JUSTICE LEAGUES – BLACK ARMAGEDDON-BLACK ANGEL!!lBatman had been in the Batcave for hours putting together what happen. ” It can’t be”. If this is true, it will be the end of us all. I have to call a emergency meeting the whole League must hear this. While at the same time Wonder Woman and PowerGirl were having the same dream of a sexual nature. The dreams were always the same. Wonder Woman would be fighting some super villain when out of nowhere a mysterious powerful black man would appear. He has a black grayish beard, white robe and white diadem with white special feet covering. The thing that impressed Wonder Woman the most was his gold and silver sword. Being a warrior she had seen a lot of swords but something about this sword was different. He was different. Before the super villain could even move the stranger cut off the villains head faster then even Superman. Wonder Woman ran toward the stranger and swung at him with her sword an missed. Every move with or without her sword the stranger counter. He didn’t use his sword he just moved out the way with super speed. No matter what Wonder Woman did it didn’t work, until finally the stranger took the sword from her. He grabbed her and hold her. “My name is Abel I mean you no harm”. An for some strange reason she started to relaxed. I am going to let you, I just want to talk. I give you my word warrior to warrior. He let her go and she just listened she knew she could not beat him. Abel told her she will be his bride. He was looking for special girls to be his wife. He also told her that the Justice League would attack him and would lose. He said right know the one you call Batman is gathering everyone together to stop me, but he dosen’t know I’m with you right now. Look in my eyes, we are meant for each other. She looked into his eyes and then they French kissed heavily. Abel picked her up and they were tranaported to his bedroom on his spaceship covered in clouds. His bedroom looked like a bedroom for a king. Abel walked over to her and kissed her. At first she tried to push him away but the more they kissed the lest she fought back. Wonder Woman wrapped her arms around him and said “you are the most beautiful man I have ever seen take me make me your wife”. Abel started undressing her down to her magic bracelets which he let stay on her. She is gorgeous! Wonder Woman was a little tall and muscular since she is a AMOZONS but she still had a fantastic shape with big tities and shapely plump ass. Abel quickly undress himself picked Wonder Woman up and carried her to the bed. He wasted no time and started eating out her hair pussy. Wonder Woman started moaning and screaming as Abel ate her pussy out he couldn’t get enough of it. She even squirted a little that’s when Abel lost it. He picked her legs up and shoved his big black hard cock into her warm very wet pussy. He pounded her hard and stronge not slowing down for a second. While he fucked her he reached up for her big breasts and started sucking them then feeling them up, then sucking them again. Wonder Woman was in HEAVEN! She never felt anything like pendik escort this before. She had fucked men before but this is different in a good way. He was fucking her so good and hard all she could say was “sweet Herra don’t stop don’t ever stop fucking me with your Mighty Rod”. They fucked like that for half an hour then he turned her over doggie style and fucked her for an hour until he felt like he was ready to come. I’m going to give you my seed he said. YES YES GIVE ME YOUR SEED GIVE ME YOUR HOLY SEED. Abel filled her pussy up with so much cum it leaked out of her pussy. You will make a fine wife and our c***dren will Rule This galaxy! He kissed her one final time with that he disappeared. Wonder Woman jumped out of her sleep thinking could that have been real when the warning light and alarm went on. Everyone in the main room Batman has something special to say. While Wonder Woman was having her dream PowerGir was having sexual dream about Abel at the very same time Wonder Woman was. PowerGirl dream started with her taking a shower. She was washing her huge tities when their was a bright light outside the shower. She turned off the water and looked to see what is going on. There stood this slightly stocky beautiful black man stand nake. Do not fear, I’ve come to love you and make you my bride. PowerGirl should have done something but all she could do is just stair at him. She had never seen anyone as beautiful as him. It was something about him not just the way he looked but it was if she knew him already. Abel told her the samething he told Wonder Woman at first she didn’t believe him, but the more he talked the more she started to believe him. Once he finished he walked over to her, you have the body of a black goddess. You are truly blessed. Who are you she said? My name is Abel I’ve come a long way for you. We were made for each other! I know you feel it you were created for me. Well you sure are sure of yourself. What makes you think I believe any of this? It’s written all over your face and not to mention you haven’t even tried to put your costume on. Let me love, let me show you then there will be no doubt. He walked right up to her then kissed her. She couldn’t believe what was happening but she didn’t want him to stop either. He was right there was a stronge connection between them. An God help her she wanted him, she wanted him to take her right in the bathroom. While they kissed they both started to float, then slowly floated to her bed. As they floated over her bed Abel started sucking and grabbing her huge tities. He sucked and kissed her breasts for a good while before he moved down to her blonde pussy.”Oh My God” she said as Abel began eating out her sweet wet pussy. YES MY PUSSY, EAT IT ALL! Abel licked her pussy and sucked her clit none stop. PowerGirl keep screaming I LOVE THE WAY YOU EAT MY PUSSY! YES! YES! YES! Abel just keep going none stop eating her pussy what seem like forever. That was until PowerGirl said I can’t take it anymore I need you to fuck me right now! Abel flooded between her kartal escort and slowly pushed his big black cock into her. YESSS! She screamed as he slowly entered her. Abel started going faster and faster in and out of