Mary and Tom had several casual dinner dates with just a modest amount of passionate kissing. They talked about being a little more intimate but between Mary’s strict upbringing and their lack of privacy it was just talk.

Becoming a bit frustrated with the status quo, Tom had suggested they indulge in some talk about their fantasies and how they might enjoy each other in the future. In describing how he envisioned the future Tom had made it clear that he would be the leader in their sexual explorations. With that in mind he’d outlined how he would want Mary to dress on their dates. He knew her wardrobe was very conservative and he had made it clear that as her budget permitted, he expected her to buy sexy lingerie and more revealing clothes.

Mary said she would try to do that. They had then discussed a little of what he had in mind. Mary volunteered to go shopping for lingerie soon.

On the day after that date Mary followed through to shop for some lingerie- not underwear. Tom had made a point to distinguish the two. Mary had never worn anything but cotton underwear. If she’d ever suggested buying a bra or panties in anything other than white cotton her mother would have thrashed her as a sinner. Tom had said that he understood her upbringing but she was a woman now and should embrace that. According to him a woman’s partially hiding her curves and intimate areas in sexy lingerie was feminine and very appealing to men. Tom had said he couldn’t explain it but a woman in nice lingerie was frequently thought of as sexier than the same woman fully nude.

Mary thought that didn’t make any sense but surely Tom knew more about men’s likes and dislikes than she did. She wanted to be feminine and sexy for Tom but shopping for her first lingerie was still going to be a challenge. To lessen her embarrassment in the store, Mary did some Internet searching. She first searched “silk lingerie” and was shocked by the prices. She knew average women didn’t pay $1000 for a bra but from what she saw, that figure wasn’t unusual. She clicked over to other sites and realized that she’d been naive. Changing ‘silk’ to ‘silky’ in her search made a huge difference in the available bras. Now she was simply overwhelmed by the countless styles, prices, and manufacturer’s claims.

It was embarrassing but Mary realized she needed to seek help from one of her roommates. She didn’t want multiple girls involved and so had to bide her time until only one or two of her closer friends would be present. She finally got her suite- mate, Nan, alone and explained her dilemma. Following an hour of blushing conversation, Mary had at least some understanding of bra styles she’d never heard of much less worn. She learned there were styles you bought for everyday wear that were comfortable. They could easily be sexier than her white cotton basics but you were buying these for yourself- not for your boyfriend.

Nan said there were other styles you’d probably buy with your man’s desires in mind rather than your comfort. Knowing Mary’s concerns about her modest breast size, Nan suggested that Mary check out bras with push-up pads or- going the other way- bras that were sheer and would tease her boyfriend with some nipple exposure. Mary blushed furiously at the thought of her nipples being visible through the fabric of her bra. She almost died when Nan explained that since Mary had prominent nipples, she was sure Tom would enjoy being teased by the nice nipple bumps that the bras would allow to show in various tops.

Nan laughed as she realized how embarrassed Mary was at what she’d said and then felt guilty for referring to Mary’s nipples as if she’d been studying them. “I’m sorry if I shouldn’t have mentioned your nipples. It’s just that I’ve seen you in your nightgown without a bra countless times. I’ve been a little jealous since it’s been obvious your nipples are a lot more prominent than mine. Mine are flat- almost inverted. A lot of guys love the sight of big nipples and from what I’m told their fingers and mouth can please a girl in ways I’ve barely experienced.”

Mary mumbled that it was okay but she was still clearly uncomfortable. She hesitated and finally said, “Growing up I was told to always make sure my nipples didn’t show. I was told that it was sinful to excite men by letting your nipples or cleavage show. I didn’t have cleavage to worry about but as you said, my nipples would try to poke through my clothes so I wore gauze pads or Band-Aids to cover them.”

Nan said she understood how strictly religious teachings frowned on most aspects of sexuality. “It’s not for me to give you religious advice. I’m simply saying you have great nipples that most men would be attracted to like magnets to steel. If you insist on covering them then I’d suggest a push up bra. It can make your chest look very inviting. You’re big enough to generate nice cleavage with the right bra.”

