“Oh. My. God,” breathed Carol, wide eyed as she digested the news.

“I know, right!” laughed Amber as she took another sip of her coffee. “I thought our perfect little Katie was just a secret slut. I had no idea she was a sly little minx whoring herself out for college grades!”

“Oh, come on guys, it’s not whoring, they’re just small favors…” protested Katie weakly.

“Babe, there may not have been money involved, but giving a guy a blowjob when he writes a term paper for you is whoring,” retorted Amber with a grin.

“Fine, fine,” said Katie throwing up her hands in mock surrender. “I’m a college hooker. Whatever it is, it’s working, and my GPA has never been higher. And I have all this extra free time to hang around with you guys, right?”

“Yeah, that and shop,” said Amber.

“And party,” added Carol.

“And suck,” Amber added slyly, motioning wanking with her hand at her mouth and poking the inside of her cheek with her tongue in comical imitation of a blowjob.

Amber and Carol broke into hysteric whoops of laughter, while Katie rolled her eyes and tried to stifle a giggle herself. Now that her secret was out in the open with her friends, despite her best efforts to keep it hidden, it didn’t seem nearly so bad. Even Carol was taking it surprisingly well.

The three girls were having brunch outdoors at their favorite cafe in town, a ritual they shared some three to four times a week. The coffee here was black and rich, the salads delicious, and the male baristas and waiters especially hunky.

They were all dressed casual but pretty, perfect for a morning brunch. The petite, little Katie was wearing a simple orange tube top and skinny jeans that highlighted every curve of her slender legs. Her dark auburn hair was up in a ponytail and she wore summery sandals on her feet.

Her friends also looked gorgeous. Carol, the tall brunette with a bob haircut, a smile to die for and a hypnotically attractive rack that even Katie couldn’t help but stare at, despite being perfectly straight. Carol’s generous but perky tits were snugly encased in a tight blue tank top with a grey vest over it that seemed to prop up and highlight her amazing chest and cleavage even more. Below she was wearing menacingly short denim hot pants that screamed ‘look at my long, sexy legs!’

Amber was also rocking a pair of tiny shorts, denim cut offs that hugged her tight ass and showed off her olive tan skin. She wore a long, loose punkish tank top that could have passed for a very short dress and that almost covered her short shorts. Her raven hair hung over her naked shoulders, and her eyes hid behind dark shades.

Katie poked at the bed of rocket and baby tomatoes on her plate with her fork and reflected on past events.

It hadn’t been that long ago that Amber had discovered Katie in a back alley behind a bar giving blowjobs to two guys after a tipsy night out. Amber, who had always been a little slutty and straightforwardly casual about sex, seemed to take it in her stride and joined in. She had assumed that Katie, who had always played the perfect and innocent preppy girl, was rather prudish. Amber seemed to take some delight in discovering that Katie was just as sexually debauched as she was. However, she hadn’t yet realised the extent of Katie’s secrets.

Katie wasn’t simply down on her knees with a throbbing dick in her mouth for the fun of it. It was part of her college plan; give out sexual favors to select guys in return for their expertise and commitment to doing Katie’s college class work for her. It was a comprehensive program that ran all the way from writing her term papers for her to helping her prep for exams. In return Katie would give out everything from handjobs to fucking (and on the rare occasion even anal) depending on the kinds of grades the guys helped her get.

Her favor system had suddenly somehow expanded however, and soon Katie was making similar arrangements to cover all sorts of favors; buying her drinks; driving her places; fixing her air conditioning; you name it, and she was sucking dick for it.

Katie’s best friend Carol had been oblivious to it all, and even Amber didn’t realise the extent of it until one of Katie’s “clients”, Greg, had approached Amber for the same deal.

And now Amber had just spilled the story to Carol over brunch, though to Katie’s surprise and relief, she didn’t seem too alarmed.

“Very funny guys,” said Katie. “But you know, this isn’t much different from what you do anyway Amber, only I get something productive out of it.”

“Oh, I think my orgasms are incredibly productive,” shrugged Amber with a smile. “But you have a point, maybe I need to get in on your game!”

“Oh no, not you too Amber!” exclaimed Carol.

“Well, I can see the value in it,” said Amber plainly. “Only, I don’t think I’d be able to. It would then be all about the guy’s pleasure as payment, and I’m much too selfish for that.”

“I don’t do it for pleasure, it’s just business,” said Katie.

“Oooh, so cold!” laughed Amber. “So when are you going to get Carol in on it, Katie? You know izmir escort bayan she’s dying to get her GPA up, she’s such a nerd.”

