MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 52CCHAPTER 52C: HOLIDAYS ON THE ISLAND: ARRIVALAnthony meets the plane as it comes to a stop at the Rodriguez hanger. He has the customs official, the estate car and a rental van. We congregate around the luggage and kennels as they are removed from the cargo area of the jet. We have the dogs on leash and it is again clear that the noise and movement of vehicles is making them nervous. But the customs process in scary easy and quick on this little island, especially with two known representatives from the Rodriguez estate and corporation (Anthony and Marie) keeping the process moving. Our passports are viewed and stamped quickly and our luggage is virtually ignored. The dogs get a passing amount of attention but no more than that with the vet forms showing their shots are up-to-date.With the customs official on his way, the dog kennels are loaded into the van and the dogs into the kennels for the relatively short ride to the estate. The luggage follows behind the crates and Tim volunteers to ride in the van which will follow Anthony driving the car. Marie takes the front passenger seat and we climb into the back. Before we even leave the airport property Helen is already pointing at the lush trees and foliage covered hills, palm trees, and exotic plants. Key West was nothing like this island and we will make sure she encounters locales, including the land around the estate that will be more beautiful than this.Helen is pointing and talking the entire trip, occasionally turning around and pointing to something for Tim to see. She is like that little girl we are so in love with. At times like a little girl and then a sexy, erotic, young woman. She is pointing at little markets along the road with fresh vegetables, fruit, and fish. The colors that are everywhere, include the clothing, is a wonder to her and something I had forgotten. I half notice Marie on the phone but it doesn’t dawn on me why until we pull up the gate at the estate and it is opening for us. As we pull up to the front of the mansion, Helen is again pointing and quietly commenting to us. Almost like she knows she is talking about the home of Anthony and Marie and didn’t want them to know she was so amazed at its size and splendor. I see that Mr. R and two men are waiting for us at the bottom of the steps to the house.Marie is the first one out of the car, being very efficient, stepping to the two men and talking in them about the van containing the crates and luggage. Anthony opens the back door for Helen and hustles around to get the door for Mom. I follow Mom out and notice that Helen is standing on the other side of the car looking at the spacious estate property. Our property is certainly larger, but this is lushly green with many large gardens of exotic flowers, shrubs and trees. Outside the fence surrounding the property is nearly a jungle of foliage. It isn’t until her gazing has her turned toward the house and us that she realizes everyone else is gathered there.We have all been greeted with hugs and kisses by Mr. R when I am able to catch Helen’s attention and indicate for her to join us. She moves quickly to come to my side in front of Mr. R. “I’m sorry, that was rude to keep you waiting, but you have a beautiful place here Mr. Rodriguez.”“Helen, I have heard truly wonderful things from Tim, Michele, Barb, and Marie about you. It my honor and pleasure to finally have the opportunity to meet you. Please, call me Carlos. And, thank you, I enjoy the estate, it is something of a sanctuary for us and I hope you will enjoy not just the estate but the island as well during this, your first visit.”Helen giggled, “My first visit, you make it sound like you know I will be coming here more often.”“You will be my dear. I will insist on it. And, perhaps with your assistance I can then get Barb, Michele, and Tim here more often.”“Carlos, I can’t imagine having to twist someone’s arm to come to this beautiful place.”“Nor can I, my dear. And, yet, is has been too long since I have seen them here. Now, do you give hugs and kisses as freely as these two?”She nearly rushed him, giving him a big hug and a kiss on the lips. He chuckled, “Yes, you do.” We all laughed and Helen was instantly at ease with him.He turned around where he was and tried to address everyone at once. “The dog crates will be placed into storage here until you leave. I can’t think of a reason for needing them until you go back to the airport. And, I will be reluctant to think about that eventuality again until you really have to leave. I am so happy that we can be together, again. Now, the luggage will be taken to your suite and I understand that you all share the same bed. Interesting. I am not sure these beds are big enough for that, but there are other beds.”I stepped up to him and put my arms around him and squeezed, “I am sure, Sir, that we can work out suitable and comfortable sleeping arrangements.” He looked at me nervously, which was interesting in itself given our experience together. I knew it couldn’t be because of Tim (he’d likely instruct me to sleep with him) and then I saw Mom watching me or him. Very interesting …After getting the dogs introduced to Mr. R’s dogs and the kennel building, we went upstairs to unpack and organize for our stay. Helen seemed more intent to look over the suite and out the windows into the back yard more than she was in getting unpacked. “I can’t believe this place. And, you say it is just the three of them living here?”