Jake’s Magic Remote X – UnderachievementNOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, ince$t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests. I write more when I hear more from you, my beloved readers!Ladies, want to be written into this or another story? I’m always trying to think of new and interesting girls…Jake sat in his back yard with Saul, enjoying a Wednesday evening drink. Their wives were inside, preparing a meal and having “girl time.” Petra, under protest, was participating also. Jake felt like protesting too; he didn’t like having his daughter anywhere but by his side, and liked even less making her unhappy. But then, you can’t always have what you want.Well, you can. If you can stop time, you can surprise your gorgeous daughter with a quickie anytime. That knowledge alone comforted them both enough to put up with normal people.“So anyway,” Saul said, “Ever since the barbeque she seems really into it. Like, can’t get enough. Which is great for the goal and all but I’m exhausted.”Jake chuckled. “I wish all men had your problems, Saul.”“Yeah I know,” Saul replied, sipping his drink. “Still, there’s a limit. About half the time she just… takes care of the situation herself.”Jake raised his eyebrows. “Wow. That’s really progressive of you. Some guys would have a problem with that.”“Well, you know. Happy wife, happy life.”Jake was a little disappointed in his friend. He’d been sneaking next door and subtly teasing Natalia for days, keeping her excited, and Saul just seemed not to rise to the occasion. So here he was, hiding in the closet in Saul’s bedroom, watching his wife masturbate while Saul sat downstairs in front of the television. It was almost like he didn’t even want this baby.Natalia herself definitely wanted something. Something big, apparently, as evidenced by the large purple rubber cock she was currently thrusting into herself as she laid spread-eagle on her bed.She’d taken off all her clothing before getting started, and Jake found it hypnotic watching the way her breasts jolted each time she shoved her dildo down. It looked like she’d got a taste for rough treatment, maybe from Jake’s harsh use of her before. It was interesting how women’s minds seemed to accept the things he did to them. Like how Nat had just thought there was a breeze going through the house while she was sitting down to dinner, trying to explain why her nipples were poking through the polo she was wearing. Jake just loved her tits and couldn’t help but suck on them a few times each day.Even earlier tonight, he’d been unable to resist. They’d gotten together for a nice, quiet dinner. Nothing too formal, just food and friends. Natalia had been wearing a loose-fitting green sundress that set off her eyes in a way that was really distracting. It also set off her breasts, but then a burlap sack would probably do that.Jake had had a lot of fun at dinner. Natalia’s bra had been the first casualty, but of course Jake was careful not to alert her at first. Her breasts were firm enough that the difference in hang was barely noticeable. Unless you knew to look for it, of course. Jake always enjoyed every little jiggle of her lovely breasts. And now with her bra missing they were moving around quite a bit more.Her nipples, on the other hand… Nat had seemed a little confused canlı bahis about the sensation when she shifted at first and noticed the caress of cloth on skin, then visibly blushed when she realized she’d “forgotten” the garment. The blush only deepened when a “sudden breeze” made her feel like someone had been sucking on her now very firm nipples, and she looked around nervously to make sure nobody had caught on.Petra had caught on pretty quickly, but the girl had a poker face that made Jake proud. She probably noticed the subtle shift in her father’s body each time he shifted in and out of time first. They’d exchanged some sly looks across the table as he kept teasing Natalia’s nipples, basically any time Saul and Sarah were looking the other way. It had been almost hypnotic watching her nipples move back into place after every flick, twist and lick. He’d even gone under the table and tasted her pussy once, just out of mischievous curiosity, leaving her lips slightly parted and flattened from his tongue. While he was down there he’d also teased Petra a little, because he knew she’d appreciate it.Petra had of course been a ravishing temptation as well in her tank top and a pair of loose shorts. Especially when Jake got down there and realized the shorts were undone; it seemed she’d been waiting for him and teasing herself a little. He’d made a note to spank her for it later. Both women had stifled a moan when time restarted, but only Petra knew what had really happened.Just