her pussy. You got some good pussy, I can fuck your pussy all day! Abel started pounding her harder and harder as PowerGirl shouted “FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK! They twist and turned in the air as they fucked each other senseless for hours. After they finished fucking they they dropped down the the bed tired from fucking. As PowerGirl turned to Abel to tell him something he vanished. PowerGirl woke up to the alarm and speaker call everyone for a emergency from Batman. Once Batman got everyone together he told them the story. The same story Abel told Wonder Woman and PowerGirl in their dreams. He said a being was coming, from where he didn’t know. Batman said this was no ordinary being,this being was more powerful then anyone we have every faced. He was like a god. Some of the Justice Leagues didn’t think he was that dangerous but Batman knew better. Superman said we faced godlike beings before what makes this one so different? Batman turned around walked to the back and got a big bag. I had a feeling some of you may doubt so I had this specially delivered. From another planet we all know so well. Batman reached into the bag and pulled out DARKSIED HEAD. The room went silent. Yes this is DARKSIEDS HEAD Batman said. I got it from the planet Apocalypse. What’s left of it that is. This being took DARKSIED out in less then half an hour. DARKSIED OMEGA BEAMS did nothing to him. I fact nothing so far has worked against him. But that’s not it there’s something else. Once he destroyed their planet he took some of there women as brides. It’s like this wherever he goses. Wonder Woman and PowerGirl both thought it wasn’t a dream. He’s real! An he was telling the truth. We should tell Batman. They told Batman he visited them in their dreams and wanted them to be brides. Batman said I thought he might try something like that. I’ve been working on a plan just in case that would happen. Wonder Woman and PowerGirl will stay here we might need them later. The rest of the League will face this this being with Superman, Jon and Green Lantern leading the way. The first wave will be the strongest of the Justice League to face him. Then the second wave will be the next strongest and so on. I’ll stay here at Headquarters and direct things from here. It’s not much I can do out there anyway. Batman told everyone what to do. Superman,Jon and Green Lantern and the first wave went first like Batman told them. They found him I just entering Earths atmosphere in his spaceship. Abel told them don’t get in my way, a Superman attacked first then Jon. They tried to go after Abels ship but they couldn’t even get passed his force field. The Green Lantern used his ring but that was useless as well. Abel said this is his final warning. Superman used his super speed but Abels spaceship fired a laser beam hitting Superman knocking him out. maltepe escort The Green Lantern tried to use his ring but in a flash all the rings power was gone. He started to fall but Jon caught him just in time. He placed him next to Superman and flew mad and quick at the ship. Abel closed his eyes and got into Jons head driving him crazy flying around. Superman started to wake up and saw Jon flying crazy and got him. As he was bringing him down he tried to calm Jon down. When they got to the ground he managed to bring Jon a little out of it. He said stay here he will try one more attack if it dosen’t work get out of here as fast as you can to Headquarters.Superman used all of his super speed flying at the spaceship for a final try. Abel disappeared and reappeared in the sky. Superman keep coming even faster,Abel just stood there in the sky. Superman charged at Abel, but Abel put a force field around him so when Superman charged him he hit the force field and flew back. Abel kicked Superman hard to the ground, by the time Superman tried to get up Abel was already on top of him. He punched Superman and blood came out his nose and mouth. Blow after blow he beat Superman as if he had no superpower at all. Again and again,blow after blow until Superman just layed there bloody. Abel shouted at Jon and Green Lantern look and tell them what you see. Abel pulled out his sword and cut off Superman head then threw it at them. Jon and Green Lantern stood their in shock with Superman head laying at their feet. Batman immediately called in the first wave but they all fell to Abel as well. It was that way for the rest of the Justice Leagues. Wave after wave they were no match for Abel and he showed them no mercy either. Batman told Wonder Woman and PowerGirl they were their only hope just about all the Justice Leagues is gone. He told them they would try to hold him off as much as they could with who was left at Headquarters. Maybe you can talk to him and change his mind or at least talk him down. Anyway we have to try. Abel made his way to the HALL OF JUSTICE THE Justice Leagues Headquarters. Batman used every gadget from his belt and tried every trick he could think of nothing worked. Batman tried to talk to him, he even got Wonder Woman and PowerGirl to talk to him. That’s when Batman knew it was over. It was DESTINED from the beginning. Abel said it was not up to him he was sent here. By who they asked? Who do you think? YAHWEH!! You may know him as the One you call GOD from the BIBLES. This world is too evil and immoral it must be fixed and I’m the fixer. So now you know the truth. Batman got on his knees and bowed his head. Batman said is there nothing we can do? Abel quickly said NO!! Now leave us we have a wedding to prepare for. Batman got up and just left with his head down. Abel said now that no one is in are way we can get married and really fix your world. Abel had married both Wonder Woman and PowerGirl. Their honeymoon lasted mouths to make sure they would have lots of c***dren. Abel would fuck a Wonder Woman one night and PowerGirl the next and never get tired. Wonder Woman and PowerGirl did but they were able to get more then enough rest when they got pregnant and had c***dren. Abel, Wonder Woman and PowerGirl ruled the galaxy from Earth with their c***dren. They brought TRUE PEACE AND JUSTICE TO THE EARTH, THE UNIVERSE AND THE GALAXIES. THE END!!!!



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