Jock Tales—State ChampionsJock Tales—State Champions Well, as you prolly surmised from the title, we won the state championship for Freshman football. First time ever had the Mustangs from Tyler even made it to the playoffs—let alone win. We beat the Tigers, for the third time 21-19. As usual. Me and Cole Parker meet up after the game for his now traditional fuck down—cause he lost. I think he was starting to actually get into my big, now 9” jock cock owning his ass. There seemed to be developing some ‘feelings’ as well, but more on that later. I was still maintaining I was ‘str8’, and wasn’t ready yet to admit I could have feelings for a dude. Besides—I liked being an asshole too much :)So the final game arrives—the San Marcos Red Raiders. To cut it short—we slaughtered their bully asses. They were so intent that they would not allow this small team from Tyler beat them, that they overplayed everything they did. 27 penalties, for 155 yards; 4 turnovers—which we scored on two of them; 4 fights broke out during the game—helmets off and fists swinging; 3 players ejected from the game, and 1 taken to the hospital. You would have thought it was an NHL hockey game. Final—47-11. Unprecedented for freshman football.Getting with Parker after the game, we agreed to try and invite all the ¼ backs back to our motel room for a ‘get together’. Five out of fifteen showed, so good enough. We ordered some pizza, and just generally talked football, and the playoff games. After a while, one finally asks what we were going to do. “Jock Games” I blurt out without hesitation. “What the fuck is that” ? Asks another. “Just fun stuff, bragging rites, nothing serious”, I reply with my infamous shit-eatin grin. Even Parker grinned along with me. “OK Dillon—so spill it”“Ok—so here’s the categories– biggest muscles (bi-ceps), biggest feet, hairiest legs, hairiest ass, longest piss, biggest dick—in 2 sub categories, hangin soft, and fully boned, and the biggest nut. AND, the winner of the biggest nut gets to spread his jizz on the chest of all the other jocks, and you have to wear it home.There was a few moments of silence. A few of the guys were grinning, but a couple had that look of shock on their faces. Guess they were kinda ‘sheltered’ lol. After about a minute, one guy pipes up “well, I dunno Dillon—we all like to brag, for sure, but it sounds kinda gay”. “Naa dudes—fuck ya’ll aint never jacked off with another dude before ? Serious”? A couple shook their heads, but I persisted “common dawgs—it’s just for fun, and like I said, bragging rites”. “So Dillon, how do we decide who’s biggest—do we just vote”? “Oh no dawgs” I reach into my back pack and pull out a tape. “We measure” Finally all agree, even asshole Juan Carlos, the ¼ back for San Marcos Red Raiders. “Aight then—lets get to it. Someone run down to the lobby and get everyone a pop. We will try to make the piss contest as even as possible.” Cole runs for the drinks, and returns in about 5 minutes. “ok, chug up. Now, loose ur kicks, and shirts. First up—muscles”. I take the tape, and measure everybody’s bi-ceps. Parker measures mine. “Juan Carlos—Mr Asshole—16”. That’s a lot of arm for a 15 yo—congrats dude”. Carlos flashes a slight grin, and takes a swig of his coke. “Next up—feet. We can go by shoe size, or actually measure—ya’ll kurtköy escort decide”. The bo y s agreed shoe size would be fine. We had 3 at size 10, 1 at 10 ½, 2 at 11, and 1 at 12. “Johnny Green—Blue Devils, biggest jock feet in the room”. The guys started getting into the game a bit, and gave a light applause. “Aight—time to shuck ur jeans—let’s see who’s hairy” I proclaim with a big grin. Hairy legs, by vote, went to me. There were a few ohhs and ahhs at my ‘hairyness’. I grinned as I thought to myself, ‘wait till they see my ass”—I was pretty confident. I noticed that I was also the only one that had a slight stach, and a bit of hair on his chin. “Aight you a****ls, time to loose ur shorts”. Surprising me, no one hesitated at dropping their tighty whities. I got a couple of looks, and comments at being the only one ‘free-ballin’ . At this point, of corse, it was easy to see who was going to have the biggest dick, and the hairiest ass. As it turned out though, Parker seemed a bit excited at the site of all that jock dick n ass. He out hung me by ½ an inch ! “Seven and ½ for Cole Parker hanging the biggest meat”. More applause, and some light chanting praised Parker. Parker