to make the deception complete, Jake had kept a close eye on Saul. After a while he’d noticed the man eyeing his wife’s body. Not that anyone could blame someone for looking at Natalia; she was a bombshell. But as soon as Saul focused, Jake had returned Nat’s bra to its proper place. There was no proof that anything unusual had happened; Jake now knew from experience that his friend’s wife would probably chalk the whole experience up to yet another mild hallucination brought about by an intense need to be fucked.And here they were now, Saul downstairs lounging about while in the bed his wife took matters into her own hands. Which led Jake to the conclusion that more intervention was required if this couple was ever going to get knocked up.Since Natalia was already horny, teasing her wouldn’t work. Saul didn’t have the energy for more than a few times a week; if Jake went and asked Petra to tease him (a prospect he wasn’t entirely comfortable with for a couple of reasons), he’d probably just jerk one out in the shower or something. But if Natalia could be tricked a little further…Natalia threw back her head and moaned. Lately she just couldn’t seem to get enough of this. She supposed it was a part of trying so hard to conceive, but it was like she felt empty all the time. There was a feeling missing, even when she had sex. It had started on the weekend after the barbeque. She’d felt such an intense orgasm that time, and then a sudden closing as if she’d been stuffed full and suddenly emptied. She could get close to the feeling by pulling her toy out really fast, but it still eluded her somehow.Electric tingles traveled up her spine as she savored the feeling of the dildo pumping into her. It was too bad Saul couldn’t keep up with her, but she understood. She loved him so much, and he worked so hard for their home and future family. Just thinking about how hard he worked to give her comfort and security made her even more horny.She looked over toward the door. Maybe she could walk down there… swallow his dick like a vacuum and then mount him… it’d be easy, and not much effort for him…That bahis siteleri was when Jake Stevens appeared, right in front of her eyes.Natalia gasped in shock, drawing up her legs to cover herself, but when she looked again he’d vanished. Had he even been there?Nat was shaken, but soon became very aware that she was still unsatisfied and had a fake cock buried at least six inches inside herself. Dismissing the vision, she went back to work, stroking it in and out of herself a little slower.And there he was again: her neighbor, Jake, standing and watching her with a smile. Not a smug or condescending smile, mind, but a look that said “I get it.” And this time he was nude.Natalia had always been a little curious about Jake’s body. He was muscular enough to please the eye, she knew that much from his shirtless summer yardwork. But below the belt… okay, it was a hallucination for sure, based on fantasy, but his cock was beautiful, thick, and pointing right at her.She bit her lip and moved to brush her hair back from her eyes to get a better look, and Jake disappeared again. Right in front of her, one moment there and the next gone.“You’re seeing things, Nat,” she whispered, watching the place where Jake had appeared as she slowly started working herself again. “That’s a bad place to let your mind wander.”Once more, she leaned back, letting herself enjoy the sensations. She loved feeling this deep stretching and the way she tightened around the toy. It was a pity that Saul couldn’t give that to her, but it wasn’t his fault and she would do all she could to satisfy her own urges without causing him grief.Once more speeding up, Natalia began to feel a really intense buildup. Steeling herself for the moment, she laid back on the bed. Her hips bucked as she fucked herself harder, moaning in a more and more urgent tone. Finally, mercifully, she felt the wave crest and begin to break. Her eyes lost focus on the ceiling, blurring out as she began to lose her mind.That was the moment Jake appeared again. He was kneeling on the bed, and his cock was inches from her face. It was so close she could smell the rich musk of his sweat. He was stroking it quickly, as quickly as she was fucking herself, and looked like he was about to cum right along with her.Unable to stop, not caring that he was back, Natalia arched her back and cried out. Sudden warmth coated her hand as electric bliss rocketed up her spine and shorted out her mind. At the same time, Jake – the vision of Jake – came, shooting a load of hot, sticky cum down across the top of her breasts.Natalia collapsed back onto the bed, panting, as Jake finished his work. She looked down at herself, and was shocked at the sight. She’d never had a man cum on her skin like this before; Saul was always inside her, and her previous boyfriends had either liked oral or done it from behind a lot.Her breasts were covered in cum. She could feel the heat, the tickle as it rolled down her skin. She could even smell the coppery tang of it. Jake had vanished again, but his seed remained. “No way,” she whispered as she raised a shaky hand to touch her chest.Her fingers touched only clean skin, barely even moist from sweat. The cum was gone, and she was alone, laying on the bed with a fake penis inside herself and staring at her hand like a d**g addict.