Mike’s Sweaty Sluts starring Vanessa Hudgens,Mike’s Sweaty Sluts| starring: Rihanna | Selena Gomez | Vanessa Hudgens | Stella Hudgens |[told from the perspective of Mike’s cuckold manservant, Tom]It had taken months for me to put together, but after Christina Aguilera’s book, titled “Mike’s EuroCock and What It Taught Me” turned Hollywood upside down, I couldn’t keep up with all the mail flooding in from Hollywood’s sexiest young ladies. The book was a New York Times® Best Seller, and word of Mike’s pussy conquering, glorious Euro-cock spread through Hollywood circles like wildfire. Requests were sent in constantly to meet him. Now, today was the day – after months of planning – Mike’s personally selected harem of young, famous girls would soon be arriving and he strutted about like the God he was. As his loyal servant, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride that I was reponsible for making my Master’s deepest fantasy come true, but really all I did was answer some e-mails and schedule for them to all be here on the same day. It was the legendary, pussy slaying cock of Mike that really drew them all here. The three girls agreed to arrive in the same vehicle, thus drawing less attention from pedestrians seeking to gawk at Mike’s women and the paparazzi interrupting their fun. Based on the e-mails I had been charged with handling, each girl was very, very excited to meet Mike and service him, and each of them planned on getting incredibly nasty and raunchy, doing things they would certainly not want leaked to the public.Within the hour, their black SUV arrived at the gate of Mike’s wealthy estate and was promptly buzzed through. The excitement, both in the room and in the SUV, built as their vehicle crept along the winding path that lead to Mike’s driveway, eventually creeping into view as I watched dutifully from the living room window.”They’re here, Master…I see four girls in the SUV, plus the driver…” I said politely. I could sense how excited Mike was, getting very amped up, and in a swift motion he loosed the belt of his robe, letting it fall to the floor to reveal his cut and chiseled nude form. He resembled a God with the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, with fat, hanging balls accentuating the perfect prick. I opened the door for him and he strode through, proudly strutting into view of the SUV as it came to a halt in front of him. The black driver was shaking his head, clearly not expecting to be greeted in such a way. Rihanna sat in the passenger seat, covering her mouth with her hands in shock, her eyes wide behind her sunglasses. Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez did the same thing. I watched Rihanna hand the driver some money and signal for him to leave.The doors of the SUV opened and closed, and standing before us both were a very obviously impressed Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna Fenty and Selena Gomez, wearing matching leopard bikinis and Gucci sandals. To all of their surprise, the SUV doors opened once more and a clearly younger girl that heavily resembled Vanessa leapt out of the car, her eyes going wide as she got an eyeful of Mike’s monster dick hanging between his legs. She stopped in her tracks, seemingly mesermized by it.”Whoa….so the book wasn’t a lie, huh s*s’?” said Stella Hudgens with an adorable, youthful giggle. I recognized her because Mike had requested her first, but since she was 16 we thought better than to include her in the festivities, Vanessa agreeing. Clearly something had changed.”Stella!! Get back in the fucking car! You begged and begged me to let you ride along, but you SWORE you’d leave once we got here….So, go!” Vanessa angrily prosted, clearly she had expected her sister to leave with Rihanna’s driver.Stella simply rolled her eyes at her big sister. While the rest of them wore matching leopard bikinis, Stella donned her own unique, tiger-print thong and matching bra that held her firm young titties in place quite nicely. “Mm, I see many leopards but only one little tiger cub…tell me girl, is this what you came for?” Mike said as his heavy dick swung like a hypnotist’s metronome between his knees. Stella’s eyes fought and managed to break away from his beautiful dick and locked to his. She simply nodded, her cheeks going flush as the manly cock was clearly doing so many things to her young mind, and even more to the hairless cunt between her legs. Before any of the other girls even had a chance to introduce themselves, Stella was on her knees in front of Mike. “Only if I get to be your little tiger cub…” and she growled so fucking cutely it actually got my inferior little dick hard. Stella attaked Mike’s dickhead, slurping and kissing at it wildly with her 16-year-old plump lips and tongue. Mike’s abominal muscles tightened and gleamed impressively in the sunlight as Stella bobbed up and down on his meat, eager to impress and prove that she was capable. Vanessa was freaking out in the background while Stella gave Mike her young mouth, but eventually came to her senses and just shut her fucking mouth about it.She took Mike from her mouth