She’d been looking forward to a few days away with the girls before the the kids mid-winter holiday kicked-in, drinking some wine, having a few giggles, going for walks, just relaxing in front of the fire. Time to forget about work and family and be herself for a few days. But that wasn’t going to happen now, at least not with her friends. One had cancelled shortly after Julie had stepped in the car, a crisis with a daughter to resolve. The other had left it until Julie was just pulling into the driveway of the little cottage they’d rented for the weekend. A quick text an apology about a broken-down car meaning her friend didn’t know when or indeed if she would get there.

The AirBnB was very pretty, a thatched roof, small comfortable lounge, tiny kitchen and three bedrooms all decorated in a tasteful country style. It had been a long drive to Cornwall and it was bitterly cold as she stepped from the car, pissed off that she’d be all on her own. Fair enough she could be herself but she was hoping to have some fun too. She just hoped the cottage was warm, it did have the look of somewhere that could be chilly. But as she stepped through the door she saw the host had left a fire burning in the grate and a wave of warmth washed over her.

“Oh well” she resolved “I’ll read my book, watch some trashy films and go for a big walk or two. It’ll be like a retreat…but with wine!”. The room was very cosy, with a big sofa and a couple of armchairs, alongside a big pile of split logs next to the fire place, perfect for whiling away the hours.

A few hours later Julie felt completely at home and wasn’t missing her friends at all. It was glorious to be on her own for a while she decided. She’d eaten, bathed in the huge roll top bath she’d discovered upstairs and was now a little too hot as she lounged on the sofa with a glass of red, her book and the sound of 70’s soul music playing in the background.

Her short robe fell open slightly as she relaxed, revealing the delicate curve of her breasts, her smooth thighs and pretty panties that she liked to indulge herself with, but she didn’t care, solitude really did have its benefits.

She’d noticed earlier that it had started to snow outside and there was now a good build-up on the windowsills, but she wasn’t going to worry as she had everything she needed, it just added to the cosy feel inside the little cottage.

She must have dozed and woke with a start to what sounded like banging at the front door.

“What the hell?” Expecting it to be her friend with the broken car here at last, she didn’t think to put anything else on and just wrapped her robe around her as she padded to the door. But it wasn’t her friend, it was a dazed looking man, with a cut on his forehead, shivering and soaking, covered in snow.

“Sssssorry to bother you” his teeth chattered as he spoke, “but I wonder if you could help. I’ve had a bit of an accident.”

Taken aback Julie clung to her robe wrapping it around her as much as she could, suddenly aware of her near nakedness, but she looked up into the man’s face, made a snap decision that he wasn’t a danger and invited him in.

“Thank you so much” he whispered, stepping through the door “I think I need to sit down.”

Julie guided him to one of the armchairs in front of the fire, looking at him properly for the first time. He was handsome, maybe late 40’s, early 50’s, salt and pepper hair, a neatly trimmed, greying beard, kind eyes, but blood slowing dripping down his face from the cut on his head. She went into nursing mode.

“Stay here, I’m going to clean up that wound, then you can tell me about it.” She whizzed up the stairs, finding what she needed in the bathroom cabinet and was down again in less than 2 minutes.

When she reappeared the man was barely awake and she worried that he might be concussed or hypothermic, or both. As she dressed his wound she realised just how wet his clothing was. He was only wearing a suit, the jacket was drenched and walking through the snow had made his trousers soaking wet, she noticed he only had on a pair of brogues.

“Bugger” she thought “I better get him into something warmer.”

“Listen mister you need to stay awake” he looked up groggily and smiled as she applied a plaster, the cut wasn’t that bad and he had a lovely smile she thought. “OK, now don’t take this the wrong way but I need to get you out of those wet clothes.” she told him as she reached around to remove his jacket. As she did she was aware suddenly that her nipples had hardened as she brushed against him. “Stay professional” she told herself, “look after the patient, make sure he’s OK, then I better put some clothes on”

The man was trying to help, he had a striped city tie on, which he was struggling to remove.

“Stop” she said kindly, “I’ll do it, then I’ll run you a hot bath.”

He was soaked to the skin making it a struggle to get his shirt off, but when she did she couldn’t but admire his broad chest. She took his illegal bahis shoes and socks off, his feet were like blocks of ice.