“Yes, they each have their own suite like this one.”“They are all like this one?”I considered that better, “Well, I know for a fact that Marie’s is exactly like this one. I think, though, that Mr. R’s is larger.”We reconvened on the patio by the pool. We talked about general news for an hour or so when Mr. R commented on Helen’s distraction, “Helen, you’re just itching to investigate this place, aren’t you?”She looked embarrassed, “Oh, shoot, I was that obvious? I am sorry. I’m just a small town girl, Mr. Rod … I mean, Carlos. This is just beautiful and beyond the fence is fascinating.”“Go and wander, but if you want to go outside the fence, let us know. It might be better to have some company.” Helen stood immediately and turned to the yard.Mom jumped in, “Wait right there, young lady. Before we s**tter in all directions … Carlos, what are the plans for dinner tonight?”“Are you hungry? We can get a light lunch, if you are.”“No, no, just wanting to understand the expectations for dinner.”Carlos informs us that he has arranged for a catered dinner. Mom looks nervous and I know why. We had planned to initiate the ‘dressing up’ with Marie this first night to get the attitude established. With the support of the three of us initiating it, then Marie can follow us and it becomes much more comfortable for her. Mom is thinking, gaging how to approach this now with him and apparently has decided to take the lead with Carlos. “Don’t you think it would be nice to be quiet and private tonight, just us?” “George isn’t working here, any longer.” He seemed to be getting a little defensive and I could see that Mom really didn’t want that to happen. “This seemed like the easiest and least effort for us.”“I’m sorry, Carlos, I didn’t mean to sound like I was challenging that. It certainly is easier and we are tired from the trip. It is nice not to have to think about cooking tonight.”“Wait a minute. Barb, you’re on vacation. You are not cooking for this group.”Tim smiled and that was caught by Mr. R. “What’s so amusing, Tim?”“Are you sure you want to go down this road, Carlos?”I joined in with Tim, “She really does want and intend to cook. It’s what she enjoys doing. To her it is a love expression. But, you’ll get what she cooks.”Helen looked directly at Mr. R, “Carlos, have you ever heard the expression, ‘If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy’?”He put up his hands in a gesture of giving up, “Okay, fine, but … fine, I give up. We’ll flow with it, okay? But, tonight I have a dinner coming in.”“Thank you, Carlos. I am not normally so pushy but I can do this for us and it will be my way of thanking you, Marie, and Anthony for having us. Now, did you also have servers planned?” “Yes, of course.” “May I suggest a change of plans, then? Have the meal delivered and brought to the kitchen. We’ll serve it ourselves like a family and it will be far more relaxing.” She said that and looked directly at Marie and gave her a slight smile and nod. Marie smiled back and lowered her gaze to the ground to hide her reaction.Mr. R smiled at her and shook his head in resignation. He got up out of his chair, moved to her and helped her to stand with him. He kissed her on the lips, “You are a strong woman, Barb. And, if that will make you happy, I am sure we will all enjoy your love expressed in food more than catered.”“I am a traditional woman and mother, Carlos.” She blushed. “Okay, I may be in an NON-traditional situation but I still like to serve my family and loved ones in a traditional manner when I can.” He got immediately on the phone and changed the order. There was some discussion but he assured them he would cover the lost wages so nobody would lose pay because of the change. Mom indicated there was something more and he covered the phone, “One more thing, if I can be so bold, since you are already covering their lost wages, tell them you would also like them to spend the evening with their families.” He smiled at her, again, and kissed her cheek before getting back to his conversation. When he ended the call, “Christmas Eve night, of course, they belong with their families. Thank you. I have you to thank for appearing like Santa Claus.”Mom cozied up to him and kissed his cheek in return, “My dear Carlos, ‘appearing’ like a Santa Claus is common this time of year in malls and stores across the Christian world. Considerations like that is ‘being’ a Santa Clause to someone.”With that settled, Helen went with Marie to explore the property. Helen wanted to release the dogs after their confinement in the plane and the cages during ground transportation. I watched from the patio as they roamed the property, two excited, young women sharing time together and five equally excited dogs. Wow, if they were naked right now …I was on the patio in the sun enjoying quiet time with Tim and Anthony. The conversation was light, comfortable, and entirely focused on friendship needs and sharing. We had always been close due to the need to be trusting and confident in each other based on the activities I have been involved in with Anthony as a primary care and safety provider. Over time, however, that relationship, based on the need to trust his keeping me safe, evolved into an equal part of a true friend that Tim and I respected, trusted, and valued. It made everything else that might happen so much more comfortable.Mom and Mr. R disappeared into the house. Mom wanted a detailed tour bursa