“Oh, shut up,” laughed Carol. “I would never do that. I mean, don’t you find it gross having to let all these guys cum on you or let them finish in your mouth, Katie?”

“Didn’t you do that with your boyfriend last year, Carol?” asked Katie.

“Well yeah, but it’s not the same,” said Carol, blushing heavily.

“Spunk is spunk, whoever it comes from,” shrugged Katie.

“And it’s tasty!” grinned Amber wickedly.

The girls broke out into laughter again, and then fell into hushed giggles as an old lady sitting nearby turned to stare at them with disapproval.

“Well, I couldn’t do it unless it was in a relationship,” said Carol.

“Cum with love is the only jizz for her,” joked Amber, before Carol slapped her arm.

“I’m just relieved you guys don’t hate me,” said Katie.

“Hell, I do the stuff you do for free, who am I to judge,” grinned Amber.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not really that surprised at all this, Katie,” said Carol thoughtfully.

“What?” cried out Amber and Katie at once.

“No, really. All of high school, you’ve always been really good at playing on your sexuality to manipulate guys and get what you want, Katie. This just seems like an evolution of that,” said Carol.

“Nice analysis from our resident nerd, Carol, way to go,” laughed Amber.

“So you’re not mad?” Katie asked Carol.

“Of course not,” said Carol. “It’s a little weird, sure, but you’re our friend, it’s no big deal.”

“Carol totally wants in on it,” smirked Amber.

“I do not!” laughed Carol, trying to slap Amber’s arm again, but Amber dodged it.

“Well, some of Katie’s guys want Carol in any case,” said Amber.

“What?” now it was Carol crying out.

“When Greg ‘propositioned’ me, he mentioned that Lyle had the hots for Carol and wanted to know if you were doing what Katie did too,” said Amber.

“Oh yeah,” said Katie, “now that you mention it, Lyle’s been bugging me about getting you involved whenever I’ve seen him for our… sessions.”

“Gross,” said Carol. “I’m suddenly not so hungry anymore.”

“He’s a total nerd, Carol, just your type!” joked Amber.

“He’s not a bad fuck either, certainly better than Greg,” said Katie.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Amber nodded in solemn agreement.

“I am not going to fuck Lyle!” insisted Carol.

“I think he just wants your gorgeous breasts, Carol,” said Katie. “I think Greg does too for that matter…”

“Ha! Yeah you can’t help it Carol, your tits attract guys from miles around, how can we mere mortals compete!” laughed Amber.

“They are pretty fantastic,” Katie agreed.

“Whatever, this is all a bit much for one brunch!” said Carol as she got up. “I’ve got to go print off my term paper, all eight thousand words of which I wrote myself. It’s due tomorrow morning. Ciao girls!”


“Shit, shit, shit! What am I going to do?” cried Carol’s voice through the phone.

Katie shifted herself to get in a more comfortable position as she held her phone to her ear. The petite brunette was sitting on an old couch in the middle of a cramped little apartment owned by Greg. Katie was still wearing her skinny jeans and her orange tube top; though the top was pulled down to reveal her perky little tits.

Greg himself was standing over Katie, his crotch level with her chest as he supported himself on Katie’s shoulder with one hand and furiously wanked his cock with the other. He had taken over from Katie’s hand job after Carol had suddenly called, uninterested in interrupting his fun or waiting for the call to finish. Katie still had one hand cupping and squeezing his hairy ball sack, absentmindedly fondling him as she listened to Carol’s crisis.

“Okay, just breathe deep Carol, we’re going to think through this,” said Katie, reassuring her friend as she tried to ignore Greg’s insistent cock stroking in front of her. She had tried to get him to stop, but he seemed oblivious to her requests now that he was in the heat of the moment.

“Okay, okay, breathing…” said Carol, though she sounded ragged.

“Now you say you’re computer’s been hacked or caught a virus or something has happened to it?” asked Katie for confirmation.

“Yes! It won’t fucking work, it’s just dead or dying and blue screens and I don’t understand what’s going on!” cried Carol.

“And you’ve lost the only copy of your term paper on there,” said Katie, “which is due tomorrow.”

Greg moaned as a fleck of his precum went flying off to land in Katie’s cleavage. Katie frowned and let go of Greg’s balls to try and wipe the droplets of cum off.

“Yeah, and I already tried calling all these computer repairmen, but no one can make it out until at least Thursday!” exclaimed Carol.

“No chance you can write the paper up again in a night?” asked Katie.

Carol let out a string of expletives, and Katie had to hold the phone away from her face for a moment before trying again. Greg meanwhile escort izmir was grunting and raising his cock so it pointed towards Katie’s face suggestively. Katie knew what Greg wanted, but a blowjob wasn’t party of today’s arrangement so she shook her head firmly at him.

