Hi my name is Marie and this is my true story of my exploration of anal sex and my development of the joy i get from it. I am from Scotland and the legal age for sex is 16, i lost my virginity when i was 18. I’ve always been sexual and masturbated a lot before I had sex. I am 5 foot tall, slim, blond hair, a size 14 (36D) on the chest and i have been told very attractive. As my body developed i got these huge tits and my pussy lips got long and thick and hung down, my clit got bigger and more sensitive much to my delight.

I enjoy masturbating and did so quite often, only my hands when i was young. When i was 18, i met a guy called Dave. He was nice looking but wasn’t ugly either, he was nice and treated me like a princess. We went out for quite a while (eventually became my husband) and had really good sex, he fucked me whenever he could, and i was always horny and loved every minute. His dick was a nice size, fitted in my mouth without hurting, stretched my pussy and hit all the right places.

It was while i was with Dave i found out i liked anal simulation (no penetration at this point), we went on holiday at 18 and we bought a vibrator for me, it was my first and i loved it. It was a 7 inch flesh coloured and atomically correct thing, big veins and a big knob. I was wanking one day when, in mid orgasm i was franticly rubbing my clit and the vibrator came out of my sopping wet pussy and fell between my clenched but cheeks. The vibrator was on full tilt and it landed right on my wet ass hole, the vibrating head on my asshole sent me over the edge again and again. I couldn’t take much more after my 5th orgasm, so with reluctance i had to push it away. This one event sent me on a new path.

I then spent the next year masturbating with the vibrator on my ass hole, not ever thinking about what would happen if i put it in there. It would get me so wet, the sheets would be soaking wet and my mom mentioned to me on many occasions about the mess.

I broke up with Dave and spent the next year with me and my trusty vibrator going through university. I had 2 hook ups in university, one was with an English guy who was a rabbit, fucked fast and moved on and a guy i went with for a year, he was the first to sick his finger in my but hole. Made me cum so much he thought i pissed on him. He didn’t try to fuck my ass, I wish he had though as his finger had felt so good. This again opened a door and i began to wonder, what it would feel like if my vibrator was in there?

I qualified uni at 21 bursa escort and moved back home for a year, before looking for a job. It was there i bumped back into Dave. We got back together and got back to sex (Dave was still unaware or my liking for anal simulation) he could make me cum in seconds. I was still masturbating on a regular basis. One night Dave had made cum 3 times then had taken me home. I wasn’t frustrated, but felt great and went to my bed got my vibrator, put it on my ass, it was slick with pussy juice and Dave’s come. I started rubbing my clit and my swollen wet pussy, thinking about Dave’s cock in my mouth and the way he licked my hard throbbing clit earlier that evening, i got so horny i pushed my vibrator toward my ass hole giving me a new tingling sensation , the more i pushed the more intense it became. I came with a thrash and pushed the vibrator into my ass, holy fuck!! I have no words to describe it, i came the most intense orgasm to that point in my life, soaked sheets again for mom to wash.

Dave and me got married the next year, all the time i was to afraid to tell him. Anal sex never came up in conversation or did he ever try to get it in my ass, he would give me a slap on the ass, play with it, rub and stick a finger in now and then, when we had been drinking. Don’t get me wrong, I would still masturbate when i needed and put the vibrator just inside my ass.

When i was 24 I fell pregnant, it was planned and we were overjoyed. The only down side was my hormones went into overdrive and i was so horny all the time. Week 24 was the turning point- i was horny and we were having sex in the missionary position but it was painful in my pussy, my clit was like 4 times its normal size, towels were wet and we hadn’t had sex yet. Dave went down on me but again too sensitive. He was frustrated, I was frustrated. He moved behind me spooning with me, his dick jutting up poking into my ass hole, “Just rub your dick against my ass hole!!” did i say that out loud? I sure did, he didn’t even say a thing; but did it.

I started moaning and pushing against him, his dick was probably twice the size of the vibrator i owned, but fuck that dick felt so good. Dave started to wank his dick, rubbing his pre-cum on my brown star, my hand had crept down and was playing slowly with my oversensitive clit. I pushed on down against his dick and i felt my hole open and take the end of his knob. He asked if i wanted this, i answered by pushing down more. I felt burning and stretching, then I felt bursa escort bayan his hand going up and down his shaft, hitting the part between my pussy and my ass, splashing my juice as it ran from my now saturated cunt. Then there was a pop and his knob was inside me, deeper than my little vibrator ever had been. I started to swear and say all sorts of obscene things.