escort of the kitchen, pantry storage, and dining room layout and accessories. She was determined to provide the meals for the group and Mr. R had finally relented to her insistence. Both Marie and Anthony expressed their hope that our presence for these ten days would give him a focus away from business and provide him with the relaxation and diversion he so desperately needs. They had commented that the way Mom was standing up to him on some of this was also good. He was used to getting his way despite being generous in his relation to those he was emotionally connected to. They felt that Mom’s approach could force him to sit back and let some things happen without his control.By the time the caterer arrived with the food, we were all assembled in the kitchen area while the guys were in Mr. R’s study with drinks and I am sure a lot of very smart talk. When the catering van arrived, Mom beat Mr. R outside and directed them to the side entry which was closer to the kitchen. We were assigned stations to make it easier with one of us holding the door open for them, another at the entry to the kitchen and others to organize the placement of the dishes depending on being hot, cold or needing any reheating. She already had serving dishes out and ready. This was like a military operation. At that moment is seemed that she and Anthony alone could probably plan the overthrow of a small country. We tried to do our assignments without getting in the way until the caterer was gone.The dining room was set with place setting complete. All that was required was for the food to be laid out and us to start eating. But, there was an extremely important thing that had to happen first. The four of us were the only ones in the kitchen so we opened a bottle of wine and discussed this next ‘thing’. We were standing around the island in the kitchen. I looked at the group and stopped on Marie, “I think we are ready to support you, Marie, on the next step in establishing your new lifestyle here. We have talked about it. Even though Mom has never been with Anthony and Helen hasn’t been with either of them, they have assured me they have no reservations about continuing our life practice here and extending our availability to not just the men but also the dogs. I think this is the smoothest way to introduce your desire for this lifestyle while we are here and to continue after we leave.”Helen was nearly in tears, but happy ones. “Thank you, all, so much. It really will be so much easier if I am one of four women.”We had all moved around to her and had a hand on her arm, shoulder or back. Mom attempted to establish final agreement, “So, we are a go, Marie?”“Yes. Thank you, again.”Mom looked at me, “Michele, you’re up. We’ll go upstairs to get ready, but I think you should talk for us with the guys when we re-enter the room.” After dressing, or undressing to be more accurate, we reassured Marie one final time before descending the grand stairs for the study. We are all in similar baby-doll negligees having a single tie at the breast, matching stockings and high heels. And that is all, of course. At the door we stop and check on Marie one last time, not to make her concerned, but we could always do this just for ourselves and Marie wouldn’t have to be included. She reaffirms, though, and I take hold of the door knob, pull it open and the three of us walk in. It takes a moment for Mr. R and Anthony to fully register what is happening. Their conversation continues until they see Tim’s smile and recognize that he is looking at the door. They are stunned to say the least and rise to join us. I have purposely stopped just inside the door to draw them as far as possible towards the door.Mr. R stumbles for just a moment, “When Tim announced that he hears your heels on the floor … I didn’t think that was going to be just about all you were wearing. Why?”I explain that we would like to institute similar dressing and availability at the estate; I, speaking for the family, requested that we be allowed to continue our dressing lifestyle unless he wouldn’t approved. And while I am speaking, we were slowly walking further into the room, making them part for us, so all the men are forced to turn away from the door in order to have their attention on us. He didn’t disapprove (that was a certainty) and he would be sure to give us notice of anyone coming to the house. Carlos is the one needing to be reassured about this, “Are you sure? I hope you knew there was no expectation. I merely wanted you to spend more time with us.”“We’re sure, Sir. We all like this lifestyle. And, that includes availability to us, our bodies.” He looks at Mom and Helen, “You feel the same way? You don’t have the relationship with Anthony or me like Michele does.” They both nod.Tim adds for his reassurance, “Carlos, we’ve all talked about this because, you are right, there was no expectation, this isn’t our home, and they don’t know you two as well as Michele. But this was their idea, not mine, and certainly not because of any pressure they expected from you.”But it is behind them that the verbal response comes and it is from Marie. With their backs to the door, she has quietly entered the room. She is dressed like us, sheer baby-doll negligee, stockings and heels. “Yes, Carlos, all of us.” Marie walks through the men to join us. This is the introduction she wanted from us and planned to just continue the practice after we leave. He turned at the voice he knows so well and