Jayne Turns FiftySo after 36 years of fucking guys and girls, I was nearing a landmark Birthday, one I was wary of reaching, the big 5-0!My husband told me every day just how beautiful I was, my new fans, clammering for my newest photo sets and videos, I had a backlog of 15 guys wanting my used knickers, yet I was still about to hit my big old half century! On the morning of my birthday hubby surprised me having a taxi pick us up and take us to a favourite, cosy little hotel in Cheshire. We often went there for a break to recharge our batteries and spend a relaxing few days. We checked in and hubby carried our bags to our room. The hotel was hidden out of the way, off the beaten track, a little dated, but they knew how to look after their guests.Around 30 minutes after checking in , a knock sounded on the door, I was laying on the bed, hubby was in a chair drinking an Irish coffee,” Who can that be?” I queried, hubby shrugged rose and moved to the door. Standing there were two young men, both tall with shocks of spiky blond hair. ” I’m sorry to disturb you,” said the stickier guy, we are staying in the room down the hall but cannot get the shower to work, I was wondering if you knew how as there is nobody on the front desk at present,” from his accent and stilted way of speaking I guessed they were Swedish. Hubby nodded and went with them, the guy who hadn’t spoken popped his head back into the room, “As my brother says I am sorry for spoiling your day, I promise to bring back your man very soon,” he smiled in an engaging way before his head disappeared again.Around five minutes later my husband returned, ” Did you fix it then?” I asked, not expecting an affirmative reply, my husband is not a very mechanically minded person, ” Of course I did! They hadn’t flicked the outside switch for the power, simples”/He jumped on the bed besides me, ” I know it’s your big birthday my Angel , but as the three of them don’t know anything about the area, I said they could tag along with us and we’ll show them where to eat, drink etc.” I hadn’t really expected company, thinking an afternoon’s walk and a drink, then getting back to the hotel for a lovely session with hubby before having dinner. However as he’d already promised I agreed and 20 minutes later the five of us were stood in the hotel lobby.”Thanks to you both for your kindness, I am Sven,this is my brother Thomas and his friend, Pieter,” We nodded in reply to the introductions, ” I am Jayne and this is my bursa escort husband Simon, the expert plumber as you already know”, they laughed politely at my attempt at humour, then we left the hotel, taking the secluded road to the edge of the town. During the next two and a half hours we showed them the local Garden Centre, three pubs, having a drink in each, the best fish and chip shop and the old gym. I discovered that they were three University students from Copenhagen, that were spending the Christmas break touring England, the hotel being their second port of call after three days in Liverpool, Sven was 21 and both Thomas and Pieter were 19.My husband remarked as to how it was my 50th Birthday, a fact that none of the three believed or pretended to not be able to believe, each of them promising me a hearty drink in the hotel bar that evening. We returned to the hotel around 4pm, the December night was already almost upon us, Stuart turned on the room light and offered the guys a drink, they agreed and entered our room Sven sitting on the bed end , whilst Pieter and Thomas took the two available chairs. Hubby poured out five good measures of whisky into some plastic cups, the guys toasted me and my birthday and we drank. “You know sir, your wife is a very beautiful woman,” Sven spoke to my husband, I laughed a little, ” No you are, no way that you look 50, you look no more than late 30s!”” Wish I felt that age,” I joked. Hubby laughed again, ” I keep telling her that lads but she wont believe me, says I’m just after something!”” I would love to be after something with you Jayne,” Thomas spoke softly, flattered I was almost lost for words, “Why thank you Thomas, that is so sweet,” Sven spoke once more, turning to my husband, ” It would be my greatest pleasure to be giving your lovely wife a Birthday kiss, if it will be alright with you?” The other two Danish lads echoed Sean’s request, ” Well it is fine with me, but perhaps I’m not the one you should be asking?” Almost as soon as the word ‘fine’ passed my husband’s lips, Sven moved up the bed to where I was propped on my elbow, he pulled me up a little and I felt his lips clamp to mine, he kissed like an experienced lover, his lips almost kneading my mouth, his tongue making initial moves to invade my mouth, ” Come on Sven, let her up for air,” my husband’s voice broke the kisses’ spell, but as Sven pulled away Thomas took his place, his lips, not as educated, but equally enthusiastic, pressed bursa escort bayan against mine, somewhere in my body I felt a familiar tingling, Thomas gave a final smacked