message to a friendI posted these messages to a mate of mine here on xham a couple of years ago but I don’t know if he ever got to read them. He later told me that he hadn’t been on xham for quite some time and had forgotten his login password so I didn’t get a reply and he never mentioned it so I guess not. Or maybe he did but was too embarrassed to reply, my messages were pretty full on and candid after all. I’d been denied sex from the wife for over a year by this time and was all alone feeling really horny and had had quite a bit to drink and smoke. I just felt compelled at that moment to let him know what I was feeling. We’d had a few sexual encounters together in the years before and also a few threesomes with his now ex wife and was reminiscing and stroking my hard cock whilst watching some of the pics and movie clips I have of the past fun we had. Although nothing more has happened between us since then I still look back on those clips and wank myself off to them regularly.The last time was after a party in September of 2014 when everyone had left and we found ourselves in the hot tub wanking each other beneath the bubbles before sucking each other and letting him fuck my arse. The enjoyment was cut short however because just as I was pushing my cock into his arse we were caught by my wife. That was such an awkward moment and took a lot of explaining in the days after, blaming it on being very drunk and just messing about. That was the last time, the nail in the coffin so to speak. Nothing has happened since but maybe one day. The only thing changed in these messages are his and my wife’s names everything else is verbatim .—-Dude, guess what? It’s 27 Dec 2015, xmas bash night and I’m here all alone drinking by myself.Decided I needed a well deserved wank here on xham and came across your profile. Don’t suppose you get on here much these days or if you’ll even get to read this message, I hope so. Maybe you do still logon occasionally. Anyway, been looking at your pics and it’s got me hard as a rock and thinking about all the fun we’ve had over the years with Jackie and together, you know. I miss it especially on nights like tonight, exmas bash night. Now I know I’m well pissed right now and I’ll probably regret illegal bahis typing this tomorrow but so fuckin what, we’re mates, we got history b*o! I think it was 3 years ago today maybe 4 now, after everyone had left and we were the last ones, still smoking and drinking and ending up with us getting horny together. I remember you throwing up outside then the next minute we had our cocks out wanking and sucking each other, fuck that was hot, I’m so turned on right now thinking about it. I sometimes wonder if you ever think about those times when you’re wanking. I don’t mind telling you that I do quite often. I even let you fuck my arse that night, that’s not something you forget eh! All I remember is that it felt fuckin incredible, really! the feeling of your cock sliding in and out of my arse was amazing and I’m sure it felt good for you too eh! I think it’s 3 times you’ve fuck my arse now isn’t it? which brings me to the last time which we’ve never spoken about since, the hot-tub incident, remember. I’ve wanted to chat to you about it for ages but never really got the chance. Maybe the embarrassment of us getting caught by Linda. Fuck, that took me ages to convince her that we were just messing about and not up to anything else. The worst thing about being caught when we did was that I didn’t get to fuck your arse or did I? My hard cock tip was pressing hard up against your tight little hole, at least that’s what I remember. I did get a finger in you asshole though at one point. Up until that though I gotta say it was one of the most horniest nights I can ever remember beginning with my hand going up your shorts leg, remember? and tugging on your flaccid cock, although soft it felt pretty big in my hand I can tell you and soon grew rock hard. I gotta say one thing though is that when you get a boner you fuckin’ get a BONER man, hard as steel! but then feeling your hand doing the same, reaching up my shorts leg. It’s a shame my shorts were so damn tight making it difficult but I soon pulled them down a bit to give your wandering hand access. Feeling you hand playing with my balls and stroking my cock as I did the same to you under all those bubbles was absolutely amazing. Even after John had joined us in the hot-tub illegal bahis siteleri your hands were still all over my cock and mine over yours. Naughty eh! but fucking horny you gotta agree. Sucking your cock under water was another experience I’ve chalked up, must have felt good for you eh, and after some more wanking and sucking each other you asked to fuck my arse. It felt so good the last time (xmas bash) how could I refuse? I think you fucked me twice before asking me to fuck you ‘do me’ you said, ‘do me’. only to be disturbed by Linda catching us. Ha, we can laugh about it now but it was great fun at the time. That was the last sexy fun we had I think, late summer 2014. Good times mate!think I’ll continue in another message it getting pretty long (like my cock! oops!) and it’s now 10:55pm—-ok, so if you haven’t read the previous message I suggest you do first before reading this one.11:25pm and I’m still sitting here drinking, smoking and wanking all by myself. Been having a great time watching our pics and vids reminiscing. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years now since we first took those sexy pics of Jackie flashing her tits in my kitchen. July 19 2005. Here’s a few more key moments in our sexventures -2006 6 oct – first pics of Jackie wanking us both off over her tits2007 30 jan – first pics of me fucking Jackie2007 24 feb – first time I touched your cock as you were fucking Jackie2009 22 july – first time we got our dicks out and wanked each other2009 8 sept – first time I sucked your cock (we were very pissed)2011 20 feb – you asked me to show you my cock and proceeded to wank me off and even gave me a little suck (your 1st time I believe)2012 22 Jul – wanked each other and you filmed me jacking off and cumming2012 29 Jul – first time I let you fuck me and you came in my arse2013 27 Dec- fun after xmas bash, fucked my arse hard this time and it felt amazing and actually made me cum!2014 – the hot-tub incident, fucking hot it was too!Just watched the vid of us both fucking Jackie and the one where I pick her up and shoot my load all over her face, good times! but even then I wanted to grab hold of your dick and give it a wank or a suck. So glad I finally got the chance and grateful to you canlı bahis siteleri for returning the favour, thanks, thats what mates are for eh! sure would love to do it again sometime if you fancy. I know you’re engaged and that now but I know you, you’re a perv just like me so pop round one evening if you feel like it, just for a chat, smoke or drink if you like but I’m always up for something more if you are ok. Like I say, I’m probably gonna regret sending this tomorrow but It’s just that I’m feeling pretty lonely and messed up right now as well as being pissed and stoned. you kinda open up more when in that state eh! anyway, it’s now 12:22am, thinks its time to stop typing and finish my wank remembering more fun times at the xmas bash. See ya!Hope you had a great xmas and enjoy a happy new year—-ok, it’s the day after and as I thought I feel kinda foolish for sending you those messages last night but don’t regret doing it entirely. I had things to say, get off my chest, you know and I was caught in the moment, pissed, stoned, lonely, sex starved and horny as fuck. Can you imagine whats it’s like to not have any kind of sex for over a year now except with my right hand. No feeling of my cock sliding into a nice warm, wet pussy or getting sucked on or even to feel someone’s hand stroking my hard cock or even a feel of some soft breasts or cunt (or cock!). That’s what it’s like for me mate. Linda hasn’t allowed me anywhere near her for over a year now and I’m so sexually frustrated it’s beyond belief. It makes you think with more of an open mind, makes you realize that any kind of sex that feels good is no bad thing at all. And right now I’ll take anything on offer, lol. Doesn’t matter if I’m sucking on a nice juicy pussy or a hard cock, at the end of the day I’m giving pleasure to someone and that makes me feel good, a feeling I haven’t had in so long. And it’s not gay, at least not how I see it. Wanting to spend your life with someone of the same sex or only being attracted to the same sex is my definition of gay and that certainly isn’t me. I just love pussy too much as you do, just a shame I don’t even get that any more. Anyway, I’m going on a bit again, sorry for that. And if I’ve overstepped the mark I’m sorry too, just say ok. If not it would be nice to hear back from you, either way. I do miss our little chats and stuff. Poor ‘ol lonesome me eh!It’s such a shame no one came again last night. Maybe next year eh!Oh, and have a great new year!See ya



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