Married Traveling Cocksucker Business ManI haven’t had the chance to fuck around with a guy in a couple of years.The last time was before craigslist personals got shut down. That was always my go to. I found a married guy who traveled from Chicago to Raleigh regularly for business.I let him be my cocksucker in his hotel room. His request was that I walk in, Drop my pants and sit down on the couch. I was to let him have control of the situation from there. It was cold outside and I remember sitting in the parking lot for a while deciding if I really wanted to do this or not. I always did that. It always takes me a while to get up the nerve. By the time I got out of the car I was cold.When I got to his room the door was opened, the security bar between the jamb and the door holding it opened pendik escort just a crack. I walked in, closed and locked the door behind me. The adrenaline was racing through my body. The Bathroom was on the left as I walked into the dark room. After the bath was a short hall with closets on the right and a couch on the left. About 6 feet past the couch was the bed. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. He was laying in the bed under the sheet playing with himself with the TV being the only light in the room.I dropped my pants around my ankles leaving on my boots and my coat. I sat down, cock out, semi hard, he got out of the bed naked, walked over to me slowly, kneeled down between my legs, took my balls in his hand and went right down on me, Letting my kağıthane escort cock swell to full size in his mouth. He was good. He really knew how to suck a cock. He was a fairly normal guy, wife and k**s at home. That is the way I like it. I have had my cock sucked by gay men before. It isn’t the same as a straight cocksucker with a bitch and family at home. The frustrated straight middle aged guy has a sexual fire for dirty cocksucker sex like no one else. He knew he owned my pleasure for little while, he was going to get a mouthful of my ecstasy that he could savor in his mind when he got back home to his mundane existence. All the shame of dirty erotic anonymous cocksucking in a hotel room in a strange city. That maltepe escort will give him something to get excited about while he is fucking his wife, or jerking off because he is not fucking his wife….But in this moment, he has me to serve…He really knew how to please. I didn’t even bother trying to hold back and make it last. As soon as I felt the surge in my body coming on, I curled my chest over his head and pushed my cock down his throat, closed my eyes and I came in his throat. He swallowed all of it and when I was finished I just fell back, sitting relaxed on the couch.He got back on the bed looking at me and jerked himself off. This was the first time I got off with a guy and didnt give him hand. It was intentional. The plan was to be served with nothing in return but to let him jerk off looking at me. He came pretty quick shooting his load on the floor between us. I stood up, pulled up my pants and split. I always feel dirty after that shit.And then again comes a time like now when I wish I had some guys cunt ass to fuck. Hell, I might even throat your cock and swallow your load if you looked good.



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