Lin Wants a New LifeThis is a fictional story. It is not based on real events. It is a creation of the imagination.Lin, like so many other war brides of different conflicts, saw marriage to an American as a chance at a new and better life. The hardships of poverty in a war torn country made life difficult. For a young American, far away from home for the first time, romance was an exciting idea. To meet a beautiful, exotic young woman was more than he could imagine.Life for Lin in the United states was exciting yet lonely having left her family behind. But, soon she made friends with other brides that had made a similar journey. She provided for her husband everything she thought he could want in a wife. She loved him, obeyed him and was great in the bedroom. Their sex life was a man’s dream. She allowed him to have her whenever, where ever and however he chose. She was at his beck and call for sex sessions that could go on all night. She dressed however he wanted her to. To him, this is the way married life was suppose to be.He showered her with gifts and treated her well. But, as time went on she wanted more and more. So much so that his income was soon being stretched thin. Lin was still attentive. However, she was spending more and more time with her friend Ann. Ann had come to the states also as a war bride. She had arrived a few years earlier than Lin. She had outstripped her husbands income a few years back and though they were still married, she had taken a part time job. She had gone to work as an escort that specialized in private parties.Lin was unsure what Ann did. She always had lots of extra money extra money. She spent it freely on whatever she wanted. She dressed well and had just bought a new convertible. She had never confided to Lin what her job actually entailed. It had never been brought up or discussed until today.While having lunch at their favorite restaurant, Lin let Ann know that she was having serious doubts about her marriage. She let Ann know that she was getting tired of being a sex slave for her husband and wanted some advice on what to do.“You know you don’t have to get a divorce. You can put an end to his bullshit if you get a job and make your own money. When you have your own money you can allow him play with you when you want. Fuck him” Ann said bluntly.“But where can I make that kind of money?” inquired Lin.“You could come to work with me” suggested Ann. “It would be great fun”.As the two women went through a bottle of wine, Ann explained what type of work she did. She let Lin know how she only worked one to three times a week. Her job was to provide entertainment for private parties. The majority of the clients were men. At a few of the parties, women were part of the clientele.She pulled no punches in letting Lin know that it involved stripping and performing sexual acts.Lin was shocked but not near as much when Ann told her she could make a minimum of $1000 a party.“Does your husband know what you do?” asked Lin.“Not at first but I was only doing a couple of parties a month.” stated Ann“As I got more bookings, it got harder to make up excuses why I was out so late so often”“It all came to a head when I was booked to a three day party on a yacht with five other girls. I was gone all weekend.” Ann finished.“What did he do when he found out?” asked LinAnn explained that when she got home she could barely walk she had been fucked so much. She had bursa escort bite marks and small bruises all over her body. She came home, climbed into bed and slept for a day. When she finally woke up her husband was standing over her demanding to know what was going on.“I told him the truth” admitted Ann. “I told him I was tired of his shit and didn’t need him or his money. If he wanted to continued to enjoy having sex with me there would be some new rules. I would continue to let him fuck me but he would have to share me with other men. I also let him know that I would decide when and where. He had to agree to not interfere with my job.”“As he stood there thinking, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. While he thought it over I sucked his cock. After a few minutes and still no answer, I took him deep in my throat while I licked his balls with my tongue. “Did he ever answer you?” asked Lin.“Yeah. As he shot his load into my mouth, then agreed to my terms.” said a smiling Ann.Ann’s husband had consented to her terms. They celebrated by taking a shower together and then him screwing her in the ass. He was not about to let the hottest piece of ass he had ever known to get away.“That’s the way I want my life to be. What would I have to do to get that job?” asked Lin“I’ll get you an appointment with the agency I work with. That only if you’re sure you want it.” offered AnnLin, as she thought about confronting her husband, started to get cold feet. She was not so sure. She told Ann she would have to let her know. That evening over diner Lin brought up the idea of getting a part time job. Even though it would be only part time, Lin’s husband was not excited at the prospect. The idea that he was not able to provide for his wife was distasteful to him.Lin made up her mind that if need be, she would divorce her husband. She was tired of his dominance over her life. Only if she had her own money, would things change.Over the next month she brought up the subject of a job a couple of times. Both times her husband said no way. Lin had slowed down their sexual activities feigning headaches and other excuses.Tired of her neglect in the bedroom, Lin’s husband became verbally abusive of her. He accused her of spending to much time with Ann and not enough with him. Soon after this began, she asked Ann to set up an appointment with the agency.In a matter of just a few days, Ann called her back up with a date and time. She agreed that she would go with Lin to the appointment. Lin did not share this information with her husband.As the day approached Ann was giving Lin tips on how to act and what to wear. The night before the appointment, Lin told her husband she had a job interview. He protested but to little avail. Lin laid down her foot and said she was going to go whether he agreed or not.The next day, Lin put on her best floral print summer dress. She looked beautiful but was not overly dressed. She wore a new pair of yellow heels she had bought the day before. When asked by her husband what kind of job it was Lin simply said “office work”.Just then the phone range. It was Anne. Her husband had gotten in a car accident and she was on her way to the hospital. She would not be able to go with Lin.“Do you want me to call and cancel the appointment?” asked an apologetic Ann.“No. I’ll get my husband to drive me” Lin replied.“Do you think that’s a good idea?” asked Ann.