[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. As such, the story may or may not totally conform to reality. With some occasional historical exceptions, all other places, events, and persons, are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


I was apprehensive, to say the least. The year was 1936, and it was a warm, humid, night, unusually so for so early in the year. The new, maroon, Cord 812 Cabriolet (convertible) eased to a stop at the curb, its exhaust burbling in a low growl. I was just eighteen years old and had and had managed to sneak away from the house to go out with the dashing dandy and playboy by the name of Wayne Edmington Van Sythe, the Third at the wheel.

Now, despite his name, Wayne was a real stud back then. He was in his mid twenties with an athletic and very fit body. Broad of shoulder and chest, he was muscled but well toned. And with a chiseled, handsome face, he could and did sweep any girl he wanted off her feet in seconds.

He was dark and swarthy with smoldering eyes. Wayne was six feet, two inches tall and he carried himself very erect with all the confidence in the world. And, as I would discover later in the evening, he was extremely well hung. When stimulated, he became a satyr in sexual lust and desire. And believe me, it didn’t take much stimulation at all to set him off.

My name is Lucy, the rest is unimportant. I’d not dated yet without a chaperone, and then only twice. Young girls, at least some of us, were under much more strict parental control back then than they are now. I wasn’t allowed to date at all before the age of seventeen. The first time was to a school Christmas party.

The second was to a summer church picnic. Each time was with both my parents as our chaperone/chauffeur and at least one of them was never out of sight of the two of us. Some date! Be that as it may, I was, from time to time, allowed to go to the corner deli all by myself to pick up lunch for Momma and me. One noontime, I was on that exact errand.

At the deli, I had picked up our order and had just paid for it when in walked Wayne. We had never met, but I knew who he was. I caught his eye immediately. And I have to say, I was then, somewhat of an eye catcher, if I do say so myself. Not so true any more now at age 85, but then, that’s another story.

I stood five feet, five inches tall in bare feet. Back then, I was a naturally curly, natural brunette. For my tender age, I was a well developed 36C with complementing waist and hips and a tight, sweet, little ass, or so many had told me. My hazel brown eyes could smolder at least as well as Wayne’s eyes. Both men and women had commented from very early on, much to my embarrassment, about what an angelic and beautiful face I had.

Because of my strict upbringing, I was primly dressed, but Mamma and Papa had not caught on yet that the top was getting a bit small for my growing figure and it was quite evident that my chest was well developed. The light chemise did little to contain my bulging globes unhindered by a brassier. And the nipples. Wow. Though they didn’t jut through like tent stakes, there was no denying that nipples lay there waiting to be discovered.

My upbringing may have been strict, but that didn’t mean that I knew nothing of the birds and the bees or that I had no sexual feelings or drive. In fact, I was quite well aware of both, and if Papa had ever found some of my sex toys (quite primitive by today’s standards) I carefully kept hidden away, I would probably still be locked behind the doors of a convent!

My hormones were definitely flowing and Wayne somehow tripped my trigger during our encounter. Maybe it was those hormones, maybe his bold attack, or maybe both. I don’t know for sure, but he definitely led me across the Rubicon that fateful day. He started it when he said, as he came through the door and came abreast of me, “Won’t you please come sit with me a moment over a soda and let me introduce myself to you.”

Just as pretty as you please, out of the blue, just like that! The way he said come sure seemed to imply cum. Well, I did. Both in my pants and over to Wayne. With an exaggerated flourish, he pulled a decorative, wrought iron chair out from under the wrought iron table and held it for me.

With a two handed swish under my butt to smooth my below-the- knee length frock dress under me, I sat and Wayne scooted me under the table. And, it was a table, I noted, off to one side and semi secluded in a corner, behind a stub partition.

My first words to him were, “I can’t stay very long, Mamma is expecting me back.”

He replied, “That’s ok,” as he pulled out a second chair and sat down right beside me.

He must have divined something in my eyes, because the first thing he did was place his left hand on top of my right thigh. At the same time he was saying, “You know, you are just about the illegal bahis most beautiful example of womanhood I’ve seen in a coon’s age. What, pray tell, is your name?”

As I answered him and we continued talking, Wayne moved his hand from the top of my dress to beneath it on top of my pantaloon covered thigh above the end of my knee socks. The touch of his hand sent electric shocks tingling up my leg to the vicinity of my private region. Surprisingly to me, I made no resistance and did nothing to stop him.

