The bed was empty, sheets still all mangled as if there had been a wrestling match taking place earlier. Although, given Emma’s track record, the wrestling match probably ended just a few hours ago. See, Emma had the reputation of a slut. At the age of 34, her body was absolute perfection. She was thin and toned, due to a commitment to her fitness routine. She had long tanned legs that led up to rounded hips and a mouthwatering ass. Her dark eyes could keep a man hypnotized. Her long dark hair flowed and settled just past her shoulders. A body like this alone was enough to grab enough attention. But Emma had another weapon in her arsenal: her 34DDD cup breasts. They sat high on her chest with just enough sag to prove they were real with pert pink nipples pointing straight ahead. Emma loved the attention she got from her body, whether it is the lusting eyes of a gentlemen or the judgmental sneer of a jealous woman. As far as her empty bed, however, it wasn’t uncommon for Emma to snag her man, show him a night he wouldn’t soon forget, and show him to the door first thing in the morning (only offering a cup of coffee and maybe some eggs and bacon if he proved himself worthy the night before).

Jenny rolled her eyes at the sight of her mother’s empty bed and was pleased that she’d have the morning to herself, assuming Emma had already left for work. Jenny strutted down the apartment’s hallway toward the kitchen looking forward to nice hot cup of coffee and some oatmeal. But when she got to the kitchen, Jenny found a new pot of coffee already made and steaming. That’s odd. Emma usually cleans out the pot before she leaves for work. Thinking nothing more of it, she poured herself some coffee and started up the tea kettle to boil some water for her oatmeal. While she leaned against the counter waiting for her water to boil, she languidly sipped on the hot coffee. She could feel its warmth travel down to the pit of her belly. She sighed softly to the sweet pleasure it gave her. Jenny had a rough night’s sleep — tossing and turning in her bed. She woke up with a sore neck; she probably just slept on it wrong. After a night like that, this coffee seemed to be just the remedy she needed.

That’s when she saw movement just outside the back door leading to the balcony styled back patio to their apartment. ‘Who could possibly be here? Certainly not Mom’s party favor from last night,” Jenny thought to herself. It wasn’t very often Emma’s boy toys would stick around in the morning. Sometimes Emma would offer they stay for breakfast and coffee while she got herself ready for her day. But they normally turned down the offer and bolted for the door.

She walked over to the sliding glass door and pulled back the full length blinds. There stood her mother, Emma, leaning over the railing, holding her cup of coffee. Jenny just crinkled her nose. There goes her morning to herself. Jenny just cleared her throat and Emma turned around looking slightly startled. When she saw it was Jenny, her lips curled into a sweet smile. “Good morning, Miss bed head. Don’t you look lovely this morning,” Emma teased her.

Jenny just furrowed her brow and crinkled her nose again. Emma was dressed in purple satin and white lace pajama shorts that complimented her long legs. Her top was a matching tank top, the neck line plummeting, struggling to hold in her massive jugs. She stood barefoot but her toes were painted a soft pink color, flattering her tan. Her shoulder length dark hair sat smoothly on her shoulders, framing her face elegantly. Jenny did sort of look like a hot mess standing next to her mother. Her gray cotton sweatpants sat low on her hips, her hot pink thong crookedly peeking out. Her white V-neck tee was all wrinkled along the seams and was stretched to its limit across the buxom teen’s own impressive 34DDD bust, the outline of her beige nipples noticeable through the fabric. Her long dark hair was thrown into a messy bun that sat lopsided on her head, stray hairs sticking out wildly in all directions.

Emma just laughed at her own joke and Jenny walked back into the house. “Oh! Don’t be like that,” Emma called, following her into the house still giggling, “You know I think you’re adorable in the mornings.”

Jenny just rolled her eyes and smiled at her mother. “I know, Mom. So what are you doing home still? I thought you had to work today,” Jenny asked, taking another sip of her coffee. She closed her eyes, relishing the relaxing warmth.

“Well, I did. But, apparently there is some sort of dangerous mold problem in the building. So they closed it down to take care of it today. I was just thinking of how I was going to spend my day.” Emma explained.

“I’m home all day, too. The school sent out e-mails last night saying today was a teacher conference day or something. I’m not sure what to do with myself either,” Jenny told her mother.