for a moment to speak. It was almost bahis firmaları too much watching this 16-year-old act so confidently with a big, fat dick in her face.”See, unlike my sister, -I- actually read the book…I know what you like…” and to all of our surprise, Stella crept underneath Mike’s package, getting beween his muscled legs and she started to tongue at his asscrack wildly, licking up and down before poking her tongue against Mike’s tight, smelly asshole like a whore who had done it a thousand times before. Mike’s cock stood at full, veined, throbbing attention as this beautiful, young, tanned slut worked his shitter with her seemingly innocent tongue. His cockhead dripped pearly drops of pre-cum into Stella’s brown hair.”You betta let me get some of that….” a sultry, sex-starved Rihanna quipped as she strode forward, hips swiveling as her light ebony skin glistened in the sunlight. The driver hadn’t even left yet and she was on her knees; plump, bronzed rump sticking out as she slipped her tongue out and licked up Mike’s salty pre-cum from his piss slit, moaning as the taste of his salty pre-nut filled her mouth. Rihanna took Mike’s swollen head into her mouth and started sucking him as I watched from the doorstep, Stella still underneath Mike, attacking his asshole with her tongue, moaning intensely as she did.Mike was barely able to control himself, moaning and hollering as he threw his fist into the air, reveling in the joy that being a King brought to him. Here he was in his driveway with Stella Hudgens rimming his royal asshole while Rihanna serviced his mighty cock, now making quite obscene gagging noises as she struggled to deepthroat his meat right there.”Girls…girls…come to me, I don’t want you feeling left out…” he beckoned Selena and Vanessa over, noticing that they didn’t seem to know what to do. Each of them walked slowly toward their new God and he wrapped an arm around each of them. They took turns kissing his lips, tasting him and Mike was clearly in Heaven. “Go ahead, touch it…Rihanna can’t fit all of me in that Black slut-throat anyway.” Mike spoke boldly, and Vanessa and Selena obeyed, wide-eyed as their hands each slid down Mike’s chiseled abs until they reached the base of his cock, Selena’s hand reaching first and wrapping around it, her fingers unable to fit around even half-way. Vanessa Hudgens hand rested above Selena’s and they both squeezed and massaged Mike’s royal meat while Rihanna fucked her mouth on it. These girls had clearly never had a real man’s throbbing manhood in their hands before. “Perhaps we should take this inside…” I chimed in quietly, afraid that I might ruin the moment and face Mike’s wrath. A fool’s thought, as there was nothing that could interrupt this perfect unity of toned, sweaty, mocha-skinned beauties writhing in the service of one white, hung Euro-God. Mike began to back up slowly, inching toward the front door of his mansion backwards, and the girl’s didn’t miss a beat. I watched as Rihanna crawled on hands and knees like a desperate whore to keep up with slurping and sucking on Mike’s massive dick. Stella was struggling to keep her tongue buried in his shitter as she squatted and rimmed him while walking backwards, but performed beautifully. Selena and Vanessa had the easiest time, simply walking and following their new God while sucking on his slutty man nipples. It was truly a sight to behold, the girls couldn’t bear to get Mike’s sweaty genitals away from them for a moment. They were a tangled, singular mass of sex.Once we were inside the lavish mansion, I watched as Rihanna started nearly deepthroating Mike to the base, gagging heavily and choking on it once her young, popstar throat was poked with his cockhead. She sprang off of his cock with a gag and cough, moaning like the biggest slut and spitting all over Mike’s dickhead before attacking it once more. Mike held the back of her head as Ms. Fenty bobbed up and down with lightning speed on his cockshaft and bulbous dickhead, her tongue lapping at him with a skill that made Mike double over in pleasure.Mike was bent over, ass shoved in Stella Hudgens young face and he rubbed it up and down, smearing his ass all over Stella’s face while Rihanna positioned herself further in toward Mike, accomodating the fact that his cock was now pointing straight down and she’d have to suck up at it. She looked so sexy like that, legs sprawled out behind her as that pert butt rose and fell with each suck. Mike was lost in paradise, moaning like I’d never seen him before as Rihanna gave him the baddest throatjob of her life and Stella tongued his sweaty asshole clean, moaning like a girl experiencing her first fuck as her tongue explored Mike’s bowels. “I want a turn s*s, you’re hogging the King’s ass….” Vanessa protested as the lewd sounds of sucking and gagging filled the room, from Rihanna’s expert headgame. Vanessa had to repeat her request several times before Stella bothered to break away from the tastiest meal of her young life.Stella gave Mike’s asshole a loving kiss, moving tipobet down to kiss his sweaty sac as well. She kissed him like a passionate lover. She would