“I was just confirming Carol, I’m not saying you should try that,” reassured Katie.

“There’s no way I could do it all again in one night,” sobbed Carol. “I’m totally fucked!”

“Well, I guess what we need is some kind of computer expert to see if they can recover your hard drive and your term paper document this afternoon, or by the end of tonight at least,” said Katie.

“Yeah, but I already told you no one is available!” said Carol.

Greg had now gently grabbed Katie’s head and was trying to rub the precum oozing head of his cock up against Katie’s glossy lips.

“Mmmf!” moaned Katie in protest as she pushed Greg and his angry cock away. “Hold on a moment, Carol, I have an idea.”

Katie moved the phone aside and looked up at Greg, “Lyle’s an IT expert right? Computers and stuff like that?”

“Yeah,” grunted Greg. “He’s a freaking genius with that shit.”

Greg was huffing and puffing with exertion now as jerked himself off. Slyly, he kept aiming his cock higher and higher, even though he had earlier promised Katie he was not going to cum on her, and especially not on her face.

Katie raised the phone again, “Carol, I may be able to help, but I’m going to have to call you back–”

Greg suddenly cut her off mid-sentence when with a mighty wheeze of ecstasy he came, bursting spurts of thick, smelly white cum all over Katie’s face in a sudden frenzy. His cock shuddered and twitched in his hand as more streaks followed, splattering on Katie’s cheeks, nose, forehead, lips and chin.

“What the fuck Greg! I told you not on my face!” screamed Katie as her nose wrinkled at the warm, wet goo now coating her.

Greg shrugged and wiped his cock on Katie’s shoulder, “sorry, babe.”

“Ewww, did Greg just…? Did you just…?” came Carol’s voice on the other line of the phone.

“Carol, just hold tight there,” said Katie. “I’ll be at your place in half an hour, and I think I’ll have a solution, but you may not like it…”


Carol answered the door to her place half an hour later in her clothes from earlier that morning; the sky blue tank top and denim hot pants, although the vest was now gone. Her face had mostly cleared up from her earlier panicked sobbing, though she still seemed anxious and out of sorts.

Outside was Katie in her orange tube top and skinny jeans. Her face looked as if it had a faint sheen on it, despite otherwise looking clean and freshly washed.

Next to Katie was Lyle, the somewhat gangly looking nerd had an anime t-shirt on and was crudely ogling Carol’s tits in the tight tank top.

Carol ushered the two of them in and closed the door behind her. Her place was nice, spacious, well decorated and pleasantly furnished. It was still the afternoon so daylight streamed in through the windows making the lounge room feel airy.

“Um, Carol, you remember Lyle,” muttered Katie. “Lyle, Carol…”

“Yeah, hi,” mumbled Carol before turning to Katie. “I need help! What’s going on?”

“Lyle here is a computer expert,” said Katie triumphantly. “I explained the problem and he says he can take a look at it now and should probably even be able to fix the problem and get your paper back.”

“Really? Great! Oh my goodness, that’s such a relief, my desktop’s over here…” began Carol.

Lyle made a small, strange coughing noise as if to interrupt.

“Only, there’s one small problem,” sighed Katie. “He wants something in return.”

“What? Payment? I can pay him, how much does he need?” asked Carol.

Lyle smiled awkwardly and kept staring suggestively at Carol and her incredible rack.

“No, he wants a different kind of payment,” said Katie, clearly exasperated, “you know, the kind of favors I do.”

“He wants you to have sex with him for helping me?” asked Carol quizzically.

Katie shook her head.

“No, he wants you,” said Katie. “Believe me, I tried to get him to settle for me, I offered everything! But he’s had his mind, or cock rather, set on you. That’s his one condition.”

Carol went pale.

“What the fuck!” exclaimed Carol. “I am not going to sleep with some guy just because he might be able to fix my computer!”

“Nah, it’s cool babe, you don’t need to fuck me, I just want your tits,” piped up Lyle enthusiastically.

Carol glared at the horny college boy.

“My tits?” gasped Carol.

“Yeah, just a tit fuck until I cum,” enthused Lyle. “You don’t even have to do anything, just lie back and let me do all the work.”

“I tried to tell him you wouldn’t go for it,” said Katie. “I thought maybe if I get him here I could at least get him to agree to help you for some kind of favour from me.”

“Nah-uh, no way,” said Lyle, shaking his head seriously. “I’ve been lusting after Carol’s legendary boobs since the first week of college. Of course, I izmir escort didn’t know who you were then, I just called you fucking hot tits girl! But the other week when we all had drinks together, I knew I just had to have them. I’ve been trying to tell Katie, but she keeps saying you don’t put out for favors like she does.”

