Jayne the Virgin Chapter 7This is chapter 7 of Jayne the Virgin.She had a big smile on her face and told me to join her.I got between her legs and started lapping the cum flowing out of her. She tasted so good. I could detect the flavor of the other three guys. After orgasming multiple times she got up to take shower and asked me to join her.In the shower we made out. She bent over and told me to fuck her in the ass. I asked if she was sure. She hissed yes, grabbed my cock and backed tight ass onto me. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her virgin rosebud ass. I expected her to have me stop to get used to it. Instead she pushed back taking my cock deeper. I have taken a woman’s anal virginity before after I had fucked their pussy for a while, every one would have me stop after the head of my cock enters their anal love canal to get used to it. Naomi was the first who pushed all way back taking my cock all the way in her. She grabbed the bar on the wall of the shower and told me to pound her. I did not hesitate and started thrusting in and out of her hot ass. Because she was an anal virgin and was very tight I was not going to last long. After about a minute or two I flooded her anal love tunnel with a torrent of cum. She stood back up, my cock still in her tight hole. I went to pull out and she told me to wait, she wants to savor it as much as possible. She leaned back and kissed me. I grabbed her tits and massaged them. I then reached down and started fingering her pussy. She still had cum leaking out of her. I helped clean her out, bringing my fingers to her tits and mouth, rubbing some of the cum on her chest and having her suck it off of my fingers.My cock got soft and fell out of her ass. We finished showering and went back into the kitchenette area for a snack. We were both really hungry and tired. There were a few others eating and having a conversation. We were all dressed for bed, most with just a bathrobe on and naked underneath. The women had their tits mostly exposed, the guys had our cocks hanging out, but we were all pretty tired. I told everyone they can all stay the night and advised them the check out time is 11 am. Ginger said she had to leave that night. Justin was not in the kitchen area so I asked if he was going with her as she brought him. She said she would ask if he wants to stay. She went and asked. When they both returned it was obvious Justin was leaving with her. We said our goodbyes to them and they left.It was pretty late and we all went to the bedrooms. Naomi and I went to one room. I was surprised to see Barb and Big John go to a room with each other. Suzy and Brent went with each other to one of the other beds.When Naomi and I got to the room we took off our robes and got in bed. She asked if I wanted a bow job, I told her I am too tired and just want to sleep. We got in bed and fell asleep right away. I woke in the middle of the night and had to use the bathroom, but I noticed Naomi was not in bed so I thought she was in the bathroom too. When I approached the bathroom door I knocked, but no answer, I opened it and went in, she was not there. I used it and went out to the living area thinking she was out there. That is when I heard the obvious sounds of sex coming from another area. I went toward the sound and saw Naomi, Barb and Big John having a threesome. I was a bit surprised because up until then I thought Big John and Barb did not have sex with each other, only others. I have been involved in threesomes with Barb and John both, but never with both at the same time, it was always with someone else. I saw Naomi sucking Big bakırköy escort John’s cock, while Big John was eating out Barb’s pussy and Barb was eating out Naomi. They then switched and Big John got behind Barb while Naomi spread her legs so Barb could continue to eat her out. This is when John saw me standing there. He looked at me and smiled as he plunged his cock into his wife’s pussy. The look on Barb’s face was one that told me he had not fucked her in awhile. Naomi then looked back and up and smiled at me. I left them to it but was feeling pretty horny and went to where Suzy and Brent were. I had desires to fuck Suzy in her anal love canal. I took her grandmothers anal virginity and wanted hers. Both Naomi and Suzy have similar pussy’s and Suzy’s feels like a younger version of Naomi’s. I wanted to see if their anal love canals were the same way, especially considering I would be the one who deflowered both of their anal virginity. When I walked in I did not see Brent and saw Suzy with her legs spread side, fingering her pussy with cum leaking out. She saw me and stopped. I asked where Brent is, she said he had to leave but fucked her before he left. I got in bed with her and immediately shoved my cock in her tight pussy. As I fucked her I told her I want to fuck her in