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The sun is warm today and the sky is clear. In the distance, I can hear the waves crashing on the shore. As I look out the kitchen window, I see her lying by the pool.

My mind slips back to the dream I had last night.

She is there lying next to me. We are trading soft, wet kisses to each other’s body, her hands exploring. They find my hard throbbing cock. Standing at attention, and aching for attention. My heart begins to race like the engine of a fine-tuned car. Blood flows through my veins like the swollen Rivers of the Amazon. I cannot take it any longer I feel as if I am going to explode and then it happens like so many nights before, I awake alone.

Today is the day either I have her the way I want her, the way I feel it should be or I’m alone without her forever.

I am in love with her and I am going to show her. It might get me fired but as I have always said, “it’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.” After all this is paradise, a place where dreams can come true and anything can happen.

It has been two years since my obsession began. That first day I saw her, I remember it well. As I approached the front door, I felt my heart pounding and my stomach begin to tighten.

I thought this is it, “If I could just secure this position with the widow as her full time personal assistant.” It would mean I could live here in paradise forever, my dream come true.

I had heard she was a stunning young woman, auburn hair, eyes of emerald green, and a body that….well I did say this was paradise. I had never seen her for myself.

I kept telling myself “It does not matter you will just work for her and be at her beckon call.” I had to get a grip this was not a date. If all went well she was going to be my new boss.

As she opened the door, it hit like a mountaintop erupting for the first time. There before me stood the goddess of my dreams. She was about 5 foot tall. Her ass was full and round and connected to one of the best Timex bodies, I have ever seen. She could definitely take a licking and keep on ticking. Her auburn hair shimmered in the sunlight, almost touching her shoulders. The most beautiful emerald eyes, that seemed to look right into my soul. She had beautiful firm tits, a nice full “c” cup. The perfect size all I could think of was “Holly shit. She is beautiful, and I want her, I want so etlik escort god damn bad.”

I had never felt like this before especially at first site. Could it be? Damn it Mallory get a grip!

I said, “Hello Ms. Brooks, my name is Mallory, I called you about the personal assistant position you have”.

“Oh yes, please come in” she said. I noticed her face seemed to light up with a smile that could melt the glaciers.

Looking back, I think, how I had watched her blossom. What began as a wilted rose of a person turned into a beautiful bouquet. The way she was before the tragic accident ended her husband’s life too early.

I remember the many nights, holding her while she wept of his death, encouraging her.

‘It will be ok. Just give it time,” I would say.

The sweet coconut smell of her freshly washed hair as I held her in my arms until she would gently fall asleep.

The feeling of excitement I would get on the good nights watching movies, laughing, talking, and massaging her sexy smooth legs and those cute little manicured feet. Days at the market and evenings cooking dinner and laughing all night together.

The countless nights I spent dreaming of her warm skin, soft touch and her lips so soft and wet, kissing me all over my body. Many nights I would awake from these passionate dreams, slip quietly down the hall and watch her sleep, so peaceful yet so unbelievably sexy.

We have become so close; sometimes it is hard to see the line between boss and close friend.

I wanted her so bad. I keep thinking, is this proper, or is their something more to this relationship? Could it be possible, this stunning beauty of 32, is attracted to me, a collage washout, 10 years her junior.

Well today, I will find out, and then I hear her sweet soft voice call to meet. “Mallory, I need some oil on my back could you be a sweetie and help me.” As I rush from the kitchen, my heart begins to race.

I can smell her coconut mango lotion, my favorite. The scent reaches deep within my soul, and like pouring gas on a fire my desires ignite.

She sits up from the lounge chair and I slip in behind her as I press my already throbbing loins tight against her waist.

As I begin to rub in the lotion in she arches her back and tells me what a great person I am and how she could not have made it these two years without me.

The guilt starts to set in for the thoughts I am having but my mind quickly snaps back to the thoughts of desire that I have for her. etlik escort bayan I tell her how beautiful she is, as my hands slide over her shoulders and down her chest just above her beautiful firm tits. I can see her nipples becoming erect. I tighten my legs around her as if to tell her “your mine”. She responds by leaning back against my chest.

