Continued from my previous story Mina and her BIL.

Mina and Sekhar got up to have their dinner. Mina wanted to dress up, but Sekhar didn’t allow her to put more than her bra and panty. Mina served him on the plate and sat on his lap. Sekhar fed her and while having dinner, his left hand was roaming all over her body. His hands paid particular attention to her nipples and her pussy.

After the dinner was over, they went back to the bedroom. They had a good 2-hour love making session before and Sekhar wanted to make the night a different one. He went to the fridge and came back with some ice cubes in a flask. By this time Mina was lying in the bed upside down with her bra and panty alone. Her panty was finding it very difficult to cover her big round ass and the seen was exotic for Sekhar.

Sekhar came near the bed and removed his underwear. He was fully nude now. He looked at his lovely sister-in-law in the bed. He sat on the bed and slowly started licking her legs from bottom. He went up and pulled her panty down. He started licking and biting her ass. He then licked up and removed her bra knot. Sekhar turned Mina. She covered her eyes with her hands. ankara escort Sekhar kissed her fully on mina’s lips. He stuck his tongue inside and started sucking her tongue. His left hand slowly reached her pussy lips and started massaging them.

Sekhar got up and took an ice cube from the flask. He rubbed it on mina’s face and nose. She liked the cold sensation. She closed her eyes in appreciation. His hands came don with the ice cube and started rubbing it on her nipples. Mina is now experiencing something that she never even fantasized in her life. She was in new heights. Experiencing new heights of pleasure! Sekhar started sucking her nipples with an ice cube in his mouth. Mina was shivering. He came down and dropped the ice cube on her circular naval. He started rubbing her naval with the ice cube. He sucked the water drops formed in her naval due to melting of the ice cubes.

The ultimate was yet to come! Sekhar gently rubbed the ice cube down to her pussy. He started rubbing the ice cubes on her pussy lips. She jerked. A moan left her lips. He started licking her pussy with the ice on his tongue. He first licked the soft outer lips and caressed escort ankara her clit with the ice cube. Then he pushed the ice cube deeper and started licking her deep inside. She was shivering with pleasure. A cold wave ran through her entire body. She could feel the sensations of his lick on each and every nerve of her body. She had the best orgasm in her life. Her juices started flowing non-stop.

Mina reached a trans stage. Sekhar then took one more ice cube and stuck that in her ass. He lifted her legs up and placed them on his shoulders. While licking her pussy, he rubbed her thighs with ice cubes. Mina now wanted to repay the favor received. She turned Sekhar and sat on his face, in 69 positions. Sekhar got her pussy in front of his face. He caught her ass cheeks and started licking her pussy again. Mina took an ice cube and started rubbing on his thighs. His cock was standing like a pole in front of her. She slowly rubbed the ice on his cock. He yelled. She started licking his cock with the ice on her tongue and then sucked him deeply. She licked his cock with the ice even when it was inside her mouth. Mina was not to stop. She took one more ice cube ankara escort bayan and started rubbing his balls.

Sekhar increased his speed of licking mina’s pussy. He licked her franticly. She also sucked him with vigor. Loud moans escaped from both of their mouth. They forgot everything and get fully involved in the oral pleasure act. The ice was having a wonderful effect and it prevented Sekhar from his orgasm too. Sekhar finally pulled Mina up and made her sit on his lap. His cock slid in easily into her damp pussy easily. He caught her by her ass and pumped her up and down. Mina took his head up and rubbed his face on her breasts. He sucked on her breasts greedily while pumping her up and down.

Sekhar bite her breast hard when he had his orgasm. He shot load after load. Her pussy and ass where covered with cum. He with drew and fell onto the bed.

Mina was not to stop. She wanted more from her horny brother-in-law. She took his limp cock and started sucking it again. She could taste Sekhar’s cum and her juices in his cock. This shocked Sekhar. He didn’t expect his silent SIL to be this horny. He took her by face, pulled her up and said:

” Oh Honey! Give me a break. We will resume tomorrow morning. I am tired for now”

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