“I’m going to run the bath” she told him, “you really have to warm up.” She went up the stairs again and on her return a few moments later, found the man on his feet, in front of the fire struggling to remove his trousers.

“Let me” she said and without a second thought unbuttoned and unzipped him. As she pulled down his wet trousers his underwear came with them and as she went to take them from his cold feet she realised she was face to face with a lovely looking cock, which despite the cold looked very inviting. She swallowed hard. “Professional Julie, stay professional” she said to herself, “it’s not as though you haven’t seen a cock before.”

She pulled a throw off the sofa and wrapped it around him, feeling him shiver as she embraced him. Despite the fire he was still very cold. She held on to the man for a few moments hoping her warmth would help, and to her surprise found herself enjoying the feel of his body against hers. He though was clearly still dazed and unlike her, unaware of their potentially compromising position. Grabbing him by the hand she told him to follow her up the stairs.

He shuffled slowly behind her as they climbed and she realised he would be getting a very good view of her arse in her pretty panties, which to her surprise were a little wet and not from his damp clothing.

“Get a grip Julie” she told herself “you don’t know anything about this bloke, not even his name.” But despite herself she gave her hips a wiggle as she climbed, feeling suddenly very flirtatious.

The bathroom was steamy, but the bath was hot and full. The man shook off the throw and as he climbed into the tub Julie couldn’t help but admire his broad chest, muscular arms and nice bum. She tried not to look at his cock.

“Right I’m going to bring you a cup of tea, you get warm.” She announced and with that she was down the stairs, leaving him to soak.

In the kitchen she held onto the counter as the kettle sparked into life. The emergency was over she felt but what the hell to do now? She found her phone thinking she’d call the police and report an accident, but there was no service, not even emergency calls. Clearly the man had had an accident in the snow but did she want him here all night? Her friend certainly wouldn’t be coming even if her car was going, not in this weather. And then other thoughts came into her head too, completely involuntarily, he is handsome, he has a nice body, what harm can it do to look after him?

“OK Jules, nurse him, admire the scenery, but nothing stupid.” she resolved.

She made the tea and went back upstairs. Her patient was looking a lot perkier, colour had come back into his cheeks and he had obviously woken up, she could tell that from the relaxed look on his face, and as she accidentally looked down, the increased size of his penis. She flushed but didn’t let it phase her as she sat on the edge of the bath, facing him.

“Want to tell me about it?” she asked.

He looked into her eyes.

“I can’t thank you enough.” He said.

“What a lovely voice” Julie thought.

“I feel very bad about disturbing you,” he continued “I didn’t know what to do. I skidded, hit a tree, must’ve blacked out. When I came round I staggered out and headed for the only light I could see, which I guess is you.” He looked up and into her eyes, making Julie gulp and clench her moistening thighs together. “I feel so bad. Please” he said looking into her eyes again, “I feel OK now if you get my clothes I’ll get out of your hair.” He suddenly seemed aware of his nakedness and moved his hands to cover his cock.

“Tell me your name?” Julie replied making no move to get any clothes.

“God I’m so sorry” he replied “you’ve done all this for me and I haven’t even told you who I am. I’m David…and who are you?”

“I’m Julie” she said brightly holding out her hand. They shook, his wet hand enveloping hers.

“This isn’t weird at all” she thought “shaking hands with a handsome, naked stranger in my bath!”

“Listen to me David” she’d decided what was going to happen “the snow out there is pretty horrendous, you might be concussed, your clothes are soaked, there’s no mobile coverage at the moment and your car is quite probably wrecked, so this is what we’re going to do. I’ll dry your clothes in front of the fire overnight. You will sleep in one of the spare rooms and in the morning we’ll make sure your head is OK, then make sure you get home. There’s nothing we can do tonight, it’s late and you should get proper rest.”

David went to say something but Julie held up her hand,

“No argument. Now drink your tea and I’ll make sure there’s enough bedding.” With that she disappeared out of the room.

He lay in the bath, luxuriating in its warmth, listening to the sounds of the very attractive woman pottering about.

