Foot Fetish

Late night visitI answered the door in leather pants and a quite see-through button up shirt, I knew you would enjoy the view. I take you to my bedroom and lay down, ready and waiting. You climb on top of me, straddling my waist and I run my hands up your sides knowing that all that I want is to rip off all of your clothes. Just one kiss :PI get up and turn the music on, making sure my housemate doesn’t stir from the noises coming from my bedroom across the hall. You come up behind me and I feel your rock hard cock pressed against my ass. You run your hands up my shirt and start thrusting.You lay back down on the bed and I straddle you, which is what you’ve been waiting for 😛 I’m grinding down on you as you thrust up into me. Your hands start running up my shirt again and you start unbuttoning my shirt, once open you sit up and bury your face between my tits. Next thing I know, you’ve unhooked my bra and you’re sucking and biting on my nipples. It’s driving me crazy.I roll canlı bahis off so I can strip my clothes off and the next thing I know you’re on your knees, spreading my knees and plunging face first between my legs. You slide my G across with your fingers and your tongue goes to town on my pussy. Darting in and out of my wet pussy lips, sucking on my clit, all the while your hands are massaging my ass and I’m squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as I writhe in pleasure. I run my fingers through your hair and grab your head, I never want you to stop.I want your cock. You slide up and ask me what I want, all I can answer is you, you fucking me. You try not to give into me but I beg, I beg for just the tip of that beautiful cock to be inside me. I reach down and grab your cock and place the head at my pussy, you push in and I wrap my legs around your waist, trying to pull you all the way in. I can tell that it feels amazing for you but you don’t want to give in :PYou slide bahis siteleri out and replace your cock with your fingers and start pummeling my pussy, it feels fucking amazing! I just want you to keep going. Eventually you stop though and you tell me to bring out my toy 😉 I get on all fours over you to reach my top drawer and you slide your fingers back into me as your other hand is down your pants. I sit back and replace your hand with my hand and mouth. I love your cock, I just want to suck on it all day, every day. I run the tip of my tongue over the head and swallow you whole as you tell me how naughty I am.I lay back as you walk around the end of the bed, my toy between my legs and your cock above my head. I open my mouth and you stick the tip in as I moan from the vibrations. Your hands are all over me, everywhere all at the same time. Running from my neck, along my tits with a cheeky grab, down my stomach to meet my favourite toy 😛 you lean down and start sucking güvenilir bahis and biting on my tits again and it drives me mad. I beg you to keep going because I’m close to coming, my wish is your command. Your mouth covers my tit and I can hear you moaning as one hand is rubbing your cock above my head and the other is massaging my other tit, I can’t take it anymore. The pleasure is so overwhelming that I cum.You lay down next to me and I straddle you; tits in your face, wet pussy grinding against your cock and your hands exploring my entire body. I just want to slide my hand down and grab your cock and then slide it into my pussy but I just continue rubbing up against it 😛 from frustration I climb off and roll over, you grab and kiss and bite my ass and I just want you to stay and do that to me all night; I know how much you love the ass :PUnfortunately you have to leave, you get up and gather your things but before you walk out you lean over and give me a kiss 😉 I don’t let you get away with that easily and grab your head for a couple more. I walk you out to the door in a barely buttoned up top and my G, which, you greatly enjoyed holding onto as I was riding you :PNaughty late night visit x



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