(Prolog. The weather is hot and sticky. Arriving home, she carefully sets the stage for her erotic story to her Friend. She undresses down to her underwear. She leaves on her panties; today they are pink. Satin. Bikini briefs. She removes her bra and lets her breasts free. (*heavy sigh*) “Bras are another mean invention,” she thinks. “Breasts were meant to breath! To float free. To move gently and rhythmically, nipples hardening as they will…” She grabs a cold Corona from the ‘frig and properly drowns the lime. She moves upstairs to the master bedroom which houses the family computers. She opens the windows wide to let the pre-storm breeze in. The air is heady with pending rain. The atmosphere is holding it’s breath, feeling ready to unleash a cleansing bath. She also opens the roof windows to get the full cross breeze effect.

Computer powered up, she needs a trigger. She has had some thoughts, but needs the specific motivation to craft just the right story to bring her friend to his knees. She rereads back through his most recent e-mails. She is turned on. She begins…)

They had been meeting for a few months. The bond between them is strong, comfortable, accepting. A true meeting of the minds. They are without judgment. Without tie. A truly free relationship. She has finally been able to convince him to ride out with her and her horses. They have agreed upon the perfect afternoon. They would ride out from her house, deep into the woods. They would tie up the horses, spread a blanket, and relax. He to work on his play, she to read a book.

He is introduced to the horses and agrees they are handsome, obedient, well-mannered, controllable steeds. He rides the dark bay, she the black. They walk off, through the woods. He revels in the beauty of the land. The clean, wild woods all around. The trails they ride are clear and open, yet show no traffic from other trespassers. He relaxes and rides comfortably. He is behind her as she leads. He likes the way her ass looks atop her magnificent beast. Her ass flexes as the horse moves. Her long hair flowing illegal bahis like a wavy horse’s tail. She is obviously comfortable and at home in this environment. He compares this look to how he has known her to date; in her conservative business suit, hair pulled up, professional. He likes her natural look better but feels it is this dichotomy that attracts him the most. He has always been attracted to buried treasure. He likes women who are intelligent and carry an air of mystery about them. The gals that never lead you to expect the unexpected. As he reflects, he feels a twinge in his pants. What is it with this girl? She gets him every time…

After about an hour’s worth of riding, they find themselves deep in the woods. She stops in a small clearing; one with maple trees to offer shade by a grassy, sunny clearing. They dismount and she tends to the animals.

“What can I do to help?” he asks.

“Oh. Take that blanket out of the saddle bag and spread it in the shade. We’ll relax there,” she instructs him.

She sets up a rope between two trees, loosens the saddles, removes the bridles and hooks the horses up to the runner. On her way back to him, she grabs the other saddle bag. He has no idea what she packed…

She smiles at him and removes her book. He takes this as his cue and grabs his index cards. “Ok,” he is thinking, “Maybe no sex after all. That’s OK. Her call. Just being here is marvy.” She reaches into one bag and brings out a bottle of White Zinfandel and two glasses. Somehow, she has been able to keep the bottle properly chilled. She pours them each a glass. She also takes out some green grapes, crackers and cheese. She settles on her tummy, knees bend, ankles crossed, up on her elbows, and begins reading her book. “Harumph,” he thinks to himself. He, too, settles on his stomach and begins to think about his writing. After a moment, she looks over at him and smiles. He warms right up and gets serious.

Time passes comfortably. The easy companionship between them lets them drift off into their own relaxed worlds. Then, illegal bahis siteleri something happens. It is subtle. Something is nudging at his subconscious. At first, he does not notice. But, there it is again. A nagging tug. He realizes something is up and looks around. When his eyes meet hers, he feels it strong. She is staring at him. It is not a look of casual passing. She wants him. He feels it immediately in his heart and cock. He smiles back at her, reading her mind quite clearly.

She puts her book marker to mark her place and sets the book aside. While still maintaining eye contact, he puts his work aside as well. He moves over to her. She rolls over onto her back and he is there. He moves up to her, grabs her face, and kisses her. He has never kissed her before! He has eaten her, she has eaten him, they have masturbated together, but never kissed. He kisses deeply, gently, sensually. His tongue is firm, demanding but not pushy. She responds to his every movement as if on cue. He has never experienced a kiss so timed. She has never been kissed so expertly. The kiss makes her very wet.

He pulls back in time for them both to catch their breath. He looks deeply into her eyes. He sees what he likes; lust and laughter. Her eyes shine and twinkle; eyes to speak out to his. Eyes to match his desires. He wants her very much. He moves his hands down to feel of her breasts. He knows she is wearing no bra and he likes that. He massages her perfect breasts. She sighs deeply and moves into his hands. He really knows how to please her. He lifts up her shirt and stares at her breasts. They are not large, but they are very responsive and firm. A pert handful. He massages one breasts while he eats the other. He suckles the nipple and she moans. This is a tremendous turnon for her. He nibbles and suckles one breast while pinching and rolling the other nipple. Oh, she is in heaven!

He moves one hand down and unbuckles her belt. He slides his hand slowly down her pants. Lo and behold, no panties today! Naughty girl. He reaches her small bush and moves canlı bahis siteleri down. When he touches her pussy, a gasp escapes him. She is wet! Soaking wet. His cock is hard and pushing desperately against his jeans. But he likes to give, so this one is for her… He looks up at her and sees her eyes are closed and she is entirely focused on what he is doing to her body. He has her captivated! He unzips her pants and removes them. She humps her hips upward to assist. When her hips were up in the air, near his face, he could smell the hot, sweet smell of her desire.

She now lies naked, legs slightly spread, head to one side. He murmurs, “ZOOT ALORS,” and moves his head down her flat tummy. He licks as he runs his face to her womanhood. After what feels like hours to her, he is between her legs. He looks at her in wonder. Her lips are large and flared. Filled with desire. Her opening is wet. He can feel the pulsing need in her. He lightly touches her, and she whimpers. He moves his face to her and breaths on her hot lips. She squirms. He runs a finger around her lips. Her hips circle to meet his finger. He knows what she wants, but he also knows she likes tease. She likes him to toy with her, to bring her to the point of almost begging. He knows and he does.

Circles. Hot breath. Light touches. She is wreathing, now, making deep sounds of lust. He decides they both have had enough torture. He wants to taste her. He brings his face down and licks. Then laps. She tastes so good and her hunger is driving him to performance levels he never knew he had. He eats her furiously. And slows it when he feels she is close to cumming. He slides a finger in. “Ooh!” she cries. He finger fucks her. Deep and slow, then fast and furious. Her hips are bucking, timed with his hand. Suddenly, she explodes! She cums hard, all over his hand. Oh, that was soooo good! He crawls back up to her. Together, eyes locked, they lick his hand clean. They both like the taste of her. At times, their tongues touch. Mmmmmmmmmm.

This fun has made his need deep. He knows she can give expert head and wants her to please him. She wants to. She loves to suck his cock. She wants him to lay on his back and receive. She wants to suck on his cock, at her leisure, for an hour or so.

But we’ll have to save that for another story.



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