the ass. At first she was not sure. But when I told her I took her grandma’s anal virginity she said she did not want to be the only one to go without being completely deflowered in all of her holes. She rolled over and presented her ass to me the same way she would present her hot pussy to me from behind. I fucked her pussy from behind for a bit to use Brent’s cum and Suzy’s pussy juices as lube to fuck her ass. I told her how I took her grandmother from behind and fucked my cock in Naomi all at once. Suzy said she wants to try it that way.I pulled out of her pussy, lined my cock head up with her tight anal flower. Put the tip of my cock head against her, grabbed her hips, and pushed into her, hard. She tried to pull away but I held her hips tight and pulled her hot, little tight ass onto my cock. I went in very smoothly. She moaned and groaned as penetrated her hot anal love canal. She felt just like Naomi, but much younger and more firm. With Suzy I did stop once I was all the way in her and let her get used to my cock. I rubbed her ass cheeks and hips, leaned over her back and kissed her neck, and reached around and massaged her tits. She then started to push back against me. I grabbed her hips again and started thrusting in and out of her hot, tight ass. She was tighter than Naomi. I lasted for less than a minute before I flooded her hot anal love tunnel with a full load of cum. When I was done and my cock was soft I pulled out of her and we collapsed on the bed. She said her pussy was incredibly horny and wanted to be filled. I told her I do not know if I can get hard. She told me to lay on my back and she is going to ride me.I got on my back and she straddled me. She started riding my cock with her pussy and ass using the cum leaking out of her ass as lubricant. I did start getting hard and she rammed her pussy onto my cock and started riding hard and fast. She quickly started to orgasm and her pussy tightened around my cock. After a little while I got the familiar feeling of wanting to cum. I grabbed her hips and thrust up into her hard as she bounced up and down on me even harder. All of a sudden I held her down as I shot another load of cum deep inside of her pussy. When I was down she collapsed onto my chest. She looked up at me, smiled beşiktaş escort and we kissed and she told me thank you, it hurt at first but she really enjoyed it and cannot wait to have other guys fuck her ass. That is when we heard “you will not have to wait very long”. We looked up and saw Naomi and Barb standing there smiling at us. I asked how long had they been there. Barb said “long enough to see me pull out of Suzy’s anal love tunnel”. I said “it looks like Big John took care of both of you”, pointing to the cum running out of their pussy and ass and down their legs.Naomi said Big John wants to fuck Suzy’s ass and was hoping to be her first but she is glad I was.Suzy got off of me and out of bed. Bard and Naomi got in bed with me. I told them I was too tired to do anything more. They said they were too and we fell asleep in each others embrace.When I woke up it was daylight. Naomi, Barb or Suzy were not in bed with me but someone was sucking my cock and rimming my ass. It was Big John. I knew what he wanted and rolled over to give him my ass. He said he wants to fuck in the shower and the ladies were doing so in the shower they were using.We got out of bed and went to the other shower. I told him I do not want to cum and explained it was because I was going to have a hot little 18 year old hotel clerk after everyone leaves and that I extended my check out to 1 pm. I asked him to keep it a secret. He said he would if he sent her his way and guaranteed he would get to fuck her. I told him I have no doubt she will want to fuck other guys and maybe even women.We got in the shower and started lathering each other up. After we rinsed off I got on my knees and swallowed his hard fat cock. I edged him a couple of times which I know drives him nuts. He pulled up to my feet, turned me around, bent me over, lined his cock head up with my waiting ass and shoved it in with one big thrust. I grunted and had to grab the shower bar on the wall. He started pounding me harder and harder. All of a sudden he grabbed me around my waist, lifted my feet off of the shower floor, thrust his cock up into me very deeply and started cumming hard. He had never been so deep in me before and I had never felt his cum pumped into me so hard. It felt like his cock was going to tear through me and come out of the end of my cock. My God did it feel great. He stimulated my prostate so much I had to hold back on cumming myself I wanted to save my cum load for the hot little 18 year old I was going fuck a little later. After he was done emptying his nuts in me He put me down and pulled out with a plop. I immediately felt his hot cumming draining