Her dark hair loose around her head she took a seat across from me behind the big cherry-wood desk. The blue long-sleeved top she was wearing had a very low cut, and her cleavage showed very nicely from where I was sitting. I looked at her for a second, her sensuous mouth opened slightly from a hint of nervousness.


I scanned her CV, nothing I didn’t already know, but usually the silence makes it a bit more nerve-wracking. I slowly put her CV down, and looked up at her.

“So miss …, I only have one question for you. I have a few other CVs similar to yours, and what I’d like to know from you is – why would I hire YOU instead of one of the others? What do you bring to the organization, and specifically to the job as my PA, that sets you apart from the rest?” This was a pretty straightforward question, but one that could be interpreted in a number of ways.

She looked at me, and her eyes half-registered a knowing of what the answer should be. She was having trouble finding the right wording for it though.

“Well, I can make your life a lot more pleasant sir. Apart from the PA routine stuff, I know how to look out for someone. I can make you enjoy your position a lot more. Sir.” Her big blue eyes looked back at me, and that moment I wanted to lose control. But not yet.

“Allright, it sounds good, but you need to let me know what it is – you know – an example or description of some sort.” I knew what I wanted, but had to get it without coming over as someone with only one thing on his mind. Although, at this stage, I did have only one thing on my mind.

After shuffling around for a few seconds, she got up and walked around the side of the table and sat down on the edge. The table had all kinds of paper and documents on, so she only half-perched on the edge. I knew that she was not planning to sit there for long. “Sir, I’m going to find it hard to explain, but maybe I can show you. Will that be allright?” Again those blue eyes, those lips speaking the words I wanted to hear. A hint of a smile, a knowing of what is to come, and where that come is going to end up.

I turned my chair towards her, so that there was a space in front of me for whatever she had planned, and looked at her. Her neck, flowing into her chest, the blue top covering her tits that jutted out and filled the 34B cup to the limit. All the way down the flat stomach to the crossed legs beneath sexmex porno the black skirt. “Allright, I guess if you can convince me by showing me it will be allright. But remember, the others have very high qualifications, so it will have to be something worth considering. I need you to have something for me that will make me want to hire you without a doubt…”

This time she didn’t smile, and actually looked kind of worried when I said all this. Again she shifted around for a few seconds, and then, with a look of someone made up her mind she got up and took a step towards me. She was standing in front of me, between my shoes, and she looked at me.

“Allright sir, let me try to convince you.”

And with this she slowly got down on her knees in front of me. My hard-on maxed out, and I was rock hard by the time her knees touched the ground. I sat back a bit, and looked at the long-haired brunette kneeling between my legs. For a second, all time stood still, and then she moved. Forward, shuffling on her knees for an inch or two before her delicate hands came up and reached for my belt. She never looked at me, intent on what she was doing, as she unbuckled my belt and undid my zipper. As the zipper came down, my hard-on became obvious as it almost sprung out from its confines, still being restrained by my briefs. Her hand brushed my sensitive skin through the thin material on its way down, and it was like a bolt of lightning surged through me. At last, this girl I have fantasized about, about to wrap her lips around me as if it was the best thing on earth. She probably felt my cock jump, as she paused for a moment just after touching it. She never looked up though, and took the zipper all the way down. Opening the front of my pants, I lifted my ass off the chair for a second so that she could slide it out underneath me. She left my pants halfway to my knees, and I watched her hands creep back up to my briefs. Again it brushed my raging hard-on on its way to the top, and I had to grip the handles of my chair. I had an amazing view down her cleavage from where I sat, and for a moment I imagined my dick sliding in and out between those two orbs, touching her lower lip as it came out the top, until…

My mind snapped back to reality as her fingers curled over the top of my briefs. She glanced up for the first time, and those big eyes was a mixture of innocence and lust, ready to obey stranded teens porno and to take charge, and I knew that this girl was going to do amazing things to me right here and now. Almost as if she had no choice, and her life depended on it.

