Janice and her son did take another shower, but it was no more than a quick rinse since they hadn’t gotten get that sweaty. It also gave Janice a chance to rinse some of her son’s semen from her vagina. They kissed a couple of times under the water, but they didn’t fool around much, because they were both sexually satisfied for the moment. And hungry!

When they finally got to the kitchen, they were still fully nude, and they were both pleased to see Kristin, her back to them, giving them a nice show of nudity. She was still wearing an apron that covered her breasts and vagina. She was pulling the roast out of the oven as her mother and brother entered, giving them wonderful look at her round youthful ass.

“Everything else is set up in the dining room,” she said. “Have a seat, and I’ll be out with the entrée momentarily.”

The dining room table was large enough to seat eight, but with just the three of them they sat together at one side, with Rick at the end, and his mother and sister at his immediate left and right. Rick opened a bottle of wine and poured three glasses. Kristin was barely 18, and Richard was just shy of 21, but ever since Janice had let them both have some wine on that first fateful night when they’d all had sex, she had allowed them to indulge in a glass or two each night when they had dinner together. Neither of her kids showed any signs of wanting to drink more than that, so Janice didn’t think she was leading her kids down a path of excessive drinking.

Excessive incestuous sex, yes! But not excessive drinking.

The meal itself was consumed almost innocently. The banter between mom and kids revolved around what any other incest-free family would have covered: how was school, how was work, what classes are there to look forward to in the next semester of college? Had an eavesdropper been able to hear but not see their conversation, said eavesdropper would have been bored and stalked over the next house. Had the stranger been able to actually observe the conversation, however, said stranger’s eyes would have popped out.

Janice Davidge was completely naked, and her extraordinarily large breasts wiggled and bobbled whenever she cut into a piece of meat or passed a side dish. Richard was nude as well, but in his seated position he was censored by the table. Kristin hadn’t taken off her apron, but one of her large and still growing breasts had worked its way out from the covering, and her beautiful hard nipple was there for all to see.

Rick was thrilled that he could openly gawk at the impressive bosoms of both his mother and sister. He was also happy that he’d already had sex twice today, once with Kristin, then again with Mom, so that he could actually act normal and casual as they enjoyed their dinner together. It occurred to him that, in addition to having entered into incestuous relationships with each other, they’d also pretty much become nudists. He grinned at this.

Kristin noticed the grin and ask, “What?”

Rick smiled, giving both his mother and sister a long, loving look. He said, “This is just so amazing. What we have here, amazing.”

Kristin teared up, “It really is wonderful, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Janice said, setting her fork down, then reaching out to take each of her kids’ hands. “There really isn’t any other way to put it, or to explain it. It’s just…wonderful.”

They all leaned in for sort of a three-way kiss, then sat back to finish their meal.

After the meal, they settled into the den to watch some TV, Kristin having finally shed her apron. They were in their usual positions, with mother and sister on either side of Rick. They latest show they were into was Stumptown, and there was a new episode tonight. They found the show to be funny and edgy but with heart, and all three of them were intrigued at how casually the lead female character, Dex, might fall into bed with either a man or a woman. In tonight’s episode, it was a woman.

As the episode played out, Kristin asked, “Mom, have you ever been with another woman?”

Rick and Janice both looked at Kristin. It never ceased to amaze them at how causally she could ask questions about sex. Then Rick looked at his mom, suddenly quite curious for an answer. Janice smiled at them and their curiosity. And she was ready to give them an answer.

She said matter-of-factly: “I have.”

“Cool,” Kristin said, “So, like how into it did you get?”

Janice regarded her daughter for a moment, taking in the irony that she was, right now, naked in a room with her equally naked daughter. They now slept in the same bed, always nude, every night. The question was ironic but not without merit: throughout this new incestuous routine they’d fallen into, while Janice and Kristin had both been aggressively sexual with Richard, the two of them hadn’t done much more than make occasional contact with each other. A couple of times, Kristin had playfully sucked on her mother’s breasts, and kartal escort they still enjoyed helping guide Richard’s hard cock into one another. Whenever that happened, whoever’s hand was guiding the penis invariably made contact with the other woman’s pussy. Actual overt sexual contact had yet to happen between them. Janice would have welcomed it, but she also didn’t want to rush or pressure her daughter into anything beyond what she was currently comfortably doing.

