The next day came the first of the sweet news. Arvind got a nice job at a software company. He had to report immediately. All four of us went out to eat to celebrate this occasion and we had a great time, with both Arvind and Preethi bickering at each other like kids. With both Arvind and Sri busy at work, we girls had the days to ourselves. I tried to talk her out of what had happened, but couldn’t get anything from her. The week went and then, she too started her third year in college.

Life went back to normal, or almost closer to normal, except on special occasions when Arvind made sure that we two had some time together, leaving the other two for themselves. Of course, I knew my hubby was fucking his sister, but I was getting more out of it from Arvind. Like Arvind said, “We were even.” The sex life between me and Sri too was normal; with both of us making sure that we didn’t let each other know our little secrets. It was a healthy sex life. He never showed any dislike over me and I did the same. We were still a happily married couple.

Then in the month after the first fuck with Arvind, it happened. Just as I feared, or just as I wanted, I missed my period. I knew it was the pregnancy, yet, I waited till the next month. The next month, I checked with my gynecologist, and then broke the news to both the fathers!

“Wow..!!!” Sri was dumbstruck at the thought of becoming a father. Gave me a huge hug and presented me with a necklace.

Arvind took me to a large silk saree showroom which belonged to a friend of his, and on the pretext of buying me a nice saree, he celebrated by giving me the best kinkiest fuck of my life in the changing rooms of the showroom. The saree he bought me from that shop thus got the cum stains even before it left the shop!

The second trimester moved on, with little bit of fucking. I missed the usual fiery fucks, as I was pregnant, and my hubby wasn’t fucking me on the pretext of that and his sister therefore got fucked like a whore. Then, it was Arvind who made sure that I had some nice fucks to my heart’s content. I’m sure my hubby and Preethi made the best out of this. I’m not worried for them except that she shouldn’t get pregnant before marriage as she was still in college.

The third trimester came and it was time to go home. This time again, it was Arvind, who volunteered to take some time off his work and take care of me. My hubby said, he had some work, so he couldn’t come.

“Take care of yourselves akka. I’ll take care of anna till you come back.” Preethi was saying as we boarded the train. “You don’t even know how to cook. I don’t know how you two are going to manage.” I said to them. “I’ll learn akka.” She was chiding. We bid farewell and took the train to home. It was 12 hour long journey back. And we had a separate cabin to ourselves.

It was Arvind who broke the ice. “I bet those two will fuck like anything tonight.” He said.

“Tonight, and every night till I come back.” I said and laughed.

Then, I felt the baby kicking inside me. “Ohh…” I gasped. “What happened?” he panicked. “Nothing… Your baby just kicked.” I said, hugging and kissing him.

“I’ve always wanted to ask you… is it really our baby??”

“Of course, you dumb! This is your baby. Your seed…” I said kissing him again.

He pushed my saree aside my huge tummy and placed his hands on it trying to feel the baby. He bent and kept his ears along the tummy trying to hear the sounds of the 7 month old baby.

Then he was silent for a few moments. “What are you thinking about?” I asked him.

“No. nothing. I was just… I was just wondering how you would look if you are butt naked now, now that you have the baby inside…” he trailed. “I had never seen a pregnant lady fully naked you know…” he was blushing.

“Is that it? Come on Arvind. You could have just asked me. You are the father. You have every right to ask anything you want, even if it is to see me butt naked. Shut the door now.”

He shut the cabin door and locked it tight. I started undressing slowly under the glowing light of the filament lamp above us.

“It reminds me of the first fuck we had.” I said to him as I let go off my saree from my shoulders.

“What’s with that?” he asked.

“You are still shy like that day. Besides, It was not an accident, I did seduce you very easily.” I laughed and unbuttoned my blouse and stripped it off from my shoulders.

“Oh my god, did you really? I never noticed. I still thought, it happened just like that.” He said as he grabbed my blouse and put it aside.

“Yes. It was me who made that happen, else I wouldn’t be having your baby in me today. It kind of feels nice and kinky to have my brother’s child. I love this feeling.” Saying şirinevler escort so, I undid my pregnancy bra, taking it off. My breasts have by this time bloomed and have grown huge, hanging like two milk pots as a result of my pregnancy.