“He is either going to let me get bursa escort bayan a job or he’s not. This is one way to find out for sure” Lin said bluntly.Lin’s husband relented an agreed to drive Lin to her appointment. He was impressed when the address turned out to be a new upscale office park by the airport. The receptionist that greeted them was young, attractive , and well dressed. Lin’s husband was again impressed. The the company name on the glass front doors “HSP Unlimited” gave no indication of the nature of their business. Only days later would Lin’s husband find that he full name of the company was “Hot Sweet Pussy Unlimited”. But for the moment he was content to accompany his wife as they followed the receptionist into a very modern, very plush waiting area.“Make yourself comfortable. May I get you any refreshments? Coffee, Tea, soft drink, beer, wine, or cocktail? The interview will take about an hour. I’ll be back in a moment to escort Lin to her interview.” the receptionist offered in a soft and sexy voice.As indicated, the receptionist returned with a rum and coke for Lin’s husband. She asked that Lin follow her to the executive offices. The receptionist informed Lin’s husband that she would bring Lin back when the interview was finished in about an hour.Once in the executive suite, Lin was introduced to three men, all in their mid-thirties, dressed in expensive suites. After a brief introduction Lin was asked if she was aware of what the job entailed. She told them that Ann had pretty well laid it out.Lin was told the audition would consisted of her entertaining them like she had been hired for a party. If she had no questions the would like her to begin with doing a striptease. Tom, who appeared to be in charge hit a button on the desk he was leaning against. The room filled with a soundtrack of Lin’s favorite dance song.She was surprised at first. She then remembered that Ann had inquired about music and songs she liked. No doubt, Ann had supplied this information to the three men. Slowly her body began to sway to the beat of the music. The pill that Ann had given her to relax her for the audition was taking affect.Lin had never taken her clothes off for a man other than her husband. Back home she had been a waitress at a club on the military base. That is where she had met her husband. Lin, having been prepared by Ann, took off he clothes in the most teasing way she could think of. Her body was warmed by the pill, but Lin put it off to nerves. She had made up her mind she would do what was necessary to get hired. Once she was completely nude except for her heels, she danced one by one in front of the men.“You did very nicely and you have a great body” commented Tom.“How would you like to entertain Mike over there?” Tom asked.Without a word, Lin slipped over to Mike who was sitting on a loveseat. She was embarrassed but she arched her back to show off her C cup tits. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. She spread her legs just enough to display her neatly trimmed kitty for him. Mike spread his legs and motioned for her to kneel on the floor. She braced herself on his leg as she got down into a position her husband had her assume on a regular basis. As she settled in, she ran her hand up Mike’s leg and began to rub his semi-hard cock through his pants. After she kissed it through his pants, she unbuckled his pants and pulled down the zipper. Without hesitation, escort bursa she pulled out his now erect cock and placed it in her mouth. Five minutes later she was swallowing a mouthful of cum.Unable to swallow the full amount of his large load, Lin pulled off his rigid shaft. He continued to discharge two streams of cum. One hit her cheek and the other flew up into her hair.“That was great. Go over and see what you can do for Jim” ordered Tom.Jim stood with his pants down exhibiting a large stiff dick. Lin, with cum on her chin, one drop hanging from her left nipple,and a wad in her hair, walked over letting her hips sway. She stood directly in front of him and gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. The remnants of her facial did not seem to faze him. She then turned, grabbed her ankles an said ”How about a little pussy?’Jim accepted her invitation and slid easily into he already wet hole. She remained in that position while he pounded her. The pill had some effect but Lin was beginning to feel a freedom that she had never known. It was a freedom to allow her body do what came naturally. She moaned loudly as he drove his full length into her. After she had two orgasms, Jim groaned and deposited a load of hot cum into her welcoming love canal..When she straitened up, Lin noticed Tom standing nude by a bar in the corner of the office. He had a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other. Lin was hoping that her next test didn’t have anything to do with the cigar.“Ready for the final exam” he inquired.“Bend over that bar stool” he directed.Once she had assumed the position, he unceremoniously, slammed his oversized dick into her ass. Lin squealed as she was impaled on his manhood. Tom wasted no time pounding her ass for all he was worth. Though anal was nothing new to Lin, the size of his tool and v******e to which she was being exposed, made her squeal.Once he had totally stretched her out, he deposited a huge cream pie in her ass.Much to lin’s surprise the men put their clothes back on as if nothing had happened. She stood there in her new heels with cum dripping out of her cunt and newly fucked ass. Her body craved more sex .“Come sit with us for a moment”. Directed Tom.Lin realized that today’s fun had come to an end.“We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. If we had more time I’m sure we could have found some other things for you to do. We think you’ll do great and we want to offer you a job. But we will only give it give it to you under two conditions.” Tom offered.“And what would those be?” Asked Lin as she sat naked on the sofa with the three fully dressed men.“We understand that your husband brought you here. Is that right?” asked Mike.“Yes, he’s out in the waiting room” responded Lin.‘The first condition is that you take the $1000 on the desk as payment for your first party. Lin had never heard of anybody making $1000 an hour. She didn’t give a damn what the second thing was for that kind of money. On top of that, she had discovered a side of her that she did not know existed. “We want you to put your dress back on but leave your bra and panties with us as a souvenir” quipped a smiling Jim.“Then we want you to return to the waiting room with our spunk running down your leg” added Mike.We want your husband to get use to the way you are going to look after when you come home from work” laughed Mike.Lin put on her dress. Her makeup was ruined from the sloppy blowjob and face fuck she had taken from Mike. She looked down and there were droplets of cum on her new shoesAs she looked up, the receptionist re-entered the room.“Mary will show you the way out” said a smirking Tom. The End



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