watches with a stunned expression as she walks past them to stand among us. “Marie? What … you intend this, too? Are you sure? We would never have asked or …” “Shhhh, of course you wouldn’t. I have given myself to each of you earlier in the week as the first step, to give you an indication of what I wanted. I also told each of you at the time that I would take additional steps. This is one of them. I loved the lifestyle they share in their family; it is so open, honest, and loving. I love you two so very much and I know you love me the same way. And just like them, I am not a slut or your slut, your toy, or a submissive. But, I am yours.” She walks between Carlos and Anthony and they take her into their joint embrace. This was the perfect initiator she had hoped for, one that could be provided to gracefully introduce the change for the estate.“I can’t believe this. This is how you truly feel, Marie?”“This is how I truly feel. I have for a long time, it just took these four to get me to that place where I could comfortably give it to you. Then, it had been so long that I was untouchable that I didn’t know how to introduce it. They suggested this.”Anthony stunned us all, “Excellent!” He gave her a pat on her bare butt, took her hand and made a couple steps toward the door, “Let’s go upstairs.” Then, he stopped and started laughing but took a still surprised Marie into his arms and swung her around with his powerful body and arms. Still holding her in his arms, he looked at the surprised looks on our faces, “Just k**ding, but this is wonderful. I have sensed a tension in this wonderful woman for a while now and was growing increasingly concerned. Carlos and I even began questioning if the counselor was such a good idea. Clearly, it was. She just needed a little more assistance to fully open to want she wanted.” He kissed her on the lips but his enthusiasm was catching all of us, “Thank you, all of you, because I am sure you were all involved. And, not because there will be sex in the house, although that will be nice, but because this one can be fully with us the way she wants to be, without fears and trepidation.”She hit his shoulder, “Put me down.” Once down she took a step away from him, “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” But she had a teasing smile on her face. He reached out for her arm and she ran through the door squealing.Mr. R turned to us with a huge smile on his face. “Anthony is right. This is the best thing that could have been given to us. That joyful and carefree sound has been missing from her. Thank you.”Mom has Helen take the men to the dining room. Mr. R is seated at the head of the table. There are three additional chairs on each side of the table. Anthony is seated at the middle chair to his right and Tim in the middle chair to his left. That leaves chairs for us women with men between us. The meal is good, there is lots of energy in the discussions, considerations for activities to fill our days to come. Undoubtedly, the source of the energy and excitement in everyone is the underlying new realization that the house will be filled with sexual play and sharing and everybody will be included. Tomorrow, we’ll let them in on the next step for Marie, but tonight will be interesting enough for now.Carlos stood from the table, “Should we have a drink here or in the Great Room?”Anthony answered immediately, “The Great Room. We’ll have more room to lounge and mingle.”Mom stood but had other ideas, “We’ll do the dishes quickly, put the left-overs in the refrigerator and join you soon.” Mr. R started to protest, but Tim took him by the shoulders and guided him out the door into the hallway. Anthony was chuckling, “Face it Carlos, this might be your house but I do believe she is taking it over.”I looked over at Mom. She heard it and was blushing. “I didn’t mean to do that. Am I causing a problem?”I grabbed some plates, silverware, and napkins and started for the kitchen. “No, Mom, you are not. I don’t think Mr. R is upset. He just isn’t used to someone taking control in his environment and Anthony is enjoying rubbing it in.”Marie added, “Barb, she’s right. He appreciates people with strength and taking control. He isn’t used to it being done here, but believe me, he is wondering right now what he needs to do to hold onto you.” She was chuckling at the joke, but I was thinking the exact same thing. And, I knew their history, the looks, the blush, the tenderness and easy relationship from the first introduction … when she was naked in our backyard. But, he also noticed her wedding ring and left it alone.With the kitchen cleaned up, we joined the men in the Great room. The Great Room was a family room on steroids. You name the entertainment equipment and it was in there. Not to mention the largest flat curved TV I had ever seen. I had only just begun to hear about these screens that were curved and he already had one mounted in his house. And, I bet it didn’t get used too much. But, I thought of one video that would look great up there.I pointed to the TV, “Helen, can you see yourself up there much bigger than life when we show your commitment ceremony?”She looked over, “Oh … my … god! That is the biggest TV I have ever seen!”Anthony perked up and as he brought Helen her drink, looking her up and down in the process, very obviously, “That’s right, you brought a dog, too. So, when do escort bursa we get the chance to see you with him?”Marie was shocked, “Anthony! Behave