He could hear her clawing above her head, lightly scratching the headboard. She could hear herself getting louder with every quickened breath.

She needed less than a minute to an orgasmic release, and then he stopped. She had a momentary flash of anger but she wasn’t really. Fair is fair, she’d been pleasured and now it was his turn. And she had two choices, blow him or fuck him. Both options were appealing.

No need to choose, the choice was made for her. Effortlessly he leaned over and pulled her up to her knees to the edge of the bed and was standing in front of her. A hard, long and strong shaft was presenting. No hands needed, a light kiss and lick before she slowly inched him in her mouth. Using only her tongue and lips until his tip hit the very back of her throat. That was her cue to showcase her skills. Within seconds, he was moaning and had both of his hands gripping the back of her head. His energy was releasing through his balled-up fists full of hair. Her tongue swirled, fethiye escort bayan lips glided, mouth sucked, she was of course using her hands now too. But only one, the other was keeping herself company. He enjoyed watching her enjoying herself between moments when his head wasn’t thrown back, tilted down or eyes squeezed shut in tormented pleasure.

And when she could taste him and feel the blood rushing towards his throbbing tip and hear him getting closer, she stopped.

Fair is fair, but turnabout is also fair play. Like minds play like games, and both thought power was fun.

Time to decide the next move.

Either way the end result would be the same and she didn’t care how they got there. He could finish in her mouth, staring down at her. In her pussy over top her, or from behind with a view of her round ass.

They were almost eye to eye now or more like eye to Adam’s apple. Chests heaving and glistening with sweat. Staring at each other.

“Well?” she said, with expression that translated to, “Are you going to finish fucking me or what?”

While stroking his still hardened cock.

And he blankly stared offering her the same, “Well?” in return. His loosely translated to, “Keep playing, and one way or another I’m going to make you beg me tonight.” while playing in between her legs. And she knew the look and that he was right to be sure of himself. But being who she was, she liked a measure of cockiness, but not too much that he thought he had the upper hand.

Strategically, she let go of him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, rather deeply. Rather tenderly which was out of character. He bent and curled into her, wrapping her up in a full sweaty body embrace. This time she whispered, the three words she knew he loved to hear. “I am yours.”

The softening and hardening.

She softened so he would harden in the right way. Its the only way to play the game; and in the end laying in damp sweaty sheets covered in each other’s love juices, they both won.



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