I think, how much I want her, as the words slip from my lips, oh shit “did I really say that?” she responds by leaning back against my chest, reaching up, taking my hands and slips them over her erect nipples and whispers, “I know Ive been waiting for you since the first day we met.”

I kiss her neck as she arches up and moans. My throbbing, rock hard cock is clawing like a caged wild animal tearing through the fence demanding to be set free.

I feel like im going to explode like so many nights before only this time it is not a dream she is here and I have her. She wants me as much as I do her. In one motion, she moves off me and forces me down to my back my wild beast now tearing out the seams of my shorts. She removes them revealing my cleanly shaven area.

She takes a hold of my rock hard shaft with her soft petite hands and begins to soothe him with slow soft strokes. She runs her perfectly manicured fingertip around the head as if she were tracing my life’s path.

Just as I begin to regain some self-control, she moves her beautiful glowing face down and slowly slips my throbbing beast inside her soft wet mouth.

She begins slowly up and down the shaft as if to map out each vein and ripple with her sweet lips. One hand gently following her lips and the other gently massaging my balls. I can feel her tongue coiled around me like a snake on a totem pole. Then she moves up to the head and gently teases with her teeth.

I feel as if I cannot last. Of all the girls I have ever had, none has ever made me felt such pleasure.

She looks up at me with those green eyes so sexy and smiles as she goes back down.

This time she takes me all the way in.

I can feel the back of her throat as it gets tight around my throbbing head. She releases me and I feel the cool breeze blow past my aching rock hard shaft that sends a chill up my spine.

As she stands up to expose her wanting body, her swim suit falls to the ground to reveal what I have only have dreamed of; her firm tits with erect pink nipples her hour glass body leading down to…”oh shit” I say out loud. Once again, the thoughts escape from my lips as I escort etlik gaze at her beautiful shaved pussy. She confesses, “One night I was watching you sleep, and in your moaning I heard you say how much you liked the feel of my bald pussy so I didn’t want to disappoint you”.

The beast was now hard as steel and dripping wet with the juices from her sweet mouth. It desired but one thing and she knew it.

She straddled me on the chair and slowly slipped her hot juicy pussy down around me. She was so tight. As she neared the base of my cock, her back arched and she moaned out. “Oh Mallory I’ve waited so long to feel you inside me.”

Slowly she began up and down, as I massaged her firm tits. She went faster and faster then her moans turned to screams. She begged me to squeeze her nipples harder as she rubbed her clit faster and faster. Now down all the way on my hard throbbing dick, she was thrusting me deep inside her. With every stroke, it seemed I got harder and went deeper. She began bucking forward and back I could feel her swollen clit rubbing on my bare skin. Her juices now ran down my balls and inside my thighs. Her screams got louder and her head tossed about allowing that beautiful auburn hair to flow free. Faster and faster, she grinded on my hard cock and then I could feel it start, that boiling from way down, deep within.

The rush of passion begins to flow; the woman of my dreams so tightly wrapped around me.

She screams as she digs her fingers into my shoulders “Oh Mallory I want to cum, oh shit, Mallory you feel so good like so many nights so many dreams of you. Dam I want to cum, oh shit make me cum now.” As you wish my love, I thought, as I released her nipples and grabbed her waist.

I pulled her down ever so tight on me and we begin to move in unison. I felt it boil hotter and hotter I could feel her clit like a small pebble digging into my skin. I begin to scream “Oh Kathryn! Oh yes! You feel so hot your pussy is so tight I’ve wanted you for so long Oh Kathryn.”

She looks at me with those sexy green eyes and says take me Mallory I am yours.

Then it happened.

We both exploded together, our bodies moving as one, joined at the hip. I was deep inside the hot pussy of the woman of my dreams. I could feel my love juice flow from my throbbing shaft. Her hot love juice was flowing down my thigh and making that once dry area around her clit soft and slippery. It seemed like the orgasms and contractions would never end no matter how slow or still we were I was still hard inside her.

I could only think is “Do not let this moment end.”

Then all at once, as fast as it came it passed through, in complete exhaustion, she collapsed onto me as I caressed her naked body and held her so tight, lying there together at last,.

Yes, this is paradise.



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