Knock at the door Part twoI don’t know how long I have been laying there, bound, gagged, and blindfolded. I hear the door open and two sets of footsteps come across the floor. I hear your voice talking, but can’t quite make out what you are saying. Next I feel my hair being pulled lifting my head and you whisper in my ear. “I have come back with your parole officer and we are going to have a correction session with you, do you understand?” I nod my head and try to speak through the gag. “Do you need to go to the bathroom,” she asks. I again nod my head. You untie the cuff from the ropes and help me to my feet. You connect the wrist cuffs behind my back. Next I feel a leather collar being placed around my neck. I hear a click as the leash is attached to the collar. “Lisa, take him to the bathroom and help him, then bring him right back here, I will set things up for the correction.”Lisa tells you, ”Sure, we won’t be long.” Lisa pulls the leash and I follow. We get to the bathroom and she prods me in. Slapping may ass as you direct me. You tell me that I am in front of the toilet and to go. I make a gesture with my hands and you tell me, “you are not going to be released. I will help you, you pathetic little criminal.” You reach around me and grab my cock and aim it in the bowl. I start to pee and you tell me to hurry up. I finish as quickly as I can. “You’re taking too long”, as you yank my cock and turn me around. You lead me back to the bedroom.“Lisa, bring him over here. I am ready for him.” I feel the bed at my knees and I stop walking. Next I feel two sets of hands on my back pushing it and bending me over. Lisa says, “ This will teach him. Kim, do you think he will actually learn anything?” “No, he didn’t learn anything the first time, but we have to try,” Kim says. I feel a hand rubbing lube on my ass and I start to struggle. You both slap my ass hard at the same time, hard. One of you grab my balls and tell me to be good. The other starts sliding a butt plug in my ass. It must be huge, all I feel is my ass stretching. Then all of the sudden the widest part goes in and I feel it pop in the rest of the way to the base. I groin. Lisa says, ”That’s a good start.” You both stand me up and pull me to the center of the room. Kim says, “I found the rest of your toys before and thought Kim and I would help you remember the training from last time we had to review your case file. You are still stalking woman and scaring them. So we are going to teach you to be scared of woman because this is what we can do.”With that being said, you release the cuffs behind my back from each other and connect them to ropes at my side. You both pull the ropes lifting bahis firmaları my hands above my head and spread out. You both pull a little more and stretch me out more and tie the rope off to the wall. “Lisa, get the spreader bar and connect it to the ankle cuffs. Then take his blindfold off.” My legs are spread and cuffed apart. The blindfold is removed and I start blinking my eyes adjusting to the light. Kim stands in front of my still wearing her cop uniform and the knee high stiletto boots. Next to her I see Lisa, dressed in a corset that pushes her amply tits up more and thigh high black boots with even taller heels on them. My eyes go wide when I see the whips in your hands. I can’t move and I am at your mercy. Lisa walks towards me and places the blindfold back over my eyes. Kim tells me, “Let the lesson begin.” With that I feel the first whip land on my ass. My body jerks with the first blow. The whipping comes fast and furious. You both are behind me. No sooner does one whip hit, then the other is right behind it. The two of you work up and down my back, every once and a while the whip comes up between my legs and land on my cock and balls. The tears are coming from my eyes and I scream as best I can through the gag. I am doing my best to control my breathing. The whipping stops. One of you steps up and grabs a hand full of hair and pull my head back. With your other hand you pinch my left nipple. I wince with the pain. All of the sudden I feel two hands on my balls. Then I feel what I think is a thin rope being wrapped around them close to their base. I feel the rope tighten and then pulled down. “Let’s stretch the balls down to the spreader,” Kim says to Lisa. With that the rope gets pulled tight and my knees bend a little the try and take some of the pressure off my balls. It doesn’t help. I strain to take the pressure of my ball. I feel my nipples being pinched again, and then feel clamps being placed on the nipples. I groan as the chain between them is pulled. I feel the chain being played with and then the head of my cock. A very thin rope is being tied around the head of my cock and being pulled up to the chain of the nipple clamps. The rope and chain are tied together with tension pulls cock and nipples. Every time I take a deep breath, it pulls on the chain and rope. With my cock, nipples, and balls tied I am in agony. I feel two hands on my face. They wrap around my head and remove the gag. “Please stop, I won’t do it again. I promise. Please stop,” I beg. Next the blindfold comes off. I am looking into the eyes of Lisa, her hands still on my face and her eyes staring into mine. “The first part of your lesson kaçak iddaa is almost over. You will count the next ten whacks on your ass. They will hurt. We will take you down after