Kristin and her stepbrother, Walter, went to check out a new bar. Kristin was 5′ 6″ with jet black hair and skin pale white. She had two big green eyes. Her breasts the size of cantaloupes. Her hourglass figure supported by her small hips. She wore a green skirt, white buttoned down blouse, and her sandals. Walter was 6’2″ with short black hair and tan skin. He had a slim figure and blue eyes. He wore a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, and blue jeans with boots.

The seats were red leather and the table cloths were blue. In the corner was a male worker running a mechanical bull. Kristin saw the bull with aww. She stared as the man was jerked back and forth by this magnificent beast. Walter was noticing it too. The jerks the bull made caused clothing to wrinkle on the male rider. Kristin did not want to let Walter know she wanted to ride on it. Walter was very protective over his new sister.

The stepsiblings took a table. Kristin ordered two beers. Walter ordered a water with lemon.

“Walter, what do you think you will order? I might have the potato skins.”

“Kristin, I might have the chicken wings. I might try the mechanical bull out. Did you see that? Crazy the way it moves.”

Kristin bit her lip and began playing with her hair. She had mixed feelings about Walter. She felt he was overprotective, but thought he was quite attractive. Walter was looking at the mechanical bull again. He looked at the mechanical bull again. Their drinks arrived. Kristin sipped her beer. Walter intoxicated by the machine. Kristin was very competitive. She had a bad habit of getting caught up in a competition.

“Hey sis, how about a little completion?”

“Sure, but you know you will lose.”

“I was thinking we could see who would stay on that mechanical bull the longest.”

“Would there be some sort of prize?”

“Mom and Dad gave me the keys to the old beach ikitelli escort house. Winner gets to hold on to them.”


Kristin has been trying to move out. She has an online business on Etsy. Walter got up and left to be first. He took off his leather jacket giving it to Kristin. Kristin grabbed his wrist and pulled him close.

“Brother, I am sure to find a good use for those keys.”

Walter walked over to the mechanical bull worker. Kristin brought the jacket up to her nose. His musk lingered on the jacket. The smell off coffee, sweat, and the occasional peppermints in the inside pocket. Walter was standing in front of the worker.

“I would like to ride this bull.”

“That would be ten dollars. For another twenty dollars, we could record your ride.”

Walter handed the worker the ten dollars. He got up on the safety mat and got onto the bull.

“Sir, would you like easy, medium, hard, or sybian?”

“Put mine on easy.”

Walter waved over to Kristin. She waved back. Kristin stood up to watch her brother.

Worker: “You can only have one hand on the bull. 1..2..3 Go!”

The mechanical bull began moving. Walter tilted forward then back. He went sideways to the right, then jerked to the left. Walter, a few seconds later, let go. He fell on to the mat. He got up and brushed off his shoulders. He went over to the worker.

“I have a request. I want the twenty dollars’ option for my friend. She has experience with these machines, so how about we see how the sybian option works. I will tell her the instructions.”

Walter handed the worker a hundred-dollar bill.

“Keep the change.”

Walter waved over for Kristin to come. When Kristin came over, she was smiling. Kristin knew she could stay on the mechanical bull longer than Walter.

“Kristin, I already paid for kadıköy escort your ride. You may only have one hand on the bull at a time max. I gave them the same settings as I had.”

Kristin got on the mat. She turned towards Walter. She crouched down and pulled down a pair of black thong panties. She flung them towards her brother. She turned back around. She sat up on the saddle of the mechanical bull. She held the bull with her left hand. The worker gave her a thumbs up. Suddenly, a rod popped up and inserted itself into her vagina. Kristin let out a short startled moan. Walter giggled. The saddle began vibrating. Kristin’s breasts bouncing. Kristin felt the pleasure the mechanical bull thrusting between her legs. She let go and grabbed her breasts.

The sybian leaned left then quickly jerked right. Kristin’s hands ricocheted off her chest. Pulling on the middle of her shirt, popping the buttons off the middle. Kristin popped the rest open, grabbing her breasts. Her bellybutton and black bra were revealed. Her belly was slim and flat. Walter watched his stepsister. She stayed on the sybian and the flaps of her shirt. Kristin squeezed and held onto her breasts for the next ten seconds. The mechanical bull leaned further forward closer to the ground. Kristin’s black hair dangling over her pale face.

The worker pressed a bright red button on the control panel. The bull flew back, jerking Kristin backwards with her arms flying open. The bull went back forwards as soon as the bull had reached as far back as it could. Kristin went forward. The wind from the ride lifted the shirt off her. The mechanical bull stopped. Walter came and grabbed Kristin’s shirt off the mat.

Kristin turned to the worker, “Round two? Let us put on a show!” she said.

The worker pressed some buttons. Music began playing, lights dimmed, and a spotlight kartal escort shined onto Kristin. The bull began moving. The machine mostly mimicked the movements of a horse with occasional sideways jerk. Kristin reached behind and unhooked her bra. She threw out into the bar. Her perky pale breasts in sight. Her soft pink nipples on her pale white breasts. Walter could feel his penis getting harder. Kristin swung her head around, flinging her black hair like a streamer. Kristin caught in her performance, rose up sliding the sybian from her wet vagina. With a pop, she escaped the machine. She grabbed her skirt pulling it up. Flashing her pussy towards her aroused brother.

Walter blushed. The bull stopped. Kristin got off and pulled her skirt down. She threw it at Walter. The bare woman walked towards her brother. She pressed her hand on his crotch. Her hand curled around his bulging rod. She stretched her legs up so she could get her lips close to his face. She pressed her lips against his. When their lips separated, Walter ran into the handicap bathroom stall pulling his sister. He unzipped his pants, pushed everything down to his feet. Walter’s cock flew forward. Kristin grabbed his cock.

“It is so big!” Kristin cried out.

Walter put his hands on Kristin’s breasts. Caressing them. He pushed in and out on her breasts.

“Yes… More…don’t sto.. [Gasp],” Kristin called out.

Walter dropped her breasts and began penetrating her wet vagina with his hard long cock. Kristin let the cock come in than out, slowly pulling the most cock in her vagina. Walter grabbed his sister’s hips.

Walter thrusted softly. Kristin grabbed hold of the sink for support.

Kristin yelled,” OH GOD! OH GOD! Yes, Put It In Me!! OH, GOD!!”

Walter thrusted harder and Kristin got louder. Walter got faster and Kristin called out more. Kristin gestured for Walter to cum on her. He scooted back and Kristin slid more cock out. When the tip came out, Kristin turned around and got her knees. She clenched her eyes with anticipation. Walter aimed his cock at his sister’s face. She threw her arms up as if saying she was ready. POP! The cum sprayed Kristin leaving a murky white liquid covering her face.



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