Massage at the weekendI had been living in Spain for around four years. As I was approaching 50 and finally divorced I decided to totally change my lifestyle. I’d qualified as a masseur back in the UK and had set up a business which I ran from my villa. Trade was good and my appointment book was always full, mainly ex-pats. I made a vow that weekends would be my own as all work and no play made Jack a dull boy, as they say. One Saturday morning I had slipped on a pair of Speedo’s and was enjoying the Spanish Sunshine by my pool.I was woken from my trance by my mobile ringing. It was April. She was the daughter of a friend of mine. She was 21 and as I remember from the odd party, very pleasing on the eye. Apparently she had slipped in the shower a couple of days before and still had a nagging ache in the small of her back. Her Mum had suggested that she contact me to see if there was anything I could do. I was about to tell her to come over Monday but changed my mind. I told her to come straight over. April thanked me and said she would be over in ten minutes.April was true to her word and was knocking on my door ten minutes later. I opened the door and was greeted by April wearing a white bikini underneath a sheer see through sarong. I welcomed her in. The reason I went against my, “No work” policy at the weekends was I wanted to get to know her better. I’d only seen her at the odd party and other than a smile, hadn’t talked to her. I know it sounds extremely unprofessional but the idea of giving her a massage was rather appealing. I wasn’t going to charge her and it was out of official hours so was that was my excuse.I showed her to my treatment room. April slipped her sarong off and stood there in her tiny bikini. She nearly took my breath away. I said I would go and put something more appropriate on rather than just my Speedo’s. April told me not to be so silly and given it was so hot; I should stay the way I was. I smiled and asked her to get on the table. While she made herself comfortable I put a bottle of oil in the warmer. April asked if I minded undoing her bikini top, adding that she didn’t want to get oil on it. I did as asked and turned to prepare the oil. I had many a topless woman laying face down on my table and never give it another thought in the past.This time I couldn’t help but give her a furtive glance as she lifted herself up slightly so she could pull the top free. I got a very brief glimpse of her pert right breast and a flash of her nipple. I poured some oil on my hands and had to stifle a sigh as I placed my warm hands on her flawless skin. April let out a contented groan as I spread my hands over her soft skin. “That feels so good,” she said as she closed her eyes. I asked her where the pain was. April said it was her bum and bottom of her spine. I gently needed the small of her back. By the sounds she was making, I was sure I had hit the spot.I moved to the top of the table by her head and started to massage her neck and shoulders. April whimpered contently as I drew my hands up and down her back. I slipped my oily fingers down her sides until my fingertips brushed the sides of her breasts. April liked this. I did it again and this time April lifted herself up slightly which let my eager fingertips explore further. After repeating this movement a couple of times, I was literally brushing her nipples. April didn’t stop me; in fact she was helping me. I cleared my dry throat and asked canlı kaçak bahis her if she had bruised her bottom. April said she didn’t think so but wouldn’t mind me having a look.Having the opportunity to have a look couldn’t be passed so I dried my hands and walked around the side of the table. I asked her if it was alright to pull her bottoms down slightly, so I could have a look. April said that it might be an idea to remove them as she didn’t want to get oil on them either. I swallowed hard as I used my trembling fingers to untie the cute little bows at the sides.With her bottoms undone I pulled the triangle covering her bottom out of the way. Her bottom was a delight. Like a firm but soft peach. I asked if it was alright to touch. April looked around and nodded. I placed my hands gently on her soft skin. April smiled as I looked at her. I tried to look professional as I pressed my fingers into her soft flesh. I didn’t want to prolong my examination in case she thought I was weird. I told her that everything looked fine and the pain should ease over the next couple of days. April thanked me. I was feeling rather turned on by this point and thought I would push my luck and ask her if she wanted me to rub some oil on her behind. I was astonished when she said that would be nice. I tugged at her bikini bottoms and April lifted her hips so I could pull them out of the way. I poured some oil in my hand and placed my trembling fingers on her buttocks. I spread the oil out over each cheek. She felt so good. I rubbed my thumbs over her glistening skin.After about two minutes, I thought it would be best to return to the top of the table as I didn’t want to get carried away. This was rather silly because I continued with the shoulder massage and I was soon running my fingers underneath her and touching her young breasts. I must add that April made no attempt to stop me. As I rubbed my hands down her back my crotch would get rather close to her head. I repeated this movement and over stretched myself enough that my now thickening bulge actually touched her soft blonde hair.Again April didn’t say anything other than letting out the odd sigh of contentment. I looked down at my Speedo’s and you couldn’t miss the outline of my cock stretching the skimpy martial tight. April couldn’t see this as her head was turned to one side. I thought it was best to try and calm myself down and be more professional. I’d had a bit of fun and didn’t want to alarm April even though I know she was enjoying herself. With her lying on my treatment table naked took a lot of trust. I didn’t want to betray that. I told April that was the end of the massage and turned away so she could slip on a gown and also to hide my erection. April sounded disappointed and said she thought I was going to do her front. I stuttered and asked her if she really wanted me too. I turned my head to see April nod. “I trust you and you are a professional after all,” she said with a smile. Again my mouth went dry as I agreed. With this April turned over and lay on her back. I still had my back to her. I turned my head to see her perfect naked frame lying there. I asked her to close her eyes and relax.She closed her eyes which allowed me to walk up to the table without her seeing my bulging Speedo’s. I studied her gorgeous body. You could see where my oily fingers had been. Of course my gaze ran down her slim, taught stomach to the very top of her legs. casino firmalari I could just see the top of her pussy slit as it disappeared between her legs. She sported a very neat