yourself.”Helen just walked up to him, holding her drink out to the side, pressed her nearly naked body into him and ground her pelvis into his groin. “That’s okay, Marie. I think he’s all tease, anyway.”Oh, oh. Our girl was about to get this party really started, but before Anthony could counter, Carlos intervened, “Okay, before we lose complete control of this evening … which I guess couldn’t really be a bad thing, but …” He stood and we sat in chairs and sofas. Helen moving to a nearby chair when her arm was grabbed and she found herself sitting in Anthony’s lap with his arm around her and a hand on a breast. “Not so fast, you tease. I want you right here.”She looked across to me with the sexiest smile on her face. So far she was the only one being felt up. “Tease? Little me? I assure you Anthony, I was not teasing.” She kissed him on the lips.He shook his head, “I think I’ve been manipulated.”Mr. R was standing in front of them smiling, “Anthony, I think we have a lot to learn about this lifestyle we are finding ourselves in. It seems clear to me that I have already lost control of my own house to this beautiful woman” indicating Mom “and this young, least experienced of these beautiful women, has already turned this group in smoldering embers ready to burst into flame.” He raised his glass in the air, “To the ladies!”I glanced over at Anthony and Helen. She was wiggling into him, he had placed his drink on the table and was now using both hands on her breasts, but her wiggling was clearly intentional and purposeful.Marie was watching the same thing, “Having trouble over there, Anthony? You’re the one fondling her but you have the look of someone who is not comfortable.”“Damn right. That cute butt of hers is … oh, never mind. What were you saying, Carlos?”“Yes, what was I saying? Well, before those two burst into flames …” we all laughed “… I want to thank you all. I am looking forward to these next ten days like I haven’t looked forward to anything in a long time. I now see, Barb, why you insisted on cleaning up right away. Now everybody can relax. I know our travelers are probably tired or will soon realize it with the drinks and … whatever happens next. But, first, I want to say something … and I don’t mean to embarrass you, Marie, but I’ll just be honest.” I looked back to Helen and her complete attention was now on Mr. R. He again expressed his joy at seeing Marie able, finally, to express her feelings and be open to receiving theirs. I believed that he was truly appreciative of the change that has come over her since her return from visiting us. Marie was blushing, but I could also tell that she was deeply appreciative.He came to me, took my drink and placed it with his on a table and pulled me up to stand in front of him. He put his hands on my arms, then pulled me into him. For a minute I thought this was going to be submissive suggestion for me, but no. He separated us slightly, “Michele, I want everyone, your family, my family, to hear this so everyone understands what I want from you going forward.” He kissed my lips softly and stroked my cheek, “I have treasured my relationship with you as a submissive partner and friend. We have done some amazing things in the past and they have been exciting to an extreme for me and I hope for you, also.”“Of course, Sir. You know they have been.” I could feel myself slipping into the submissive, “I hope I haven’t somehow not properly exhibited that, Sir.”“Oh, Michele, whether you are Michele or Destiny, you have always been a truly amazing woman and as a submissive I couldn’t find fault in any challenge Tim and I have agreed to. But, more than the submissive side that is so extreme and stimulating, what I cherish even more is our personal relationship. The non-submissive Michele, the woman who loves us for who we are only, not from control, even if that is enjoyable for you. What I want, dear, is for our relationship to formally change, I want you to use my first name, Carlos. Will you do that for me?”“Does that mean you don’t want to use me as a submissive, anymore?” I wasn’t liking the sound of this very much. I had been feeling myself slipping into submission just a moment ago and now he didn’t want to use that side of me, any longer?“Oh, no. Like I said, I do enjoy that side, too. But, the references of ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr. R’ are appropriate for times in the submissive role, but otherwise, I would value more the expression of a friend, of a personal relationship.”I saw Helen slightly turn in Anthony’s lap and put her arms around his neck and kiss him deeply on the lips. The kiss was long and I knew there was tongue getting involved as I saw his hands inside her negligee on her bare back. She looked into his eyes and got up, went to Carlos, and gave him a hug and kiss in front of me. “I’m sorry, everybody, but I didn’t realize just how tired I was. I think I need to go to bed right now.”Anthony sputtered, “What? I … thought …”She looked at me with an exasperated look on her face, rolled her eyes, and flashed me a smile . She had Anthony wrapped around her finger. She turned to him, curled her finger repeatedly in a ‘come here’ gesture, “Silly man, I meant YOUR bed.”He was up and picked her up in his arms. She squealed, put her arms around his neck and her face on his shoulder and she winked at me, “Oooooo, Anthony, you’re soooooo strong!” She winked, again.Carlos saw that (‘Carlos’, that felt so good to say) and groaned, “I think we’re in trouble with you women.”Mom was at his side, “She’s younger and more playful, but this is unusual. I think she may actually be quite tired and has gone slightly over the edge. But, yes, I tend to agree with you, I think you may be in trouble with us, too. But, will that really be bad?”He put his arms around her waist, “No, dear lady, it is definitely not going to be bad.” He looked at the rest of us, “Well, this feels bold of me, but if I understand the concept of your lifestyle, ‘available’ mean available. So … I am going to take this lovely woman, lock up the house, and we’re going to retire to my suite. Is that okay, Tim?”