on my mouth before Pieter took his turn. For a nineteen year old youth his kiss was amazing, I felt his muscular arms holding my upper body as he kissed me so expertly, I did not even notice when his tongue entered my mouth searching its confines, only when my own entwined with his did I realise he was French Kissing me, it seemed like a lifetime before I heard Simon tcough, Pieter pulled away apologising, ” So sorry I think I get carried away on by your wife’s fantastic beauty and kissing,” he blushed as he spoke, ” See I have become aroused below, I am so very sorry,” he brushed his hand over the noticeable mound in his grey combat trousers. My husband laughed, ” You see Jayne, 50 yo, and you get three youngsters as hard as iron…and you think you are past it!” I looked at the three guys, ” Is that true ? Do I turn you on?” The three Danes all nodded, I looked down at my clothes, double vest top over checked culottes, I sat up on the bed and pulled my top vest over my head, quickly followed by the red vest underneath, the guys gasped as I sat on the bed in a 3/4 cut bra that did little to cover my 42C boobs. Sven was first to move, he reached for me ,pulling down my bra releasing my pert tits, their nipples already hardened from the chill of the walk and the three kisses I had received, Seems mouth eagerly clamped on them, his mouth moving from right to left, nibbling at each bud, then both nipples in his mouth, then hands kneading each breast, his mouth kissed me again, hungrily. This time he did not hold back forcing his tongue into my orifice binding with my reciprocating tongue as we French kissed like a pair of horny teenagers. Thomas had taken off his shirt and trousers, standing by the bed in pair of white boxer shorts, being strained by his erect cock, Pieter was stood beside him, totally naked with a huge cock, nine inches or more standing proudly, in a moment my mouth had left Sven and I was kneeling with Winter’s rigid cock buried deeply in my mouth, Thomas played with my hanging tips, kneading the buds as he watched me suck his friend. Meanwhile Sven had stripped and was behind me pulling down my culottes. He pulled them from off my rear, revealing red lace knickers covering my big, fat, full ass.I soon felt the tell tale signs that Pieter was about escort bursa to cum, his big cock jerked wildly as he pumped a huge load in my eager mouth, As he pulled his spent cock out of my spunk coated lips Thomas took his place , qutckly building up a rhythm as he face fucked me. Behind me I felt Scven’s hands pulling my knickers down to my knees, his own knee pushing my thighs apart. I sucked deeply on Thomas’s smaller cock, my jaw feeling relief after Pieter’s jawbreaker of a cock. I gasped as I felt Sven open my pussy and start to push his thick cock into my moist hole, I pushed back against him as he pushed the length deep in me, ” There you take it all you old slag of a woman, show your husband how you like young Danish dick!” Sven’s coarse language shocked me but also turned me on, I had almost forgotten Simon, he was standing across the room watching intently as his 50yo wife took on three young cocks, ” Oh yeah bitch! Grip my cock with your pussy, God you;re loving it!” As he spoke Thomas came in my mouth, his cum nowhere near as heavy as his friends, ” She sucks cock so good, ” whether Thomas spoke to my husband or his brother I didn;t know, nor did I care, all I wanted was Sven’s creamy sponk in my cunt and my own orgasm. My head dropped onto the bed, my pussy held the young Dane’s cock so tight, I worked it with my old pussy trying to draw out his young spunk, “Fuck it you are so good”, called out Sven his right hand slapping my fat ass as his left fondled my tits and belly, ” Do you want my cum you fat whore?” ” Yes, yes give me your spunk you bastard, fill my old pussy!” Whether it was my pussy’s actions or my words , I felt his cock thicken again and a huge spurt of cum hit me deep in my belly just as the first wave of an orgasm raged through my body, I let out a guttural growl as a second wave shook my body, ” Fuck Sven look at her cum, you fucked her good!” Pieter seemed impressed by his friend’s brother’s prowess. Sven pulled his limp dick from me , smearing cum on my ass and thighs, ” Yeah she been fucked well by Sven, that for sure!” Sven seemed emboldened by his friend;s words, ” You are lucky having a bitch like that to fuck every day,” his words were directed to my husband. Simon nodded, ” Oh yes, lucky indeed, thanks guys for giving her the perfect 50th Birthday present,”I rolled over on the bed seeing Sven pulling on his trousers, ” Will we see her again?” asked Thomas, seemingly eager to try his luck with me again. ” I don’t know guys, depends on Jayne.” Thomas nodded as my husband spoke, my eyes were watching Pieter as he pulled his boxers over his beautiful cock, I knew if nothing else that weekend, I had to feel his cock inside me before Monday arrived!



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