“You’re losing it,” she muttered, moving shakily to a sitting position. “Still…”She didn’t articulate her next thought, but her smile of contentment would have been enough to communicate it to anyone who might be hiding in the room.That was hot, and she hoped it would happen again.Jake smirked güvenilir bahis to himself, filing his new favorite picture into the secret folder of his phone. It had been a pain cleaning all that cum off Natalia’s tits, but it was worth it. And in terms of conditioning, she had responded even better than he’d hoped. He made a note to come back each night for a while.Unfortunately, even with stopping time, a man can only be in one place at a time. And the next night, Jake found somewhere more interesting to be.He was just rinsing his dinner plate when Petra walked over and gave him a look, biting her lip in a way that was her signal that they needed to talk. He nodded and stopped time, leaving her free to speak freely. “What’s up, Pet?” he asked, leaning against the counter.Petra grinned, pressing up against him. She’d upped her game as far as wrapping him around her finger lately, but it was hard to complain when that firm, warm body was rubbing into you. “Daddy, do you remember Katie?”Jake raised a brow. “She’s kind of hard to forget.” Katie was one of Petra’s friends from class. She was slender, with delicate bone structure and a body that toed the line between “cute” and “sexy” in a very dangerous way. Jake had met her parents on a number of occasions. Her father was old-money Texan, and her mother was the kind of black that coined the term “black”. As a result, their daughter had dark skin, hazel eyes, and straight black hair that she cut around her shoulders.Most fathers would have been afraid to let a girl like that out the door, but Jake happened to know that Katie had been taught to defend herself, and usually had at least a couple knives hidden somewhere on her person. He didn’t envy any guy who tried to mess with her.“Well, she and Anna were going to do a sleepover tonight, but I guess Anna’s in some kinda trouble.”“Huh… that sucks.”“Yeah… and Katie’s parents really wanted an evening alone.”“So naturally you already convinced your mother to let Katie stay over here.”“Naturally.”“So why did I break the laws of physics to have this conversation? This seems like mundane info.”Petra giggled. “I can’t want to cuddle my Daddy without an ulterior motive?”“You can want that, sure,” Jake said, squeezing her round the waist. “But experience has taught me it’s usually more than that.”Petra shrugged, reaching one hand down to rub Jake’s crotch through the pants he was wearing. “I thought… we might play with her.”Jake chuckled. “I dunno, Pet, isn’t that sort of crossing a line, to interfere with a friend like that?”“Daddy.”“Yes?”Petra kept rubbing him, which he had to admit was an effective distraction. “Remember how I used to have Katie over a lot?”“Mhmm…”“Remember how that kinda stopped?”“Yep.”“Well, it stopped because I kept catching her trying to give you boners.”Jake scoffed. “Seriously?”“Mhmm… remember her tiny shorts?”“I figured she got warm at night.”“Only when she looks at the picture of you she nicked outta my wallet.”“I see. And that’s why she likes to get things from the bottom-back of the fridge?”“Yep.”“But that started when she was what, 14?”“13. I was 14. Yeah. I almost sent her in to make you happy before I realized I wanted you for myself.”“Hm, I’m glad you did. So, you’re taking ‘interest’ as ‘consent’ now, are you?”“Please?”Jake glanced out the window at Saul’s house. Natalia would certainly be there tomorrow. But making Petra happy was a surprisingly high priority for him, and he’d always been a little curious about Katie, especially since she’d filled out to well. “Alright,” he said, giving his daughter’s ass a little squeeze. “We can have a little fun. No promises though, if she doesn’t want to escalate.”Petra grinned, leaning up to kiss her father. “If she doesn’t,” she whispered, “You can fuck me on top of her.”“Well, when you put it that way, how can I say no?”



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