It’s late at night and I can’t sleep, you’re not here and I miss you very much. I went to bed hours ago but can’t seem to fall asleep; I’ve been laying here for awhile thinking about you, my mind starts to fantasize about what we would do if you were here.

My hand slides down my body across my stomach and to the sensitive place between my legs that need your touch so badly. Then I pause, I have a better idea. I crawl out of bed to get the phone and the piece of paper that the number of the hotel you’re staying in is written on.

Even though it’s very late I climb back into our very comfy bed and dial the number to your hotel. The hotel operator answers and I ask for your room, excitement and anticipation run through my body as the phone rings in your room.


Just the sound of your voice makes me feel better already.

“Hi babe, did I wake you? Were you sleepin?” I ask.

“No, you didn’t wake me up, I can’t sleep tonight,” you reply.

“Mmm well I can’t sleep either baby, I miss you. I’ve been laying here for a little while thinking about what we would do if you were illegal bahis here,” I tell you.

“Hum really? Would you like to tell me what you were thinking about?”

Of course I want to tell you what I was thinking about it’s the whole reason for this late night call tonight.

“We’d start out slowly; I’d kiss you softly at first and then kiss you deeply. I’d leave a trail of kisses down your neck, then Id work my way down to your hard cock.”

I can hear the unmistakable sound of you stroking your cock as you listen to me.

“I’d take you in my mouth and lick and suck you making you feel so good.”

“Mmmm, yes baby feels so good,” you whisper.

“I’d climb up on top of you and slide down on you and ride your cock over and over.”

I start to play with my clit now, our breathing patterns changing, as we both get more excited.

“I’d take us both to the edge, so close to cumming and then slow down prolonging the ultimate pleasure.”

“Damn baby, you’re getting me so hot,” you tell me.

“I’d continue to ride you until we both couldn’t take it anymore my orgasm illegal bahis siteleri washing over me my moans louder, you cum moments later stroking up into me harder. When we both had recovered some, I’d take you into the bathroom and we would get in the shower. Washing each other off and then getting all hot, I’d get down on my knees and take you in my mouth. Licking and sucking your cock again.”

I know that you can almost feel my hot wet mouth on you and the water hitting your shoulders and I can almost taste you.

“You pull me to my feet and spin me around pushing me hard up against the tile wall. It’s not going to be gentle this time.”

“No baby, it’s not,” I can hear the wantonness in your voice now.

“You enter me from behind hard making me almost scream out as your hard cock fills me up. You fuck me hard till I almost can’t stand. We’d get out of the shower and dry each other off, kissing and teasing each other. We head back to bed to continue where we left off just a little more comfortable.”

I can hear our mutual moans now as I continue to play with my clit and you stroke canlı bahis siteleri your cock as I continue to tell you what we would do if you were here.

“You lay me back on the bed and get down between my thighs finding my hard clit and begin to lick and suck it.”

I’m moaning more now as I rub my clit harder while trying to finish telling you this fantasy. I can tell by the way that you’re breathing that you’re getting very close too.

“You slide up my body grabbing my knees and pushing them up and back so my pussy is totally exposed to you; you enter me hard and fast. We start to fuck hard, my hips moving to meet yours.”

I rub my clit even harder and I can hear your growls knowing that you’re going to cum soon.

“I finally reach the peak and cum hard writhing and moaning underneath you as you continue to fuck me, a few more hard strokes and you’re unloading deep inside me.”

“I’m going cum baby,” you tell me as you start to moan.

I can just imagine you there cumming, wishing that I was there to lick it all up. I rub my clit harder bringing my own orgasm on, moaning loud as you tell me to cum for you.

Both our bodies now relaxed and spent, you tell me, “sweet dreams baby.”

“Mmmm, you too babe.”

I sigh, almost being able to imagine you here holding me. We both hang up and drift off to sleep.



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