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My name is Jesse and I was twenty-three at the time of this story. I was fresh out of college, with no job experience, and no confidence. I tell myself that that was the reason why things unfolded the way they did, but then again, maybe I just wanted all those things to happen. Everything Leticia did to me…

First, let me tell you a little about me. I was a keen sportsman, and as a result I had a tight, muscular body. Along with my blond hair and blue eyes, I didn’t lack female attention. I was nowhere near ready for a permanent relationship and switched girlfriends every couple of months.

After four or five job interviews, I landed a job as data processor for a financial corporation. My supervisor was an annoying, ass-kissing dweeb and the job wasn’t exactly pushing me to my outer limits. It paid the bills though, which was pretty much all I was after, at least until I could find a more interesting job.

As luck would have it, I was assigned one of only two empty cubicles, in an isolated corner of the floor. Apparently none of the more senior employees wanted those cubicle, because they were too far from the coffee machine, the elevators and the conference rooms. Personally, I appreciated the isolation; no one could see my screen and I had all the privacy I needed to work on application letters and prepare for more promising career opportunities.

Because I spent a great deal of the office time working on personal things, and because I had no one to go home to, I didn’t mind staying late and actually doing some work, which in turn impressed my asshole of a supervisor.

I noticed her from the first time she walked by. Leticia, the CFO for the whole Western Division; the leading lady of the building so to speak. She was 43 and a real looker, happily married and well respected by all. She had long, brown hair and always wore a neat business suit: knee-high skirt, white or salmon blouse, stockings and high heels.

She was always on top of everything, confident and in charge. A formidable woman and a force to be reckoned with. She dominated every room and every meeting, simply by being there. She didn’t even have to open her mouth.

Aside from nodding hello in the corridors, we had interacted only once during a meeting my supervisor had invited me to. She asked me three questions, which I answered with a few incoherent syllables and that was it. She was a successful top executive. There was no reason for her to interact with a lowly intern like me. That’s what kiss-asses like my supervisor Gerry were for. I hadn’t expected I would ever talk to her again.

Fortunately for me – and for this story – things panned out quite differently.

One evening, it was just me on the floor, when I noticed Leticia walking up to Gerry’s office to put some documents on his desk – probably something urgent. Figuring it couldn’t hurt for the CFO to see me working late, I sat up straight and typed a little louder than usual on my keyboard. I pretended not to notice her glancing in my direction and then heading straight for me.

When she walked into my cubicle, she knocked on top of the divider wall and asked, “Hello there, working late?”

I pretended to be startled, turned and said, “Oh, good evening ma’am.”

“All alone?” she asked, looking me up and down, as she already knew the answer to that question, having passed by nearly every other cubicle on the floor.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied nervously.

She took a quick glance around the floor, then grabbed her hair with both hands and started making a bun, right then and there. Even when doing something as trivial as this, she was a sight for sore eyes. I did my best to look into her eyes and not gawk at her gorgeous, sensual body.

Then, to my shock, she kneeled down in front of my chair, reached out and started undoing my jeans, just like that. Baffled and shocked, I stared at her, not knowing what to say or do. She reached inside my boxers, pulled out my throbbing fat cock, stared at it for a few seconds as her breathing became instantly more shallow, indicating how horny she was. Without taking her eyes off of it, she bent her head down and swallowed me whole.

God, her mouth was warm and eager! I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, as an immense wave of pleasure washed over my body. The wave continued and even intensified as she began bobbing her head up and down, soaking on my pole like there was no tomorrow. She held my cock with just three fingers, stroking me into her eager mouth.

I stared down and couldn’t believe my luck. My CFO, a gorgeous woman, nearly twice my age, was sucking my dong and clearly loving every moment of it. She didn’t look up once and just kept doing what she was doing. It didn’t take long for me to start shuddering in my seat.

Having her mouth wrapped around my big dick, she could feel me trembling as well, and knew damn well what it meant. She didn’t budge and just kept sucking. When I exploded in her mouth, she just kept going and except for an approving hum, didn’t make any noise. pendik escort After making sure she’d gotten every drip of cum, she got up, untied her hair and whispered, “God, I needed that!”