Emma’s face lit up. “This is perfect!” she exclaimed. Just then the tea kettle went off, whistling its alarm that the water was ready. Jenny lifted it from the stove burner hardcore porno and turned off the heat. She poured the water into her waiting bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal. The steamed danced in the air as Jenny poured the water.

“What’s perfect?” she asked Emma, as she concentrated on adding extra cinnamon and stirring her mushy mixture. She took her first big bite and looked over to Emma.

“Well,” she began, “When was the last time you and I spent the day together? It’s certainly been a while. Well, a few weeks ago, this guy I met on my lunch break over at Honey’s Diner gave me these two certificates to a spa. We should use them and spend the day together just relaxing and being pampered!”

Jenny had to admit, that absolutely sounded like the perfect way to spend the day. “Wait a second. Mom, you’re telling me that a random man just came up to you at the diner and handed you to all inclusive certificates to a spa? I mean, I know you like to flirt, but that seems a little out of nowhere,” Jenny questioned her mother.

“No! That’s not what happened at all. He walked over to my table while I was looking at the menu. He asked to sit with me and offered to buy my meal. While we were talking, he told me about how he had bought these gift certificates for his wife and — “

“What!” Jenny cut her off, covering her mouthful of oatmeal, “He has a wife?”

“No, Jenny. Let me finish. He bought them for her for their anniversary which is supposed to be this month. But she left him and he’s just had them in his wallet since. So he gave them to me just to get rid of them.” Emma finished explaining with a triumphant smile.

“Uh-huh. Okay, well I guess if we have them, it would be a waste not to use them,” Jenny shrugged it off.

“Exactly! Now go take a shower and get ready. It’s an all-day spa treatment. So, I want to get there earlier rather than later,” Emma said. She patted Jenny on the butt, scooting her toward the hall. Jenny giggled softly and made her way to the bathroom.

Emma cleaned up the kitchen a bit, putting the empty coffee mugs and bowl into the dishwasher. She wiped down the counters and started making her way down the hallway to her private master bathroom to also get ready for her day with her daughter. Halfway down the hall, she noticed the bathroom door to Jenny’s bathroom was left open a crack.

Pop punk music was playing from a set a speakers Jenny had set up on the bathroom counter. Emma reached for the doorknob to shut the door and grant her daughter some privacy. Although what really caught Emma’s attention wasn’t the music, but Jenny. She had just turned on the shower and was starting to get undressed. Her back was to the door and she faced the mirror. Emma had a full view of the front and back of her daughter. She lifted her tee over her head, freeing her tits from their cotton prison. They jiggled slightly before settling, her nipples growing hard from the cool air of the tiled bathroom. Jenny then bent over at the waist and slid her sweatpants and hot pink thong down over her full firm ass. Hints of her luscious pussy lips could be seen peering out as she was bent over. When she stood up, her naked body looked perfect. Emma noticed that she didn’t have a spec of pubic hair. Emma always knew that her daughter was beautiful and was lucky enough to take after her mother, inheriting genes that gave her a fast metabolism and strong but elegant features. It was only at that moment that she secretly watched her daughter undressing that she really began to see how beautiful and sensual her body was. Jenny stepped into the shower, closing the glass door behind her. The hot water cascaded over the impressive shelf her breasts created, streaming down her flat toned stomach to the hairless apex of her thighs. Emma couldn’t help but feel a warm wetness forming in the pit of her womb. It wasn’t long before the steam of the shower fogged up the mirror and the shower doors, hindering Emma’s view of the sexy show playing out in her daughter’s bathroom.

Emma stood there pondering what just happened. Did her own daughter just turn her on? Emma shook the thoughts from her head and made her way to her own bathroom. She turned on her shower, adjusting the temperature until it was just hot enough. She stripped out of her pajamas, her firm tanned body sprouting goose bumps, her nipples growing hard. Emma glanced at herself in the mirror and vainly pursed her lips and winked at herself. Her confidence was most definitely not in short supply.

