Usually, I do not remember my dreams, or if I do, I remember very small bits… impressions I had, an idea or two… a face, an object, a color. Sometimes I remember the entire story line, but rarely do I remember everything. This dream was so phenomenal that I remembered every touch, every caress, every sigh and moan and cry. Never has anyone else taken the initiative and seduced me so deliciously.

Last night was warm and sticky, which meant that my nightly masturbatory session did not take long. With thoughts of being taken advantage of, I climaxed quickly. Exhausted, I dropped to sleep … and awoke on a deliciously soft mattress.

It was completely dark, this room, save a lone candle flickering to my right. The bed I was laying on was so soft … like a soothing bath and a sensual massage all at once. The mattress was the very thick kind that one sinks right into, as though it was a big floppy pillow. A familiar scent filled the room, a scent I recognized, but my Dream Self didn’t seem to find that at all odd.

It was then that I realized I was completely nude. I leaned back into the waiting embrace of the smooth, sensual sheets. I writhed in the hollow my body had made in this wondrous bed … and I noticed I was filled with anticipation. This was a special night, though I don’t know why.

Then I felt … him. He crawled from the floor at the foot of the bed up between my legs. I could not see him, could only focus on the sensations running throughout my body. The cool feel of his jeans … he had been outside?

His tongue touched my navel, swept teasingly around it … my body was immediately shaking, craving… I moved to sit up, but the cushiness of the bed wouldn’t allow for easy movement. I managed to pluck at his shirt, draw its rough texture far enough up his body to slide my hands underneath, press them against his warm chest … feel his heart beating. I kneaded his shoulders with my fingertips, since that was as far down his body as I could reach from this position. He took the hint and removed the shirt.

He trailed kisses up my stomach as my breathing increased… I turned my head to the right and willed the candle to come nearer, that I may see this man. I was overwhelmed with curiosity, while my Dream Self took this all as a given.

his lips reached my right nipple, sending shivers through my body and a low, rumbling moan from between my lips. Any thoughts I had of demanding his identity disappeared. He drew my nipple between his teeth and bit, gently at first, then hard … hard enough to draw blood. I gasped, my body alight with passion, and swooned slightly. The erotic intoxication that sexual pleasure induces rushed over me, my thoughts swirled impressionistically, and I was owned by his touch.

The dream turned into a blur of skin and touch … his tongue and teeth continued to maul my breasts, my breathing quickened, and I was lost in the throes of a full-body convulsion that only the hard kiss of teeth on breast can ensue.

I knew he was smiling as my body writhed pendik escort beneath his, my legs coming up to ensnare his waist, desperately attempting to pull him to me, through me, inside of me. Using my calves, I struggled to slide his pants off, and I felt rather than heard his laughter. He slid off of me for but a moment and my skin wept at the absence of his weight upon me.

The scent of my arousal wafted in the air. The candle seemed to flicker in delight at the display. Nary a sound did he make as he slid back on top of me. He couldn’t possibly see me if I couldn’t see him, yet he so expertly knew where every erogenous zone of my body was. And … for all my Dream Self’s self-assurance in this act, I glimpsed her nervousness beneath the passion. This was their first time … or something like it.

I licked my lips, desperate to feel his kiss, and my hands searched for his face. for a moment my fingers ran through his hair … short … but he moved away, further down my abdomen. He granted me a hand, at last, and I held his fingertips to my lips, kissed them, tasted them. I drew them into my mouth one at a time, sighing, and wriggled my tongue against each one in turn. I heard his breath catch as I continued to worship the only part of his body that he would surrender to me, and suddenly he pulled his hand away. I dropped my head back in disappointment, and he dragged his now-moist fingers down my chest, my stomach … and finally, cupping between my thighs, where i could already feel his hot breath. my body trembled, afraid, almost as though I had never done this before, which both I, and my Dream Self had.

In this moment I am giving him complete trust, for this act is one that is so intimate that I rarely allow it, in any life, Dream or otherwise. His lips brush against my nether lips, and I’m shaking in earnest now, the muscles in my stomach clenching and quivering. He puts one hand on my stomach as though to calm me, pauses … and in a moment I am swept away as my most sacred places are ravaged by a practiced tongue.

Sensation curls throughout my body like flame… I am moaning, gasping at his touch, my hips’ natural movement retarded by his still and heavy hand pushing down on my stomach. His tongue slips down and teasingly inside of me, and I can feel the well-developed muscles inside of me constrict in an attempt to grab his tongue.

His tongue slides back up to my clit in one smooth, tantalizing motion, and something slightly thicker, longer, and much more dexterous presses into the hot depths of my body. I moan a long, muffled ‘ohh…’ through my teeth-bitten lips. He starts moving his finger slowly, and its all I can do to avoid floating away into bliss-induced oblivion.

Another finger joins the first, both curl and press up … both hit that magical spot … and I melt. My lips part and i cry out, my body rocks, rises, and I must be having a seizure. Wave upon wave of intense, exquisite pleasure near reduce me to tears. My body continues to tremble, and I hear him slide up beside maltepe escort me, until his head is next to mine. He removes his hands from below my waist and licks and nibbles on my shoulder. He continues to kiss me, and I reach out into the darkness to draw his face to mine, his lips to mine.