“‘Night,” she whispered, as she walked out of my cubicle.

“Good… night,” I replied, absolutely flabbergasted by what had happened. She didn’t look back and just left the floor through the large wooden doors leading into the hallway. I reclined and just stared at the ceiling, enjoying the wonderful aftermath of what had probably been the best blowjob of my life. God, she knew how to suck cock!

After just sitting there with my flaccid cock out of my pants for about ten more minutes, I zipped up and decided to call it a night. I headed home to my apartment, ordered in some pizza and fell asleep in front of the tv.

In the morning, it all felt like a dream. Part of me didn’t want to believe that Leticia had actually sucked me off and swallowed my cum. I went to the office, feeling pretty nervous for some reason. The day went by uneventful. So did the next day. She came by our floor once more, but didn’t even look at me. I was beginning to think that it had been a once in a lifetime occurrence.

However, the next day, towards the end of business hours, Leticia and my supervisor had a long meeting in his office. By the time their meeting ended, there were only a handful of people left on the floor. As Gerry put on his coat and rushed out – I assumed he was late for something – she walked out and glanced in my direction. She seemed to think for a moment, then headed straight for me. I closed my browser and pretended to be working.

“Can I help you ma’am,” I asked as she walked into my cubicle.

“As a matter of fact, yes, you’ve got something I need.”

“What’s that, ma’am?” I asked politely, not sure if she was there for work or play.

“That big thing between your legs,” she blurted out, blatantly, completely unashamed, and obviously unafraid of being overheard.

“Excuse me,” I stammered, convinced I had misunderstood.

“Your cock… dick… shlong… your fuck stick… pleasure pole… your third leg,” she clarified, at the same volume level as before. Nope, I didn’t misunderstand.

“Take it out and jack it for me,” she said.

“But I…” I stammered, glancing around the floor, seeing four or five people still sitting at their desks or walking around.

“Look,” she interrupted me, a little impatient, “I am not used to repeating myself, but considering the circumstances, I’ll make an exception just this once…”

She came a little closer and whispered, “Take out your fat cock and stroke it… you can take your clothes off or you can keep ‘m on, you can get on your knees, stay in your seat, or stand upside down on one hand… I really don’t care, but if I don’t see cum shooting out of that fat dick of yours somewhere in the next five minutes, I’ll be really disappointed. Understood?”

She was calm and composed, obviously horny, but also very much in control of herself.

“Yes ma’am,” I said as I unzipped my pants and undies, then sank to my knees in front of her. I figured no one would dare to enter my cubicle while she was there, so I assumed it was safe.

So, there I was, jacking my big cock in front of her. She smiled as she gawked at my big cock. I was embarrassed – sure – and a little humiliated – that too. But bottom line, I was jacking my cock while looking at an attractive woman, so there was really no reason to complain. I gawked at her nylon cladded legs, at her tits in her blouse, at her high heels, and at her face.

As it had been almost two days since I had last spurted, I went off like a firehose and flung quite a huge load onto the dark blue carpet.

She smiled down at it, nodded contently and then said, “See, that wasn’t so difficult, now was it?”

“No ma’am,” I whispered, glancing at her as she walked away.

I stuffed my cock away and rearranged my clothes, used some tissues to clean up my cum and then just sat there, staring at my blank screen for a while. I made a mental note right then and there, not to question or doubt her orders again. On my way home, I got another massive boner from thinking about the incident. That night, I rubbed one out while waiting for my takeout to arrive.

The next evening, it was just me and my supervisor left on the entire floor. He had passed by to review and comment on one of my reports. Suddenly, Leticia walked in and came up to my cubicle, giving my supervisor a head nod.

“Good evening ma’am, is there something I can do for you?” he groveled.

“Well, if you could bring me up to speed about the Pegasus project, I’ve got the board breathing down my neck on that one,” she said.

“Off course ma’am,” he said, as he turned towards his office.

“I’ll be right over,” she said. This confused him. What could she possibly have to say to me? After glancing at her and me for an awkward moment, he nodded and headed for his office.

Leticia glanced at me and said, “Take out your cock.”

This maltepe escort time, I knew better than to dilly-dally and unzipped my pants, pulling my half-hard dick out.