She had to lift my briefs away from me, and then down, as my hard dick would not allow her to pull it straight down. Her eyes left mine again as her goal came into view, and the mere sight of her face a few inches from my cock was almost enough to push me over the edge. She stripped my briefs off, and again I lifted my ass just enough for her to get it out of the way.

I was pulsing and ready to go. Just then, without thinking about it, she licked her lips, her tongue running over the lips that were about to engulf me.

Again she shuffled a few inches closer, and then slowly lowered her head into my lap.

This steaming brunette was going to give me a blowjob.

I stopped her. “Hold on, I need you to get rid of that top first. You are going to have to do this a bit more .. naked.” She looked down for a second, then reached for the bottom edge of the top, and peeled it over her head. As her chest came into view, the way her arms were constricted over her head made her tits stand out beautifully as if presenting themselves. The push-up bra she had on accentuated them even more, and made them seem weightless, perfect – and again my mind drifted to having my cock between them very soon.. She shook the top off, her long dark hair cascading back down over her shoulders as she sat there without her shirt, her chest presented to me and her tits at attention from the sudden cool air.

She looked up at me for a second, and then, sensing that this was to be all, she again looked down at my cock – standing at attention and aimed at her soft mouth. Forward she came, and again she lowered her head into my lap. I watched as her tongue came out and hovered above me for a second, then lower and touch the head softly. This first touch made me shiver all over, and I let out a big sigh of contentment. Her head moved lower, and her tongue extended to slide down the underside of my dick, until her lips came into play and she started taking me into her hot mouth. Her lips puckered as she started sucking on the head, her head even still lowering, until she stopped with about half of my cock in her mouth. She paused there for a street blowjobs porno second, then slid it out again.

I put one of my hands on the top of her head, and pulled back with my pelvis as she came forward again, so that she made little progress down the length of my shaft as she came forward with me retreating. But at last I ran out of retreating space, and she slid somewhat forward, until she stopped again. I held her head there, my fingers entangled in her hair, and she made no effort to fight it.

The blowjob got to me, and I lost all sense of control. As I held her head in place, I came forward with my hips, and stuffed my meat down her throat. My cock slid into her waiting mouth, and her lips puckered as she sucked to get it all in. With a grunt I planted all of me into her mouth, and then let her head go, but instead of pulling away, she sensed the lustful intent, and started sucking me off in earnest. Her lips made slurping noises as she bobbed up and down, her hands holding on to my legs for support, her whole body rocking as she performed her oral pleasures on me. It was an amazing sight, to see her dark hair bounce as she bobbed up and down in my lap, her lips tight around my cock, breathing heavily through her nose as she came up for air every now and then.

One of her hands left my leg and softly gripped the base of my penis, and as her head came up, her small soft hand came up with it, squeezing gently. This almost put me over the edge, and I realized I wouldn’t hold out much longer. I could feel her tongue darting around my most sensitive skin, her mouth coating my dick with saliva as she slurped and sucked like a pro. After a while of bobbing up and down in my lap, I grunted and grabbed a fistful of her hair to keep her head in place. For the last time I pulled her face towards my crotch. My dick sliding deep into her throat, and I came. I shot my load into her waiting mouth, and she took it all, swallowing my cum like crazy.

I pumped a good load into her throat, and watched as she concentrated on getting it all in. She made soft moaning noises as she sucked me dry, cleaning me off with her tongue and mouth. Shuddering, I emptied the last into her with a jerk, and then sat back in my chair as I watched her clean up. My dick came out of her mouth slowly, but she didn’t back up – instead used her tongue to lick around the edges, the base, sending small shockwaves up and down my spine. Then, with a last, long, slow lick from the base of my shaft all the way to the tip, we were done. Licking her lips, she shuffled a inch or two back, her hand never leaving my dick, and she brought in the other hand to help tuck me back into my briefs.



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