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Masturbation in the ParkThis very evening, I was late leaving my place of work in the CBD. I had been playing an Android game called Ingress, and I had finally finished what I had wanted to do, and made a path for the train station. Because it was past 6PM, I couldn’t enter from underneath the station. So instead I headed for the altenerate route, which cuts through a small park in the CBD which frequents considerable passers by.I was walking around the concrete path at the edge, mostly looking at my phone and playing Ingress on the way back, when I glanced at a woman laying in the park. It was later in the evening, well and truly dark and slightly brisk as winter is approaching. I found it odd that a woman would be laying down in the cold, and I focused my attention on her. And then her short dress…and then between her quite spread thighs…did I just see pussy?She was positioned perfectly to tease. There must have been a passer by every 15-30 seconds at least, but you only had a brief moment to see up her skirt, and I guess I was on the ball.In the middle of the park was a large statue…and Ingress target. I can swing by, play the game and come back around for another look, to satisfy my curiosity. After all, she hadn’t moved.When I came by for the second pass she saw me look, I am sure. She parted her legs a bit further, and showed me it was not her pussy that I saw after all…it was her fingers.I had to double take, but then again the window of opportunity was very short, and I couldn’t confirm…was she playing with herself? I swung around to the statue again. I can’t play here again for a few more minutes…I will sit down on the statue and wait for it to become available again. She can always get up and leave if she was doing something naughty.She was about canlı bahis 5 foot tall, slender build with nice small breasts. She had blonde hair and tattoos on her arms, short dress and a T-shirt. The world would have considered her quite hot. I would guess she was around 22.I sit down at the statue about 10 meters from her. And I witness it without a doubt. She is touching herself in a public park, out in the open, with the regular passers by. And she was kind of teasing along with it. Yet I am the only one to actually double…no even triple take on it.She doesn’t seem to notice me at first. I pretend to play on my phone as she continues to play on her twat. I wait about 5 minutes, or I think I did, before I had noticed she has stopped showing off to other people, and tamed it down a little. I knew she had noticed me then, she sort of had her face pointing my way and I had only been glancing as I was trying to be a little discreet, at least to the passers by.I notice she had a guitar with her…an acoustic guitar. And a number of bags of shopping too. I knew what was going to happen next, I was just waiting for it, she would stop the now gentle rubbing, collect her bags, and leave without making eye contact. Cue on 5…4…3…2…2…1 and a half….Or not. She wont stop. In fact, after a group of about 5 people walked passed, she spread her legs and started touching with gusto. She was side on to me so I couldn’t see anything from the statue.I figured I had two options, stand, go home and tell the wife what happened, or do another lap and see if it is still possible to do anything. As I stood and started walking I noticed I was walking a bit closer than I really intended. Then, all of a sudden I just walked right over just past her feet, looked right at her bahis siteleri face and not her crotch, and before she could even think about covering up…which she didn’t do…I immediately asked “Do you mind if I watch you do that?”.”Yes” escaped her lips, it almost seemed like she couldn’t be distracted.”Sorry, was that yes as in yes you *D0* mind, or yes as in yes you can watch?””Ahhh…Yeahhhh. Okay.”Still not really having my question answered, I just looked down at her crotch. No panties are anywhere to be seen, not on the grass, not around her angles, and definitely not on her. This is the point where I find she has a dildo crammed to the hilt into her completely waxed cunt. Despite being obviously jammed right into her up to no doubt the cervix, she seemed intent on trying to push it even deeper. Then she would slowly pull it back out, moan ever so quietly, and then slowly push it as far as she could push it back in again.I looked at her again. She looked right at me as I began to sit down a couple of metres from her feet, with the perfect view of her pussy as she seemed to slowly try (and fail) to make the dildo disappear into her pussy or something. She was loving it. Really loving it.Then I look at my hands and remember this whole time I have had Ingress on, but my camera pointing right at her pussy. She probably assumed I had filmed her. I flip over my phone and show her that I haven’t been recording. She didn’t seem to care though.Whilst I hadn’t been filming, I sure intended to. My partner wouldn’t believe me, or would assume a much more subtle version of my story. I needed video proof. Plus, this is a day I need to remember forever. This is exactly what I want my partner to do one day in a less populated area.I grabbed my phone and started up camera güvenilir bahis software and started recording. God I hoped it would turn out. It was dark but there were lights in the park. You could still see quite well. Sometimes people would look our way suspiciously, but I am not sure that anyone cottoned on.She was really going for it…sometimes she would start to moan audibly, and I would be sure someone would know what was happening. I started to wonder if this was now a law breaking act for me as it already was for her. But I could see her smooth pussy getting slowly pounded by this dildo just a few meters away. She was loving it. I couldn’t really leave! I was engrossed in it…who would ever expect this to happen in a city?I moved in a bit closer after she pulled her legs up into her chest a bit. I could reach the camera in to about 50 centimeters away if I reached far enough, but I stuck safely back at about 1 metre. Nothing was left to the imagination. Without me saying a word, she pulled out the dildo, slapped her pussy with it a few times, and spread her pussy lips wide open for me to per inside her. It looked like her pussy would have been very tight, the dildo was fairly slender and she seemed to stretch over it. “I have a sex addiction” she said to me as I peered deep into her spread open vagina with a few people passing on the left hand side. I wish I got that part on film.She stuck her finger into her cunt and wiped out a bit of her juices onto her pointer finger. She then start to rub herself pretty fast on the clit whilst her dildo was slowly and very deeply fed in and out of her cunt hole.After this had proceeded for a couple of minutes, she started to moan again as she seemed to orgasm, and then slowed down on the rubbing. She was still rubbing herself gently as she reached for a pouch of tabacco – my queue to leave.”Thank you so much for letting me watch you do that. Have a great night.” I said as I stood up and began to walk away.”That’s OK” was the reply…



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