After glancing at my supervisor – walking away from us – for a moment, she said, “Stroke it.”

I looked her straight in the eye as the rest of her was obscured by the cubicle wall and started fisting my cock in my right hand. After watching me pump my dick for about a minute, watching it grow, Leticia suddenly entered my cubicle, reached out her hand to give me her phone and said, “Blow your load on it…”

As I rolled my desk chair closer and accepted her phone, she clarified, “On the front, all over the screen, if you please.”

Then, she walked away, heading for my supervisor’s office.

I began pumping my fat cock, poking my head up from time to time to take a look around, just to be on the safe side. It took me only about four minutes to reach my climax. A little reluctant, but doing as I had been instructed, I pressed my throbbing tip onto the screen of her expensive Samsung smartphone and ejaculated, covering almost the entire phone with my goo. When I was done, I gently placed it down on my desk and zipped back up.

They talked for another twenty minutes, before she walked out of Gerry’s office and headed straight for my cubicle. She walked in and looked down at her cum drenched phone, grinned from ear to ear and whispered, “Nice.”

Then, without the slightest hesitation, she picked up her phone – getting my sperm all over her hand – and walked away, as if it was a normal thing to do.

I waited for about thirty seconds, then locked my computer and left.

A few days later, close to quitting time, Leticia walked across our floor. She glanced over at my cubicle, headed into the conference room next to my supervisor’s office, put down her laptop and her paperwork and then made her way through the cubicles, towards mine.

She walked in, glanced around at the cubicle walls for a second, then rolled her skirt up high enough so that she could reach her panties. Right there in front of me, she wriggled and twisted her hips and lowered her panties to her knees, without showing me anything except for her inner thighs. Once her panties were around her knees, she pulled her skirt back down and then stepped out of her light blue, silk panties.

She picked them up and handed to me, whispering, “On the crotch section please.”

I gawked at her, while I took the panties from her. Figuring she was going to leave, as she’d done with the phone, I waited for a moment or two.

“While we’re young, stud,” she whispered. I quickly unzipped, took out my meaty cock and started pumping it. While glancing around the floor every so often, Leticia licked her lips several times as she glanced down at my fat cock.

“Ma’am, may I ask something?” I asked politely and submissive.

“As long as it doesn’t interfere with what you’re doing,” she replied.

“The other night… what did you do with your phone?” I whispered.

“Oh, you mean after you covered it in sperm?” she asked, redundantly.

I slid off my chair and continued pumping my prick on my knees as she said that.

My reaction amused her. She grinned, looked me up and down and then whispered, “Maybe I just headed for the nearest bathroom and cleaned it off using some paper towels…”

Somewhat disappointed, I slowed down my wanking for a moment, secretly hoping that that wasn’t all she was going to say. Luckily it wasn’t!

“… or maybe…” she grinned. I looked her in the eye and after briefly glancing around the floor again, she whispered, “Maybe I cleaned the whole phone with my tongue and swallowed every drop of your cum, while lying naked on my back on the floor of my office, legs spread high and wide, with two fingers up my soaking twat,” she whispered.

“Oh god,” I grunted softly, feeling my balls tense up, imagining the whole thing. As I glanced down at her panties, confirming my aim, she realized I was going to spurt and whispered, “Maybe I even came with your warm, salty sperm in my mouth!”

I closed my eyes and arched my back as I pressed my ejaculating dick against the soft fabric of her panties and unloaded, closing my eyes. When I opened them again, about twenty seconds later, the crotch section of her panties was completely covered in a thick, white gooey puddle of cum – as requested.

“I’ll take those,” she said, briefly squatting down and gently taking them from me. Then, right there in front of me, she started putting them back on. Gently, not wanting to spill a drop of my vile load apparently, she put her feet into them and then wiggled them up.

When she reached her skirt, and started pushing them up along with her panties, she turned sideways, preventing me from catching a glimpse of her twat. With a last forceful tug, she pulled the soaked panties all the way up and closed her eyes for a moment as she felt my fresh cum against her twat.