The truth was, Janice now started regarding her daughter as sexually as her son. She finally answered: “All the way.”

This really intrigued Kristin now, so she paused the show and asked her mom to go into detail. At the moment she asked this, Kristin also put her hand on Rick’s flaccid cock and began massaging it absently.

“Well,” Janice began, “it sounds cliché, but my sexual experimentation with a woman did, in fact, happen in college.” She went on to explain that she’d bonded with a female friend early in her college years, and then one night, during a late-night study session, they’d started fooling around.

“What prompted you,” Rick asked, “to go from studying to fooling around?”

“Yeah,” Kristen added. “Was there alcohol involved?”

Janice chuckled, amused by the obvious curiosity in her kids’ expressions. She looked off for a moment, recalling the memory, then turned back to them. “There wasn’t any booze involved, so I don’t have that for an excuse. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure Rebecca—that was her name—was closer to gay than straight, and I sort of…let her seduce me.”

The siblings leaned forward. Kristin said, “Do tell!”

“We’d both been studying together for hours, quizzing each other on human physiology. That particular night, we were reviewing the female reproductive system. As young women, we knew how our bodies worked, of course, but for the class we had to memorize the clinical terms for a number of the more intricate parts of a woman’s reproductive system.”

“And that was sexy?” Rick asked, confused.

“I’ll get to the sexy part soon enough,” Janice chided with a chuckle. “At one point, Rebecca suggested we use each other as human flash cards.” She saw puzzled looks on both of her kids now, and she held up a hand. “I promise! Sexy stuff soon!” They all laughed, and she went on. “I asked Rebecca what she meant. She stood up and—”

“Wait!” Rick interrupted. “What were you both wearing?”

Janice knew he wanted a nice visual image to stimulate him just as his sister continued to absently play with his dick. She was tempted to make up something like they were both in their bras and panties, but that would’ve been silly. She continued down the honest route: “Nothing overtly sexy, I’ll admit, but it was a warm night, so we were both in simple shorts and tank-tops.” Seeing Rick raise his hand, as if in school, Janice quickly added, “Pretty sure we were wearing bras.” His hand came down.

As Rick listened intently to his mother, he was also aware at what an interesting setting they were all making: a mother and her son and daughter, all naked on the couch, listening to the story of Mom’s first lesbian experience.

Ricky’s dick twitched in Kristin’s hand, and she gave it a little squeeze. She was actually happy he wasn’t fully hard right now. He was always so horny, she rarely had the opportunity to explore it’s spongy softness when he was flaccid. Also, she didn’t want to be distracted from Mom’s story.

Janice restarted, “Rebecca stood up and lifted her shirt about halfway up. She lowered her shorts a few inches below her navel. I was curious what she was doing, of course, but then she put her finger on her lower stomach, slightly to one side and said, ‘What’s this?’ So I said, ‘Your external oblique aponeurosis.'”

The kids stared blankly at their mother, who was crinkling her nose at a joke only she, with an advanced degree in Kinesiology, understood. She looked at them. “It’s a stomach muscle,” she explained.

“Ohhh,” the kids said, still not getting it. Janice realized she needed to get more to the point, the “sexy stuff.” She sighed and said, “It got a little rise out of Rebecca, because she obviously wanted me to talk about where, deeper inside her, she was pointing. Her reproductive organs. I got with the game and we started with the basics. She looked to be pointing at about where her right fallopian tube would be, and I said so. I was right. She lowered her finger a little lower: ovary. She then gestured for me to stand up, which I did. She nodded at my midsection, and I mirrored her, lifting my shirt and lowering my shorts a little.

“That’s when she surprised me a little,” Janice continued, “because instead of moving her finger to another part of her stomach, she reached out and pressed into mine. She said I was too good at this and that to make it harder I had to close my eyes and guess each part by touch alone.”

She saw great kurtköy escort interest in Kristin. Rick was probably just hoping she’d get to the part where they started eating each other out or something. But she was determined to share her story at her own pace.