Emma closed her eyes as she stepped into the shower, the hot water covering her body like a comfortable blanket. Her muscles tingled and she just stood there under the spray, enjoying how relaxed she felt. But she did have a bit of time limit. She didn’t want to keep Jenny waiting on her. So she grabbed her moisturizing body wash. She scrubbed off yesterday’s make up and washed her face. Emma squirted a dab more into her hand. The whole bathroom was full of foggy steam smelling of pomegranate and vanilla. hd porno Emma grabbed her washcloth and soaked it, saturating it in her sweet smelling soap. The bubbles overflowed over the terrycloth fabric and Emma began rubbing in gingerly over her arms, the sides and back of her neck. She ran the cloth over her full breast and puffed nipples, continuing to trail it down her stomach and to the hairless area of her womanhood. After she rinsed out the washcloth and placed it back in its resting place on the in-shower rack, she began running her hands over her tits, guiding the soap off her skin with the help of the hot spray of the shower head. She tweaked her hard nipples for good measure. They ached slightly, sore with need to be played with by other hands. She could feel her pussy growing wet, and not just from the shower.

Emma couldn’t stop herself when her hand traveled down to her aching mound, lightly pressing her forefingers against her swollen clit. She sighed with pleasure and without reason thought about the sight of her daughter undressing for her own shower. The soft curves and contrasting firm muscles of her daughter’s body flashed through her imagination. She wondered what her buxom daughter must taste like. The skin of her breasts and the juices of her forbidden fruit seemed more alluring than ever. Emma sawed her two fingers in and out of her sopping pussy relishing the mental image of Jenny’s mouth on her own body. She rode her hand to orgasm. It was fast and underwhelming, but pleasurable nonetheless. She sighed and gasped and finished up her shower.

After she’d dried herself off, Emma dressed herself in some jean cut-offs, a green tank top and flip flops. She pulled her hair into a high ponytail. She left her makeup natural looking, yet still flawless.

When Emma made her way to the kitchen, she saw Jenny leaning against the counter, clicking mindlessly through her phone. She was dressed almost as simply as her mother. Her long thick dark hair was pulled back into a French braid, still landing at mid-back. She also kept her make up on the natural side. She was dressed in a black maxi skirt, stylish black sandals and a blue and white striped crop top. She looked up at her mother staring at her kitchen.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? Do I look too overdressed for the spa? I mean, I figured I’d be naked almost all day anyway between the mud baths and massages. I do look okay, right,” Jenny rushed through her words, suddenly self-conscience looking at her mother’s very simply attire. She bit her bottom lip.

“No, sweetheart. You look just beautiful. I’m just lost in my own thoughts,” Emma reassured her daughter, “Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Jenny grabbed her purse off the counter and made her way to the garage where her mother’s black VW Jetta was parked. She sat in the passenger’s seat waiting on Emma to get in.

Moments later they were on the way to the spa. The two women sat in silence as the radio played today’s hit list, serving only as background noise. Jenny sat relatively content absent mindedly thumbing through some app on her phone. Meanwhile, the silence came as a bit of an awkward burden to Emma. She couldn’t help herself to glance over at her daughter every few minutes. She admired her posture. She sat up straight and yet had a sexy little curve to her back. Emma noticed the slight outline of her daughter’s nipples showing through her top, making it semi obvious the young girl wasn’t wearing a bra. Emma could feel her pussy growing hot and moist once again.

‘No, Emma. This is your daughter. Keep yourself under control. You have sex on a weekly basis. You should not be this starved. Besides, there might be a cute massage therapist at the spa,’ she thought to herself, smiling at her own reassurance.

The thirty minute ride came to an end as Emma pulled into a parking spot in front of the spa. They walked into the building together. The lobby was decorated with marble and modern contemporary décor. It was tasteful and stylish. Jenny seemed a tad more impressed by the look than Emma did. When they reached the receptionist desk, a bored woman looked up from the desktop computer. She was beautiful in more of an interesting way. She had blonde hair pulled back into a messy bun, a paisley bandana wrapped around her head in a style that reminded Emma of a vintage pin up girl. She had dark square rimmed glasses that framed bright blue eyes flattered by her wing tipped black eyeliner, a nose piercing, and bright red lipstick. She had a white tank top that showed off her tattoos on her shoulders and a silver chain around her neck. Not at all what one would expect coming into a spa with this kind of high reputation.

“May I help you,” the woman asked, looking up lazily at the women before her seemingly rather unimpressed with them.

“Yes, you may,” Emma answered, noting a slightly snarky tone to her voice. She couldn’t help but be slightly irritated with this woman. Emma dug through her purse and pulled out the latina fuck tour porno gift certificates. “We have two gift certificates for an all-inclusive spa treatment.”