the next ten. Count out loud so we both can hear you or there will be more,” Lisa says. Kim holds up a paddle so that I may see it. I know how much that can hurt. Kim moves behind me and swings the paddle. “One”, I yell. “Two, three, four”, I try to catch my breath. Another one lands, “Five, six, seven”, I am crying as the paddle hits my ass every time. “I’m sorry, I won’t be bad any more. I won’t peek in windows and stalk woman. Please no more paddling. Please. Eight”, I am pleading and begging. “Nine”, I am still looking into Lisa’s eyes. I hear the paddle flying through the air before it hits my ass. My whole body recoils from the last blow, “ten”, I scream. The two of you start rubbing your hands up and down my body. You rub my ass which is bright red. You then pull on the rope connecting my nipples and cock. Kim starts lowering my hands. My whole body starts toward the floor. I land on my hands and knees, catching my breath.While on my hands and knees, Lisa starts removing the nipple clamps and the thin ropes on my cock and balls. The spreader bar is removed from my ankles and the ropes off my wrist cuffs. I am still breathing heavy from the paddling. Kim slides a small coffee table up behind me. The two of you help me up to my knees and then back on to the table. Lying on my back on the table, my hands are cuffed together underneath. My legs are pulled back and a spreader bar connected to for ankles and then tied to the table legs. This spreads my legs wide. Again I can’t move. “Please stop, I will be good. I won’t do it anymore.” A new gag is shoved in my mouth. I rubber bit in my mouth and a dildo on the outside of the gag. I look up and see Lisa walking over to me and stand over my face. She rubs her hand up and down her pussy. She starts lowering herself down on to the dildo. She slides all the way down. She looks in to my eyes and tells me, ”You are fucking me now. You better satisfy me, if not, I will whip your cock and balls.” Every time you slide down the dildo I smell your pussy juices. It drives me crazy. I would rather suck and lick your pussy. You reach down and start rubbing your clit. You start sliding faster and moaning. Your knees start squeezing the sides of my head. Kim walks up to Lisa and starts rubbing and squeezing Lisa’s nipples. This puts Lisa over the top. She starts cumming and cumming. Lisa reaches down grabbing my hair pulling my head closer to her pussy. She stops cumming and starts catching her breath. As she climbs off my kaçak bahis face she smiles and tells me how well I did fucking her. Kim looks down at me and smile. “It is my turn,” she says. My cock is rock hard after the riding Lisa had just given my face. Lisa then places a blindfold over my eyes. I am back into not being able to see or speak. I feel someone over my face lowering themselves down the dildo in my mouth. Next I feel a hand on my cock, stroking it. As the pussy come all the way down to my mouth, I feel a warm mouth sliding down my cock. My body starts to jerk around. The sensation is out of this world. I feel two sets of hands on my balls and cock. I guess Kim is riding my face because of the different pussy juice I smell. She is facing my cock and sucking on it. I feel her weight on my chest leaning forward. Her hips are riding back and forth on my face, and her mouth is doing a job on my cock. Next I feel Lisa’s mouth on my balls suck and pulling them. I am going crazy. Kim stops sucking my cock and sits back taking the dildo deep in her pussy, still stroking my cock. I then feel Lisa removing the plug from my ass. It feels good having that out. She rubs more lube on my ass and says, “Let’s see how he likes being fuck?” She must have found the strap on. With that I feel the tip of a dildo sliding in my ass. Kim still sliding up and down on my face and stroking my cock, Lisa fucking my ass with a dildo. I am trapped. Lisa is thrusting in and out of my ass, Kim fucking my mouth and stroking my cock. I feel Kim’s legs tighten around my head, she is going to cum. She leans forward and starts sucking my cock again. I am going nuts. Lisa plays with my balls, Kim sees this and starts cumming. I feel her juices all over my face. I can’t take it anymore. Kim lifts her head off my cock and strokes it faster. Lisa helps her. I explode. My body is jerking of the table as far as I will move. They keep stroking as the cum flows out. I feel like I am having a heart attack. My cock is so sensitive. Be they keep stroking it. I try to beg through the gag, but I know they are ignoring me. After some time my cock goes limp and they stop the torcher. Kim climbs off my face and Lisa pulls out of my ass. I lie there trying to catch my breath. My hands and ankles are uncuffed. The color is removed from my neck. The blindfold and gag are removed. I lie there not knowing what to do. Still wondering what will come next. Kim orders me to open my eyes and get up. “Clean up the mess in here and put all the gear away. If Lisa or I hear of you pepping again it will be much worse the next time. We will not write up a report on you this time, but if you pep again, we will be back and we will bring Bill from the office with us and you will pay dearly. He has a way of making you wish you had never pepped.” With that Lisa and Kim got dressed and left. It was a harsh training I will not forget soon.



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