grinned like a k I d in a candy store—eyeballin me at winning the contest over me. The hairy ass contest went to me again. Overall, adding my bushy pits, and pubes, it was easy to decide I was the hairiest guy in the room. Two of the guys actually got brave, and ran their hands up and down my hairy legs, giggling like girls. I was the only one with full ass coverage, with only three of the dudes having hair up in their cracks. It was also decided that Parker had the lowest hanging balls. “Ok dudes—time to piss”. To make it short, Donnie Bradshaw, San Antonio Sun Devils, got the longest piss at 18 seconds. Damm, what a load. As everyone took their turns pissing, I could only fantasize at all that hot jock piss soaking me down. But—the best was yet to ‘cum’ lol. “Ok you dawgs, time to grab some dick, and bone up. Don’t be shy—do it just like you do at home”.It only took a couple of minutes till we were all hard as fuck. The scene was impressive. A lot of meat was in that room. As expected, I win the hard on contest, pumping up 9”. They were all amazed. But none of the guys were really small either. Three of them came in at 7” hard, 2 at 7 ½, Parker was second with 8 1/4”, and I topped out at nine. Lot of meat for a bunch of 15 yo’s. “ok you fags—lets spill some juice”. As each jock grabbed their meat, and started stroking with their on unique style, it only took about 5 minutes for the first to blow his nut. Followed by 2 more quickly behind him, 2 of them made a nice puddle of jizz on their belly’s, and one hit his chest, right between his pecs. Two more came, about 2 minutes later, each of them hitting their chest as well. It came down to me and Parker. Lying side by side on the bed, the other b o y s actually started chanting– “blow, blow, blow”. I couldn’t help but grin, knowing I would get this one as well, hands down. After nearly 15 minutes, Parker finally unleashes 5 unbroken ropes of thick jock jizz right to his face. Coating him, and dripping down his neck, most of the dudes were in awe at the massive load he had blown. But—I knew I was going to outdo maltepe escort him—and so did he. As I continued to stroke my thick jock meat, I casually brought up my left arm, and slightly turning my head, took a deep whiff of my ripe bushy pit. Seeing me do this, and knowing I was getting close, Parker reaches up and slams his palm down on my hard convulsing abs, and that was all it took. BAMM BAMM BAMM three ropes of thick jock jizz fly over my head and hit the headboard on the wall. The dudes all exclaim with ‘fuck, or damm, or holy shit’, but of corse that wasn’t the end of it. Five more shots streamed from my face down to my belly, coated my rock hard 8-pac of abs. The dudes continued to be awe struck at the massive load I had just slung from my vein poppin cock. At last, 2 more shots land on my belly, and I finally let go, panting like I had just ran a mile. I sat on on the edge of the bed, with an evil shit-eatin grin. Wiping a bit of my jizz from my face, I stick my fingers into my mouth, and suck it off. Most of the guys just stare at me—guess they had never eat their own jzz. A couple of them grinned, and one said ‘fuck ya Dillon—eat that shit’. I announce “ok you fags—line up, and claim ur prize”. Most, kinda back down to earth after spilling their nuts, were kinda hesitant, but to fullfill the ‘honor code’, each lined up to take a smear of my nut on their chests. I gave a three finger wipe to Carlos, since he was the biggest asshole. We all just got kinda quite, and after a few minutes, three of the guys jetted together. The four of us left just went back to chatting, as if nothing had happened. After about 30 minutes, one more left, leaving just me, Parker, and Juan Carlos. I found it odd that he was the last one to still be there.We continued just some light chat for nearly another hour. Turns out that Carlos, and some of his team and parents were staying at the same motel that we were in. So—he didn’t have to leave as early as most did. We had gotten pretty quite, when Carlos finally spoke up “So Dillon—you and Parker there fuckin each other”? The question caught me off guard, almost shocking me. Parker actually came up off the bed. “Damm dude—why you ask such a thing” trying to bluff it out. “I dunno, cept you two been on that bed together the whole night—and I thought it kinda interesting that he knew to pop ur belly and make you nut”. I flashed a nervous grin at