Janice said, “I closed my eyes and let Rebecca press gently into my body with her finger. I was also no longer allowed to be general; I had to try and be specific about where I thought she was pointing as she touched me. As I had noticed a pattern of her working her way from top to bottom, I simply envisioned a chart I had in my book: endometrium…myometrium… I know, I know, not exactly sensuous terms. But when we got to my uterus, that’s when I started sensing that Rebecca might be turning this into as much as a tease as it was a game. Because after I correctly guessed uterus, she put the whole flat of her hand on my torso and began rubbing downward.”

“Oh my god,” Kristin uttered eagerly.

“I don’t know why,” Janice said, “but I made no move to stop Rebecca as her hand moved further downward. I let her fingers slide under my shorts, even under my panties.” She saw her son’s dick twitch again, and she continued. “Her fingers felt amazing as she ran them through my pubic hair—which I had at the time—and when she finally stopped, she pressed one of her fingers more firmly against me right where my cervix was. Before I told her that, I took a bold step closer to her, and we were now inches apart.”

The kids leaned in even more.

“She only had to lower her hand a little more, and as she started moving one of her fingers near my opening the obvious answer was vagina.” Janice paused, shivering a little, reliving the moment. “I don’t know what came over me, but in the next moment it was all I could do to get my shorts and panties off so that Rebecca could have unrestricted access to my lower body. She pushed me onto the bed. I lifted my legs and rested my feet on the edge as she parted my knees.”

“Oh my god,” it was Rick’s turn to utter that. His cock was also semi-erect now.

Janice smiled at it. “Rebecca proceeded to play with my pussy with her fingers in a way that told me she’d done this with another woman before. She knew just how to massage my clitoris while thrusting her fingers up against my G-spot at the same time. She brought me to orgasm within minutes.”

Kristin started stroking her brother’s full erection now, but she didn’t take her eyes off her mother as the story went on.

“I was almost embarrassed to have cum so quickly, my first time ever under the manipulation of a another woman. But just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt Rebecca’s tongue start teasing me down there…”

Janice went on to describe to her kids how her study buddy Rebecca licked and sucked her pussy into so many orgasms she’d lost count. Only after Janice was utterly exhausted and literally begging Rebecca to stop, her new experimental lover climbed up onto the bed, straddled Janice, and planted a kiss right on her mouth.

“I could taste the most delicious combination of my own juices and Rebecca’s peach-flavored lip balm,” she said. “We made out for the better part of an hour, and as we did so, what little clothing we had was peeled off piece by piece. I let Rebecca take the lead, she seemed to know just how to kiss and massage my breasts, manipulate my nipples, grind her hips into mine to the point where our swollen clits could graze against each other.”

“That is so fucking hot, Mom,” Kristin declared. Janice watched her look down at her brother’s dick. His hardon was like a steel pole. Kristin decided to take advantage of it and straddled him. She kept her back to Rick, reverse cowgirl, so she could keep looking at her mom. Janice knew that her daughter was still new at sex and was still getting used to having such a big dick in her. But in this instance Janice was surprised to see how quickly Rick slipped in. She must’ve been dripping wet from the details of her mom’s lesbian story. Interesting…

With a groan, Kristin said, “Keep going!”

Janice found it unbelievably erotic to watch her son’s cock appear and disappear within her daughter’s tight pussy, and she had to remember where she was in the story. She resumed, “Although I wasn’t sure how good I would be at it, I knew it was time for me to see if I could reciprocate for what Rebecca had done to me with her mouth. I got a grip on her ass and pushed it up toward my face as I slide down a little. Rebecca was only too happy to reposition herself so that she could lower her dripping pussy right onto my face.”

“Fuck!” Kristin blurted, slamming down and experiencing a sudden orgasm. Rick gripped her hips to keep her steady on his lap. He also kept leaning over from behind his sister’s bouncing back to also be able to see his mother while she continued with her erotic story.

Janice was happy to go on. “I’m sure I was maltepe escort clumsy at first, but Rebecca was a good teacher, and she gave me words of encouragement and instruction.”

“W-what did she tell you?” Kristin begged as she rode out another wave of pleasure.

Janice regarded her daughter for a moment. She knew this might be the time to start pushing things a little further. She reached out toward Kristin’s wet pussy, where Rick’s cock was still impaling her.