With the fingers of his one hand, he quickly undid the ribbon on the end of my pantaloon leg and slid his hand inside to my bare thigh. He slowly caressed my bare thigh, dropping down to the inner thigh and slowly advancing that hand to where my legs joined. And the wonder is, that I still did not try to stop him.

“Are you enjoying my hand?”

“Y y ye yessss,” I gulped and managed to stammer out.

“I thought you might,”

Nervously, I took a very big sip of my soda and Wayne advanced that hand further up under my pantaloon, edging ever closer to my mound of Venus. His touch on my bare skin was incredible and electric. Soft, yet insistent. I opened my legs further for him. He paused and took a big sip of his soda.

Then Wayne’s hand slipped further, ripping the leg of my pantaloon in the process, to reach his goal, and began caressing my naked nether lips. I shivered, but I still did nothing to stop him.

How could I be so brassy bold to allow this? Am I that horny? Am I such a slut as that? I hope no one heard that rip! God, I’m sure glad we’re mostly hidden out of sight back here, ’cause it sure must by now be obvious to anyone who looked, what Wayne is up to with his hand.

His outer fingers ran up and down my nether lips as his middle finger followed my slit. My thoughts were suddenly muddled as I felt the wetness begin to spread out and around my pussy. That middle finger slowly, ever so slowly, sank down into my slit, picking up lubricant as it did. Sweat began running down the middle of my back and in my arm pits, not to mention down the valley between my breasts.

Suddenly, that middle finger stopped right on my little nubbin. Then it began to rub and play with it, moving in small, gentle circles around that sensitive area. My clit telescoped out to its full erect length with a very chubby girth. That seemed to both surprise and please Wayne.

He said, “My, my, little darlin’, we are going to have to examine and explore this in more detail at another time, soon!” My face was immediately crimson.

His middle finger then dropped down a bit and landed right on the entrance to my central core. That finger circled around the entrance several times before plunging into the depths. I was shaking almost uncontrollably by now, giving out low mewing sounds of pleasure. I no longer thought about or cared about who might be observing us. I was lost in lust and passion.

Wayne then found my sweet spot (I never knew what that was at the time) and I immediately shuddered into a tremendous orgasm, followed quickly by three more, smaller ones. My God, and I thought I was a shy, “good” little girl, at least in public! I was seeing an entirely new side of myself that I never knew existed until Wayne brought it out into the light of day, literally. And, what dirty things came to my mind and out of my mouth with Wayne! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Wayne withdrew his hand and, placing his fingers in his mouth, one at a time, he proceeded to lick and suck them dry while I watched. He offered the last finger to me, and again surprising myself, I took it in my mouth! It was incredibly sexy, the way he drew the process out and exaggerated it. So was the taste of myself.

“Lucy, dear, we still have not explored that treasure chest of yours, have we?”

“Oh God, not right now, not right here!”

“No, not here and now, but we will have to take care of that, not to mention, me, the next time, won’t we?”

“Oh, yes,” I gushed without thinking.

It was then that Wayne asked me to be his date the next Saturday night, three days away. The date would be to a private party downtown.

“Well, luckily my parents are going to be out of town all weekend or there would be no way I could get out of the house for any reason, let alone with someone unknown to them and for such a date. I have an aunt coming to stay with me while my folks are gone and she disagrees with my strict upbringing. I think she must’ve cut a fair swath in her day and I don’t see any problem with her about a date.”

“I look forward to Saturday with eagerness,” he replied.

So, it was agreed. Wayne would pick me up at seven. As he walked out the shop door to his car, I was in shock at my boldness and at what I’d allowed Wayne to do to me and brazenly so out in public on top of it.

This just wouldn’t keep. I just had to tell my best friend. We shared everything. When I got back to the house, I received permission from mother to go next door to see Judy. She was my age and illegal bahis siteleri in my grade at school. When she answered the door she could see that I was bursting with news of some kind.

“Tell me, tell me all of it,” she nearly shouted when we finally escaped her parents and were alone in her upstairs room.

“Tell you what, Judy?”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, Lucy, spill it. I know you’re dying to.”

“I met a guy.”

“Met a guy? Who? Just met? There must be more.”

