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The desert night is winding down, pink highlights starting to tinge the eastern sky. I’ve come outside to see the beauty of the sunrise, the coolness of the night washing over me before the heat of the day comes in to bake the ground once again. Walking through the dunes, my duster flapping a little in the breeze, I find a secluded area where I come to meditate and become one with nature around me; I find my ‘spot’ already visited by…

You smile as I approach, huddled in your sweater, waiting for the appearance of the sun. I can tell you are still cold though, as I move closer to where you’re sitting. We’ve seen each other around; spoken more than once. We know more about the other than either of us would like to believe.

I sit down beside you and open my duster so you can come inside and share the warmth. You slide closer, allowing me to put my arm around you, snuggling into my chest. As you do, the scent of your perfume intoxicates me, sending chills down my spine.

Pulling the tail of the duster around your legs, you begin to warm up, the chill of the slowly dawning morning held at bay. As you warm in my arms, you look at me, our eyes meeting. Again, you smile, lighting your face and sending a shower of sparkles through your eyes as they glitter in the light of the new day. Hesitantly, I lean toward you, czech sharking porno ready for a rebuff, but you lean toward me, answering my feelings, my needs in kind. Tentatively, ever so slightly, our lips touch, then, as the passion mounts, the kiss becomes more intense, more powerful. I feel your hands start moving around my face, caressing, controlling, intensifying the kiss, bringing the contact between us to a new plateau.

Moving down my body, your fingers dance over my shirt, undoing buttons to allow you access. I feel the touch of your hands, still cool from the night, as you feel my chest…my back. You shift position, climbing onto my lap, still facing me. Your dress slides up as you wrap your legs around my waist, exposing the lace tops of your thigh highs.

Rejoining the kiss, I feel your hands between us, unbuttoning your shirt to let your breasts caress my chest as we move even closer, no longer separated by the layers of cloth. Your hands move back to my face, holding the kiss, melding us together. After an endless time, exchanging need and passion, you break the kiss to lean back within my grasp. I can see the desire, the burn of lust and heat etched in your face, reflected in your eyes. Your hands take flight again, moving to my waist, unbuttoning the fly of my jeans. They flutter inside, extracting my cock, already stiffening in arousal from your kisses and your touch.

I can feel the dampness of you; smell the musk of your desire even before you move aside the crotch of your panties to begin sliding my cock into you. I feel you shiver, not from cold as you were when I arrived, but from the contact of such intimate parts and as we merge in the depths of you, I suddenly know – what you feel – know – what you need – know – where you want a touch, what erogenous zone needs a poke, a prod, a lick, a nibble.

Hardly moving, but moving czech streets porno enough to manipulate your clit, to keep you aware of the fullness of your pussy, your lips and tongue start tracing my ear, my neck, my chin meeting my lips as I do the same to you.. a nibble on your earlobe.. a kiss on your throat.. a suck on your neck.

The need within you builds, growing ever stronger as we move, slightly at first, but as you come closer and closer to peaking, you ride higher and stronger upon me. Your moans come closer and closer together and your body stiffens as the orgasm hits. Holding you tight, driving you onto me as hard as possible. I feel you devour me…the rhythmic pulsing of you as you inhale a squeal and writhe in my arms in the throes of orgasm. After a brief respite, you begin moving on me again, rocking back and forth, grinding down, then sliding up, only to plunge downward again, sending a jolt of electricity through you as you hit bottom. Time and time again you repeat this motion.

As slowly as the lightening sky, you build again, the waves of power driving through your body, into mine. Suddenly, without warning, another peak hits, forcing a ‘huunh’ out of you. I grasp your shoulders and piston into you hard, pushing the orgasm to an even higher peak. The shaking of your body is like a leaf in the wind, twisting, turning, trying to pull as much out of the orgasm as possible.

Finally, still impaled on me, you wrap your arms around my neck and lay your head on my shoulder, physically spent.

Feeling your skin against my skin, I lay back with you still cuddled in my arms, head nuzzled into my chest. I begin moving inside you and as I do, I feel your eyes flutter open in surprise. The light of the dawning day begins to emanate some of the warmth we’ve generated between us and as I begin my journey to orgasm, you rise upon me, meeting my thrusts. czech super models porno In and out, up and down we ride. You straighten up, the sides of the duster falling away to reveal the beauty of you. The highlights of the morning sun shining in your hair, almost as if you are wearing an angel’s halo. It caresses the curve of your face, the line of your wondrous nose, sliding gently down your neck as your mouth works in silent praise of the joining. My eyes stop at your breasts, the rise and fall of their magnificence as you exert the power only a woman can possess. My hands reach up, touching them, caressing them, feeling their softness, their firmness, a light tweak, light pinch of the nipples causing them to stiffen even harder.

You drive down upon me, ever harder, ever faster in the continual desire to satiate yourself and the desire to satiate me. Slowly at first, but much like the sun burning through the haze around us, I begin to feel the natural reaction to your ministrations. Faster and faster, the blood courses through my veins, hammering in my arms, my legs. The lava within me begins to pressure its way up, ready to erupt any instant. But, not just yet.

You lean back down, arms on either side of my head and we merge into one last kiss. I drive into you, harder and faster and as the kiss deepens as we both come closer to completion, your arms move around my neck, deepening the kiss, deepening the merge, one to another. Finally, I feel you shake into another orgasm, setting me off. Blast after blast of inferno driven lust pours into you from me and I feel your walls grabbing and pulling me, deeper and deeper. Unexpectedly, in my mind, I feel – you, as much a part of me as I am a part of you, intertwined thought for thought, feeling for feeling as the orgasms race through us.

Finally, almost reluctantly, our minds slowly part as the orgasms subside. You lying atop me nestled together in an alcove in the desert dunes. A timeless period of rest and touch, gaze and smile follows. The warmth of the day is already starting to push its way into our lives and we rise, buttoning buttons, straightening clothes, in preparation for another day.

But, we both know, from now on, that a sunrise will never be the same.



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