I sat beside him and let him caress my breasts as I undid the rest of my clothes. He started fondling with my huge mammary glands, grabbing them tight, massaging them each with his palm. “You’ve breasts have changed a lot…” he was saying as a matter of fact.

“Of course, I’m pregnant, my breasts have grown! I’m a big girl now!” I said to him teasingly. I was fully naked now. My cunt hairs had grown like a bush by this time. His fingers were feeling all the way from my breasts to my thighs and my hairy wet cunt along my tummy and then back again.

“Shall I say something, you look the sexiest now, with the baby in you… sexiest than I ever seen you before. Not even on our first fuck, I found you so sexy.” He said and started fingering me. I helped him undress himself. We both were naked now and we had more than 8 hours of travel left.

“Is it true that you shouldn’t get fucked at this stage of pregnancy?” he was truly worried. “Yes. But I can’t control the urge. I badly need a fuck, some wild fuck, like you used to give me before. Don’t say no. just fuck me, pleasssssse.” I was almost pleading him. Yes, I needed a fuck very badly as a matter of fact.

“Now that you are pregnant, I can’t fuck by being at the top. It’ll hurt the baby. You need to bend. Well, that isn’t good either. You can’t bend. Can you kneel down on the cabin floor?” he asked me.

Without expecting any answer, he laid down the small mattress we brought with us on the floor, and made me kneel beside the window. “Are you okay? Comfortable?” He was asking me every now and then like a caring husband!

He slowly let a couple of fingers into my cunt, trying to lubricate it for a nice fuck. He spit into the cunt to make sure I’m comfortable. Even as he started, I let out a loud squeal with ecstasy. In a few seconds, I was ready for the fuck. He slowly let his penis into my cunt from the back, grabbing my hips and then my huge tummy.

He started with a short stroke and then with faster ones. I let out a loud moan and started panting. Unlike previously, now, I couldn’t match up with his speed and my back started developing pains. Soon we came up with an alternative. He laid me with my back on the mattress and then held up my legs putting them on his shoulders, helping me raise my hips with a pile of clothes.

He started fucking me hard, and now, I was more comfortable. He was riding with passion and my moans and squeals got lost in the sound of the running train. The cabin was hot with sex. And I could feel my cunt dripping with juices. It had been a long time since I had a nice dripping slushy fucking sex like this. Oh my god!

In minutes he was about to shoot his load of cum. He pulled it out of me. Then, it came, wads of cum, sprinting over my huge breasts, splashing on my tummy. I tasted it with my fingers. “It still tastes good.” He laughed hearing me say that. It wasn’t enough. I haven’t had enough sex for the night, and he helped me out by fingering and sucking my cunt till I came.

“How does it feel? good?” I asked him.

“Real nice. To fuck a pregnant woman, that too my sister. I liked it. I don’t know, if I would get another chance again.” He said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance when I have another baby of yours next time.” And we both laughed. We slept naked, hugging each other, after quite a long time. The train reached the station as usual late on time, yet, we couldn’t wake up due to our tiredness. I didn’t even have time, to clean the dried cum off my tits, tummy and cunt. I got dressed and there was mom, dad and our little brother, Karthik, waiting for us at the station.

He stayed home for a couple of days, but had to get back to work.

The next time I saw him was when all of them, Arvind, Sri, Preethi and her younger sister Sowmya had come to see me on the day of my labor. He kissed me off to labor room.

“I need to say something to you…” he was saying.

“What is that?” I asked him.

“A little secret that happened when you were away.”

“Don’t say you fucked Preethi!” I said to him cheekily.

He was silent.

“What? Did you??” I was surprised.

He nodded with a smile.

“Oh my god! How could you ever cheat me?” I teased him.

“Are you angry at me?” he asked.

“Yes, I am. As a matter of fact, we… myself, mom, dad, and Sri’s parents have decided something as well. You are getting a punishment. You are destined to fuck her all your life my brother!” şişli escort I said to him smilingly

“Oh noooo…! He groaned mockingly and we both laughed.

“Before I go, does she know our little secret?” I asked him.

