Lingerie Shopping…I sighed at my reflection. Baggy grey faded knickers from M&S and an old white Wonderbra that was far too big for me. I desperately needed new underwear, and being recently dumped gave me a perfect excuse.I went out with Simon for seven years and lived with him for five. After a few years, underwear wasn’t my biggest priority… I’d become content with hairy legs, faded pants and saggy bras.Since Simon had dumped me out of the blue, several months earlier, I’d decided to give myself one big makeover. Gone was my mousey long, lank hair. I now had a sharp, golden blonde bob. Gone were the big thighs and rounded stomach. I’d lost two stone and spending three times a week at the gym had toned and defined my body. Two weeks in Spain had given me a beautiful golden glow and it was about time I treated myself to some sexy lingerie.From the outside, the boutique looked like someone’s house. The front door was imposing and black, with a doorbell. My friend at work had recommended it. The mannequin in the window wore high cut silk French knickers in soft pink and a matching push up bra with a burgundy velvet ribbon in the middle. The price tag read £250. I cringed, but rang on the doorbell anyway, telling myself that I deserved this treat.The girl at the door was stunning. Tall, olive skin, green eyes and long black hair with a curl. She looked me up and down karabük escort and smiled. I couldn’t help but notice the pink lace trim bordering her swollen olive cleavage, which peered beneath her black wrap-around dress. I felt myself blush. I felt dizzy and strange. Without speaking, she lead me into the shop, which was empty. She gestured to the small racks of silk and satin, watching me in silence. I noticed my hands were shaking as I picked up a black set which matched the one in the window. It felt stuffy inside the shop and I could smell incense. I pressed my thighs together and my pussy felt wet. I was confused. I was convinced it must have been the sexy underwear which was making me feel odd.I asked the girl if I could try on the set and she took me into a plush, velvet lined changing room with an antique gold mirror. A burgundy chaise longue was pushed against the wall.”I will have to lock the door” she said, in what I sensed was a Spanish accent. “In case a customer comes in”. She disappeared as I stripped off my jeans and jumper, removed my embarrassing underwear and slipped into the tiny knickers and bra. I caught sight of myself. I looked hot. My 32D breasts slightly spilt over the top of the balconnete bra. I could almost see my soft pink nipples. The high cut of the knickers showed off my slim, supple thighs and my belly ring. I couldn’t karabük escort bayan help but cup my breasts and squeeze them. I closed my eyes and felt my pussy moisten even more. God I was horny.I felt hot breath against my neck and a hand on my stomach. I looked up into the mirror and saw the girl in the mirror, behind me. She began to kiss my neck gently and rub my flat stomach.I moaned and pressed my arse into her crotch. Was this a dream? I seemed to travel out of my body and watch myself. Watch us. I was burning with desire. I wanted her. I wanted her so badly. I wanted to push myself into her. To taste her juice and taste her. I was overwhelmed by lust.She pushed her hand into my knickers and moaned, pressing two fingers against my clit and circling them slowly. She whispered something spanish in my ear and I felt her other hand pushing into my knickers from behind and pressing into my arse. I could feel myself dripping. I pulled my breasts above the bra and touch my erect nipples. They were blood red and swollen.She thrust two fingers up my cunt and one up my arse with the other hand at the same time. I let out a groand and pressed back against her. She expertly moved her two fingers in and out my slick cunt, and slowly fucked my arse with her finger. Her words, now English, were filthy. She told me I was a filthy bitch and that I had come into escort karabük the shop just to taste pussy. I moaned and thrust back further into her delicious fingers. She suddenly span me round and pushed me against the wall. She held my eye contact and stripped off her dress. I gasped as I saw her delicious, curvy body, clad in soft pink silk. She stripped naked and I noticed the tiny strip of hair between her legs. She sank to her knees, pushed one of my legs aside and put it on the chaise longue.I grabbed onto her beautiful hair as she spread me open and buried herself into my pussy. She licked, and pushed and finger fucked me as I dripped onto her face. I could hear the squelching of my moist cunt and it turned me on so much that I came all over her face, onto her long fingers, screaming. She lay back onto the floor with her legs open and I fell down on top of her, thrusting three fingers into her velvety slit and watched her bucking beneath me. She bucked her hips up towards me and screamed. I fucked her hard and squeezed her brown nipples. I could feel her coming so I bent down and sucked on her clit. She screamed and grabbed my hair. I coudld feel her cunt muscles clinging to my fingers and I pushed a fourth one in to open her up. I inhaled her scent and almost came again.After we finished, we stood and dressed, keeping eye contact. I paid for the damp knickers and bra in silence. She unlocked the door as another customer came in. We didn’t speak. I left the shop feeling drunken and dizzy. I could smell her on my fingers and on my mouth all the way home. My lingerie lesbian was a shopping experience to remember…



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