have paid proper homage to the dick, but at the moment it was Rihanna’s domain and there was nothing coming between that.The oldest of the two Hudgens’ sisters assumed the position, getting down onto all fours and crawling up to Mike’s arched rear, her perky ass swaying from side to side. She wasted no time with the pleasantries and just dove right in, burying her pretty face into the greasy, shit-smelling hole. The sound of Vanessa’s hungered licking and sucking on Mike’s asshole almost overpowered Rihanna’s obscene quacking and gagging. It was like they were both trying to outdo the other with their sluttyness. Mike was caught in the middle of a sweaty Filipina and Bajan suck n’ rim sandwich.The force from Vanessa’s face buried in Mike’s ass only pushed him deeper into Rihanna’s throat. It was almost too much for me to watch, my little white dick harder than it had ever been. I watched Vanessa grab Mike’s asscheeks and spread them open, getting as deep into his colon as she possibly could. This must have been the breaking point, her filthy Filipina guttermouth tongue activating Mike’s g-spot. He howled in pleasure, the chorus of his moans echoing through the entire house as he shot ropes of cum into Rihanna’s slut mouth, his asshole squeezing and pulling Vanessa even deeper into his ass.Rihanna withdrew from his cock, his enormous meat sliding out of her throat. I watched as she stuck her tongue out and showed Mike the glazing he’d done to it before swallowing hungrily, and Mike collapsed on the couch, panting with his big, spit covered cock flopping against his stomach. That was when he looked to me and saw that I was hard, trying not to laugh too much.”Got that little inferior American dick hard to watch me own these girls, didn’t it, cuck?””Yes, sir.” I nodded my head. He couldn’t have been more right.”Aren’t you always going on about Rihanna’s feet, you little freak? Maybe she’ll take pity on you and actually let you touch them, or better yet….” Mike grabbed Stella’s feet and wrapped them around his cock, demonstrating what he thought Rihanna might be willing to do.I just laughed nervously and Rihanna looked over at me, analyzing me with those devilish eyes and letting out a very ego-shattering laugh. She sauntered over to me, still in her leopard bikini. “So…there are what you want, white boy?” She knelt on the sofa next to me, sticking her tight, brown ass up and lifting her legs to show off her pale soles. I didn’t dare touch them, but my cock throbbed at the perfection before me. It was too much to handle, if left to study her perfect wrinkled soles and luscious ass I would have just cum in my pants.”Take off ya pants.” Rihanna ordered me and I did, my five inch pathetic dick springing out and all the girls burst out laughing, Mike as well.Rihanna stood up, her tanned body alive with the light shining through the windows. I eyed her up and down, her hips, her legs, that perfect little black pussy hidden beneath her bikini. While I was distracted with the perfection before me, she lifted her leg and with one lightning quick kick, smashed her demure foot into my cock and balls. I howled in pain, doubling over from the assault on my genitals. RiRi laughed and got another kick in while I was bent over, kicking me in my balls from behind. “Mike is the only man I will ever serve, or allow to touch me, you pathetic white faggot.” She turned away and left me to writhe in pain, cupping my genitals.Mike had Selena and Vanessa on either side of him now, taking turns making out with both of them and playing with their pussies while they both stroked and massaged his bone.”We know how much you love our tummies, Mike…” said Selena seductively, glancing over at me.”Yeah, that loser over there told us…” Vanessa’s eyes darted over, identifying me as the one who informed them of Mike’s love for their stomachs.”That’s why we brought this….” Selena withdrew a tube of baby oil from her purse and squirted the contents onto her and Vanessa’s soft little stomachs. The two girls embraced each other, sliding their greased up stomachs together. Mike was in the middle with his enormous cock standing at full attention.After properly saturating their young tummies in oil, they descended onto Mike, squatting and sticking their cute rumps out as they worked to give Mike a stomach-job. The head of his cock pushed against their oiled, fatty flesh at the very bottom of their stomach and pushed through. The warmth of their bellies overwhelmed him and he thrusted in, the softness of their abdomen enveloping and engulfing his cock like a soft, tight glove. Mike moaned and threw his head back in pleasure, fucking up into their stomach-pussy with erotic abandon. He was lost in another dimension of pleasure now, the fiery hot stomachs of his two favorite girls caressing and massaging his massive cock. Each thrust saw the head of his cock poking against their tits before tipobet güvenilir mi being sucked back down into the pillowy abyss between their teenage stomachs.While all of this happened, Rihanna and Stella stripped naked; their flawless, tanned bodies on full display for Mike as he