“His name is Wayne.”

“Oh, come on, Lucy, Wayne how much?”

“Wayne van Sythe.”

“Oh God, not THE Wayne van Sythe?”


“Well, don’t make me pee my pants in suspense. What happened?”

“I was in the deli-restaurant earlier getting lunch for Mamma and me and he walked in. I was on my way out. He invited me to sit and have a soda with him.”

“Just like that? Right out of the blue?”

“Yes, right out of the blue.”

“Then what?”

“Then he put his hand on my leg.”

“He did what? And you just let him?”


“You hussy, Lucy!”

“There’s more.”



“Well, what?”

“He put his hand under my dress and under my pantaloon on my bare leg and started moving it up towards, uh, well, you know where.”

“You slut, Lucy. You little slut. Now you’ve got my undies getting wet. Surely that was it, right?”

“Uhhh n…”

“You whore. There’s still more?”


“And all this is going on right there in public view?”


“Oh my God, tell me, tell me.”

Judy shifted to get her hand inside her panties. She always wore silk panties, unlike my cotton pantaloons my parents forced me to wear. “I’m so damned wet now, I just have to scratch my itch. Now give, Lucy, give.”

“Well, he got his fingers on my bare girl parts.”

“You mean your snatch, your cunt.”


“Oh, Dear God, I think I’m going to faint. Did he tou…”

“Yes, he touched me there. He stroked me ’til I came He also put his fingers in me. I soaked his hand, I was so wet.”

“God, then what? Come on, tell me!”

“Then he pulled them out and licked his fingers clean. All but one.”

“All but one? What did he do with that one?”

He let ME lick that one clean.”

This all gushed out so fast, I wondered if Judy caught it all.

She did–she orgasmed.

“Oh my God, Lucy, Oh my God!”

“I can’t wait for Friday.”

“Why, what happens Friday, Lucy?”

“Oh God, Judy, Wayne asked me out to a private party downtown.”

“Private? Downtown? Lucy! Are you out of your mind?” How will you get out of the house?”

“Yes, to your first question and I’ll manage to your second question.”

“You slut, you, Lucy.”

“Yes, I know, but I have to get back home now, Judy, Mamma wants some help with chores.”

“Well, Lucy, you just keep me informed. You’ve got to tell me everything.”

“You know I will, Judy.” After what seemed an interminably long wait, Friday night finally arrived. My parents had left on their trip and my Aunt was downstairs, reading. I dressed in my best Sunday-go-to-meetin’ dress, but with the barest of undies. None of that out-of-date Victorian stuff my parents usually made me wear.

I had a brassier and silk panties hidden away but never dreamed I’d get to wear them at all, let alone on a date. After all, this was modern times, the 1930’s! My parents would have a conniption fit if they knew I had such garments, especially Papa.

Finally, I walked downstairs and into the parlor for Auntie’s inspection. She knew what my plans were and approved, the dear.

“Very pretty, Lucy, very pretty.”

“Auntie Sylvie, if anyone asks, I’m at a slumber party at Judy’s house.”

“Yes, dear, I’ll remember.”

Wayne picked me up at the door in his big Cord I described earlier. He bragged about his car on the drive into the city. The big engine, the front wheel drive, the leather seats, the hidden headlights that rotated up when needed, and so on. He really was proud of that car.

And, since my Sunday dress was primly conservative with a very high neckline, he chose to keep one hand on my leg underneath my dress, caressing my thigh and panty covered pussy for the whole trip. The panties were wet in less than two minutes.

We arrived on North Clark Street and pulled to the curb. We got out and Wayne locked the car before we walked around the corner into an alley and then down a flight of stairs to a basement door. He knocked and a peep hole slid open. Words were exchanged before the door opened and we were ushered in.

Now I know, prohibition was over, booze was legal again, and speakeasies were mostly a thing of the past. But, this was a hold over from that earlier era and was now a very exclusive and very private club, maintaining the speak easy illusion, passwords and all. And Wayne was definitely from the very exclusive section of the city.

Wow! Inside, it was an art deco canlı bahis siteleri decor that would not quit, all shiny black and silver chrome metal and all angles and rectangles. Shiny chrome legs and black cloth bar stools with chrome and etched glass tables and chairs on the floor. A jazz group back on a stage provided the music. Booze was again running freely. A smokey haze pervaded everywhere.