Mary blushed again. She said while her breasts had grown from the previously mersinescort flat profile, they were still small. Wearing a push up bra seemed like false advertising, she said. “If you wear a bra like that and then you get serious enough with a guy to let him see your breasts, won’t he feel cheated?

Nan smiled and said, “I guess if men were totally rational that could happen but I think most men are so happy to get the woman’s top off they’re very delighted with whatever they uncover. Besides, in your case, your nipples should more than make up if your breasts aren’t as big as expected.” She paused and then added, “In case I didn’t mention it, even though I’ve never seen you topless I’d love to have bold nipples like yours.”

Nan reminded Mary that Mary should be sure to buy panties that matched each bra or were at least similar in terms of sexiness. Granny panties were not ever to be worn when she was with her boyfriend whether it was a date or simply as a co-worker. “The right panties will make you feel sexier and that will be transmitted by how you walk, talk and interact with guys,” she said. As an afterthought, Nan said, “I don’t want to know what you do or don’t do but make sure your pubic hair is at least trimmed to fit inside your sexy panties- no hair sticking out.” Mary blushed but nodded her understanding.

The discussion ended with Nan suggesting that Mary should go to a boutique lingerie store to get measured so she’d confirm she was buying the right size bra. She could buy multiple bras there if she liked the store or could go on-line to buy there. “Assuming you’re past the religious hang ups, buy a sheer bra and a push up bra; your guy will love to see you in both.”

Mary thanked Nan for her help. She made up an excuse to end the exchange and secreted herself in her bedroom. As soon as she had privacy, she opened her blouse and insinuated two fingers inside her left bra cup- assaulting her big nipple and gasping in arousal at the resulting excitement. She visualized Tom being aroused by seeing her erect nipples and then his fingers assaulting them as she was doing. It was hugely exciting.

As her arousal grew, she imagined Tom’s fingers on one nipple and his lips and tongue attacking the other breast. She’d never experienced a mouth on her nipple but her “imagination ran wild- it would feel so great-exquisite sexual pleasure. She pinched and twisted her nipple harder as she imagined her other nipple being bathed in saliva as a horny man lustfully teased it. She gasped and her whole body stiffened as her excitement redoubled. Within seconds Mary was in the throes of a huge orgasm.

She could barely move as her body felt like limp pasta. Her mind recovered faster and started to visualize dressing for a date with Tom in in a sheer bra under tee style shirt. She’d be terribly embarrassed as her protruding nipples poked out against the fabric but she was sure he’d love the blatant look. She’d need to go on-line to find the bra. Nan had described them as having seamless cups- being made of a thin woven fabric. Once she had the bra, she’d need to experiment with wearing it under different tops in the privacy of her suite. When she was comfortable enough to wear it for a date, she’d need to control their destination- somewhere a bit dark like a tavern would be the best. Dating was more complicated than she’d previously thought.

Mary was confident that she didn’t need to be measured in a store. Her breasts almost filled a 34B bra. They were definitely too large for the A cup bras she’d worn before and she certainly knew that she couldn’t begin to fill a C cup.

The Internet-search and shopping went well. Within an hour she had bought three new bras. One was for everyday wear. It was more feminine than her white cotton bras but not really sexy. The other two were more exciting; she couldn’t wait for them to be delivered.

First, there was a sheer bra in a skin tone color. Mary envisioned feeling almost naked in such a skimpy bra. If the actual color was true to that shown on the screen the garment would virtually disappear against her skin. The thin unlined cups would caress her breasts gently- doing little more than firming their perky look. Her nipples and areolae would definitely be visible through the thin fabric and wouldn’t prevent her big bold nipples from creating little tents in her blouse. Tom would love the look.

Finally, to experiment with a very different look, Mary bought a push-up bra that claimed to add a cup size or more to her chest. The photos showed mouth-watering cleavage as the padding was shaped to push the breasts inward as well as up. Mary bought this style with hesitation. It almost seemed like she’d be dressing for a costume party. Cleavage was not an attribute she’d ever experienced in real life and certainly not on her own body. She’d seen lots of celebrities on TV or in the movies displaying their breasts this way but no one in her social circle had done so. In the yenişehir escort small town of her youth, any woman dressing like that would have been arrested.