stomach fucked Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Mike reached around and untied Selena and Vanessa’s bikini at the same time with each hand, their garments falling to the floor. He did the same to their bras.Now they were all naked and young Stella climbed up onto the back of the couch, sliding over so that she was hovering her hot little pussy and ass right over Mike’s face before squatting down, moaning as her pussy sat on his mouth getting tongued ferociously. Mike couldn’t take it anymore, the stomach fucking was too much for him and he just had to fuck one of them for real. He signaled for the girls to stop and after a lengthy facesitting session Stella hopped off his face, grinning like mad from all the orgasms Mike had just given her young pussy.Mike and Rihanna’s eyes met, her bitchy, slutty eyes were heavily lidded and he knew she wanted the dick – badly. She just licked her lips and strutted over to him, completely nude, her perky young tits jigglign with every step and her hips looked incredible leading down to her shaved pussy. She reached down and began to play with it, spreading her lips and showing Mike how wet she was for him.”That’s all for you baby…” Rihanna breathed lustfully. Mike leaned forward, grabbing her hips and pulling her close to him, her pussy in his face. He kissed and sucked on it lovingly before lifting her up and positioning her right above his cockhead, her steaming wet pussyhole hovering just over it.That’s when Rihanna took charge and squatted upon the tip, gasping sharply as the fat, swollen head stretched her tight pussy open and she sunk slowly onto it. In all his time as a Hollywood cock slinger, Mike had never had his cock inside of a pussy so tight, hot and wet. Rihanna’s body glistened with oil as she rode his cock cowgirl, her ass bouncing in his face as she twerked on his dick.Mike gripped her hips tightly, the tips of his fingers digging into her flesh as he impaled the pop star on his massive prick over and over. Selena, Vanessa and Stella all watched attentively, each of them in a feverish daze as they fucked their own pussies to Rihanna and Mike’s explosive session.Rihanna lifted herself up until Mike’s cockhead was out of her pussy and just barely hovering against her gaped open hole. This all happened very briefly, she grunted hard and produced a thick, steaming fountain of squirt that splashed all over King Bill’s chest. He loved it, unable to take his eyes off the singers pert rump and the shadow of her dark asshole between her cheeks. Stella and Vanessa seized the moment that Rihanna was squirting to move forward and suck Mike’s cock into their young mouths, giving him quite the i****tuous double-blowjob. Mike grabbed ahold of Stella and started pumping her mouth hard as the squirt dripped from his forearms and onto her thighs, though they were already soaked with her teenage cum. He withdrew his cock from Stella’s mouth and she whimpered hungrily, wanting to give him more of her talented, young mouth. Her big sister took over, suckling the dickhead between her full lips with a moan while she looked right up into Mike’s eyes. What happened next surprised everyone in the room.Vanessa gobbled his impressive meat down in one fluid motion, deepthroating Mike ’til her nose was buried in his pubes. She then recoiled, sliding those Filipina lips back up his pole until just the head was between her lips. Her tongue darted all around, licking his piss slit and poking inside, all under the ridge of his fat mushroom head, and then she throated him again, her throat making a hot choking sound as Mike’s cockhead forced into her throathole over and over again.Vanessa continued doing this for several minutes, Mike lifting his hand to signal for Rihanna to wait, and she obeyed like the good bitch she was. I could tell he was once again lost in pleasure, the way he kicked his legs and shuddered as Vanessa rapidly fucked her throat on his massive, thick meatpole. The sounds of his pleasure were turning into very loud, screaming moans, holding onto Vanessa’s head as she sucked him quickly, her tongue swirling around with the skill of an expert whore as he used her throat like a fleshlight.This went on for several minutes, Rihanna squatting over Vanessa and playing with her dripping pussy as Vanessa mercilessly sucked Mike’s cock, not interrupting her lightning fast pace for anything. Vanessa Hudgens slurped and sucks from balls to tip, head bobbing non-stop as she worked her new master.”ARRRRRGGGGHHHH! I’M GONNA CUM!!” the sweating, flushed Mike shouted, standing up and Vanessa scooted forward, keeping her lips pursed to his meat as she continued sucking and fucking him with her mouth through his orgasm. He screamed in pleausre as his balls tightened up to his shaft, ropes of steamy cum shooting up through his urethra and directly into Vanessa’s mouth. She picked up her pace and sucked even harder, taking advantage of the newfound sensitivity in his cockhead. Mike twisted and writhed as he stood there, fucking her mouth gently with his cum-spent prick.



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