Megan had been her uncle’s whore for over a month now. She hadn’t had an active social life before, being a year older than her classmates, but by now the 18-year old didn’t participate in any after school activities. She knew that she had to rush home from school, do her homework, shower and be prepared for Uncle Dan’s return from work.

The times she hadn’t been ready for him in time she’d had to bitterly regret. He’d accused her of not being a devoted whore and threatened to not fuck her anymore. She’d begged his forgiveness and so far he’d taken her back every time, telling her that her tight little cunt had saved her. She’d had to take the punishment for being disobedient though. Sometimes she got a spanking from his hand, other times he used his whip on her. But she knew that she had to be punished if she broke the rules.

Sometimes he took her out on dates and he’d started buying her outfits to wear on their outings. She was always naked when she was in the house and Uncle Dan kept her clothes under lock and key. Every morning he left an outfit for her to wear to school. He often “forgot” to leave her underwear or a bra, especially when he’d chosen a short skirt or tight shirt, and Megan had to spend the day hiding her full tits from the eyes of her fellow students, and keeping her legs closed so that nobody could see her hairless slit.

The outfits he chose for their dates were always provocative. She now had an impressive collection of crotchless teddies and cupless bras. Uncle Dan told her that since she was a whore she should dress like one so that everybody could see her for what she was. She would get dirty looks from other women, and Uncle Dan laughed as other men lusted after her. His favourite trick was to cup her ass as they left the restaurant where they’d been eating, slowly pulling her short skirt up to show off her naked cheeks.

It was Friday again and Megan was looking forward to another long weekend, enjoying the feeling of her uncle’s cock in her cunt and her mouth. Uncle Dan had mentioned something about a surprise and she wondered if they were going to be even more adventurous on their outings. Last time he’d taken her to watch a porn movie in a seedy cinema and she’d had to suck him till he came while he watched the action on the screen. Then she’d sat on his lap as he fucked her for the rest of the movie. The other men in the theatre stopped watching the movie and watched them instead. One even offered Uncle Dan money to fuck her, but he’d turned him down.

She’d only just finished her shower when she heard Uncle Dan’s car. He was early tonight. She quickly dried herself and ran to the entrance hall and kneeled by the door, waiting to suck her uncle’s meat hard for the evening’s fuck fest. When the door opened she didn’t just see one pair of legs, but two. She raised her head in shock and looked up to see not only Uncle Dan, but also another man that she hadn’t seen for years.

“Uncle Ron?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, babe, it’s me!” he laughed and pulled her up to hug him. “Haven’t you filled out nicely? You’re even more beautiful than your mother was when I fucked her the first time.”

Megan couldn’t believe what he was saying. Uncle Ron had been 2 years older than her mother and he’d emigrated to Australia before she was born.

“Don’t look so surprised. Your mother shared a house with me when we went to college and she was my whore. We spent many hours fucking our brains out and when we needed some pocket money I found someone who was willing to pay to fuck her. That’s how she met your old man. He came and fucked her once a week and then when she graduated she took off with him, to be his whore. That’s when I left the country.”

“And now history repeats itself,” Uncle Dan laughed. “Except Megan isn’t going to run off with any men. I plan on keeping her to myself. Her cunt is way too sweet for me to sell.”

“Yeah, and you don’t have to worry about earning money,” Uncle Ron filled in. “But I do hope you’ll share our niece’s cunt with me. I didn’t come halfway around the world for nothing.”

“Of course you can have her cunt, but let’s keep this one in the family. Our little niece whore shouldn’t have to spread her legs for other men. We have other whores for that.”

Megan listened in amazement as her uncles started talking business. It was apparent that they didn’t make the bulk of their money doing their normal jobs. They had a string of sex clubs where their whores made them a small fortune. She spent the evening serving them coffee and cooking for them. Then, as her uncles relaxed after the meal, Uncle Ron zipped his pants open and pulled his cock out.

“Be a good girl and suck your uncle’s cock,” he said.