She glanced around the floor, then towards me, and took a step closer; her crotch kartal escort now about 10 inches away from my face. To my surprise, she put her index and middle finger on her panties and started rubbing her clit amidst my sperm, right there in front of me. Again, she shuddered and trembled. After a few seconds, I could see my cum seeping out from under the elastic bands, running down her inner thigh.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she stopped masturbating, pulled her skirt back into place and simply walked out of my cubicle. I sat back in my chair and watched her walk into the conference room, where four men, including my supervisor were waiting for her. She closed the door and took a seat, then started the meeting, pretending that nothing was out of the ordinary.

Relieved and empty, I continued working on some personal work for the next two hours. When they came out of the conference room, I was the only one on the floor. The meeting wasn’t over however, it was merely recess from the looks of things. Two guys headed to the bathroom, while my supervisor and Leticia seemed to be heading for the coffee machine. After a good five minutes, they all reconvened and continued their meeting.

About three minutes later, Leticia opened the door to the conference room and called out, “Excuse me, uh… ” then she turned back and looked at me supervisor, asking, “What’s his name?”

God, she was so fucked up! Her crotch was probably covered in my dried-up, stale cum by now, and she still didn’t know my name – or she pretended not to know. I didn’t know which was worse.

After my supervisor gave her my name, she asked, “Jesse, can I trouble you for a moment?”

I locked my screen, got up and walked up to the conference room. When she saw me approaching, she stepped up to the table and grabbed her mug of coffee.

“Could you be a dear and go put some cream into this?” she smirked as she handed me her mug. Without moving her head, she glanced down at my crotch, realizing the men around the table couldn’t see her face. I did my best to hide my shock and said, “Yes, off course ma’am.”

She closed the door on me and rejoined the meeting. I pretended to rush over to the coffee machine, heading further down the corridor to the lavatories, where I entered a stall and locked it from the inside. I unzipped my pants and took off my boxers, then got down on my knees, figuring that would go faster and started jacking off.

Thinking back to everything Leticia had said and done, it didn’t take long for me to actually cum. I put my cock head on the rim of her mug and ejaculated, splattering a bit of cum against the sides, but most of it ended up in her coffee.

I quickly zipped back up and hurried back to the conference room. As I knocked on the glass door, she got up, saying not to mind her and continue with the presentation. She opened the door, and took her mug. She glanced down and smiled as she saw my fresh sperm floating around in her coffee. She immediately put the mug against her lips and took a big swig, actually drinking my cum in front of me.

“Squeeze my tit, the right one,” she whispered, before taking another swig.

I slowly reached out and cupped her right breast, squeezing it gently as I glanced over her shoulder at her conference partners. Only one of them was glancing in our direction, and even he couldn’t see anything as she was blocking his view.

“Harder,” she whispered, “and pinch the nipple.”

I did as requested, making her wince briefly.

Then, she took another gulp and said, “Thanks for the cream,” and backed away, heading to her seat again. God, she was so fucking nasty. I could only imagine how fucking horny she must have been, to put herself through all that abuse.

I headed back to my cubicle, packed up and headed home. I figured after having dumped two loads already, there was no point in me sticking around.

The next day, my supervisor was out of the office, attending some seminar. In the afternoon, Leticia walked onto the floor and greeted several people, even talked to some of them on her way to me. She stopped in the entryway of my cubicle, halfway in and halfway out, and put her left arm on the divider, leaning on it.

She didn’t speak, but slowly and discreetly undid the two buttons of her jacket, slowly opening the left pane, and holding it open so that it blocked the view to her tits from anywhere else in the room. With her right hand, she slowly grabbed her right tit and began massaging it, as she peeked around the room, always keeping a watchful eye.

I cupped my crotch and massaged it under her approving stare. About a minute later, she started unbuttoning her blouse, slowly and unnoticeably to anyone except me. When her bra came into view, I undid my pants and took out my massive cock, which was throbbing hard by now. I pumped it a few times, proudly showing off my thick, purple cock head.

After taking another look around the room – which showed how nervous she was, she reached for the clasp of her bra in the front and undid it. Her left tit immediately popped into view, but her right one remained contained in her bra. After freeing that one as well, she just stood there, letting me gawk at her, her upper body now completely naked and out in the open, concealed by nothing but the left pane of her jacket.



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