Jill Gets Fucked In Her Chicago Motel RoomHi everyone! My name is Jill. All my stories are true and are about the fun that i have when i get away from my hometown so that i can explore my inner whore without the locals finding out about it. Here, i’m going to tell you about the weekend of November 19-21, 2010. If you want to find out more about me or be my friend, then please go to my xhamster personal page.Late Friday after work i took a flight to Chicago. My plan was to go to some sex clubs and strip clubs to see what kind of trouble i could get into. Anyway, that was my plan.I was really tired when i checked into my Chicago motel room, but i was also horny and needed to take the edge off. I got comfortable in front of my computer and watched some of the xhamster vids. I pulled my panties down to my knees and fingerfucked myself and kept replaying a vid of a fully clothed girl getting a cumshot on her sweater (watch that vid at is such a turn-on to me to get fucked or cummed on when i have some of my clothes on. About 30 minutes was all i could take before I started squirting all over the chair and carpet.Saturday morning at the motel breakfast bar i met a really cute young guy. His name was Tim and he was 20 years old. Tim was in Chicago over the weekend to visit his family and high school friends. As we talked at one of the tables, I thought that Tim could satisfy me really good and that the sex and strip clubs could wait for another day.Under the table, I slipped off both my shoes so i had only my socks on. I moved my feet to each side of Tim’s cock and started to footfuck his covered penis. When Tim felt this he looked me straight in the eye – kind of stunned. I looked back at him and smiled.Tim asked me what i was doing.I laughed “what do you think i’m doing? I’m m*****ing your penis. Why don’t you check out of your room early and spend the weekend in my room.” Of course, he agreed.Tim had to take a shower and i did too so we agreed to take one together.Tim checked out of his room and we rushed to my room. We played a little game of strip poker until all our clothes came off.I said, “you know, Tim, the best way that we can get to know each other is to sit on the floor with our legs locked around each others’ waist and stare bakırköy escort at our private parts.” It is so erotic for me to stare at a guy’s penis while he looks at my pussy and tits. We must have stayed that way for 15 minutes just staring at each other.One thing i thought is that i would like to shave off some of Tim’s pubic hair that had grown above his penis and on his balls. I like some pubic hair on my men, but i really like that clean look too. “O.K. Tim, time for our shower.”I led Tim to the bathroom by his cock and we sat down on the top of the tub. “Can I shave you a little, sweetie.”Tim, again, was a little surprised, but i also noticed that his cock was getting alot harder.Without Tim’s consent, I took some shaving cream and rubbed it all over his pubic hair and balls and very carefully cleaned him up until he had a nice patch of hair above his penis. Now he was much cleaner. And he was much harder.I thought that i could use a little cleaning too so i asked Tim to watch while i shaved. I like to keep a neatly groomed think mound of jet black pubic hair right above my pussy. I call it my runway so that a guy’s missile will know where to land before it makes its’ entry.I don’t think Tim had ever watched a girl shave her pussy before and he was getting so hard that he didn’t even want to touch himself or else he would cum. When i finished grooming myself, i said “take the edge off, Tim, jack off on my pussy hair.” We got onto the bathroom floor and again we locked our legs around our waists. Tim jerked his cock and he only lasted about 1 minute before he sprayed his cum right on top of my pussy hair.”Rub your dick through my pussy hair and spread your cum all in it”. Tim did this and now i really needed a shower.We got in the shower and we fingered each other’s genitals and assholes to clean up. Tim m*****ed my tits until my nipples looked like two little penis heads. We finished showering and Tim left for the day to visit his family and friends.Guys can cum and they are relaxed for awhile. But now i was really horny. I got into my favorite black outfit, including black boots up to my knees, and stood by my motel doorway looking for attractive men. My plan was to entice them into my room so they could cum on my black top. I wanted to collect as beşiktaş escort much cum as i could before Tim got back.I must have looked like a hooker as i stood in my doorway. Except that i wasn’t charging. In all, i got three guys