“She was very pretty” he thought illegal bahis siteleri and he realised she was next to naked. While they were talking he’d caught glimpses of her breasts, her red lacy knickers had been on display, he’d noticed her hard nipples and the wet patch in her panties. It was only now mulling this over he realised he’d become hard, his cock had certainly recovered. It was standing rigid, lying against his stomach, the bulbous red end poking out of the bath water. “I better get out and hope this thing goes down” he thought, she’d been very kind and he didn’t want to abuse her remarkable hospitality.

David stood, water dripping from his body, his hard cock pointing in the air. Climbing from the bath made him dizzy and he slipped as he grabbed the towel she’d left for him. At that moment Julie reappeared in the doorway catching him in her arms, preventing his collapse. He was heavy and she nearly fell with him, but as they stood it wasn’t the weight of his body she was feeling it was the warm, hard cock pressing into her stomach and her own soft breasts crushing into his wet torso. Julie felt a flush of moisture in her pussy, his cock felt wonderful and she was so tempted to run her hand down his body and feel it in her grip. But after a moment of holding each other, both aroused, their embarrassment overcame the pair of them.

“I’m so sorry” said Julie as she giggled out of the door again, face flushed for all number of reasons, “your room is first on the left,” she shouted behind her, “I’ve put a hottie in your bed…..I mean a hot water bottle!” She thought she better clarify. With that she closed the door to her own room and stood leaning with her back to it, breathing hard, a mixture of lust, embarrassment and confusion.

Sleep wouldn’t come, she was consumed by the thought of that lovely man lying with his lovely cock at the other end of the hall. Her pussy was wet and her nipples and clitoris were hard, she’d thought better of it but maybe it would help her sleep if she sorted out this ache. Her fingers snaked into her panties, feeling the slick moisture within her soaked folds. She closed her eyes, imagining that cock sliding into her, stretching her pussy. Her fingers moved faster on her clit as she imagined riding him, feeling his hard length repeatedly fill her as she looked down on his handsome face. She was close, breathing hard as she thought about getting fucked on her hands and knees, whether he’d slap her arse, make it sting, whether his balls would slap her pussy as he filled her with that delightful cock. She thought about taking it in her hand, feeling how hot it was, lapping her tongue around it and feeling his hot sperm fill her mouth. With that thought she gasped, groaned and orgasmed, sending shocks through her body and into her brain.

Panting hard she let her fingers gently prolong her pleasure, rotating them around her sensitive clitoris, enjoying the wonderful sensations coursing through her.

Just as she was coming down, contentment flowing through her there was a light knock on the door and a voice the other side,

“Hi Julie, sorry are you awake? I thought I heard noises.”

Blushing and a little irritated to have her happy fantasy interrupted she shouted back abruptly

“Yes, what?”

“Sorry, sorry” he called back, “a noise woke me and then, well do you have a heater? My room is freezing and the bed’s a bit small!”

Julie realised her room was warm. She was going to put the little fan heater in his room but in the earlier confusion she’d completely forgotten. She hadn’t thought to check the length of the bed, it wasn’t a problem she’d ever worried about.

“Oh, OK” she replied, “come and grab the heater from in here”

As she said it she realised she should get out and pass it to him, but it was too late, there he was in the doorway, wrapped in the throw she’d given him earlier. He was shivering. It was then that a mixture of compassion and desire overtook her. Still flushed from her orgasm she decided she wanted him in her bed.

“Oh my God you’re shivering, quick get into bed with me.” She made it sound practical but really she wanted his body next to hers, to feel his male hardness against her feminine softness.

He hesitated, but the look on her face wasn’t taking no for an answer. Dropping the throw, revealing his nakedness in the half light he quickly slipped in under the covers. Her bed was warm and she was positively hot.

“Snuggle up to me, you’ll warm up quicker” she said softly, with that she slid back into him so they were spooning, her bum against his cock. Julie had forgotten her little flush of irritation and was now completely turned on again, the post orgasmic glow clouding her thoughts. Rationality overcome with desire.

“Put your arm round me” she whispered. As he did so she moved her own arm along his, intertwining her fingers with his and guiding his palm to her breast. His hand grazed her nipple sending beautiful sensations canlı bahis siteleri directly to her sensitive pussy, she sighed contentedly and wiggled further into his embrace, wriggling her bum against his cock.

