So, you’re on the lounge… Drinking your Chardy… I come up behind you and start rubbing your shoulders… Hands sliding down occasionally to graze your breasts… Your nipples stand to attention.

I move around and sit beside you… Continuing the shoulder massage. Now as my hands slide down they slip underneath your top… Inside your lacy bra. I touch your breast flesh. You shudder… Your nipples harden… I continue to lightly massage your tits as I kiss down your neck.

My hands move lower… Grazing your legs and thighs… I slowly inch up to where they meet… Lightly brushing my hands at the juncture of your legs…

I raise my hands and slowly lift up your top… Continuing to trail kisses along your neck as I do. I slide the top over your head… Now your just in your bra… Breasts straining. I slide my hands inside your cups and slowly lift each huge breast out.

You’re starting to squirm in your seat… Your pussy moistens slowly… Tingly… You start to bite your lips as I work your bare breasts over… Playing with each nipple… Toying. Tugging. I move around and kneel in front of you… Slide my hands down to the waist band of your pants and slowly slide them down your legs… Revealing matching knickers.

I can see the wetness at your crotch. Smell your aroma… I slide your knickers tuzla escort down and am greeted by the blond whisps of hair… Glistening with your wetness… I lower my head and run my tongue up and down your thighs… Moving up higher and higher… But never getting quite to where you crave… You’re squirming now…

Finally my tongue brushes just where you want… You shift in your seat and moan.
I start licking… Slowly and lightly. Then firmer… You moan louder and shift in your seat. As I lick you up and down, I move my finger to your entrance. It’s sopping. I slide one finger in. Then another, then a third. You’re shifting uncontrollably now as I seek your gspot with my fingertips… Your neck flushes… Redness rising from your breast peaks up your neck…

Your breath quickens. You clamp down on my hand… Squirm more. Moan.

I move my head up and take a breast in my mouth. Playing and teasing the nipple. Biting gently. My hand continues to move in and out. It’s soaked with your wetness.

You hold my head to your breast. Urging me to suck harder… At the same time, you squeeze your pussy…

You’re getting closer and closer to release.

I work my hand harder.

Suck harder.

Your pussy grips me like a vice.

You hump your hips against my hand.

Hold my head to your tuzla escort bayan breasts.

You can feel the climax starting to build…. Deep inside you. I switch to your other breast. You moan loudly.

Your climax is getting closer.

You hold your breath…feel it build… You beg me to go harder… I play with your clit.
Rubbing it up and down… Swirling my finger around it…

Lick hard at your nipple… You bear down one last time on my hand.

Squeeze my head hard into your breast.

Moan loudly.

Wave after wave washes over you!

Your push hard into me. Wanting purchase… Wanting a firm touch.

My hand is soaked with your juices as your orgasm pulses… Breasts heaving. Moaning.

You feel me pulling your butt towards the end of the lounge seat. In your euphoria you haven’t realised that I’ve reached down with my other hand and freed my cock. It’s huge. Hard. Thick. Almost menacing. I place the tip at your entrance and slide in. One deft stroke. Your eyes open. Glazed. More moans escape. You push your hips towards me… You want me in deep. I rest just there. My hard, hot cock being cooled by your soaked pussy.

Your eyes are looking at me. They plead with me to fuck you. I slowly edge out. Till just the tip is at your pussy lips. Then wait. You wriggle. Wanting escort tuzla it back in. Claw at my back, my butt. Finally, I give in and slowly slide in. Till my balls rest against you. Then slowly out. In. Out. In. Long purposeful strokes. You run your nails up and down my back lightly as I fuck harder. You can hear the smack of our flesh as I go in and out. At this angle my cock rubs against your clit with each down stroke. You feel a second wave building. Now you’re pumping your hips forward to meet each thrust … It’s getting more urgent. We fuck harder. Your orgasm builds. You’re close to the edge again. You feel my pace quicken and you know I’m close too. You reach between your legs and find my swollen balls. Full of come. Aching to be despatched to your depths. I groan and pump faster. You reach around and dig your hands in my butt urging me on. Begging me to unload. It’s a blur. We fuck against each other. Both building. Can’t hold it any longer.

And then I sink into you one last time. You bite your lip and heave your hips forward. Push hard against me. Wave after wave sweeps through you. I groan and my cock pulses. It shoots up my shaft under pressure and begins spurting into your depths. Warm delicious cum. Pumping. Pulsing. Your own orgasm washing over you. You jerk and hold me tight as I empty myself into you… Locking your legs around me. Not letting me escape.

Finally, we both begin to relax…

I withdraw and a trail of come lies on your legs as it’s seeped out of your pussy… You’re full to the brim. Satiated.



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