“You understand the concept perfectly. Goodnight, you two.”I looked at him and then Marie, “Well, my husband, it appears you are stuck with us.”“Yeah, right, stuck is hardly the description I would use being with you two. Should we also go to our suite or have another drink and go more slowly?”“Hmmmm, Marie, I say we relax, have another drink but a small one. Then we suck him off quickly and then take him up to the room. Then we can perform some more oral until he is ready, then he’ll last longer as he fucks us.”“Fuck both of us? At the same time?”“Well, almost at the same time. We’ll lie on top of each other and he can go back and forth between us. After he has cum, he should last long enough.”“Uhm, ladies? I’m right here … do I have something to say about this?”I looked at Marie and she smiled at me, we turned to him and at the exact same moment replied, “NO”.Marie went to make more drinks while I proceeded to undress my husband. He started unbuttoning his shirt and I playfully slapped his hands away. “I am perfectly capable of undressing my man.” I snuck a peek at his face as I was working on his belt, “Tim, tell me honestly because we kind of took over here to support Marie, did tonight go okay? I mean, do you think we rushed it too much?”“From Marie’s perspective or from Carlos and Anthony’s?”“The men. Marie has been feeling my butt, I know she is good with the way this got introduced.”“They’re fine. Right now they are in a bit of shock. Suddenly having four women available to them … that’s a big change. And it will sink in to them that when we leave, Marie will still be here and providing the same availability.” “And, what about Carlos and Mom? Did you see it, too?”“Yes, I think we were right about that. Are the dogs going to come into play tomorrow morning with Marie?”“That’s the plan.”“Then, I will get Carlos aside after that is evident.”I had him naked at this point, his cloths piled on the floor. I licked his cock from the base to the head. “Hmmmmmmm, I do love your cock, Sir.”He took my head in his hands and turned it up to look at him, “Honey, you are the love of my life. You know I love your mom and Helen, but you are my true soul mate. I love you as my partner in life. I also love your submissive side, but I have no plans of submission on this visit. That will have to happen from Carlos. I want my wife as much as possible this trip.”“Oh, Tim, I do love you so much. It’s just that when I am feeling like this, that side starts showing itself.”“And that is fine. I don’t want you to suppress your feelings and emotions. I want you as you, however that might be expressed.”Marie was next to us holding three drinks, “What are you two looking so serious about? This was supposed to be playful time.”She gave us each our drinks and we cuddled in on either side of Tim. I kissed Tim’s bare shoulder and lazily ran my hand up and down his already hard cock, “We were just expressing our love, dear. And, before you ask, no, you are not intruding.” We casually sipped our drinks, softly teased each other with hands and discussed options for the coming days. Marie said she had a number of ideas and knew that Carlos also did. But she said they wanted to be sure to give us plenty of ‘down time’ to relax and re-energize.I downed the last of my drink quickly and kissed both of them on the lips before sliding off the couch and between Tim’s legs. “You two just carry on as you are, I can’t resist my husband any longer.” And with that I took his not quick hard but not soft cock into my mouth and sucked, licked and kissed the head. I could hear them, but I soon lost any interest in what the words were as I put my full attention to his cock. Soon my mouth was being nudged aside and I found Marie kneeling on the couch next to Tim and she was trying to get her mouth to his cock. I smiled and moved down to his balls. At first I was lick and mouthing around the base of his cock and his balls. Then I took his sack into my hands sucked one ball at a time into my mouth, rolling my tongue over it and sucking harder, then softer. Between the two of us he was soon raising his hips off the couch and groaning out his release. Marie and I took turns at the head of his cock, taking his seed while trying not to miss any. Then we licked his cock completely clean, then licked and kissed each other, removing any stray bits of cum from our lips and face.We snuggled with him for a number of minutes before I stood and put my hand out to him. “Come, my husband. We are taking you to bed now.” I gathered up his clothes and the three of us held hands as we made our way up to the room. There, we teased him back into an erection, I had Marie görükle escort lie on top of me, both of us with legs spread wide, and we kissed. And, while we kissed, Tim penetrated first Marie for a number of strokes and then