Mid-Summer Evening StrollI pulled the door closed behind me, letting the latch set. There’s no turning back now. My make-up is good. Love my earrings. My sandals are quite sexy and still easy to walk in. The air is a touch chill, but that’s ok, it feels so good against my skin. What a wonderful evening for a mid-summer stroll.Down the front path and out the garden gate, closing it behind me, as well. It’s just gone half seven, there’s at least another hour and a half of daylight left. I turn left and make way for the park by the lake. This time of day there will still be some people there, but not as crowded as mid day. The slight chill in the air only masks my excitement. There’s not a single person on the street, yet I feel as if every eye in town is on me right now.No cars in either direction, I cross in the middle of the street and walk through the gate of the park. It’s almost like stepping through the TARDIS door into a time long gone, the hustle and bustle of modern life left purposely on the opposite side of the hedgerow.I stroll along the path, the tiny gravel crunching under the soles of my sandals. I’m glad I chose this pair, they look good, feel good, and I hate walking barefoot on gravel. çanakkale escort On rounding a small thicket, I see a young couple sitting on a bench, they are mostly in profile to me. She seems startled, at first, when she sees me, but then her face lights up with a smile and she sends me a small wave. I smile and wave back, thankful my presence isn’t disturbing the lovely couple. I slow my pace a little, pondering if I should walk past, or turn and walk in a different direction. She answers my question by returning to the blow job my sudden appearance had momentarily interrupted. I walk past, not bothering to stop, only smiling down on them as I continue my stroll. That’s when he finally sees me, but I don’t stop my stroll, he’s already well in good hands.The small lake in the middle of the park, down a small hill from the young lovers, is smooth as glass, not even a ripple. I was hoping to find swimmers or maybe one or two of the small rowboats floating on the water. Oh, well. I turn to follow the path that follows the shoreline, into the small wood. I thought there would be more people in the park. I guess 8:00 pm on an August Wednesday most everyone else in town has something else to escort çanakkale do.I continue my stroll into the wood, the sun becoming less visible through the lush summer canopy. The old trees are large with wide, outreaching branches. The air in the wood, out of the direct sun, is a bit cooler, but still a very welcome feeling. I can’t help but smile. Suddenly, beyond the next few trees, just off the path, I hear the sound of a man heavily breathing. I wonder if it’s the same couple I saw on the bench, looking for a more private area to finish. If it is, I don’t wish to interrupt a second time, but my curiosity is screaming at me to at least walk by to look.As I continue to walk along the path, I hear the heavy breathing louder, then catch as if not wanting to be discovered. By that, I know he’s seen me. I turn to see an older man, alone, his trousers at his knees and his erection in his hand, his other hand reaching to cover himself. Without a word, I smile and step closer to him, pulling the hand trying to cover away. I then grab the wrist of the hand his erection is in and gently move it back and forth, allowing to continue his masturbation. It only takes a few strokes for him to realize çanakkale escort bayan I want him to resume his autoerotic touch. I step back so he can see me fully, the smile on my face encouragement. We lock eyes and he understands, instantly shooting his heavy load into the air, landing in the undergrowth on the floor of the wood. I smile and send a small wave goodbye. I feel a bit like Dorothy or Alice, wandering happily through an odd world.I emerge from the wood near the gate to the park. The sky has darkened as the sunlight clings on to the last remnants it can. Beyond the gate, I’ll be back in the real world. I must go as the park closes to the public soon.The town seems abandoned as I step across the street from the park. Up the hill and to the right, barely 500 meters is home. I cross the next street as a car rounds the corner and approaches from behind. Holding my breath as I walk, I don’t dare turn, in case it’s Garda, they tend to frown on this type of evening stroll. A sigh of relief when I see that it’s just a regular car. I turn the corner and see a co-worker from the pub walking toward me. I’m not worried that she sees me, she has a few times before. We smile and exchange hellos, and go each our own way.Into my garden gate and up to my front door, reaching for the hidden spare key. I unlock the latch, so desperately needing to get inside. My walk was fun, but even more fun awaits inside…I love walking nude on a mid-summer evening…



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