Jose brings a friendSo as I have mentioned in my previous postings about my experiences, I have an ongoing relationship with my gardener. It started a couple years ago and we still maintain our sexual meetings. This particular experience occurred probably a little over a year ago on a typical weekday.As usual, I asked to work from home in order to meet up with Jose. I did my usual preparations in anticipation of just one of our normal hook ups. It was nearing time for Jose’s arrival so I got out of my clothes and laid on the couch waiting for him to show up. It was a very hot day so I didn’t prepare the lawn chair as usual, instead I figured we would play in my bedroom as we normally do when it gets that hot. As I lay there watching TV I saw Jose’s little red pickup pull up in front my my house and I got up and went into my bedroom.When I got to my room I grabbed the lube and put it on the night stand next to the bed and laid down. By this time I know it is going to take about 5 minutes before Jose makes it to the backyard so I start playing with myself in order to get warmed up. A few minutes pass and I heard the side gate open. However, instead of the mower I hear Jose talking with someone else. I figured maybe my neighbor was outside so I think nothing of it and continue to stroke waiting for him.Jose finally comes within site of my sliding glass door and he looks inside and sees me lying there stroking my cock. He gives me a big smile, opens the door and enters my room. He lays down beside me and takes my cock in my hand and slowly plays with it. I close my eyes but before we get into anything Jose tells me that he has a surprise for me. I ask him what it is and he yells out “Come in Miguel!”.I turn towards the door and in walks this tiny little guy with a giant smile on his face who couldn’t be but 5’7″ and about 150 pounds. He stands there at the foot of the bed, reaches his hand down his pants and starts to play with himself. I turn back towards Jose and ask who he is and he explains to me that he met him a couple weeks earlier playing soccer. When they were in the changing room he said he caught Miguel catching glimpses of him when he was changing and he knew that he was into men. He said that they started talking about and that I came up in the conversation and that Miguel was interested in meeting me. Accepting of the situation I smile at Jose who then looks over at Miguel and tells me “I have one more surprise for you”. He gives Miguel a nod and Miguel starts to pull his pants down. As he does so my jaw absolutely dropped when he revealed the monster that he was hiding in there. I was absolutely stunned at both how huge his cock was and that such a small guy could be packing that much heat. Now Jose is an average guy. He is about 5-6″ with slightly above average girth. Miguel on the other hand is somewhere between 9-10″ and about as thick as a wrist. I mean this thing is made for porn!Jose looks over at me and just laughs. I am sitting there speechless with my mouth wide open in amazement. canlı bahis I have never seen anything like that in person. I sit up in bed and I scoot to the end of the bed. I pull Miguel over to me and I just take his cock in my mouth and start to go to work. At first I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t get the whole thing in my mouth and I want to desperately. I play with the head with my tongue like Jose likes and I can tell that Miguel likes it too. I think turn my head sideways and take the shaft of his cock into my mouth and I slide back and forth from base to tip. I was having the time of my life. I being kinda selfish at this point as Jose is just sitting back there watching and not getting anything so I tell Miguel to get on the bed. I place him at the foot of the bed sitting up and facing back towards the head of the bed. I lay on my stomach and continue sucking his massive cock and I reach back and hold my ass cheeks apart as an invitation to Jose.Jose gets on all fours and eats my ass for a minute or so driving his tongue into my asshole lubing up the inside. He finally sits up and quickly slides his cock into me. This was the first time I have ever had a man inside my ass and my mouth at the same time. I was in heaven. After a few minutes of this I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t take more of Miguel’s cock into my mouth and that I couldn’t play with my own cock since it was being firmly pressed up against the bed. So I stopped for a second and told Jose to let me up. I got on my back and moved to the end of the bed so that I head was hanging off the edge. I was now in a position to allow the most access to my mouth and throat for Miguel and I told him to fuck my face. Miguel was a little tentative at first thinking he could hurt me. He entered my mouth and as soon as the tip reached the back of my throat he stopped. I mumbled as best I could for him to slowly push down into my throat. I honestly didn’t think it was going to work but as he became more aggressive we both realized that he was able to go down into my throat with relative ease. At this point Jose grabs my legs and pushes them back forcing my ass into the air and he resumes fucking me. Watching me suck Miguel like this must have been a big turn on because he was pumping like a wild a****l. While this was going on Miguel was slowly but surely getting deeper and deeper into my throat. Within a minute or so he finally was able to get as far in as possible as his balls were hitting my face. I am so turned on at this point and I am stroking my cock getting ever so close to cumming.Now that he knows he can get all the way in Miguel begins to thrust balls deep down into my throat at a quickening pace. His balls are making a slapping sound against my face and it feels like his cock is reaching my stomach. To my surprise I am not having any issues choking or gagging but I guess the years of practice on my big dildo waiting for a moment like this has paid off.Miguel is now pumping my face so hard that I know he is near cumming. bahis siteleri He has both his hands on the sides of my head and neck just to penetrate as far into