spray of blonde pubic hair which fanned out above her hidden clitoris.I had to take a deep breath as I placed my oily hands on her stomach. April giggled and said all of this felt rather naughty epically with her eyes closed. I asked her if she wanted me to stop. April said no and I should carry on. I rubbed my fingers over her stomach, up to just underneath her breasts and down to below her pretty little belly button. I repeated this movement, each time going a little further until my fingertips brushed over her pubic hair and slightly over her breasts. April didn’t complain about my personal touch.Unknown to me as I was too busy drinking in the lovely sight in front of me, April had opened her eyes and was staring at my Speedo’s. I didn’t know what to do. Amy giggled and said that my Speedo’s didn’t seem to fit me as well as they had. I apologized and started to get a bit flustered. I felt as though my Mum had caught me masturbating. April laughed and told me not to be so silly. “I think you would be so much more comfortable if you slipped them off. April could see I was like a Rabbit caught in the headlights. “Come on its only fair. I don’t mind if you have an erection,” she said as she lifted herself up on one elbow. I was a bit uncomfortable and I was also turned on. April smiled as I pulled my Speedo’s down and stepped out of them. April looked me up and down and grinned. My thick cock jutted out from my crotch. My foreskin now free slowly retracted to reveal my engorged glands. “I bet that feels better,” April said as she gazed at my throbbing cock. I walked up to the table and continued with my massage. April rested herself on her elbows to watch me massage her stomach. I felt so much better now that I was as naked as her. She was right, this did feel naughty.I was still testing the water by extending my fingertips further down between her legs. She didn’t complain, in fact she purred like a cat as my fingers massaged her neat pubic mound. My cock would occasionally brush her hip as I kneaded her skin. This would make my cock twitch with pleasure and April purr even more. I moved my attentions upwards and moved over to the top of the table. April laid herself down. My cock was above her head now. She looked up as I lent over her head. I deliberately placed my hands on her beautiful breasts.April let out a sigh as I circled her hard nipples with my thumbs. I didn’t care now. I deliberately pressed my cock against her head. April moved her head to one side and planted a kiss on my heavy balls. I groaned as I felt the warm wetness of her tongue as she licked my shaven scrotum. I bent over and kissed her oily pubic hair. I couldn’t reach any further. I needed to remedy this. I got back up. April had moved on her side and took the opportunity of my cock being an inch from her face. She gripped it around the base and fed it in her mouth. I let out a slow groan as her sweet lips circled my thick shaft.As she sucked my willing cock, I contented myself by reaching between her legs. I gently rubbed my fingertips up and down her neat wet slit. April sucked me harder as I played with her delightful clit. What I wanted to do was eat her. I left her pussy to lower the table. April sensed I had an idea and slipped my cock from casino şirketleri her mouth. A strand of her saliva stretched from her lip to my wet glands. Fuck did that look erotic. I knelt on the table and swung my leg over her head. I was now straddling her pretty face. I lent over her body and buried my head between her legs. April willingly spread them to give me better access to her pussy. I wasted no time in delving my tongue between her soft crinkled pussy lips.April meanwhile had lifted her head and darted her tongue between my slightly open cheeks. I thought I was going to explode when she tried to worm her tongue in my anus. Coupled with her tugging my cock with a firm grip, I was overcome with lust. I had to restrain myself from taking a bite out of her vagina. She tasted so good. April licked my full balls and ran her tongue up to my bum hole and then returning to my tingling sack. I wanted to fuck this pretty creature and I was running out of stamina. If I wasn’t careful I would end up shooting my load over her tits leaving her messy and hanging on the edge.I sat up and lifted myself off the table. I could tell by April’s face she was ready to move on to a fuck. April sat up and swung her legs over the side. Using the lift button I raised the table until it was the right height for me to stand between her legs. Not a word was said as April opened her legs and lent back on her elbows. I took hold of my wet cock and rubbed it up and down her juicy lips. April purred like a kitten as I pressed forward allowing my glands to slip in her pussy. I’m about average in length, about 6” but I’m proud of my girth. I watched as my thick shaft slowly disappeared inside her. April bit her bottom lip and threw her head back as I slowly slid in to the hilt.I stopped as our pubic mounds touched. I could see her delicate lips stretched around my veiny member. April clenched her vaginal mussels, sending tingling sensations through my groin. I slowly withdrew and pressed forward again. I repeated this getting quicker each time. Soon I was pounding in and out of this delectable creature. My heavy balls slapped her arse with each thrust. April’s panting had now turned into groans which changed pitch with each forward thrust. Soon I was left in no doubt that she was about to come. I was so pleased that I had managed to hold on long enough to hopefully satisfy this young girl.April suddenly went stiff and she dug her nails in my back. She held her breath and then let it all out in a kind of low scream. I held on to her as the first (almost painful) jet of cum shot out of my glands at what felt like 100 miles an hour. This was followed by further jets of hot creamy semen, filling her tight hole to over flowing. April must have liked this mutual orgasm because she moaned with pleasure as each jet splashed her inner depths. As our orgasms subsided we just held each other enjoying the warm after glow. My cock started to soften, which in turn allowed a steady stream of our mixed juices to escape and drip on the table. We both looked down at the creamy white mess bubbling from her pussy.April giggled as I slowly let my sticky cock slip from between her lips. I quickly grabbed a small towel from the side and being ever the gentleman, I gently pressed it against her slightly gaping vagina. She thanked me and took over her own clean up operation while I did the same. April and I got showered and dressed before we sat on the terrace with a drink. April said she hadn’t expected that at the start of the visit. I agreed, though I didn’t confess that I had only invited her over to maul her delightful body.I think I will be seeing more of April in the future.TO BE CONTINUED…



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