“No. she doesn’t know. But I know her little secret. Your hubby had fucked her the same night I fucked you. She was a virgin then. She had a sore cunt as a result of two nights of fucking!”

“I knew he would do something like that.” I said.

Then my hubby came in. We had to stop our little talk there. I went in for labor and came out with a cute little baby girl. Everyone said, she looked like me, thankfully. Weeks went on.

Then came another chance for me to be with Arvind again. Everyone in the family including the little baby girl had gone to temple, on the pretext of doing some prayers for both our well being. As I was not allowed to go, I had to stay back, sadly to the company of my brother.

With the tummy back to normal and with regular exercises I was getting back my shape. I was still breast feeding. The house I grew up was a small yet cosy one filled with memories.

And now, it is now going to get added with an unforgettable experience as well. There isn’t any air conditioning, but it is well lit and airy with all those glass ventilators at the roof. Immediately after everyone left, we hit the bed together.

“Care for a bath together?” I asked Arvind.

“Yeah sure!” he dropped off into the bath in a towel. He helped me undress my nighty, then my blouse, my petticoat and my panties.

“Since when did you start wearing panties recently?” he asked.

“Hey, I used to wear, though not frequently. Now with the baby, I feel the urge for frequent urination. And this is kind of nappies for me…” I explained.

“Woww… Akka.. you’re the one… always.. sexy!” he was commenting on my body, when I became buck naked.

“Whats different?” I asked him.

“Hmm… small tummy…” We both laughed.

“Still larger breasts…” he said grabbing them each with his hands and mockingly weighing them with his hands. Just as he squeezed, he saw milk squirting out my nipples.

“Wowww… what’s this? Can I… Can I have a taste of it?” he asked.

“Uh hmm… not now.. now soap me. Lets have a bath.” I said.

“Oh.. come on akka… let me at least kiss them for now.” Saying so, he gave a light kiss on each of my breasts and suckled them softly a couple of times. I felt a current of lightning going down along my spine. It felt so good.

And then we soaped and bathed each other, surprisingly without any mischief. Except when he soaped my cunt, which I had trimmed recently. “Hmm… trimmed cunt..” he was making a statement.

As we finished, he grabbed and lifted me, carrying me to the bed. It reminded me of the day when he carried me halfway through the soap. It was indeed a wild night.

Just as he lay naked on the bed, I was toweling myself standing before him. “Come on. How long will you take?” he teased.

“Don’t be in a hurry. I’m not allowing you to fuck my cunt today!” I said.

“What?? No way!” saying so he tried to grab me.

“Wait till you hear fully idiot! I said, you are not allowed to fuck my cunt, but you can fuck some other hole of mine.” I grinned.


“Shall we try something new? Ever thought of fucking my ass?” Even though we fucked each other, it never occurred to him or even to me, until the night we were both on the train.

“Wow… Well, I thought of it, but never felt like asking you. Is it okay?” he asked me again.

“Yeah! It is okay! But you need to be careful. Cos, I never got fucked in my ass before. I’m still a virgin at that. I trust you because you are the one who cares for me more than anyone in the world. And I want to try it first time with you. Help me lose my virginity” I said, giving him a kiss on his lips.

“Okay. How do we start?” he asked.

“Get whatever oil mom has in her kitchen. Mix them and pour them into my asshole”

He came up clutching three different types of oils and mixed them in a small cup. I doggy positioned myself, pushed up my ass lowering my back and then spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could, nervously. Yes, I was nervous. This is going to be my first time, truly. I didn’t know what to expect.

He slowly let in a couple of fingers and spreading a bit, poured a good amount of oil into the asshole, which I felt slushy as it went in. Then he started finger fucking my asshole, first with one finger, then with two fingers and then with three. Anything beyond three would have been impossible as I felt my asshole being stretched like anything with three of his three fingers inside.

I suadiye escort let out a gasp of air and panted. I had to finger myself a bit so as to loosen my cunt and asshole. “Are you ready?” he asked. He was ready with his hot rod ready to take the plunge into my rear exit. This is going to be one hell of an experience.

Already I could feel my cunt dripping with juices and my bed getting stained with those little drops of juices.