Megan looked at Uncle Dan who nodded in approval. She went straight zümrütevler escort bayan to work. Uncle Ron’s cock wasn’t as long as Uncle Dan’s, but it sure was monster thick. She hungrily wrapped her lips around it and her tongue lapped up the generous precum that was gathered on his mushroom head. She licked the length of his shaft and then took his balls in her mouth, teasing them with her tongue, and then she let her tongue follow the veins up to the thick head once more and wrap her lips around it again. Uncle Ron moaned as she sucked him into her mouth. He placed his hands on her head and forced himself into her throat and she could feel him moving his hips up and down, fucking her mouth.

All of a sudden she felt a foot parting her legs and then Uncle Dan’s hands cupped her tits. He was naked now, she could feel his cock hard against her ass as he pinched and pulled her heavy tits. Megan could feel that her pussy was leaking so much now that she would start dripping on the carpet any minute. As if Uncle Dan had read her mind, he lay down on the floor and manoeuvred his head in between her thighs. One light touch of her pussy lips with his tongue brought on a shower of his niece’s sweet juices, which he happily lapped up.

Uncle Ron forced himself into her throat one more time as Uncle Dan’s tongue snaked itself inside her tight cunt. Her moans were deafened by the giant cock in her mouth, which she sucked with even more fervour than before now that her own pussy was being attended by Uncle Dan. She squealed in surprise and delight when a finger, recently lubricated in her wet cunt, made its way inside her virgin asshole, recently exposed by her uncle’s hands that were pulling her feminine ass cheeks apart.

Megan was in slut heaven. The big cock in her mouth tasted so good and Uncle Dan’s tongue was teasing her cunt mercilessly. With a finger in her asshole it was only a matter of time before she showered her uncle with her cum juices and he wasn’t disappointed. Her cries were muffled by the cock she was sucking and her body nearly collapsed as the violent orgasm took possession of her body.

Uncle Dan kept teasing her clit and it wasn’t long after her orgasm that she was on fire again. Uncle Ron pulled out of her mouth and his big tool was glistening with her saliva. He was bone hard and his shaft was throbbing as he made his niece get on her hands and knees before him. He placed his thumbs on her wet lips and viewed the soaking hole that was waiting for him to impale. Megan didn’t have to wait long. Soon Uncle Ron’s cock rammed into her, burying itself in her warm haven in one hard and fast stroke. She cried out with pleasure and Uncle Ron reached down and pinched her tits.

Uncle Ron started picking up a fast and furious pace as he fucked his niece. Uncle Dan kneeled in front of her and she quickly sucked his big tool into her mouth. She sucked him as though she’d just been given her favourite lollipop. Uncle Dan reached down for her tits that were hanging like ripe grapefruits from her chest, sent bouncing with Uncle Ron’s every thrust. He pinched her nipples and started pulling them in opposite directions. The feeling sent shockwaves straight to Megan’s clit that was already constantly pounded by her uncle’s big balls.

“Are you ready to cum, baby?” Uncle Ron panted, the pace of his pussy pounding now as fast as he could go.

Megan’s reply was barely audible for the cock that was now stuck in her throat, gagging her almost completely. Uncle Ron reached around and started massaging her clit with one hand and then hooked one finger inside her ass. Megan didn’t stand a chance. Once again her body gave in, gripping Uncle Ron’s cock tight as she started shaking. Uncle Ron didn’t need any further encouragement and he shot his load straight up his niece’s cunt while grinding himself tight against her. He eventually pulled out and his last two squirts landed on Megan’s ass.

“Oh, baby,” he sighed. “You’re a great fuck, even better than your mother!”

Uncle Dan pulled out of her mouth and lay down on the floor. Megan ran a finger through the cum juices that were sipping out of her cunt. They tasted great. Then she straddled her uncle and let her cunt engulf his shaft as she started riding him. Uncle Ron moved next to her and stuck his cock in her face for her to clean her juices off it. By the time she was done he was hard again and he kneeled behind her, cupping her tits, kneading them and pinching her nipples. He kissed her neck and gave her little love bites.

“Keep riding your Uncle Dan, my little whore niece,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Megan didn’t need to be told twice. She rode Uncle Dan hard and he reached up to catch aydınlı escort bayan her tits as they bounced freely. Then Uncle Ron came back with a tube in his hand.