We had a drink at the bar and listened to the music for a bit. We even managed to dance for a time. But then Wayne got me up and led me down a side hallway. As we walked a short distance, he said, “I have a private room reserved back here for our own party tonight.”

Wayne opened the door and we entered the room. I stood dumbfounded, mouth agape. The room contained a huge, and I mean HUGE, round bed, a marble topped, solid oak vanity and stool, a table and four chairs, and a love seat. There was even room for a well stocked, though small, wet bar next to the love seat. The carpeting was wall-to-wall black wool. One of the walls was bordello red flocked wall paper with gold filigree figures. The bed was covered with red satin sheets.

Also available, was a private tub/shower bath off the main room. BUT, the topper was, three of the walls surrounding the bed, along with the ceiling directly over the bed, were completely mirror covered! The ceiling mirror appeared to magnify the image considerably. The ceiling not covered by the mirror was a fresco of satyrs and nymphs frolicking in a pastoral scene.

“Well, Lucy dear, are you game, or do you want to back out now, before it’s too late?”

“I-I’m g-g-game.”

Wayne closed and locked the door.

A floor model gramophone sat against the wallpaper. Wayne put on a recording of jazz music. He turned back to face me, paused, and then slowly walked over to me. He took me into his arms. My arms slowly rose until I held him in the same tight embrace. Our mouths crushed together, then opened as we slurped into a wet and mushy frenzy of French kissing.

Wayne’s hands were all over my ass, first caressing, then kneading, and then caressing again. Then his hands bunched up my dress and ripped off my sparse undies, to work on my now bare ass. More damaged clothing I’ll have to make disappear so Mamma doesn’t get suspicious, I thought, fleetingly.

His fingers found their way into my butt crack and stroked up and down. The finger delved lower as I opened my legs to grant him better access. My pussy was instantly wet and drooling. Those fingers quickly found entrance to my core and plunged into the depths. He stoked my fire to record heat.

Wayne started to undo my dress, but I said, “Wait, I’ll do it. I have to wear this home and it can’t be ripped. Auntie wouldn’t say anything, but Mamma would know immediately I’d been up to something if she saw the ripped dress or couldn’t find it.”

So, while I, amazingly unembarrassed, slowly and teasingly stripped, so did Wayne. With my panties already gone, I was left with just my brassier and stockings when I dropped my dress. We watched each other and our mirror images.

My God, what has made me into such an uninhibited, bold hussy in the snap of a finger?

Then I got my first look at what Wayne carried between his legs. It was big, really big, and long—and really thick. Talk about the proverbial, “hung like a horse,” he surely was. Other than babies in the family that I had sat with and diapered, this was the first grown cock I had seen and I was enthralled, fascinated.

I just kept staring and drooling. And it was standing at full, bobbing attention. He stepped forward to remove my brassier, his pole of flesh pointing right at me. As he flung the brassier away, Wayne stepped into me again, crushing his rigid pole into my lower belly as we clinched again in a fiery kiss.

A small moan escaped my lips as I finally broke our embrace and moved to push Wayne to a sitting position on the bed behind him and got on my knees in front of him.

While he fondled my tits and enormous aureole, I stroked his big stick with my two hands. Even so, over half his cock was exposed above my two hands. Although I had never done anything like this for real before, I seemed to instinctively know what to do. I had play acted with a peeled banana in my mouth, but…

Wayne jolted upright again. His huge balls hung and swung beneath his gorgeous cock as I grabbed hold of it and went back to stroking and licking. My stud groaned his pleasure of my ministrations.

Precum was gurgling out of that one eyed monster as I stroked it and then as though I had done so a thousand times before (which I hadn’t, this was the first), I lowered my mouth onto it to take about a quarter of it inside. Though I didn’t hesitate to start, I was rather inept at giving a blow job and unable to take any more without choking uncontrollably.

“It’s not important, babe,” Wayne said, “you’ll learn eventually.”

I sucked and stroked away for some time before I felt his cock thicken more and pulse harder. And then, there it was. Wayne unloaded a tremendous load of man cream in my mouth. I was so surprised that I involuntarily swallowed the first big squirt and just as naturally, then swallowed the rest of it as it came in ropy spurts into my throat.



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