my throat as possible and as fast and hard as possible. He begins to moan loudly and starts unleashing his load deep into my throat as he continues to pump in and out. This lasts for about 10-15 seconds as spurt after spurt is shot into my throat. Miguel finally lets out a big groan and collapses on the bed next to me.The entire time Jose was watching this and it was too much for him to bear and he begins to cum in my ass. I am stroking feverishly trying to cum while Jose was cumming but I couldn’t do it and eventually Jose collapses on top of me as we both catch our breath from what we just went through. He eventually rolls over to my other side and now all three of us are just lying there in silence enjoying the experience. I ask Jose when he had to be at his next house and he said that he doesn’t have to be anywhere for a couple of hours. He cleared his schedule for almost the entire day after my house in anticipation. I told him that was wonderful and he asked if we could take a nap. I said it sounded like a great idea and over the next 10-15 minutes we all fell asleep right where we were.About an hour went by and I was awoken by Jose who was sucking my cock. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. A minute or two later I could feel the bed slightly shaking so I opened my eyes and Miguel was rock hard and stroking his cock. He gives me a big smile and says to me “Are you ready?” I asked, “Ready for what?” He tells me to get on all fours and I practically jump into position almost knocking Jose over. Miguel positions himself behind me, grabs the lube from the night stand and coats his massive cock with lube. He takes the excess and pushes it into my asshole in order to prepare it for the destruction it was about to face. He takes the tip of his cock and slowly begins to press it against my asshole. It enters without any problem and he begins to slowly slide it in and out. Every slide he thrusts it further and further into my ass.Within no time at all Miguel is completely in as far as he could go and I almost lose my mind. He begins pumping harder and harder and I know I am not going to last long. There was just something about the way he was fucking me that was meant to be because every thrust I could feel him hit my prostate and it just felt like I died and went to heaven.Everything felt so good that I didn’t even have to stroke my cock and I knew I was going to eventually cum. However Jose stops, grabs my hips and flips me over onto my back. He grabs one of my pillows, folds it in half and sticks it under my lower back lifting my ass into the air for easy access. Before he could even enter me, Jose climbs on top of me and takes my cock into his mouth and thrusts his down into mine.Jose and I were in a 69 with me on the bottom and Jose on top. Miguel now satisfied with where things were at wasted no time and drove his cock deep güvenilir bahis into me. A bolt of adrenaline shot through me and I was experiencing pure ecstasy. I had a cock in my ass, a cock in my mouth and someone was sucking me off. Doesn’t get better than that.I knew this wasn’t going to last that long because I couldn’t hold back much longer. To my surprise and pleasure, whatever magic there was with Miguel screwing me from the doggy position, his work on my prostate felt even better in this one. Every thrust just pounded into my prostate sending a shockwave up my back. I couldn’t take it anymore and I begin to cum in Jose’s mouth. Jose doesn’t usually suck me off but would have thought he was a pro at how he took my entire load without letting any spill. Once I was done he sat up, turned around and kissed me transferring all my cum back into my mouth. I swallowed every bit of it as he smiled. Miguel continued to pump me and Jose asked if I could do to him what I did to Miguel earlier. I smiled and said “Of course!” Miguel stopped for a minute and we scooted back towards the foot of the bed so that my head could hang off. Once in position Miguel reentered me and continued where he left off. Jose then got into position at my head and I took his cock in my mouth. Within no time both men were slamming me from both ends just as it was earlier. Despite just having came no more than an hour earlier Jose lost it. He began cumming in my mouth. There wasn’t that much for obvious reasons but enough to get a good taste. I had now tasted the cum of two men and I was intrigued that they both had a unique taste. When Jose had went limp I told him to stay there and I just sucked on his balls waiting for Miguel to finish. Even though I could have stayed in that position with him fucking me like that for the rest of my life, I knew it would eventually end. Within a few minutes I could feel Miguel begin to increase his pace and his thrusts became significant;y harder. Sure enough he let out a yell and unloaded what seemed like so far inside me it went directly to my stomach. Miguel kept pumping until he went soft and fell out of me. At this point Miguel bent over and told me to push out all the cum. I obliged and to my surprise, Miguel began sucking out all the cum from my ass with his mouth. After all that we had done I was still being surprised by these two at every turn. When he had perceived that he retrieved all the cum from my ass he sat up and began letting it spill out of my mouth all over my chest and stomach. Once it was all over me, Miguel then proceeded to lick it all back up making sure not to miss an inch of my body giving me a full upper body once over with his tongue. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day. We all laid there for a while again and talked. I asked Miguel if I would be seeing him again and he said that he would try and make it out with Jose as much as possible. I told him to give me notice if he was going to come just in case I wasn’t going to be available so he didn’t waste his time. The two of them eventually got up and got dressed. I walked them out through the garage and did a little voyeurism as I stood there at the top of my driveway stark naked and gave them both a kiss goodbye. What a day!



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