“Dan,” he said. “Hold her tight.”

Uncle Dan wrapped his arms around Megan and started kissing her deeply. As his tongue searched itself down her throat she felt a cold gel on her asshole. This was followed by Uncle Ron’s finger, slowly massaging her tight hole, spreading the gel evenly. Then she felt a squirt into her tight passage, followed again by Uncle Ron’s finger. It was deep inside her now, massaging her and relaxing her muscles. There was the sound of a final squirt, which she guessed much have gone on his cock. Uncle Ron’s preparations of her hole had worked well and his mushroom head popped inside her without much difficulty. Uncle Dan had stopped fucking her cunt and was now buried deep inside her, not moving, while Uncle Ron slowly, slowly fit more of his shaft in his niece’s asshole.

Megan thought she was going to explode. The pain that Uncle Ron was inflicting in her ass was immense, but it wasn’t a bad pain. It was a sexy pain. It was a horny pain. With one cock in her cunt, the second cock was an extreme turn-on and she kept wanting him to go deeper. Then he pulled out again, almost completely, and the next time he inched himself inside her he went faster and the pain was much less. It didn’t take long for her uncles to build up a rhythm whereby they were fucking her two holes at a similar pace, bringing themselves and Megan great pleasure.

Once again Megan was the first to give in. She couldn’t control herself anymore and she cried out as her body started shaking and her cunt gripped Uncle Dan’s cock hard. This sent Uncle Dan over the edge and he started shooting his load into her womb just as Uncle Ron couldn’t stop the pleasure of his niece’s tight asshole from sending him over the edge again. Megan had virtually no strength left in her body as her uncles’ cocks slowly slid out of her, leaving two gaping holes that were dripping cum onto the floor.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” said Uncle Ron and smiled at her as he stood up. “You’re a wonderful cum bucket. It was great fucking you. I hope your Uncle Dan will share you again next time I’m in town.”

Uncle Ron kissed her deeply and disappeared in the direction of the bathroom. Uncle Dan took Megan in his arms and kissed her.

“You did well tonight baby,” he said between kisses. “I’m going to have a shower now and then I have to take Ron to the airport. You clean up the cum from the carpet and straighten out the kitchen and then you can have a shower and go to bed. I probably won’t be back from the airport until the early hours so you don’t have to wait for me by the door, but make sure your cunt is nice and moist when I get back.”

“Yes, Uncle Dan,” Megan nodded and set to clean up after the night’s fucking. Uncle Ron came and kissed her goodbye before he left. It was after midnight when Megan finally got to bed and she started dreaming about being fucked by her two uncles. She got hornier and hornier in her dreams and she didn’t want to wake up from the sweet feeling, but something pulled her out of her dream. As she finally realised that she was awake she could tell that her ankles had been strapped to the bed and Uncle Dan was licking her wet cunt.

“Oh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss,” was all she could say as the friction of his stubble brought her immeasurable pleasure.

When Uncle Dan knew she was awake he moved up her body, kissing her tummy, then sucking her tits before he rested his lips against hers, letting her taste her pussy.

“Did you like being fucked by your two uncles?” he asked her as he bit her lips.

“Oh yes, Uncle Day,” she sighed happily at the memory.

“Did you enjoy having your Uncle Ron’s cock in your ass?”

“Oh yes, it was wonderful.”

“You’re such a dirty little whore,” he mused. “The dirtier I get with you the more you love it, isn’t that true?”

“Yes, Uncle Dan.”

“I love it, baby,” he smiled. “I love how you’re my own personal whore. I meant what I said earlier. I’ll never sell you. You’re my whore, and only mine. I’ll only share you with family. Now, let’s fuck before I pass out.”

Megan’s legs were parted wide with her ankles being tied and Uncle Dan slipped quickly inside her dripping cunt. He didn’t take time to tease her, he just slammed straight into her waiting hole and started pounding. He fucked her fast and furiously. Her cunt was hot and wet and he was horny. He’d had a release several hours ago, but he needed another one before being able to fall asleep. His body weight rested on his arms on either side of Megan’s chest and he looked down at her heavy tits, made to bounce with his gebze escort pounding of her tight cunt.