I told Dave to wank his cock in my ass (so delicious) slap my tits, slap my ass and finally fuck my ass. At this point i was lost, gone, anything coherent was lost. My clit was burning and all i wanted at that point was; get as much dick as i could in my ass hole. Dave started fucking me in earnest, getting more and more dick in on each stroke. He didn’t need lube as i was cumin like a fountain. Then i felt full, his balls were hitting my ass cheeks and everything felt as it were perfect. I was moaning so loud and the rush of blood in my ears was blocking out anything Dave was saying.

Then he stopped! WTF! He told me to get on my hands and knees, the look in his eye told me he was so horny, i obeyed without question. Spanking his hard cock against my but cheeks made me squirm, then he pressed is dick against my ass and i accepted him without any pain or pressure. He kept pushing his dick in my ass, he was so fucking hard and it was so big, I felt his balls slap against my clit and was in heaven. He started to fuck me slow and long. His hand reaching round and gently rubbing my clit, what happened next was amazing, I got a warm, pleasurable, and orgasmic like feeling that got bigger, starting in my belly and spread to my clit and pussy, i collapsed onto the bed with the most intense orgasm ever, it was the one orgasm to rule them all. Feeling Dave shoot his cum deep up my ass my orgasm went on and on, i felt each spurt, things went black.

When i came too, Dave was near panic as he was worried about the baby. I told him he was so good that i passed out (not a lie) but i was fine and not to worry. Once Dave was settled and assured i was okay, we cleaned up the bed (i learned to put bath sheets on the bed) and he wanted to talk about what happened.

It was then i told him about my secret, he made eye contact with me and told me never to be that stupid again and tell him anything sexual that i wanted to try and he could do likewise. As we lay on the bed cuddling i asked him if he enjoyed it too. He told me that he had wanted to fuck my ass for a long time but never thought i would be into it (how wrong could he have escort bursa been). I asked him to describe what he experienced. This is what he said-

“Being frustrated all i wanted was to cum, i thought I’m only going to end up with a hand job. I loved it when you told me to rub my knob on your ass hole, i was horny and the sensation of your tight butt hole with all the rough, tight skin was amazing. Your pussy was so wet and running down between you cheeks, then you started to push down i grabbed my dick and started wanking my dick around your asshole, i could feel you open up for my dick and i wanted to make sure you wanted this, like i did. That was why i asked you. When you pushed down again i knew what you wanted more. It was so tight, tighter than i would have imagined. Then i was in with a tight squeeze. It’s like nothing else we can do, the tightness is down my shaft and the warm velvet glove feeling was on the rest of my dick, squeezing tight and engorging my knob, warm and so, so tight. Again i didn’t need to do much as you were fucking me, your juice was making it go in with ease. I grabbed my dick again and wanked my cock with it in your ass and i knew you had cum again with the flood that came out your pussy.

I took my hand off my dick and fucked the rest of my length into you, going a bit deeper and harder with each trust, until my balls were pushed up against your ass cheeks. I fucked you as hard as i dared, i knew i was going go cum so i stopped and told you to get on your knees, this gave me a chance to squeeze my knob to stop me coming. I slapped my dick on your ass again to give me a bit more time and to look at your used ass hole which was gapping open slightly. Putting my dick against your brown ring i watched, as it expanded round my knob and swallowed it. I kept pushing in on one movement until i could feel your wet pussy against my balls.

I knew you were sensitive so i took my time rubbing your clit and slowly sped up fucking until i could feel you starting to contract round my dick. I moved my hand from your clit and stuck 2 fingers in your pussy, all hell let loose then and i came so hard in you i think i pushed you into the pillows, you squirted twice on me then stopped moving. I took my dick out and you never moved that’s when i panicked”

I’ve got to say I don’t remember Dave putting his fingers up my pussy, maybe that what made me pass out, who knows? Things in our relationship had improved enormously for me and I looked forward to having a cock up my but as often as possible.

That started the next chapter in our relationship, we fucked with Dave in my ass for the rest of the pregnancy as my pussy was sore and very sensitive.

I will tell you more if i get enough likes.



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