The house was quiet. It was almost always quiet now. Her children were gone, attending schools on different planets. They would call every week, asking their parents for money or just to let them know how they were doing, but to Jane Jetson, it wasn’t the same.

She didn’t have anyone for company besides Rosie, the robot maid, and even though the mechanical marvel had a wonderful personality, Jane missed having her children in the house. She found herself walking by their rooms everyday, picturing them in her mind’s eye as they had been as kids. She could still imagine Elroy as he had been, studious and rambunctious. She smiled as she thought of the scattered toys and electronic components that used to be strewn from one end of the room to the other. Now there were spaceball trophies on the shelves, along with a lingerie calendar and several posters of nearly nude women on the walls. It wasn’t the room of a small boy anymore. It was the room of a young man.

Elroy was twenty-one and a senior at the University of Mars. He was captain of the university’s spaceball team, and if things went as planned, he would be graduating Magna Cum Laude at the end of the year. She sighed as she thought of how much he had changed over the years.

He was no longer the shy, insecure little boy who had gone off to college. He was well over six feet tall, and the hours spent playing on the anti-grav field showed in his physique. She knew that her little boy was probably having the time of his life at the university, and probably with any number of girls from the various sororities or maybe even a female member of the teaching staff. Just the thought of her son pleasuring any of those wanton women sent chills down Jane’s spine.

Closing the door, Jane walked across the hall to her daughter’s room. Judy was living and working on Mars as well. She had never applied herself to her studies as much as she should have, but after graduating from high school, she had been accepted into the design school of her choice, where she excelled. Now, people paid a small fortune for the hot young designer’s creations.

Judy had always been the fashion bug of the family. Clothes were her life, and she had even worked as a model for a time while she was in school. Jane had never seen any of her work, but she knew it helped pay for her tuition, so she never pressed the issue.

Judy was cut from the same mold as her mother, except for her platinum blond hair. Her breasts were full and firm, her abdomen taut, her ass well-rounded, and she had legs “that went on for days.” Jane knew that Judy had been a very socially active girl in school, and she thought she definitely knew why. She had a body built for sin and knew how to use it.

Jane smiled at that thought. If Judy were anything like her, Jane knew her daughter had not left for school a virgin. Jane was blessed with a very high sex-drive; she needed it constantly, like a junkie needing a designer drug. Thanks to her still beautiful body, that had never been a problem.

Jane smiled as she looked at herself in her daughter’s full-length mirror. At the age of forty-two, she could still pass for a woman nearly half her age. Her hair was still free of the grey that had begun taking over her husband’s hair. There were no liver spots on her creamy skin or wrinkles at the corner of her eyes or mouth. She was still gorgeous, still desirable.

Feeling more than a little naughty, Jane decided to go through some of the clothes that her daughter left in the house for when she was home on vacation. She went through the lingerie drawer, blushing as she found more than enough articles of lacy underwear: corsets, bras, thongs, bustier, garter belts, and stockings of every color and design. There were even some made out of shiny black vinyl.

George was in for a surprise tonight, she thought to herself as she began to strip off her favorite dress and plain under things. Once nude, she again admired herself in the mirror. She cupped her full breasts, teasing the pink nipples with her thumbs until they were stiff with desire. Then she began to slowly slide her hand ikitelli escort down over her belly, to her hairless pussy. She smiled as she remembered George’s reaction when he had found her thick patch of auburn curls gone, leaving her dripping slit bare for his enjoyment; she had never let it grow back. Tonight was going to be another night to remember in their twenty-seven year marriage.

Jane chose her garments carefully. She found a black lace bra that was cut to leave half the nipples exposed as well as matching garter belt. She added black fishnet stockings to the ensemble, but the crown jewel of the outfit was the black crotchless panties. Jane felt so deliciously wicked as she looked at herself in the mirror, but there was something missing.

Smiling, Jane went through the various cosmetics and found a lipstick so dark a red it was almost black. Once her full lips were painted, she did her eyes, and gave herself a beauty mark. Her hair she pulled up into two pigtails, giving herself a much younger, but naughtier look. She smiled at the transformation and could barely recognize herself in the mirror. From the closet she chose a pleated miniskirt with a white silk top, which she tied below her breasts. Then she finished it off with thigh-high synthetic leather boots. She knew she could pass for one of her daughter’s friends, but she didn’t know what it was going to lead to.

As she was pulling the zipper up on the second boot, she heard the phone beeping in the living room. She almost took her hair down, but decided against it because of how young it made her feel. “Oh well,” she sighed, “there goes my surprise.” She thought it was George calling her, boy was she ever wrong.