out of my ass and down both of my legs. He got out of the shower. I had to clean myself out and make sure I did not smell or taste like cum because I did not know how the young hotel clerk would react if she detected I had sex with a man. I finished and got out of the shower, dried off and put just a robe on. I went out to the living room area, expecting to find Naomi, Suzy, Barb and Big John, but there was only Naomi and Suzy. They were getting ready to leave. We kissed goodbye and they left. It was about 10:30 am. I got something to eat and at about 11 I heard a knock at the door. I thought it was the hotel clerk. I opened it and it was housekeeping. The lady told me that Heather, the young hotel clerk, was running a little late and to make up the room and make sure it and I were ready for her. The young housekeeping employee told me her name is Melanie and she is Heather’s roommate and she knows about our hookup beylikdüzü escort plans. I asked Melanie how she is and she told me she is 19. I asked her what she meant by making sure I was ready. Melanie said she was to make sure I am comfortable. She went about making up the room. She changed the bedding as the sheets had dry sexual fluids all over them. While she did that I read the paper and watched some news. After she was done she came in, set the bundle of sheets down and asked if there was anything else I needed. I told her no and asked when Heather was going to be there. She said she was not sure, she had to help her mom with something. This is when I noticed the top few buttons on her uniform dress was undone, exposing her ample tits. Melanie, smiled, turned around and bent over to pick up the soiled sheets and her dress rode up a little past her hips. I could not help but admire her very large BBW ass. I noticed she did not have any panties on and I could just see a hint of her hairy pussy. My cock started to get hard. I said “nice view”, and she started to shake her ass at me. I got up, pulled my robe open, approached her from behind, lifted her dress all the way up and, started rubbing my cock against her pussy, which was really wet, and started shoving it in her. She was really tight.I asked if she had ever been fucked before. She said only a few times. I then asked how much time she did have. She said she is off work today and only wore her housekeeping uniform to get access to the room with me.I plunged my cock all the way in her hot pussy and stroked in and out of her until she had a huge orgasm. I pulled out and led her by the hand to a bed. I stood in front of her, helped her out of her clothing, pushed back onto the bed. As she fell back she naturally spread her legs wide. Before she could close them or change positions I got between her fat thighs, spread her legs with my arms and plunged my face into her fat pussy. I started to eat her out. As I did I noticed her pussy looks like the pussy of a fat, hairy, mature woman on the outside but on the inside her inner pussy lips show no signs of heavy use, they and her love canal are firm, tight, and sweet tasting. Melanie wrapped her fat legs around my neck and squeezed my head into her pussy even more. As she convulsed in orgasm she squirted all over my face. When she was done she released me and I got up, straddles her chest and put my cock between her huge tits and told her to open her mouth. She did and took my cock. I could tell she was inexperienced but wanted to swallow my cock down her throat. I told her to relax her throat and breath through her nose. She started to do so and took my cock deeper and deeper down her throat. I brought myself to the edge a few times but did not want to cum in her mouth. I pulled out and got on my knees in front of her pussy, put her ankles on my shoulders and shoved my cock deep into her hot cunt. She was really tight and I knew I would not last very long. She started to orgasm again and I buried my cock in her really deep and unloaded my love sauce deep into her. Melanie moaned and convulsed as she had a huge orgasm.After I went soft I pulled out of her. She had a huge smile and look of satisfaction on her face. I helped her up and she got dressed. It was about 12:30. I got dressed and went down to check out. As I was checking out Heather approached me with a huge smile. She apologized for not being able to hook up with me and is glad Melanie was able to take care of me. I thanked her for sending Melanie and told her I still wanted to hook up with her. She said we have plenty of time but was not sure where we could go, there were no available rooms in the hotel. I told her I have a place. I drove and we went to the adult book store nearby.This is the end of Chapter 7. It looks like it will take at least a couple of more chapters to complete this series. Chapter 8 is coming soon.



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