“Well,” Janice said, “she told me that it was best to start with light touches.” With that, she touched a single finger to the nub of Kristin’s swollen clit, and the young woman cried out with joy. Janice used that same finger to trace down from her daughter’s clit, then along the exposed part of her son’s shaft, causing him to moan as well.

Pleased with their reactions, Janice reached out with her other hand and started teasing and caressing and then fully playing with her children’s genitalia. Kristin was creaming profusely on her brother’s dick, and soon Janice’s fingers were glistening as wetly as their private parts. When she started focusing on Kristin’s clit more earnestly, her daughter exploded into another orgasm.

“Oh god, Mom!” she cried out, reaching up and squeezing her own tits together. “You’re making me cum so hard.” Rick had been trying to occasionally fondle various parts of his sister as she rose up and down on him, but he found that he had to keep a good grip on her hips lest she fall to one side. Held stable, Kristin leaned back against him, and she was able to twist her head and kiss him as yet another climax wracked her slender body.

Janice abandoned her story about Rebecca to focus more closely on getting her daughter off. While Kristin continued to fuck up and down on Rick’s dick, Janice moved to her knees next to them. She caught Rick’s eye. She winked at him, licked her lips, then lowered her head toward their crotches.

“Oh fuck,” Rick uttered in lust-filled anticipation.

Kristin broke her kiss from Ricky and looked down at her mom, as eager as her brother to see what she would do. When her mom’s tongue made contact with her clit, Kristin felt like she had been plugged into an electric socket. Her body convulsed and shivered at the sensation.

“Mom!” she shouted. “Oh MOM! I can’t take it! Oh my god, it’s just too much!”

Janice merely grinned into her cunnilingus.

Rick couldn’t quite see what his mom was doing, but he certainly felt it through Kristin’s body. His sister’s pussy became dramatically wetter. There was no decrease in her incredible tightness, but it suddenly became much easier to slide in and out of her. He felt warm fluid wash down over his balls. Was Kristin gushing? He hadn’t had many lovers before this, and he had only heard of the phenomenon.

“Oh my,” was all Janice could say, and she began licking and even slurping along her daughter’s vagina. She made sure to give plenty of tongue action to her son’s half-buried dick as well. Both of her children cried out with sexual joy.

Janice herself started approaching an orgasm of her own. She started playing with herself while she continued to lick her kids’ genitalia like a hungry puppy. Her daughter’s orgasmic fluids tasted like sweet nectar.

“Oh god!” Kristin was whimpering now, and her up-and-down motion slowed. “I’m serious, I just can’t take anymore! Too good!”

Rick was disappointed when his sister made a motion to get off of him, but of course he wouldn’t force her to stay impaled like that. With Mom’s help he lifted her up. When his stiff cock slipped out of her, a tremendous amount of fluid poured from Kristin’s cunt, coating him down there. Kristin finally slumped onto the couch next to him. After making sure she was okay, he turned back to his mom and watched her settle back down next to him. She took his dick into her hands and sucked him into her mouth. Kristin managed to lift her head enough to watch as their mother’s head bobbed up and down, not just sucking Rick’s dick but also slurping up as much of Kristin’s fluids as possible. Rick also noticed that his mom was openly masturbating while she blew him.

“Come here, Mom,” he said quietly.

Janice was all too happy to take over from Kristin and climbed up onto his lap. She quickly straddled him, facing him, and lowered her body onto his cock. She so wet, Rick’s cock slide right up into her as easily as it had done to his sister earlier.

For several minutes, a deliriously horny mother bounced up and down on a son’s cock while a daughter looked on.

Rick reached up and fondled his mom’s big boobs while she reached down and continued to play with her own clit while riding him. Her climax hit quickly and powerfully. It was her turn to cry out with pleasure. As her orgasm gripped her, she flexed internally and Rick was stunned with how tight her love channel became. This was too much for him, and he had to quickly shift his hands from her tits to her hips as he thrust his hips up hard against her on the downstroke.

“I’m cumming, Mom!” he bellowed.

“Yes!” Janice shouted. “Cum inside me, son! Give it all to me!” She reached back and squeezed his balls when his climax peaked.




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