When she hit the button, instead of her husband’s loving face, she saw the belligerent balding head of Seymour Spacely, of Spacely Sprockets, Inc., her husband’s boss. The little man looked ready to bite through his cigar. Something must have gone wrong at the plant, and Mr. Spacely was not happy about it.

“Is Mrs. Jetson there?” he asked, his voice at a barely restrained level.

“He must think I’m one of the kids’ friends,” Jane thought to herself. She may be able to turn this to her advantage.

“No she isn’t, but I’d be happy to take a message for her,” Jane lied sweetly.

“Tell her to have that no-good husband of hers at the spaceport no later than eight o’clock tonight. You can also tell George that if he screws up this deal, he’d be better of staying there, because there won’t be a place for him in this company. You got all that…”

Thinking fast Jane filled in the blank, “I’m Suzy. Mrs. Jetson is my aunt.”

Smiling smugly, the little man chomped on the butt of the cigar. “Well, it’s good to see that you take after your aunt and not your uncle. You be sure to pass on that information.” Then the screen went black.

Jane felt her skin crawl as she thought of the shameless way that the married businessman had leered at her. She shook her head to clear the disturbing image that filled her imagination. Well, if Mr. Spacely was that upset, then she knew her husband would be in need of some tension relief when he walked through the door, and she had an idea of what might do the trick.

She and George had always had a good sex-life, and since the kids no longer lived at home, they had made some small alterations to the home that suited their desires. The dimming lights had come standard with the house, but the stripper pole that hid itself in the floor until needed was a new addition. So was the sex swing that descended from the ceiling at the push of a button.

Smiling she pushed the button that made the pole emerge from its hiding place and dimmed the lights to a romantic level. Then she walked over to the window and hit the button that would lower the metal shades so that tonight’s fun would be private and not for some peeping tom to enjoy as well. For music she picked one of her daughter’s favorite clubbing songs because of its hard beat that suggested a slow nasty grind. That was Jane’s favorite kind.

Looking kadıköy escort at the clock on the wall, Jane knew it was only a matter of time before her husband was home, and the anticipation was keeping her lustful fires burning. She smiled as she heard the door sliding open, but it was only Rosie, the faithful maid.

“What are you doing here? Where’s Mrs. J?” the robot accused.

“Music, off.” the music stopped instantly and Jane sighed. “It’s me, Rosie. I was waiting for George.”

“I ran into Mr. J at the fueling station. He said he had to go out of town, and since I had his clothes from the dry cleaners there in the car, he took it and said that he was going to catch the first flight out so he could get started on this deal he’s working on. He told me to tell you that he’d call as soon as he checked into the hotel.”

Jane knew that George loved her, but the fact that he hadn’t even been able to come home to kiss her goodbye before he left still hurt. She could feel the tears beginning to burn in her eyes. So much for their anniversary weekend.

“You want me to make dinner, Mrs. J?”

“No, Rosie, I think I’ll be all right by myself this weekend. Why don’t you take the weekend off, and spend some time in the maintenance spa. You deserve some free time after all you’ve done for the Jetsons.” Jane tried to smile but she didn’t feel it.

“I’m going to go and put some things away, Rosie. Make sure that you lock the door on your way out.” Sighing, Jane trudged her way back down the hall and into her daughter’s room where she pulled off the shirt and unzipped the pleated skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She was just about to unclasp the black bra when she noticed a tablet computer in the drawer.

She knew that her daughter had kept a video journal when she was younger and that she should leave it alone, but she needed to feel connected to her family. Taking the computer out, she carried it over to the bed and turned on the power. When the message came up asking for the password, Jane almost gave up. Then she had an idea. Carrying the computer to her son’s room she opened the desk drawer and found a disk labeled “safe cracker” and put it in the machine. She held her breath as she contemplated whether or not to just turn off the machine, but before she made up her mind the program worked its magic and the computer came to life.

She smiled when she saw the desktop image. It was a picture of the entire family on the beaches of a tropical planet. They had gone there right after Elroy’s graduation. It was the last family vacation they had taken. Scrolling through the files and folders, she found one marked “Family Fun” and pressed play. What she saw nearly made her drop the computer.

There was her daughter, her hair free of its once customary ponytail and falling over her shoulders, sucking on a massive cock, its length glistening with saliva. Jane watched as her daughter played with her pink nipples as she sucked hungrily, talking that cock deep down her throat with every move of her head. Judy’s eyes were looking directly into the camera as she deepthroated the unknown cock. When she pulled away, a sting of saliva was suspended from the purple crown to her pouty lips.