Nonetheless, Mary knew- from movies and girl talk with friends- that men loved to look at cleavage and were sexually excited by it. She was pretty sure Tom would like her to dress this way- at least for special occasions. She suspected Tom was more lustful than he’d let on to her. He knew about her religious background and about her self-conscious thoughts about her modest chest. He was being sensitive but she was sure he was eager for her to become more sexually adventurous. The bras she was buying would play into that desire.

The order arrived a few days after Mary had placed the order. Her suite mates saw the return address on the package and were duly curious about the contents. Nan kept Mary’s confidence and didn’t reveal her confidential session. Mary swooped up the package without comment and escaped to her bedroom.

She picked up each of the bras in turn and held each up to her chest just for an idea of how it might look. Each was very different from the other two. Mary quickly decided the push up style was for another day. Similarly, she put aside the everyday one since it didn’t seem it should need a test.

She’d try the seamless bra. She needed to confirm the fit but also needed some time to get familiar with the whole idea of nipple display. She still wasn’t sure she could do it. She steeled herself and stripped off her blouse and bra and slipped on the new bra. Her first thought was how weightless the new bra felt. It seemed that there was nothing to it.

The shoulder straps needed a bit of adjustment which was quickly accomplished. Mary looked down at her chest and was struck by how natural it seemed to be almost naked. She could see that her nipples bulging through the bra but since she’d expected that it wasn’t shocking.

She dropped her hands to her breasts and gently cradled them. She felt naked. The fabric of the cups seemed to be as thin as stockings. She could feel her nipples firming- pressing more distinctly into her palms. That was exciting and prompted her to softy rub her palms over her nipples. That was more exciting. Finally, Mary couldn’t resist lifting one palm off a bit and tracing a fingertip around the fabric tent covering her erect nub. That motion morphed into her thumb and forefinger squeezing the thinly shrouded nipple.

Thinking of Tom’s fingers taking the place of hers her gentle palming became a more aggressive grabbing and fondling. She imagined him saying, “You have very sexy tits. You should wear a bra like this all of the time!”

At the same time his fingers would be roughly assaulting her other nipple. She was almost instantly at the brink of orgasm as she pinched like he would. The nerves ran directly from her nipple to her clitoris and she was frozen on the very edge of her climax. She imagined he’d comment on her giant nipples. She didn’t know the words he’d use but they’d be a lustful compliment. Perhaps something like, “You have to stop hiding these. They’re the biggest, sexiest nipples I’ve ever seen. Get used to having my hands and mouth on them- you can expect me to play with them every time I’m with you.”

That was all it took. Mary shrieked as her body was electrified by her nervous system. She couldn’t move or breath but marveled at how great it felt to be so immobilized.

When she recovered enough, Mary felt she needed to move on to look at herself in a full-frontal view using her large make-up mirror. It took a few tries but she was able to adjust the mirror so that she could stand back about three feet and see her chest in the mirror. As expected, she was a bit shocked with the big dark areolae surrounding her huge protruding nipples thinly veiled by the sheer bra. Mary was a little shaken by how far she’d moved away from her small-town religious background. In the mirror was a woman flaunting her breasts and apparently proud of her over-sized nipples. This person reflected how a modern young woman looked. Mary embraced the look.

While still unsettled seeing herself, Mary pulled her shoulders back and pushed out her chest. She turned back and forth about thirty degrees each way to take in a bit of her profile.

Her hands came up to caress her breasts from below- offering them for the viewer’s appreciation. Mary resolved that it was a sexy woman’s torso. It was fit and well proportioned. The nipples were out of scale but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Nan had praised them and said most men would love them.

Would her conservative boyfriend Tom love this look or be grossed out by her giant nipples?

Mary turned away from the mirror resolving that she needed to stop being so self-critical. Her body- including her nipples- was something to be proud of. She needed to have more self-confidence. With this thought in mind, Mary put the blouse toroslar escort she’d been wearing back on and rejoined her suite mates in their common area. She knew her nipples were tenting the blouse intermittently but it wasn’t a tee so the fabric wasn’t always tight across her nubs. She knew her friends would eventually notice. The only question was who would say something and what would it be.