The receptionist took the certificates from Emma. She turned over the papers to check the small print on the back and noticed the signature of the original buyer: Jack Preston. He was pretty well known around this spa. He sent his girlfriend, Ally, here on a regular basis with very specific instructions. And if his girlfriend wasn’t here, it was his wife, Rebecca. She looked at Emma over her glasses. “If you don’t mind my asking, how do you know Mr. Preston?”

Emma stared at her and bit her lip. “Mr. Preston? I don’t know who that is.”

“Really? Well, that’s who paid for these certificates. His signature is on the back of them. See?” She showed Emma the signatures.

“Oh!” Emma said, suddenly everything was clear, “That’s Jack’s last name isn’t it?”

“Oh, so you’re new, huh?” The reception just smiled to herself. This must be another side girlfriend for Mr. Preston.

“Huh?” Emma said.

“Nothing,” the reception said, “These will work just fine. If you would, just go down this hallway to your right. That’s where the Ladies’ locker room is. First off you have your facials, then your pedicures and manicure. After that will be your mud baths. There are showers in the locker rooms for your use after the mud bath. Then your day will be finished with a deep tissue massage.” She said this all very monotone, as if rehearsed.

“Thanks,” Emma called behind her as she and Jenny made their way to the locker rooms.

The locker rooms looked more like a plush dressing room for a Hollywood actress. Nothing like what the two women expected. They found empty lockers and stashed their valuables and purses inside. There were white silk robes with the spa’s logo embroidered above a left breast pocket. The robes were obviously not meant to be worn through a lot of the treatments. It was about as big as Jenny’s favorite yellow satin robe she had at home. It stretched to full capacity across the mother and daughter’s full busts, still sitting open enough to reveal deep cleavage. The robes’ length was shorter than expected as well, the bottom hem reaching only a few inches below their private mounds, barely covering their round bottoms.

“Are you wearing panties, Mom,” Jenny asked her mother, not sure whether or not she should wear any. She brought a pair with her since she was already without under her long skirt.

“I probably will up until the mud bath. I obviously don’t need them there and I enjoy being nude when I get massages. Why? Are you going to wear panties,” Emma asked in return.

“I was pretty much going to do what you planned on doing,” she said. Jenny took out the black lace thong from her purse and slipped in on under the robe.

The facials, manicures, and pedicures were enjoyable. Emma and Jenny already felt plenty relaxed when it came time for their mud baths. Emma had chosen to keep the light pink color for her finger nails and toenails while Jenny went for a more classic looks. She sported a French manicure and pedicure. When they got to the mud room, the two women stripped off their robes and thongs and slipped into the mud. Emma couldn’t help but notice how gracefully Jenny’s long body looked sliding into the bath.

‘Stop it, Emma. Stop it,’ she thought to herself.

They sat there enjoying the clay like mixture cleansing their pores and relaxing their whole bodies. Lilac scented incense was lit accompanied by soft music to enhance the experience. After a few minutes of just sitting there Jenny sat up, looking a little restless. “Hey, Mom. Would you care if I got my iPod and listened to it with my headphones? I just can’t relax with this music playing,” Jenny said.

“Of course you can, sweetie. I’ll be right here waiting for you,” Emma told her.

Jenny hoisted herself out of the giant bath tub. The clay mixture stuck to her body and immediately began drying. It molded against her round full tits, even around her perky nipples. As she turned, it even seemed to perfectly encase each ass cheek. Emma swallowed hard at the sight of her daughter hobbling out of the room into the locker room right outside the door. Jenny returned only moments later with her iPod and headphones. She slid back into the bath. She laid her head back against the rolled towel on the edge of the tub. Jenny’s hair was now pulled up into a bun on the top of her head to avoid getting mud in it. She placed the ear buds in her ears and closed her big brown eyes. Emma just watched her daughter in awe of her beauty. She watched the way she barely moved her lips to mouth the words to the song she was listening to. Her lips were plump. They looked moist like she had just applied a fresh coat of gloss. Emma wanted to just reach out and trace her fingertip along them. Her long dark lashes were delicate sitting sweetly against her skin above her flushed cheeks. The time passed far too slowly as she watched her daughter for what seemed like hours and hours, even though it had only been about ten minutes. Jenny opened her eyes feeling like someone was watching her. Emma quickly averted her eyes and pretended to be looking at some of the décor around the room.



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