Carol ran her hands through her sexy bob of brown hair, and sat down on the sofa in silence.

“I’m so sorry, Carol, I’ll get rid of this jerk now, I thought maybe I could make it work somehow,” said Katie.

“No, wait,” said Carol meekly. “Are you sure he can recover my term paper?”

“Absolutely,” said Lyle. “I’m the best.”

“Then I’ll do it,” said Carol, with more confidence now.

“Awesome!” grinned Lyle.

“Wait, what? Are you sure Carol?” asked Katie.

“Look, it’s not a proper fuck anyway, and I really need to get that paper in or I’m in deep shit,” said Carol. “I’ll just let him have his fun and that’ll be that. But, only after he recovers my document, he doesn’t get anything from me otherwise.”

“Awww, what?” protested Lyle. “That’s bull, I need some inspiration. How about at least a blowjob while I work?”

“Don’t push it, Lyle,” warned Katie.

“Titfuck at the end, and blowjob while I work, or no deal,” insisted Lyle, crossing his arms. “And only from Carol.”

“You bastard–” began Katie.

“I’ll do it,” interrupted Carol suddenly. “You have a deal.”

“Alright!” laughed Lyle awkwardly. “When do we start?”

Carol turned to Katie, “do you mind if you left us alone? I’d rather just get this over with.”

“You sure you’ll be ok?” asked Katie.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” said Carol. “It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve given head or anything. And if you’ve been doing it all the time, it can’t be that bad. I’ll call you when we’re finished, one way or another.”

With that, Katie reluctantly left, leaving behind Carol and Lyle alone in the house.

“So, uh, where’s your computer?” asked Lyle, his voice breaking a little as he suddenly became nervous, eyeing the tall, busty brunette in her tight tank top. She was almost as tall as Lyle was, and it just seemed to bring her breasts up to an even more convenient level to ogle.

“This way,” Carol said, leading Lyle to brightly lit study where a desktop computer drive and monitor sat on a large and luxurious wooden desk with plenty of leg room.

Lyle dropped himself into the computer chair and swung about on it for a few moments before he tapped on the power button and the computer whirred to life. Soon they were presented with a perplexing blue screen scrawled with text. Lyle pushed a few buttons and then the monitor switched to a black screen, still filled with weird block text and numbers. Without waiting for permission, he began typing.

“Wow, you seem to know what you’re doing at least,” said Carol, looking at the screen over Lyle’s shoulder.

“I think I know what the problem is but it’s going to take me a little while to work through it,” said Lyle confidently, now feeling at home in front of a computer. “But I’m going to need some stress relief while I work. How about you get down under the desk here, Carol, and get to work with that pretty little mouth of yours?”

Carol shuddered and suppressed the sudden urge to turn tails and run. Instead she moved around to the desk and dropped to her hands and knees, unintentionally giving Lyle a stunning view of her tremendous cleavage down her tank top.

Lyle groaned in pleasure as he stared into the pillowy abyss of Carol’s creamy cleavage.

“Wow, thirty two double D!” exclaimed Lyle, immediately estimating Carol’s cup size.

Carol frowned at just how suddenly accurate he was but continued to crawl under the desk, now inadvertently showing off her gorgeous ass in her tight denim mini shorts.

Lyle grinned stupidly to himself until Carol turned around so that she was kneeling between his legs, whereupon he quickly made himself look serious and busy typing on Carol’s computer.

Carol could see all too obviously now the tremendous bulge that had sprouted in Lyle’s shorts. He looked pretty sizeable. Despite herself, Carol’s mouth began to water a little with arousal at the sight of the crotch bulge and she even felt herself grow a little damp between her thighs. It had been a while since she had seen, felt and tasted a cock in the flesh. All of a sudden those cravings for a man’s tool were surfacing again, even for someone she didn’t at all like, and in a circumstance she had never wanted to find herself in.

Lyle however was all too happy to be where he was right now. In reality, all he had to do to fix Carol’s computer was a simple system reboot. However he was not going to waste the opportunity, and had the computer running a diagnostic to soak up time while he intended to fully enjoy the bounties of Carol’s mouth and the blowjob she had promised him. It would be the perfect prelude to the main course of his desires; to once and for all claim and use Carol’s legendary tits.

Erect and unable to wait any longer, Lyle reached down to unzip himself and pull out his long and stiff dick. The cock jutted out in the air, under the computer desk, just inches from Carol’s face as she manoeuvred in the somewhat cramped confines to try and take the thing in her mouth.



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