Instead he slides his naked body over me, and runs his fingers through my hair. He grips a handful, tilts my head back roughly, and proceeds to lick and bite the smooth skin of my neck. I’m whispering words in another language, the gibberish language of sex, little bits of English interspersed with sighs and moans and exclamations of delight. I feel his arousal pressing against my thigh, and begin to move my leg against him. He growls into my neck and pulls me into a sitting position easily. My legs are wrapped tightly around his waist, my hair is still entangled in his hand, and he is pulling my head back almost painfully. I love it. He has my neck at a centimeter from choking off my air supply. I lift my arm from where it had been supporting me and wrap my fingers around his own throat. I squeeze and begin grinding myself against the shaft of his hardened cock which has gotten wedged between us.

He bites my neck so hard that I feel a wetness not from his saliva run down to my collarbone and onto my breast. I am thrown back onto the bed and he erases the small red trail with his tongue. Again he growls, animalistically. He suddenly gets more forceful, goes back to the small bite on my neck and begins sucking at it, biting it further, opening the slit wider. The pain is great, though at first erotic. As his excitement grows, he begins to get more violent, pulling my hair so hard I fear he will rip a chunk out, grabbing and rubbing my small breasts hard enough to bruise. Finally the fine line between pleasure and pain is crossed and a small, panicked sound erupts from my lips.

He hears me, and a sudden change comes over him. He pushes himself away and breathes deeply, seeming to calm himself. Gently, he reaches a finger out to touch the place where he has torn me, and I wince away from his touch. He pulls back as though my skin has scalded his fingertips, and I feel him turning against himself for hurting me. Desperate to reassure him that I am okay, it is just a small rip (though still flowing quite freely) I reach up and grab his hand. I press it to my mouth, kissing him gently, then slide his hand down to press against my right breast. I moan, arch my back to feel more of his touch, and he is reassured.

He adjusts our bodies slightly from his kneeling position between my thighs. He lifts both legs easily onto his strong shoulders, and leans down towards me. with the burning head of his cock pressing against my slit, still soaking wet in my arousal, he holds my face in both hands. It is as though he is looking at me for the first time … as though he can see despite the darkness. His fingers trace my eyebrows, one at a time. They make a line down the sharp curve of my cheekbones. He kisses the tip of my nose and kartal escort I smile, would giggle if the entire moment didn’t feel so … momentous. As though we are on the edge of something we have wanted for our whole lives…

His discovering fingers stop at my lips, and he rubs his thumb across my pouting lower lip gently. The friction heats my lip, making it blossom fuller, more voluptuously. I think he is going to kiss me then, but his hands move again, and he runs a fingertip over my eyelashes. He leans closer and I feel just the tip of his cock slip inside of me, the smallest, most tantalizing bit. He brushes each eye closed with a finger and kisses the closed lids, which tremble like a new butterfly’s wings.

Then … finally…he lets his left hand fall from my face and pushes it underneath me, where my neck begins to gently curve into my head. With one palm holding the side of my face tenderly and the other lifting my face to his…

we kiss.

At the identical moment his lips touch mine, he pushes forward and buries his cock inside me, to the hilt. I scream in ecstasy into his mouth, hungrily sucking on his tongue. My nails press so hard into his skin that I feel the thick moist wetness of blood on my fingertips. In this position I am again handicapped from moving my hips very much and I wonder if this is a purposeful trend.

He begins to pull his cock out of me, and I release his lips to cry out in protest, only for him to slam himself back into me. He does this again … again … again…

The rhythm is breathtaking, and I finally release my death-grip, pulling my nails from his skin so I can fall back onto the mattress. He groans and sits up. I no longer have any doubt that he can see my body beneath him, glowing in pleasure. From his kneeling position he can thrust into my burning pussy even harder, and all I can do is arch my back and scream again and again. My fingers roll and twist my nipples without mercy, while he slams my body into a whole new dimension.

The dream spins here, and the room begins to go out of focus. He is moaning and breathing hard as he uses my body. The dream is ending and I know it, and I’m desperately jealous that my Dream Self will be allowed to remain once I wake up. All in an instant I realize that, yes, this is a dream, and I will a light to turn on. I’m not forceful about it, because I know how near to waking I am. A small beam of light is issued from some mysterious source, and I am given the gift of watching his body as he pounds into me recklessly, using me for his vessel of pleasure. His body stiffens … he begins to cry out … and I tighten the muscles inside of me to clench around his cock. His cock twitches, pulses … and fills me with hot, burning cum. The sensation drives me over the edge and I scream obscenities as my whole body joins in the amazing sensations…my pussy grasps and releases his still-twitching cock in an intense massage, milking any remaining drops from him.

My cry was in Real life as well for I feel myself slipping from my Dream Reality and back into my own, lonely world. I pull myself back to the dream just as he falls onto my breasts, wrapping his arms tight around me … the light shifts…

And I behold the recognizable depths of a starless night… his eyes.



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