to come into my room and jack off on my black top. What i did was stare real hard at them until they knew that i wanted them. Then, as they walked toward me i left the door open and went back into my room and laid on my bed. When each guy got to the doorway i told them that i wanted them to come on in and jack off on my top. With the help of my dirty talk, each guy took less than five minutes. Well, one guy took 30 minutes. But that was because he came back for seconds.I was lying on my bed watching T.V. around 6 pm when Tim got back and saw what a mess i was. I knew that he was going to be horny, but he was out of control. Right away, he took off his pants and pulled out his dick from inside his underwear. Then he straddled my face and stuck it in my mouth. He forcefully facefucked me for maybe 15 minutes. From time to time, Tim pulled his dick out and slapped my face with it. Finally, he shot his cum all over my face and hair. Then he calmed down.We decided to go to the Denny’s Restaurant next to the motel for dinner. I didn’t even clean up. I walked into the restaurant with cum all over my black top, face and hair. The waitress and manager and a couple of customers noticed my “extra make-up”, but i don’t know if they really believed it was cum. I felt like such a whore.I said to Tim “do you realize that you haven’t even fucked me yet.” Amazed, he said “you’re right”.We left the waitress a tip that included some cum smeared on one of the bills and headed back to my motel room for some more fun. We were going to take care of the “fucking” part.We took off all our clothes. Tim sat down on a big soft chair and i moved on top of him. I slowly sat on his penis until he was fully up my pussy. Then i moved up and down his dick kind of slow as we turned on my computer. As we fucked, we searched the porn sites for the hottest pics we could find for different categories. We searched for anal, DPs, facials, girls spreading, girls tied up and some others.After a couple of hours of this, Tim got so worked up that he threw me off his dick and beylikdüzü escort pinned me against the wall and fucked my pussy from behind for a long time. It must have been 30 minutes and i just took it. Finally, the horny guy gave me a few final forceful strokes and shot his cum deep up my cunt. By then, i had cum several times myself so we were both exhausted and went to sleep.On Sunday morning, I woke up before Tim did. I looked at his penis and it was just a little hard. Poor thing, I must have worn it out. My pussy needed a morning workout, so i needed to make his dick harder. Like any good girl would do, I started sucking on it. Actually, i switched between sucking his penis and sucking his clean balls. Now Tim was hard enough, but he was still asleep. Quietly, I took my mouth off Tim’s penis and balls and mounted him. As I worked myself up and down on his dick I leaned forward and kissed Tim on the lips ( i never kiss a guy before i fuck him) and said “Good morning, Tim.” That brought Tim to his senses and he started to fuck me back. He got real aggressive. It was hurting me a little. Also, I wanted to tease Tim so i got off him and started to walk to the bathroom.Tim got out of bed and tackled me to the ground and started to force his dick into my asshole. I looked back at him and screamed “you’re going to **** my asshole. Maybe i’ll let you have it if you ask, but don’t **** it.” I was serious. I’m into **** fantasies, but a girl needs to be ready before she is assfucked. Still, Tim didn’t pay any attention. I guess he got angry when i jumped off his penis and walked away. Tim pinned me to the floor and worked his dick into my backdoor fuckhole and really gave it to me. I cried, but that didn’t work. It just made him fuck my asshole harder. His force pushed me forward as he sodomized me. As this **** went on and on i asked myself what happened to that cute boy that i met in the motel breakfast bar. What made him this way. Finally, after about an hour of super hard fucking, Tim couldn’t hold back anymore (thank god!). After a few very violent jabs, he shot his cum into my asshole. Then he calmed down.After the anal **** was over, I really wasn’t mad at Tim. I had kind of asked for it. Still, it shook me up about how guys can change their moods so quickly.By now it was also time for us to check out so we could catch our flights back home. Tim back to Toronto and me back to Lincoln, Nebraska. We didn’t even have time to clean up. Well, Tim got to visit his family and friends and he got something extra. I got another chance to live out my inner whore.Luv you, Jill.



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