As she might have guessed, the first comment came from the most out spoken of the group, Sally, who said, “Nice tits, Mary. I’m guessing the package you just got had a new bra in it. I’m glad you’re being bolder about your nipples. Most guys will drool when you walk by.”

Even though she’d expected something like Sally’s comment, Mary blushed and brought an arm up to partially shield her chest from view. Nan immediately chastised Sally for being so harsh and reassured Mary that she looked great. The other two girls chipped in with something positive.

Mary felt compelled to defend herself. Dropping her arm she said, “My nipples are huge. I’ve covered them up since puberty but I can’t hide forever. It’s going to take me some time to adjust but I’m going to do it. If you think I go too far with a tight tee or something you can tell me but overall, I’d appreciate a little support.”

Nan volunteered, “We’ll support you. In a tight tee I might feel you up rather than criticize. I wish I had man-magnets like yours.” The other girls mumbled their support including Sally who half apologized for being crude. She tempered her apology by adding,” You do have pretty spectacular headlights there. I’m proud of my chest and display it to get attention but my nips are mediocre at best. You’re going to have very happy babies someday.” The others told her to shut up.

Over the next few days Mary wore her new sheer bra most of the time but made sure her tops were loose. She wasn’t ready to venture out of the apartment in a tee. She tried out her everyday bra under a tee and felt good about the smooth line of her chest. There were faint nipple bumps that Mary was well aware of and somewhat self-conscious about but she disciplined herself to embrace her more modern style. Her roommates all checked out her tits when they first saw her wearing a tee- undoubtedly expecting to see the bold bumps of her large nipples but they didn’t make any comments. As women they all intuitively knew she was just wearing a sturdier bra.

After several days of the everyday bra, Mary decided to try out her favorite tee over the sheer bra for an evening in the suite. As soon as the tee was on and she glanced down she knew it was a bold look. Her nipples were trying to poke through. She wasn’t sure if she could go out in public like this. She’d need more days in the semi- privacy of the suite before deciding. The tee wasn’t super tight but it was form fitting and made of typically thin material. Her form included B cup breasts with eraser sized bumps that the thin fabric couldn’t over power. The bra softened the points a little but they were still pretty obvious.

Nan happened to be the first roommate to see Mary that evening. She smiled and whispered, “Go girl. I’m jealous.”

The other girls certainly noticed but made no comments. Mary was embarrassed but pleased that even Sally seemed willing to accept Mary’s new look. Mary’s internal dilemma was not knowing if they thought she was being slutty or merely much bolder than she’d been in the past. She knew they’d all say what she wanted to hear so there was no point in asking.

For several days Mary wore a different tee each day. She wore her new everyday bra during the day and changed into the sheer one when she got home and was reasonably sure she was in for the night. She was gradually getting more comfortable with flaunting her nipples but was still nervous about going out.

She’d seen Tom at work and for a casual dinner during this time while wearing the everyday bra. On more than one occasion she’d been aware of Tom’s checking out her chest. She decided he liked her look and that she liked his attention. This evolved into her pulling her shoulders back a little when he was near.

Sitting across from him at the local tavern, Mary leaned in so she could keep her voice down and said, “I bought some nice lingerie last week. I’m still getting used to it but I think you’ll like it when we finally have some privacy.”

Tom smiled and said, “Are you wearing it now?”

“I’m wearing my new everyday bra. It’s the most conservative. I gather you’ve noticed that my nipples are poking through a bit. They’re quite large and seem to like seeking attention.”

“They have gotten my attention. I didn’t mean to stare but I’m a guy; it’s impossible to always be a gentleman when an attractive woman’s body is teasing you.”

Mary laughed. “Is it okay that my body is teasing? As I said, this is the plain bra. I bought another that I haven’t worn out of the suite. It is very sheer and allows my nipples to tease more blatantly.”

“I can’t wait to be teased. Could you wear it tomorrow and we’ll go to an early movie? The theater’s never crowded and it’s dark. If you’re comfortable enough we could come here for a burger afterwards.”



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