David went to say something but was cut short with a “Shhh” and a hand reaching between them to find his rapidly hardening member.

He’d been embarrassed earlier when she saw his erection but also excited about her appearance. If it wasn’t for the cold in his room killing his desire he’d have wanked himself to thoughts of her beauty, but he wasn’t embarrassed now. He thought he might be hallucinating and that bump on his head did ache but that hand stroking his length felt very real as did the hard nipple under his palm and the warm body against him.

Julie turned in the bed, looked directly into David’s eyes and kissed him. Full on, hard. She was overcome now with desire, desperate for sex and satisfaction. As she felt his tongue tangle with hers, she reasserted her grip on his throbbing penis, feeling the power at her command alongside the new heat flowing from him. Thinking of her earlier wanking fantasy, she decided… “blow job first, then I am going to fuck him like he’s never been fucked before”.

Turning she shuffled down the bed never letting go of his cock, not even when she snaked her tongue out to lick around his sensitive head or when she slid her lips around it and swallowed it into her mouth. She loved a hard cock in her mouth, loved how she could exert her will, loved her power, loved the heat and pliable stiffness, loved the fresh wave of moisture that flowed into her pussy.

As she bobbed up and down she realised that somehow David had manoeuvred her so she was straddling his face. She had no idea how it happened and certainly didn’t care as she felt fingers moving her panties to one side and a warm tongue lick the length of her sensitive pussy. She wasn’t sure how long she could endure his rapidly flicking tongue after her earlier orgasm, but the sensation of his cock filling her mouth while his tongue teased her pussy was one that had her quivering with pleasure. Just as she thought it was all too much she felt a finger enter her soaking sex and a whole new wave of pleasure overtook her. Another finger entered her and Julie couldn’t believe how gloriously filthy she felt as she rocked back and forth, fingers probing her, tongue racing on her clit, her hand wanking a hot cock, a hot cock that was filling her mouth.

Consumed for a while with her own pleasure it was only when David withdrew his fingers and tongue that she realised he was on the verge of cumming. She heard his heavy panting and couldn’t decide whether to let him cum in her mouth or wait and have him fill her pussy. But she wanted to fuck, fun though this was, she wanted to feel his cock penetrate her deep inside.

Climbing off him she quickly stood up, sliding her panties off to reveal her carefully sculpted pussy, just a triangle of tight curls pointing towards her heaven. Lying on the bed panting, his face sticky from her juices David was as hard as he could ever remember, he desperately needed to cum but this wonderful woman, a vision of wanton beauty, obviously had plans for him.

Julie climbed back onto the bed, threw a leg over him and slid down until her wet pussy was sliding across his engorged cock. He put his hands to her face and brought her down to kiss him, tasting his cock on her mouth as she tasted her pussy on his. They devoured each other, lost in passion until the throbbing in her clit, rubbing on his hardness reminded her of the void at her centre. Sitting up she reached behind and in one swift movement engulfed him deep inside her hot, wet vagina.

David gasped as he felt the walls of her slick pussy grip him, looking up in the half-light to see a smiling Julie shift and wriggle, finding just the right spot for maximum satisfaction. David filled her, just as she hoped, she could feel every inch, every ridge in his cock giving her delicious tingles. Looking down at his handsome face she began to rise up and down his lovely cock, feeling that wonderful fullness each time she reached the bottom of the stroke.

As she increased her pace, David reached out to her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her hard nipples, sending more sparks of joy to her pussy. Julie was in heaven, she adored fucking like this and she loved this new man’s exquisite cock. And when he moved a thumb to brush her clitoris just as she filled herself with cock one more time, she nearly exploded. Too sensitive, too much pleasure but oh so good. She removed his hand and leant in to kiss him as he took over, pounding her from below, fucking her at a frantic pace.

He kept up the pace for a while, consumed by a need to make this lovely woman happy while at the same time feeling totally energised and full of lust as their animal passion consumed them. As he tired Julie rolled off, immediately missing his cock but wanting to cum, in the way that worked for her.

“Let me watch you” she gasped as her fingers returned to her pussy for the second time that night. David didn’t need asking twice and grasped his hard cock, wet with her pussy juices, desperately needing to cum himself.



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