lowered himself slightly to penetrate and fuck me. Back and forth he fucked us as we made out in each other’s arms. It was slow and it was a wonderful change.When Carlos took Mom out of the room, they went to each door of the house where he checked the security of each door. But at each stop he took her in his arms and kissed her, slipping his hands inside her negligee to cup her ass cheek, slide them up her back, down and up her sides, grazing her breasts and finally cupping them as they kissed. This happened at each of the four doors. Mom was dripping wet as they left what she thought was the last door. He had long since untied the tie at her breast and the baby-doll negligee was hanging open and behind her as she walked. When Carlos took her back to the front door that they had locked previously, she was growing anxious, feeling played with, but she didn’t realize how much so until he opened the front door and holding her hand took her outside, down the steps and down the drive to the main gate. He pressed her up to the gate so she was looking out onto the street. He pressed up against her, his hands fondling her breasts, tweaking a nipple periodically as he kissed her neck and shoulder.“Carlos …”“Yes, Barb?”“Carlos, please, I need … I need …”“Say it Barb, my love.”“I need you to fuck me … please.”“Now? Here, in view of the public street?”“I don’t care where. If this is where you will fuck me, then, yes, here, right here in front of anyone happening by.” He turned her around and she went into him, hugging him tightly, “But I would prefer to be fucked in your bed.”He smiled at her, held her face in his hands and kissed her, “You have a little bit of your daughter in you, Barb. But, just a little bit. Enough that I think you like to be challenged, but not to the extent of your daughter, just enough to be playful and excited. I like that difference.” He took her by the hand and led her back into the house, up the stairs and into his room. “Will you spend the night with me, Barb? After we please each other, will you stay in my arms for the night? I would like that very much.”She shed her open negligee which floated to her feet. She stepped out of her heels, then started unbuttoning his shirt, slid it off his shoulders and arms, and ran her palms and fingers over his chest, up to his shoulders, and to his face. She kissed him like he had kissed her downstairs. While he held her and returned the kiss, her hands slid down his body to his pant waist. There she found his belt, then the clasp and lowered the zipper. She dropped to her knees, untied his shoes, removed them and his socks, then pulled his pants down and helped him step out of them. She ran her hands up the outside of his legs to his waist and slowly raised up with her hands until her face was at his crotch level. She kissed his stomach above the waistband of his underwear, she used her tongue to trace a path up to his belly button in which she probed with its tip.She kissed her way back to the top of his underwear and with her fingers in the top, slowly lowered them, kissing each new inch of skin until the head of his cock, his rigid and erect cock, showed over the top. She kissed it, licked it, and finally engulfed it into her mouth. She lowered his underwear only a few more inches before they fell to the floor around his feet. As she gently cupped his hanging balls and kissed his erect cock, he stepped out of them. She looked up along his body, her chin against his cock and she smiled at him. She kissed it once more and stood up before him, rubbing her breasts and nipples the length of his body.“Barb, you haven’t answered my question.”“Carlos, I am standing in front of you naked as I have nearly been most of the evening. I am wet, horny, and ready. I have just undressed you, sucked your cock which I now hold in my hand. It is rigid, straining and I can feel it pulsing in my grip. Almost any man would be throwing me on the bed and literally taking me in his urgency. And you ask if I will spend the night in your bed after we … what? Make love?”“Yes.”“I think you are a beautiful man, Carlos. Perhaps one of only a few. Yes, Carlos, I will stay in your bed with you, tonight. I want very much to share your bed after we pleasure ourselves.”He then took her to his bed, pulled the cover down and encouraged her onto it in the center. “Can we do the old, conservative, missionary position tonight? It is not for supremacy in position. I want to do the work for you, I want to look into your eyes, your face, and I want to kiss you, whisper to you.”She didn’t answer, she didn’t need to. She merely crawled further up the bed, lay on her back, opened her legs, bent her knees and spread them wide. “I give myself to you, Carlos. See my urgency, my wetness on my lips? See me open and yearning for you? Come to me, Carlos. But … love me, tonight. Another time you can fuck me. Tonight, can you make love to me?”“My dear, beautiful, lovely lady. Yes, yes, I want to make love to you.” And he did. He was gentle, but he was good. He slowly entered her and she was right about her readiness. She was wet and open, he slid his penis into her easily and smoothly. She wrapped her legs around his hips and he drove smoothly and evenly into her. No rushing. No force, no driving urgency. He stroked smoothly into her, holding himself deep inside her as they kissed. He whispered to her and she whispered back to him. She held him tightly as she went through an orgasm and he slowed but didn’t stop his cock moving in and out of her, feeling her clenching pussy walls on his cock. And, after she recovered from her orgasm, he was still sliding in and out of her. She looked up at him, “You haven’t cum, yet? Pleasuring each other means you cum, too.”