Her cunt was battered after the night’s exercises, but Megan loved the feeling of that hard shaft impaling her with each thrust. He was going fast now. She didn’t think he’d fucked her this fast before. His sweat dripped onto her and he had a determined look on his face. She looked down at how his cock kept disappearing into her hairless snatch. Then he made a final hard thrust, grinding himself into her clit. She started cumming as she felt his cock twitching in her cunt and then he grunted as he shot his big load deep inside her. When they were done cumming he collapsed on top of her and she could hardly breathe. She felt his cock slowly shrinking inside her when he turned over and started snoring. She managed to reach down and untie her ankles and soon she settled in her uncle’s arms and fell asleep again.

The next morning Uncle Dan fucked his niece slowly in the shower. He then towelled her off before getting dressed. He watched some TV, but could hardly concentrate as Megan did the housework in the nude. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it and soon he got Megan to suck him off, drinking his hot cum. He went out to the shop and when he came back Megan was kneeling by the door. She’d finished cleaning the house and she’d showered again and he could tell by the slightly red blush to her pussy that she was freshly shaved. He made her lie down on the kitchen table and ate her for dinner before standing up, bending her forward across the table and fucking her again. He then made her stay in that position and watched her cum mixed juices trickle down the insides of her thighs before he licked it up.

The next few months continued in the same way. Uncle Dan fucked his little whore every chance he got and he tested her devotion to him in ever increasingly extreme ways. She even got reprimanded in school for not wearing a bra under a nearly transparent white t-shirt. Uncle Dan laughed as he signed the note that she had been given detention. He made her go to detention with a slim line dildo in her cunt and then he punished her when she came home, by giving her a good smacking, because she’d forced him to sit at home alone on a Saturday morning without a cunt to play with.

One Friday in May Uncle Dan pulled out of his niece’s ass after a long fuck that had started with his cock in her mouth in the hallway, continued with her riding him in the kitchen and ended with him taking first her cunt and then her ass from behind in the bedroom.

“Baby,” he said as he pulled her close by her tits. “When was your last period?”

“About a month ago…” Megan guessed, she didn’t keep track of it anymore since she’d stopped having the really bad period pains when Uncle Dan started fucking her.

“Wrong answer, whore,” Uncle Dan slapped her tit. “It’s been nearly 6 weeks. Go out to the hallway and open my briefcase. There’s a pregnancy test in it. Take it to the bathroom and follow the instructions while I clean your ass off my cock.”

Megan did as told and peed on the white stick. She then handed it to her uncle who motioned for her to get down on her knees and suck his cock. When he’d cum down her throat he pulled her up and squeezed her.

“Looks like my little whore is a fertile little thing. You’re pregnant.”

Megan was terrified. What was going to happen now? She’d been taking the pill. She was supposed to go away to college.

“Don’t look so scared,” he smiled at her. “My job here finishes in a month’s time, by which time you’re out of school. We’ll just move somewhere else, where no-one knows us and get married.”

“But I was supposed to go to college.”

“With a cunt like yours you don’t need college. I’ll take care of you, babe. I have more money than we’ll ever spend.”

“But I was on the pill,” she protested.

“You were, but I decided that it was time I had children so you’ve been taking vitamin supplements.”

Seven and a half months later Uncle Dan was fucking his highly pregnant wife (they’d told a little lie to be allowed to get married) in their new bed in their new home. She’d greeted him on her knees when he came home from work, like she did every day, and the sight of her inflated belly had made him so horny he’d hardly given her time to suck him before he started fucking her. He was shooting his load as he felt a weird movement. Instead of Megan’s happy orgasmic cry he heard a cry of pain. Her orgasm had sent her into labour, just like the doctor promised.

20 hours later their son was born, followed in the years to come by another three boys and two girls. The children didn’t change their lives much. Megan wore more clothes than before, and they retreated to the bedroom for her to suck her husband’s cock after a hard day at work. He’s given up engineering completely now and his chain of sex clubs is more successful than he ever imagined, with clubs on every continent. But even though he spends his days with scantily clad young women, who would all love to be his whore, he always goes home to the one whore who can really satisfy him.



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