Carlos, and just said “serious dude—what’s ur point”? Carlos reached down between his spread legs, and started playing with his balls. “Well, I kinda figuring that maybe, at least one of you would like to get down and suck this second nut outta my dick. I don’t got any problem with a dude swinging down on me—long as we keep it here. And I figure too that with that big dick you got Dillon, and that huge fuckin nut, that Parker there is the cocksucker. Most wouldn’t notice, but I seen him all week following you around like a puppy”.I just stared at Juan Carlos—not sure which way to proceed. Bluff it out, or follow through. I had to admit, that though not near as hairy as me, I did kinda dig the jet black line he had running up and down his crack. Pretty hole too. I flash a grin over towards Cole. “What about it Parker—number 1 and 2 quarterbacks in the state—in kartal escort the same room—both rock hard—in ur mouth”. I had casually been stroking up my own dick while Carlos was running his mouth. Carlos jumps back in with “ha ha, I fuckin knew it—you guys been fuckin” I order Parker to get up from the bed, which he does, and just stands next to me on the side. Looking over at Carlos, I pat the side of the bed next to me, motioning with my head for him to come over and join me. I motion for Parker to assume a position between myself and Carlos’ legs. Hesitating, he does as told. Carlos instantly goes to stroking his thick Mexican jock dick. I look down at Parker, and simply order him, “suck”Shaking from fear, Parker reaches up and grabs Carlos dick, and continues stroking him. Finally moving up closer to his belly, he opens up, and takes Carlo’s dick in his mouth. I give Carlos a grin, and start stroking my own dick a bit faster. Parker starts the up and down on Carlos shaft, going all the way to the pubes with each down stroke. It only takes him a few minutes before he starts to tighten up, and spilled his load down Parker’s throat. I counted his abs convulsing 3 times, and he shot his load with eyes closed, and teeth clenching. As soon as he finished, Carlos grabs Parker by the hair, and pulling him off, guides him over to me. Parker instantly opens up again, and swallows down on my thick 9” jock dick. Carlos ‘assists’ Parker in pulling him up and down my shaft by the hair. F o r C I n g him down hard on the downstroke, Parker chokes up a bit as my thick mushroom head enters the back of his throat, and my pubes go up his nose. I could tell that I was oozing fuck juice down his throat causing him to gag. Carlos grins as he watches Parker work my dick. Suddenly, he pulls Parker up off me, and looking him square in the eyes, orders him on his back. Parker does as he was told, then Carlos looks at me and mutters “fuck him”. Flashing a grin back to him, I jump up and center myself right at Parkers ass. Leaning in towards his hole, I work up a big lugie, at spit my snot and spit right on Parkers hole. Grabbing my hard vein popping dick, I push my big mushrrom head into Parkers hole. He lets out a low groan, from the lack of any lube, but takes me all into his shit hole like a champ. Wanting now to impress Carlos more than anything else, I grab Parker by the waist, and start slamming my rock hard 9” cock into his guts. Having an audience, it only took a few minutes before my thighs and abs began to convulse. Wanting to further put on a show for Carlos, I yank my throbbing meat from Parkers ass just as the first volley cuts loose. Three shots, right into the back of his head. Carlos face lights up in amazement. This was the 2nd nut of the night, mind you. Four more shots leave a trail of thick jock jizz down Parkers back down to his ass crack. As soon as I subside, I scoop up my nut with my fingers, and push them str8 to Parkers mouth “Eat it” was all I said. Parker takes in my jizz sticky fingers, and sucks up the juice. Carlos, still stroking his dick, even after blowing a second nut himself, suddenly blows yet a third nut ! Just a few shots, mind you, but none the less, a third nut. Pretty damm impressive. As we all jump up and grab some towels from the bathroon, we each wipe up and get dressed. Just as we were settling down, there was a loud knock at he door. “Matthew—open up dawg—what the fuck you doin in there”? I glance at Parker and Carlos and snap “holy fuck, I totally forgot about the other three guys sharing the room” !



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