We had arranged to meet for lunch. I showed up at your office at 12, you were on the phone with your back to the door, I quietly closed the door & waited for you to turn around. I noticed a table set up for lunch. In the center of the table was a vase with a single yellow rose, that brought a smile to my lips. I heard you hang up & say, “I love to see you smile”. You walk up to me slowly, with a strength & grace that makes me melt. You take me in your arms & kiss me. Slowly at first then building in intensity, I feel a shiver run all the way to my toes. I feel your arms go around me & then I heard the door lock. I looked up at you & you smiled, I was lost. I took your hand & led you to the sofa. We don’t say a word, because we know each other so well & what we want & need, that words don’t matter.

We stand in each others arms kissing & touching. I can’t stand it anymore, I want to feel your skin against mine. I move my hands to the front of your shirt & undo the buttons, I pull your shirt open & run my hands over your chest. Your hands are pulling at the zipper pendik escort of my dress, you peel it off my shoulders & it falls to the floor at my feet. I’m standing there in just a black bra & thongs with thigh-his. I hear you suck in your breath. I step out of my dress, then pull your shirt off & throw it on the floor with my dress.

I run my hands down your stomach to your waist, I work my hand down the front of your pants & feels the hardness of you pulse against my hand. I unbuckle & unzip you. I put my hand inside to touch you. I purr softly when I feel how hard & hot you are. You take your pants off & throw them with the rest of our clothes.

You wrap your arms around me & we kiss deeply. You unsnap my bra & your lips move from my lips to that spot on my neck that makes me shiver, then down my chest so you can take a nipple into your mouth. You start kissing, nibbling, biting & sucking on them & just when I think I can’t stand it anymore you release it & I moan. But before I can compose myself you start using your mouth on the other nipple. maltepe escort I run my hands in your hair bringing you closer to me, I throw back my head & moan louder. I start to tremble, I try to pull you up but you continue, alternating on my nipples with your mouth & hands. As I feel the first wave overtake me, you pull my breast as close together as possible so you can flick your tongue over both nipples. My body is shuddering as the orgasm crests. As I start to come back to earth you stand up & take my hand & lead us to the sofa. As you sit I straddle your lap facing you. You take my thong & move it aside so that you can take your cock & work it up & down my wet pussy lips. I feel you enter me & it is heavenly. You take my hips & push me further down until your entire cock is buried deep inside my pussy. You hold me still looking into each others eyes, we know what is wanted & needed.

Suddenly you grab my head & pull me closer to kiss, our tongues wrapping around feeling like we are one. Our hips start moving together, slowly at first then kartal escort building. We know we can’t wait much longer. I feel my orgasm starting & I want you to cum with me so I nibble on your neck to drive you over the edge. You pick me up with your cock still deep inside of me, then you lay me back on the sofa & ram into me harder. I yell, oh god baby that’s it I love when you take me hard. I feel your balls tighten against my rear as I squeeze my muscles around your cock, we both moan loudly & cum together with a final deep thrust. You lay your head on my chest & I wrap my arms around you as we try to get our breath. I kiss your forehead & you kiss over my heart.

We finally come back to reality & realize you have to get back to work. So just as silently we get dressed, as I walk to the door to leave you grab me & say ” my god we are awesome” & I kiss you & whisper ” if you liked lunch wait till you see what I have planned for dinner”. As I open the door to leave I glance at the front of your pants & notice the stirrings of a hard on. I smile & say ” see you for dinner”. I wink, blow you a kiss & turn & walk away, smiling because I love knowing you are watching my rear sway as I go. I’m already wet knowing what is to come tonight & I am thrilled knowing of the ideas that must be running through your head.



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