June 1987

My name is Jim, and I work as a consultant for a large consulting firm in the United States. I work out of an office in Miami, and I have had a very good career with this company. Fortunately for me, I am able to retire at 40 and enjoy the quiet life. I have been fortunate with investments, and I had a good lottery win, and although it wasn’t lucky my parents passed away and left me a sizable inheritance. These combined have given me enough of a portfolio to let me retire at a very early age.

I was sitting in my office working on reports on the last day of work trying to tie up some loose ends. It was about three thirty and I had three reports to finish before I left for good. The three reports were going to make some people very happy because with some small suggestions, the bar and the two restaurants that I had been working with could really turn their businesses to real huge affairs.

Just as I was finishing one report, Betty, (a.k.a. blowjob Betty), stuck her head in the door and asked if I wanted to go for a couple of drinks after work. I turned her down knowing that the night would have ended up with me getting my brains fucked out. Hence the nickname.

I kept working and soon had the three reports finished. I put them in their folders and went to the office of my boss. Laurie waved me in as she finished a phone call. I handed her the reports and said that this should make the clients very happy.

She read them over and she agreed. We talked for a bit and I could tell that she knew something was up. She finally asked me, ” What is bothering you, you seem on edge?”

I said, ” I have to tell you something else, and I am having trouble because we have become good friends and I have a huge amount of respect for you even if you are 14 years my junior.”

She said, “Just tell me.”

I started, ” This is my last day, I have turned in my papers and I have retired as of tonight. I have arranged it all with human recourse, and they have already found a replacement for me. He is coming from the Seattle office.”

Laurie looked at me kind of stunned. She said, “How come you didn’t say anything sooner. I would have liked to have had a chance to arrange something of a going away party.”

I illegal bahis told her, “That is why I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want a party and I just wanted to go out quietly.”

She said, “Well at least let me take you to dinner and we can have a nice good bye.”

I agreed, and she got on the phone and made reservations at a restaurant that I had heard of but had never been too.

She wrote out the address and told me that there was a dress code, suit and tie was a must.

I left work and headed home to have a shower and change. I arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes early and I waited in the lobby for Laurie. She arrived, and the way she was dressed, she made the statement HERE I AM.

She was dressed in a black sheath dress, with a diamond necklace, and she wore three inch spike shoes. She wore white diamond perfume, and I had an instant hard on.

As we were walked to out table, every guy and even a few women watched us walk by. I just loved being able to sit at the table with her, and know that just about every guy in the place wanted her. Hell, I had wanted her for about three years now.

We had an amazing dinner, and polished off a couple bottles of wine. We talked about everything and anything, and it soon became late and the dining room was closing.

We left and as we walked out the door, Laurie said, “Come up to my condo for a drink, I live in the building and we can have a night cap or two.”

We went up and as soon as we had closed the door to her condo, she grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall. She kissed me hard and fast and got on her knees. She opened my pants and took out my cock. She licked and sucked on it for about ten seconds and then put it back in my pants. She stood up and said, ” there is a lot more where that came from.”

I kissed her hard and long and as I did, I turned her so that her back was to the wall. I leaned over and kissed her left breast and then got on my knees. I lifted her dress and was greeted by a naked pussy. I licked it dragging my tongue slowly along the lips. I got to her clit and I sucked on it slowly, and I heard her moan deeply. I pulled her dress down again and stood up. I kissed her hard again, and said, ” illegal bahis siteleri There is a whole lot more of that and more where that came from.”

Laurie almost ripped my jacket taking off me, and she grabbed my tie and pulled me to her bedroom. When we got there she grabbed my shirt and ripped it off me. She just about destroyed my pants and soon I was naked in front of her except for my tie.

I took hold of her dress and pulled it over her head and she was naked, as he wore no bra or panties. I pulled of my tie as she pulled down the bedding and we were soon in bed kissing. I let my hands roam all over her body, caressing her tits and ass and rubbing her pussy that was getting very wet.

I started to work my way down to her breasts and when I got there I suck slowly and patiently on them listening to her moan and hiss as she got hornier and hornier. I started to kiss my way to her pussy and she tried to stop me. I moved her hands and kept going. She didn’t put up much of a fight.

When I got to her pussy, I could smell of her pussy, that sweet musky odour of horniness. Her pussy was already leaking juice and I let my tongue lap it up tasting her sweetness. She moaned even harder and started to squirm. As I continued to lap her pussy, she was starting to beg for more, so I slowly stuck my tongue into her pussy and she started to whimper, “God yes, oh God that feels so good, Oh God, Yessssssssssssssssss, Fuck yes, I am going to cum.”

Within seconds, she started to buck and I just tried to keep licking as she bucked on the bed.

As she started to slow down, I slowly slid up her body, bringing the sweet juice of her pussy up to her mouth on my lips. She kissed me hard, and sucked the juice off of my lips.

I looked at her and she had a smile on her lips and a look of lust in her eyes. She said, “God, fuck me now, fill me with your cock.”

I started to slid my cock into her, and I soon was buried balls deep in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me, and we soon were in an erotic rhythm as we fucked hard. I had fucked her for about two minutes when I felt my balls tighten, and I knew that I was going to cum. I told her and I tried to pull out. She grabbed my ass, and held me in and canlı bahis siteleri I had no choice but to shoot my hot load in her. As I started to shoot she kissed me hard and long and her tongue was inside my mouth fighting with my tongue.

I laid on top of her kissing her, until my cock softened and slowly slip out of her. When I was out, I rolled over and laid beside her. She cuddled up and had her head on my chest.

She said, “When was the first time you wanted to have sex with me?”

I said, “the first time I was in your office. When we were looking over a report. I wanted you to turn and suck me off and then I wanted to put you on your desk and fuck you right there.”

She said, “that was the first time I wanted you to fuck me. I wanted to suck you right then, and I wanted more than for you to just fuck me. I wanted you to ravage me right then and there.”

We spent the night sleeping and fucking and sleeping. Morning came and we had another session, but that was more love making than raw sex.

We continued to see each other for about three months until she told me that she was being transferred to the head office in Chicago.

We kept in touch for about a year after she moved and then slowly fell out of touch. June 2010

I hadn’t thought about Laurie for about ten years, and I was very surprised when she called me. I recognized her voice right away, and we soon had set a time to meet. She was coming to my condo, and I was looking forward to meeting her again.

The door bell rang and I opened it to Laurie and a very younger version of her, her daughter Lexi. After they had settled in the living room, we started to talk and Laurie, told me that Lexi was going to be working in the Miami office, doing the job she had done so many years before. Laurie asked me, if I would work as an outside trainer and help train Lexi to run the office. I agreed as I was looking for some thing to kill some time.

We had dinner and we got caught up with the past but the only thing that Laurie would tell me was about Lexi. She kept avoiding the topic every time it came up.

Later that night as they were getting ready to leave, Laurie gave me a kiss that brought back memories. I could have taken her right there if it weren’t for Lexi.

It turned out that I didn’t have to worry. As Lexi was getting ready to leave she gave me hug and a long deep passionate kiss. She leaned into my ear and said “It is so good to meet you finally Dad.”



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