Then it occurred to me. “Hey, did you ass fuck Preethi?” I asked him.

“No. akka. I haven’t. This is the first time for me too.” I was relieved.

“Okay. Go slow. When I say stop, stop! If you go any further, I’ll kill you!” I cautioned him.

“It’ll be okay akka. I’ll take care. Okay here I go.” He said and pushed the bulb of his cock into my asshole. Even with all that lubrication, it stretched my puckered hole and went in with a soft pop. I gasped. Phew! I could feel something hot and hard stuck from my back. As if hot oil in a deep frying pan!

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yesss…” I purred.

He pushed a bit further. It split the whole of my asshole touching my rectum. Now he grabbed my hips and started pushing slowly but with full force. I gasped again in pain and my eyes became watery. “Oh my god… oh my god.. stop… stop..” I was yelling unable to bear the pain. And he stopped. “Let me relax. Let me relax.” I was saying it fast in between the gasps. He let go of my hips and grabbed my breasts and kneading them slowly.

“Okay. Push again. Slowly.” And he did. It went in fully and I again let out a gasp, as it hit somewhere near the pelvis.

He waited and then pulled halfway out slowly. Then again pushed in. then it continued. With gasps and pants and yells and laughs, and squeals of excitement both of us were enjoying our first ass fucking session. I was now getting accustomed to the girth of his cock that he paced up his fuck. Soon it was so much enjoyable than pain.

He started squeezing my milk pots hard, that milk started squirting out of my breasts, on to my bed. I felt like a cow in heat, being milked. Then I thought, ‘I should do this every day, get milked like a cow’.

“Hey stop. Don’t do that. The milk is squirting all over the bed” I was saying.

He didn’t stop. He milked my breasts and my milk squirted and shot all over the bed. It was really kinky to watch it squirt all over.

It took us a lot more time than my first cunt fuck with him, yet we both felt good. Then came the ramming, begging, shouting and squealing, and then, he shot his wad filling up my asshole. As he pulled out, I hugged and kissed him with passion.

We both lay entwined on the bed for some time. As always, he started fiddling with my breasts. They were beet red with his squeezing, with a bit of milk on the nipples.

“Do you still have milk in them?” He asked.

“Yes. Do you want to suck the milk out of them? Want to have a taste?

“Yes. I love to. Its been quite a long loooong time since I had tasted breast milk. I don’t remember mom’s breasts. But I’m imagining. I bet they were as good as you.” He grinned.

“Oh. Baby. Come on. Suck as much milk you want. All my milk is for you. Come on, suck my breasts.” I was coaxing him like he was my baby.

He moved into my wet lap and I pushed my left breast into his mouth. He started sucking slowly and then with slurping sounds.

“How does it taste? Good?” I asked him.

“Hmmm…” he let out a moan as he continued to suck my breast milk like a baby.

It was an exciting feeling, as it was always while feeding my baby. I moaned as he sucked my breasts again and again. I grabbed his cock and started giving a hand job. He finished sucked all the milk out of me. I squirted the last of my milk right on his face covering it with milk and we both laughed.

“So, say to me… how did you manage to fuck Preethi? I asked him.

“It isn’t a long story akka…

One day, I caught her sneaking into our room, watching me take bath. Then I said, it was only ‘even’ to see her naked too. Then we kissed and then I fucked. That’s it to that story. Nothing as interesting…”

“Hmmm… it will get interesting when u marry her. So, how did you get out her secret?”

“She wasn’t feeling well for some time. Mama was away, I really took care of her and she just spurted it out saying she was guilty. I think she loves me now.”

“Yeah, I think too. Cos, it was her dad and mom who spoke to us first about your marriage. Mom and dad asked me. I thought it would be great to have this within the family; besides, I can be with you without being jealous. So I said, ok. Is it ok for you? Do you like her too?”

“I like her too. But akka, I wish you were my wife.” He said.

“It’s okay da. We can’t change our life. But we can keep this jus between us. Now I feel like having another of your baby. Next year this time, I want to have another of your baby. Okay with you?”

“Oh. Sure!” his face was lit up with a wide grin…


To be continued…



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