“Don’t worry, my love, I will. Unless you are getting sore …”“Sore? Carlos, you know how much fucking we do at home, right?”They continued, but now she focused her intentions on him. She willed the muscles surrounding her pussy to clamp down on his cock moving in and out of it. And it appeared to be having the desire effect. His breathing was becoming erratic and quick. And the concentration, the deliberate attention to the cock inside her also drove her steadily towards another orgasm. She loved it! When they both came, together, they cried out their release and surrendered to the jolts coursing through their bodies.After, when there is only recovery, only the tingling remnants of their union and joint pleasure, there is no consideration of staying or leaving. There is only spooning, one body molded along the other, gentle touches and even more gentle kisses and whispers.Even though he has only minutes before slipped out of her sodden pussy, she raises her leg slightly, reaches for his limp cock and massages it, and places it between her legs, against her wet, leaking pussy. She closes her leg and squeezes, using all the muscles she can muster there to create a sort of massage for his cock. He enjoys the attention, but knows it is useless. He has just cum and he is no longer young. But she persists and to his amazement, his cock starts growing, not fully into an real erection, but firm enough for the moment. She adjusts her position slightly and slips him inside her pussy. It is only the head but she continues with squeezing her pussy muscles and wiggling into his front and he grows inside her just a little more but that is all she needs. Just enough to feel him inside her pussy.“Thank you, Carlos. That was wonderful. I like the feel of you inside me. It is almost the best I have felt.”“Almost, huh?”“Not jealous, I hope. You shouldn’t be, the only better feeling is Tim.” She wiggles against him, raising her leg slightly and his cock slips a little further inside and he groans. “I know him so much better, Carlos, the way his cock feels in my hand, on my lips, tongue, and in my mouth. But most of all how it feels inside my pussy, where you are now. And, you feel wonderful.”He couldn’t get any closer to her than he already was, but he tried. “Dare I ask, sweet lady, how can I feel even better to you?”She hesitated. What was she feeling? What was this feeling in her? Besides his cock inside her, surrounded by her active and massaging muscles in her pussy, his arm around her, his hand on her breast and fingers playing with her nipple, his lips kissing her neck and shoulder, what was this feeling? “How can it feel better?” She pressed harder into him. How much closer did she think she could possibly get? Where was this going? Where did she want this to go? “Familiarity, Carlos, familiarity. Knowing you, how you love and feel, how we interact and join.”He paused. He paused long. She wondered if he might be hurt, rejected. But she felt it, distinctly she felt, his cock grow. It wasn’t a ‘maybe it grew’, he definitely grew. “So, what I am hearing is … I need to make love to you more.” She shuddered in his arms. And his cock grew inside her. It wasn’t a thrust, definitely not a thrust. It grew. “Shhhh. Sleep now.” And, without another thought she did. The travel, the arrival, the excitement of being here and the expectations of a wonderful ten days caught up with her. Not to mention the strong arms around her, the warmth of their embrace, the remaining glow of love making.Almost instantly, he felt her body sag completely in sleep. Her breathing even and shallow. “Barb?” Nothing. He moved slightly, he even flexed his pelvis and moved his cock inside her. Nothing. “Barb?” Still nothing. He held her tighter but still with the love he felt. “I think I love you, Barb. No, I know I love you. Not like Michele or Marie. More. I think I have from the first time I met you, when Tim and I surprised you and Michele that day so long ago. Or, so it seems now. You were in the back of the property. You two had been with the dog, we surprised you and you wanted so much to stay behind your daughter but they, Michele and Tim, wanted to introduced us so much. You were naked, like Michele. But, of course you were, you had been with the dog. Then, I noticed your wedding ring. And, later in your divorce, I wanted so desperately to protect you and avenge you pain, but Tim wisely knew better. Then, you three were married and I facilitated it. Oh, Barbara, that was so hard for me. But, each time we met afterwards … remember the first time? I was in town for a meeting and we went to dinner, the four of us, and then to my hotel suite. We all believed that Michele would come to me and you to Tim. But, it didn’t happen that way; you came to me. And, it happened other times afterwards. I have felt this way for a long time, it feels like.” He held her tightly to his body and felt her against him. “And, someday … someday, my dear lady … I will be able to say all this to you … when you are awake.” And he, too, cuddled in for sleep.* * * CHAPTER 52D: HOLIDAYS ON THE ISLAND: ENJOYING PARADISE will follow * * * Thanks for reading.



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