This story is about the first time Mark and Helen met.

Mark and Helen close the door of their hotel room and embrace. Helen is wearing a pair of jeans and a blouse, and Mark is in a dress shirt and pants. As their bodies come together, Mark feels the touch of a woman for the first time in years. He feels the soft touch of her neck against his cheek, and her hair, that smells so good, in his hands. Mark feels her hips pressed against his pelvis, and very soon, Mark’s cock hardens and begins to press against the fabric of his underpants, his trousers and through to the still-clothed body of Helen. For Mark, the sensation of heat and urgency in his groin is unmistakable, as he kisses Helen fully on the mouth. Her mouth opens, and she bites his lip, and Mark’s tongue brushes her lips as he tastes her for the first time. Mark’s pelvis pushes against her belly, and Helen gently responds back, as they kiss, passionately now. Mark’s hands feel her neck, her shoulders, and then they drift down to her waist, feeling the curve of her hips through her blouse. Sitting on the bed, their kissing grows more urgent, and Mark touches Helen’s bottom and gently squeezes her buttocks, pushing kızılay escort her hips into the hard bulge in his groin.

Soon, these clothes must come off. But Helen firmly refuses. Eventually, after more kissing and caressing, in front of Mark’s eyes, stands Helen, nearly naked. Still in her underwear, her curves are perfect. Breasts, perfectly shaped, and smooth, firm skin. Mark’s head is spinning, and he feels overdressed. Quickly, he takes his shirt off, and unbuckles his pants. His trousers drop away, and his underpants outline his erection, straining to be free. Mark tugs insistently at Helen’s bra and after some help from her there she lies, naked except for her panties, with nipples erect in the cool air. Their bodies press against each other, this time with hot skin contacting each other from shoulders to thighs. They lie on the bed, and Mark presses his face in Helen’s neck, breaths her scent and gently bites her.

Helen makes noises of pleasure and passion, and Mark feels her responding to his touch. They lose their final items of clothes, and they lie there, naked, embracing each other. Mark’s hands feel her muscles, her waist, her kızılay escort bayan hips, and finally, brush against her pubic mound. She is trimmed, and the surface of her pubis gives way to a dimple and then a crease, where his fingers explore. Helen moans and pushes back against his fingers. Her fingers reach down and feel his hard cock. She gently runs her hands over the shaft, easing the soft, sensitive skin up and down, lifting his foreskin up and down over the wet head. It sends waves of pleasure over Mark, who feels her skin, her pussy, senses her smell, and her taste. It’s too much. He must be inside her.

He rests on his elbows, and she slides her body under him. Mark’s cock brushes her belly, and slides down, until his cock head presses down on Helen’s clitoris. Then lower, sliding in her crease until it slips into her vagina. First, the head of Mark’s penis penetrates past her inner lips, and then with a feeling of heat and pressure against every nerve in his cock, Mark feels it penetrate deep into her. They both gasp, as they feel each other’s sex for the first time. Mark pushes gently in and out and the feeling of her vagina grasping escort kızlay at his cock is just indescribable. There is a feeling of boiling pressure in the shaft. The head of his cock send waves of pleasure into Mark’s brain. Helen has her eyes closed as they make love, first gently, then with increasing urgency as they move together in unison. Then Helen does something incredible. She uses her fingers to stimulate her clitoris and rises to an orgasm. Her skin around her neck tenses and with her nipples erect she cries out in pleasure.

Her vagina spasms, sending an electric current through Mark’s cock. With his head buried in her neck, Mark feels a pressure build in the base of his penis, and barrage of intensity surrounding his groin, as he thrusts into Helen. He is losing control, his hips bucking, losing all sense of self awareness, and his world telescopes down into Helen, her vagina, his penis, her pussy, her cunt! – his building orgasm, and then there is a blinding, focused rush and all else is obliterated as he feels a hot rush of cum surging up from his insides and along his shaft until there is nothing but one small sensory explosion after another as Mark shoots his hot, white cum deep into her. Helen is sensing every moment, feeling every push and spurt, as she experiences his orgasm.

They lie there, spent, for the time being at least. Soon, Mark will feel that familiar pressure again, as Helen’s pleasures reawaken him. They are good for each other.



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