“You like that don’t you?” her daughter asked playfully as she stroked the proud erection in front of her. The camera moved up and down in an affirmative reaction. “Say it. Tell Judy how much little brother loves her mouth” Jane could barely believe what she was hearing. Had Jane been watching her daughter give her son head?

Then a deep, familiar voice drove away all doubts from her mind, “God, yes. I love the way your mouth feels on my cock, Judy. This is some graduation present…”

“What is little brother going to do for me? Will he lick my little pussy? Will he make me all nice and wet so he can fuck me with that hard cock?”

Jane heard her son growl as he pushed his sister back on the bed, handing her the camera. Judy laughed seductively as she brought her brother into view. His hair was longer than it had been when he had kartal escort been younger, but there was no doubt that it was on the screen. Jane watched as her son teased first one nipple then the other with his mouth, making her daughter gasp with pleasure. Then he began slowly trailing his tongue down her stomach. She watched as Judy spread her thighs wide, giving her brother plenty of room.

Jane felt flushed as she watched, unable to turn off the video feed. She could feel her own pussy dripping with anticipation and lust as Elroy kissed his way closer and closer to his sisters soaking wet slit, and she shuddered when his tongue made contact with the moist, pink flesh.

Her own hands found their way to her pussy on their own, as she watched her son feast on her daughter’s tender young cunt. She toyed with her clit as the camera shook with her daughter’s passion. She knew her daughter was on her way to a roaring orgasm and she wanted to cum with her. Her breathing was ragged as she listened to her daughter moan with pleasure and then scream in release. Jane’s climax was not far behind. While one had brought her over the edge the other pulled her left nipple hard as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

When her attention returned to the screen, she saw that the camera had been placed on a table or dresser leaving both of them free to fully enjoy the moment. She watched her two children kiss and fondle each other before her son forced his sister on her hands and knees. Judy laughed as he smacked each cheek of her ass playfully, but the laughter faded as he took he held onto her hips as he positioned himself behind her. Jane could see that her son had taken after his father. His cock was just as long and maybe a little thicker than her husband’s. She found herself holding her breath as her son slowly inserted his cock, inch by glorious inch, into his sisters dripping pussy. She could imagine the thickness of it stretching her own pussy to its limit.

Jane watched as her son began to thrust gently in and out of his sister’s pussy. He began gently, but, encouraged by his sister’s pleas, he began to fuck her deeper and more forcefully. Jane watched as Judy’s tits began to move with the intense rhythm of their love making. She could hear their bodies coming together powerfully.

As much as she wanted to turn off the screen, Jane could not bring herself to do it. She propped the tablet against the pillow and spread her own thighs as wide as she could. Then brought her fingers once more to her slit she eased first one, then two, then finally three fingers into her tiny slit fucking herself with them as she watched her two children at play. She matched their rhythm and found her own moans of pleasure erupting at the same time as her daughter’s. She watched as her daughter arched her back as the pleasure took her and her son holding onto his sister’s hair firmly.

His strokes were becoming erratic and Jane knew he was going to cum. She wanted to see it; she wanted to see his glorious cock as it came.

“Going to cum, Judy…going to cum….” he cried through clenched teeth.

“I want to taste it….let big sister taste it” Judy cried as she pulled away, Elroy’s cock shiny with her juices. She knelt before him and took him all the way to the root in her mouth, her head bobbing furiously.

“Fuck yeah……Oh God….Cumming!!!!!!” he cried as he held her head to his loins. Jane watched as he shuddered with each shot of cum he poured into his sister’s throat. Some of it spilled when he took his now softened cock from his sister’s mouth, and the sight of the creamy white fluid her daughter was rubbing into her skin was enough to send Jane into orbit.

She had barely caught her breath when she heard a voice in the living room. “Mom, are you home?” her son called.

A sly smile crossed her face. “If he doesn’t mind fucking his sister,” she thought, “then he isn’t going to mind fucking me.” She stood up slowly and smoothed her hair.”At least one of the Jetson men is going to get some tonight,” she whispered to herself before taking a deep breath.

“I’ll be out in a second, Elroy,” she called as she glanced down at the image frozen in the screen. Tonight she would get to know her son even better than she already did. With one last deep breath to kill her nerves, she stepped out into the hallway. Tonight was her anniversary, and one way or another, she was going to get laid, and laid good.



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